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Cooking Secrets - Olivier


Is it possible to cite as an example at least one other kind of salad, which will be a real symbol of home holidays and a family feast? Probably not. Salad Olivier has become a real classic, it can cook in almost every home, and everywhere has its own small secrets and preferences.

It is believed that it is fairly simple to prepare, the ingredients for Olivier are quite affordable and relatively inexpensive, but as they say, everywhere there are small secrets and tricks to make the dish really tasty.

If you are interested in how to prepare a salad for Olivier, so that the result will be five plus, then we will definitely share with you all the secrets of this process. True, we will do it a little later, but first we will get acquainted with the history of its occurrence on the horizons of modern cooking.

What is interesting, such a popular and already practically integral recipe of the peoples of the post-Soviet space, appeared some 50-60 years ago in the form in which we know it today. His invention, he is obliged to the famous French chef Lucien Olivier, who, by the way, and awarded him a modern name.

Lucien Olivier in the 60s of the XIX century kept a small restaurant on Trubnaya Square called the Hermitage, the main attraction of which was the salad of the same name.

Lucien kept his recipe under the strictest secret, and he masked all the components of the dish with sauce and mayonnaise in such a way that at first glance it was very difficult to determine what was included there. After the death of the creator, it was believed that the recipe was lost, but in 1904 the recipe was announced, which was considered a true reproduction of the original.

It consisted of absolutely not the ingredients that we used to see in our dish: grouse meat, boiled crayfish and capers, veal tongue, fresh cucumbers and a little pressed caviar, everything was seasoned with a special sauce and decorated with fresh salad.

Isn't it hard to find some similarity? In Soviet times, Olivier salad began to appear on the tables of ordinary residents, although it acquired a somewhat "communist" character: the dish was created from those products that were easier to find during times of shortage. It was then that it appeared peas and boiled eggs, eggs and potatoes, as well as the taste that is so familiar and familiar to us.

Cooking features

Today, a salad familiar from childhood, like any other, has its own characteristics and cooking secrets that help to prepare a truly tasty dish. So what are they?

  • All ingredients for salad is best cut into small cubes, the size of which will be in harmony with the size of the peas. The same size of all components of the salad will reveal the taste of each, as well as its interaction with each other, in addition, this type of dish looks more appetizing and more attractive. To get Olivier a little non-standard, the components can be cut, for example, with a long straw.
  • In the classic salad recipe, boiled sausage is necessarily used, but today, instead of it, boiled chicken fillet, veal or any other meat product is used at its own discretion. With the help of such additions, the dish acquires new flavor notes: with chicken Olivier becomes more tender, but with beef a more weighty meat tinge is acquired. What to choose is a master's business, but if you want to cook exactly the traditional version of the dish, then you definitely need boiled sausage.
  • In addition to meat, eggs and potatoes are necessarily added to the salad, so it is believed that they should be exactly as many as the guests at the table are planned. Potatoes are cooked in advance in uniforms, the main thing is not to digest it, because during cutting it will collapse and turn into mashed potatoes. Potatoes and eggs, like all other ingredients that can be heat treated, must be cooled to room temperature, and only then mixed and refrigerated.
  • There are experimenters who, instead of meat, put fish products in a salad, for example, the neck of a crab or pieces of red fish fillet. Although with a big stretch, such variants of the popular dish can also be called “Olivier”.
  • To let the salad stand in the refrigerator for as long as possible, it is better not to fill it with mayonnaise right away, but to do it just before serving.
  • Traditionally, ready-made salad can be decorated with greens, as well as figurines from products that make up its composition. For example, peas, beautiful meat or vegetable circles, and also openwork molds.
  • By the way, it is not necessary to use mayonnaise as a dressing, other dairy products such as kefir or sour cream are permissible. It is believed that the best dressing for Olivier is fatty mayonnaise mixed with homemade sour cream by 50 percent, but low-calorie mayonnaise is not recommended. In order to somehow diversify the dressing, you can add a little mustard or horseradish to it, and you can make mayonnaise yourself, which will also add some unusual flavors to the dish.

Cooking a real Olivier with your own hands

To make the result really tasty, not only the recipe itself is important, but also the quality of the products that it uses, so go to the process of their preparation responsibly. So what do we need?

  • medium sized potatoes - 5 pcs.,
  • pickled cucumbers - 6 pcs.,
  • egg - 5 pieces,
  • carrots - 1 pc.,
  • Onions - 0.5 pcs.,
  • chicken fillet - 500 g,
  • canned peas - 1 jar,
  • mayonnaise - 6-7 st. spoons
  • salt, pepper to taste,
  • greenery for decoration.

It is necessary to boil potatoes in uniforms, carrots, eggs and chicken fillet in advance, cool to room temperature and only then begin cutting. To begin with, cut the fillet into small cubes, then cucumbers — if you decide to use fresh ones, be sure to cut off the skin, so the salad will turn out softer.

Next, peel and chop the eggs, chop the onion into thin cubes, and then chop the carrots. Pour all the sliced ​​ingredients into one common container, open and squeeze the peas, pour it into the total mass.

Next, add salt and pepper to taste, greens can not only beautify the appearance, but also add to the total mass. It remains only to fill all with mayonnaise, how to mix and let it brew for 1 hour. Before serving, decorate and serve chilled.


2 pcs. chicken fillet meat,
6 pieces. potato medium size,
3 pcs. carrots medium size,
4 things. eggs,
6 pieces. pickled cucumbers medium size or 9 small
1 small can of canned peas (200 gr.),
1an Apple large, preferably juicy, sweet and sour,
1bulb onion smaller than average
400 gramsmayonnaise "Provence" (or 2 packs)
Salt, pepper, spices - taste.

The first day, preliminary.

On the first day we prepare the products, cook, bake, bring them to the state we need. And there are also secrets here.
In the afternoon, rub two chicken fillets with salt, pepper, pickle spices for roasting boiled pork and put them in the fridge for 24 hours.

In the evening, wash potatoes and carrots before cooking with a brush. And at the bottom of a metal pan (but not aluminum) put potatoes in their skins, and carrots on top. We try not to pour a lot of water - so that part of the carrot is not completely covered with water, so that the vegetables cook more like steamed. It is important not to digest them. It is enough after the water boils, boil them without salt on average heat for 45 minutes, not more. Then immediately drain the water and leave the vegetables under the lid until cool, but not full. In a warm state, vegetables are well peeled. But in a warm state it is not recommended to cut, otherwise they will stick together.

Cook eggs. After boiling for 5-7 minutes, not longer. Warm (not hot!) Eggs are better cleaned. Close the bowl with a lid with peeled vegetables, put the eggs and set overnight to cool completely. I usually take them to the balcony.

Second day, New Year's Eve.

The first thing we need to bake in the griddle or in the oven previously pickled chicken fillet. And wait until it is completely cool before cutting. Therefore, this procedure is best done in the morning. In the recipe of the cook, Olivier indicated not baked chicken, but baked meat of wild poultry. If you have such meat, you can use it. But I like diet chicken meat. Sometimes I replace it with chicken roll, but by no means the usual boiled sausage, which my friends often put in “Olivier”.

Begin to chop cold ingredients. And Olivier in his old recipe indicated that the diced products should be small, no more than 0.5 cm.

First cut potatoes into cubes, then carrots, after the eggs. Exactly this size dice cut the chicken. After that, the apple, peeling, cut into 4 pieces, cut the core. And further, like the previous vegetables, we cut each quarter along, then we turn it over and again - into even slices, from which we end up with even cubes.

Cucumbers for this salad "Olivier" need to take just pickled, not canned, not pickled and not fresh, namely pickled. The secret of savory taste of salad consists in them. Diced cucumbers, do not need to be cleaned.

At last, cut into small cubes, as thin as possible, onion. Not everyone likes onions in this salad, but he also gives it a piquancy.

Salt, pepper, add seasonings to taste and mix the salad thoroughly. Here in this form, I save it, and so it can be kept without mayonnaise for a long time in a cold place. Usually I make this salad in more than the specified amount. And I fill with mayonnaise before serving only the amount that I plan to eat. Unfinished salad later, when I serve it with mayonnaise before serving, it retains its flavor better than the seasoned one. In a seasoned salad, the taste of all the ingredients is mixed, the piquancy is lost.

I leave the rest for later, because I have everything at home, and my friends love this salad very much. And in this way, the cooked salad flies away first of all from the holiday table. Of course, I cook it so much that everyone has enough, and with the addition. It is really delicious. Useful are the secrets of its preparation, and the recipe of the chef Olivier, who I have long read in one old recipe book.

I suggest you try exactly this way of cooking salad "Olivier". Both you and your friends will be pleased. Enjoy your meal!

Learning to cook a classic Olivier

Classic salad with meat - another symbol of the New Year, which we are accustomed to see on the holiday table. But few people know that the author of this dish is the French chef Lucien Olivier, who opened the Hermitage restaurant in Moscow in the middle of the 19th century. His signature snack, Olivier, from the meat of partridges and grouse, with the tongue of a young calf, crayfish necks and a layer of broth jelly gathered at the restaurant gourmets from the whole capital. The meatball basket was filled with boiled potatoes, eggs, gherkins, capers, olives and filled with delicious mayonnaise, made according to a unique author's recipe. Many tried to learn the real French recipe for a classic Olivier salad, but Lucien kept his tricks secret. Over time, Russian cooks adapted the overseas snack under our reality, and in Soviet times, a recipe for Olivier appeared with boiled sausage, which instantly took root and became popular. Interestingly, modern Olivier has lost its French roots and is known abroad as “Russian salad”.

How to cook a classic salad Olivier

In the past, Olivier salad was associated with wealth, so housewives must have prepared this snack for the New Year's table. Step-by-step recipe classic Olivier looks very simple. First, boil potatoes in their skins and boil hard-boiled eggs, and when the food has cooled, peel them and cut them into cubes. Salted cucumbers with cut tails are cut into cubes, boiled meat (beef, chicken, turkey) is crushed, liquid is poured from a can of peas, finely chopped onions. All ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl and dressed with mayonnaise. Despite the fact that classic Olivier is cooked with meat, as it was in the original recipe of the French chef, doctor sausage can also be considered a variant of the classics.

The number of products is calculated based on the number of consumers and taste preferences. Some people like more meat, others do not lay eggs, and someone adds twice as many potatoes. The classic Olivier salad includes 400 g of meat or sausage, 5 medium-sized potatoes, 5 eggs, 4 pickled cucumbers, a jar of green peas, 2 medium onions and 200 ml of mayonnaise. The classic calculation of potatoes and eggs is simple - there should be exactly as many as guests at the table. In the salad you can also put boiled carrots, dill and green onions.

A new look at the traditional Olivier

Interestingly, the well-known salads "Winter", "Meat" and "Capital" are variations of Russian salad. However, classic Olivier can be turned into a real delicacy, if you replace the meat with shrimp or fish, such as salmon. This is perfectly acceptable, and Lucien Olivier also used seafood. Some Olivier recipes contain apples, oranges, pomegranates, pickled or fried mushrooms, avocados, arugula, lettuce leaves, any tasty smoked fish, red caviar, beets, and even raw cabbage, which is added to Russian olive plants in some regions of Ukraine. Italians cook “Russian salad” with green beans, Germans - with smoked sausage, Americans - with tuna and canned corn, Spaniards - with crab sticks and asparagus. In Bulgaria, Olivier adds ham or salami, in Iran they use meat salad as a filler for sandwiches, and Greeks, Serbs and Poles generally make this snack without meat.

Some secrets of cooking Olivier

It is difficult to cut the meat nicely, but to make the salad look more aesthetic, first cut the meat along the fibers and only then chop it across. Do not overcook the potatoes, otherwise you will get mashed potatoes instead of cubes. It, of course, will not spoil the taste of the salad, but aesthetics will suffer. By the way, potatoes and carrots should be more than other components of the salad. Country eggs with bright yolks and halves of quail eggs look very beautiful in Russian salad.

Try not to take large pickled cucumbers, otherwise the seeds will be in the salad, and it is better to remove the skin from hard cucumbers so that the Russian salad is tender and pleasant to the taste. Put sliced ​​cucumbers in a colander or strainer to make the glass excess moisture. Instead of pickled cucumbers, you can take pickled or fresh cucumbers, which are often mixed together. Pickled scallops add a savory, salty taste to the snack. In general, experiment!

When using fresh onions, pour boiling water over it after grinding to leave bitterness, otherwise the salad will have a sharp taste. Mayonnaise can be prepared by adding spices to the flavor - it is not only tasty, but also useful. If you are on a diet, replace the sausage with veal or chicken breast, and mayonnaise - with low-fat sour cream or yogurt.

For a non-standard Olivier, cut the ingredients not into cubes, but into strips - it will be very unusual. And most importantly - dressing mayonnaise with the salad should be immediately before serving, otherwise it will lose its freshness. In the dressing you can put a little horseradish and mustard. Olivia is decorated with greens, green peas, curly slices of meat and vegetables, beautifully chopped eggs.

Recipe: Not quite a classic Olivier with meat.

Cut into thin slices 300 g of boiled calf tongue, mix with 3 boiled potatoes and 3 boiled eggs, cut into cubes. Add thin half rings of 2 onions, finely chopped red bell pepper, any greens and mix with the sauce.

Prepare the sauce as follows: 2 eggs, beat with 2 tsp. salt without slides, add 2 tbsp. l milk and whisk again. Next, pour 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil and 1 tsp. sugar, mix well and fill the salad.

Olivier is made from simple, affordable and inexpensive products. Therefore, you can safely serve on the New Year's table Olivier, and to make the salad seem more festive, diversify it with interesting ingredients. Your family and guests will appreciate this delicious, appetizing and beautiful dish, because Olivier never bother!

Error 1 - fill with one mayonnaise

Of course, it is convenient and simple - take and squeeze the mayonnaise out of the bag. But then the refueling will turn out too heavy and satisfying. Do not be lazy, add to mayonnaise, for example, low-fat sour cream. Or thick cream, as they did before the revolution.

We put the Greek dense yogurt, it has the consistency of sour cream and the nutritional properties of kefir. The dressing is thick, tasty and healthy. Probiotics contained in yoghurt help digestion.

If your store does not have Greek yogurt, then cover the colander with gauze or paper towels, lay out plain natural yogurt without additives and let it drain for a few hours.

В пиале соедините майонез и йогурт в соотношении один к одному, если хотите, добавьте капельку лимонного сока, и заправьте салат.

Если вы замахнулись на оливье ресторанного уровня, то приготовьте майонез сами — это очень просто. Домашний майонез прекрасно хранится несколько дней, его удобно сделать за 3-4 дня до застолья (мы советуем планировать подготовку, чтобы в хорошем настроении сесть за стол).

Be sure to refuel the salad just before serving, because after a few hours, unnecessary moisture appears in the seasoned Olivier. Put the mixed ingredients in a container, put the dressing in another container, and the next day just fill the salad.

Error 2 - add sausage to Olivier

This is how to declare to the Bolshoi Theater in a tracksuit. Sausage was put in a Moskovsky salad, but it doesn't belong to Olivier. Even if your beloved grandmother always added the doctor sausage. Even if you like the taste, it is an imitation and an odd job losing much to the original. Make a real Olivier, do not delay until next year.

The choice of the main ingredient is yours. It can be boiled good meat (beef or chicken), crabs, boiled tongue and even baked meat.

According to legend, the French chef Lucien Olivier (Lucien never published a recipe) made olivier from crayfish necks

In the book “Not invented the history of Russian cuisine” by Olga and Pavel Syutkin it is said that when the cancer necks were gone, they were replaced with caviar. You can add crayfish or some caviar.

By the way, the author of the famous salad also added grouse to Olivier, but I never saw them on sale.

Error 3 - add more potatoes

In cooking, there is a lot of delicious potato salads, but modern olivier is not one of them.

In the pre-revolutionary book of Alexandrov-Ignatieva, it was recommended to take 5 potatoes for 5 servings, however in 1914 Olivier was laid out in layers, like herring under a fur coat, the potatoes were cut differently to make two different layers.

In Soviet times, the feed layers were abolished, and the potatoes were put a lot just because the rest of the ingredients were expensive or could not be bought. Now, cucumbers and green peas are on the shelves in any store.

If you put too many potatoes, the consistency of the salad will turn out to be starchy and viscous. The remaining ingredients will not be noticeable. In addition, the potato absorbs the dressing, you have to add a lot of mayonnaise, and then an elegant taste is out of the question.

Modern kitchen should be useful and light, after a feast you should want to dance, and not fall apart on the couch.

We recommend taking smaller potatoes: 4 potatoes, weighing 100 g each, are optimal for 12-14 servings.

Error 4 - use canned green peas

Our mothers put canned green peas just because the stores did not sell fresh green peas. Massive shock freezing of vegetables is an innovation of the last two decades.

The taste of canned peas is cloyingly sweet, boiled with a consistency close to potatoes. It is better to buy a bag of frozen green peas, leave in the kitchen for 30 minutes to thaw, and add to the salad. In fresh peas there is no obsessive sweetness, it defiantly crunches like a salted cucumber.

Freshness will appear in Olivier, from a heavy winter salad with mayonnaise and boiled root vegetables it will turn into an elegant wholesome salad.

Error 5 - add one egg

A few years ago I asked famous Moscow chefs how they make Russian salad. All recipes were interesting, authoring and very different from each other. They were united only by one thing - the number of eggs used. There were many, many.

Konstantin Ivlev explained to me then that eggs in Olivier are responsible for tenderness. It is they who balance boiled potatoes and carrots, adds lightness and grace to the taste.

Boil more eggs, take at least three servings for 12 servings. Olivier eggs are never enough.

Then you will definitely get a delicious fresh and healthy Russian salad that can become a family recipe.

Having survived the peak of popularity in the 70–80s, the “Olivier” salad still occupies an honorable place on the New Year table of the Russians. However, over the past years it has changed a little, becoming slightly more refined in taste (due to the quality of ingredients) and slightly less in calories (due to replacing mayonnaise with lighter sauces). By adding boiled turkey fillet or tongue and reducing the number of potatoes, you can give your friend a new salad sound and make it the centerpiece of the festive table.

Boiled vegetables should be cut only after they are completely cooled. - otherwise you have all the chances to cook vegetable puree. For the same reason, it is necessary to cook vegetables in their uniforms, so their dense structure is better preserved.

The ideal cutting size for all vegetables will be about the size of green peas. You can achieve the standard, either by spending time practicing shredding, or entrusting this impressive amount of work to a kitchen machine, such as the Moulinex QA509D32, which will easily produce the perfect result.

Do not overdo it with potatoes: professional cooks believe that the number of potatoes should not be large and correspond to the number of expected guests (that is, one average potato will be put into a salad for each guest).

So that the potatoes do not stick together, after cutting it can be salted, pour two teaspoons of vegetable oil and mix.

Put the peas last: its delicate structure does not withstand long mixing. Add a few tablespoons of pickled pickle to the salad - and it will cease to be dry, as sometimes happens even after adding mayonnaise.

Salad will be tastier if you season it not at the end, but consistently.layer by layer. So, add chopped cucumbers and chopped onion to mayonnaise, and then fill this sauce with boiled vegetables, then meat products or sausage, eggs and peas.

You can make the salad less nutritious if you dilute the mayonnaise with sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio. You can make the salad really tasty and unique by using homemade mayonnaise. "M.Vkus" already wrote about how easy it is to cook.

When dressing, instead of black pepper, it is better to use white: its taste is softer, and it will not spoil the soft and harmonious structure of the salad. Salted or pickled cucumbers can be supplemented fresh, this will make the salad taste less concentrated.

After cooking and dressing (refill only the portion that is served on the table), leave the salad for one hour at room temperature. Just like borscht, “Olivier” needs to stand a little to become really tasty.

Serve "Olivier" in portions, laying it on flat plates using a culinary ring and decorating with fresh greens.

Orchestra rehearsal

But let us leave aside the theory and move on to reality.

Salad Russian salad Includes three main ingredients, four slightly less essential, one classic dressing and three ingredients added to taste. Do not be wise, and everything will turn out fine.

The main ingredients create that same sense of volume. These are potatoes, eggs and carrots. Their taste is uneventful, but familiar. Potatoes and carrots are also sweetish - to the extent that it is pleasant even to a person who hates desserts. In terms of their volume should be in Russian salad most of all (that is, if you add them together). Buy these ingredients should be without much fanaticism, but with attention.

Look for potatoes designed specifically for salads (and not necessarily French, although French is good), and boil a couple of tubers in advance in order to ensure their suitability. It's easier with carrots - any is suitable, except for those recommended by Uzbeks on purpose for pilaf. Among the eggs that are commercially available, only guinea fowl eggs are distinguished by taste, so you can use any other than them.

Slightly less essential ingredients are responsible for the texture. These are salted capers, pickled cucumbers, something protein (boiled chicken fillet, boiled veal, beef tongue or doctor's sausage) and canned green peas.

To the inevitable question "is it possible without capers?" I will answer "can." But what the hell? Capers are sold in any decent supermarket, banks last for half a year, and they sharpen the taste a hundred times better than pepper. Before you let the capers in the case, put them in a glass, fill with water and leave for half an hour, and then squeeze. So you get rid of excess vinegar and excess salt.

Many use in Russian salad instead of pickled cucumbers salted. God is their judge. In my opinion, a pickled cucumber in combination with potatoes and mayonnaise creates a piercing taste of the factory canteen, station buffet and everything that I would prefer to forget and never remember. So my opinion, if you have to do with it - only pickled. Moreover, marinated patisson, too, to my surprise, works no worse (but not better).

How to choose a protein ingredient, you can only tell your imagination. And your conscience - the child understands that the doctor's sausage is cheaper, the beef tongue is more delicious, and the veal is dietary. In any case, this protein ingredient should have a delicate texture and unsharp taste, as well as the complete absence of any signs of veinness.

Green peas are a must. There are a lot of its brands on the market, and large western companies make the best of them. From myself I will note that the smaller the peas, the more tasty they are.

Classic dressing for Russian salad - mayonnaise. You can cook it yourself or take it industrial, it hardly affects the taste of the salad. Just do not try to refuel Russian salad diet mayonnaise, or sour cream, or yogurt. And try not to add mayonnaise too much. To avoid this will allow refueling in three steps. Perhaps the last third of mayonnaise is not needed at all, or only partly.

To taste in Russian salad fresh cucumbers, fresh sour apple and dill are added. Fresh cucumbers enhance the texture, the apple brings something unusual to the taste, and dill, oddly enough, gives freshness. Although without them it will turn out textural, unusual and fresh.

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I will make my five kopecks. :) I will challenge the dogmas put forward in the article. My version of Olivier is Olivier without carrots, peas (I put corn instead) and, especially, cabbage (its presence is a catastrophe in general). As a protein ingredient - strictly boiled sausage, and the point is not at all in price, it is a classic, time-tested. In addition, I am an adherent of the opinion that there is not much mayonnaise in Olivier. But yes, Olivier is definitely a legend. :)

poprobujte polozitj v olivje, paru (razmeljcionnyh) zubkov cesnoka ili hotiaby smazte posudu v kotoroj budete podavatj salat i vy boljsze nikogda ne smozete otkazatjsia ot etoj dobavki. PRIJATNOGO APPETITA!

Once, on New Year's Eve, I prepared an Olivier salad according to an old-time recipe and a salad of the same name by everyone’s favorite. In the first she put cancer necks, jellies (she didn’t find grouse, but veal tongue was boiled), capers. The second - everything is as it should be, minus capers. So here. The guests happily ate salad number two at lightning speed, and the salad with crayfish tails (with homemade mayonnaise, by the way) survived until January 2nd. So everything turned out like Mayakovsky, about grouse and pineapples. Barbarians we, what can I say. It is necessary to get used to high cuisine since childhood. And in our childhood there was a simple Russian salad, and we love it. And the Great Olivier's Salad is a completely different Story. PS I am now interested in the correspondence and comments to read. Dear guest - who is forever, well, just always forever dissatisfied with everyone, and displeased with the recipe for the recipe - and you call the author to the kitchen duel, maybe there we will also check your extraordinary talents?

Where did boiled carrots come to Olivier? In my family, since Stalin's time, instead of boiled carrots, Olivier has squeezed, washed and finely chopped sauerkraut put into the Olivier, and be sure to cook boiled beef. And, frankly, I like this recipe more - especially since neither the original nor the later emigre recipe in which the sausage appeared and the peas of carrots were present. And for refueling - rightly the people say - in half the mayonnaise with sour cream.

Vegetables can not be cooked and baked in the oven. When cooking, feed potatoes with sunflower or olive oil

Why is the author of the article so sensitive to criticism? After all, it enriches (or should enrich) his knowledge !! Here, for example, is still a good recipe for the well-known and beloved salad. The most important thing here is not sausage, not even chicken is permissible. A good beef is required, preferably the soft part of the type of tenderloin. So, boiled beef (very soft!), Boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, pickled (of course!) Cucumbers, apples like Antonovka - all cut into small cubes. Add green peas and dill. I also put onions - a little and very, very finely chopped. I assure you - fine! And for dressing - in half the mayonnaise with sour cream (and why did the author so up against sour cream?). Total - 11 ingredients: - meat - potatoes - carrots - eggs - pickled cucumbers - green peas - apples - onions - dill - mayonnaise - sour cream By the way, you can put green onions and parsley (a little). Salt, mix everything. And for an hour in the fridge - and you're done. Try cooking for Christmas - surprise guests !! And I wish everyone to have fun celebrating the holidays !!

A bit of history of making salad Olivier. In France and Turkey, various simplified versions of this salad, which appeared in the emigrant environment after 1917, are still called “Russian salad” and are very popular. Later, these recipes marked the beginning of the famous “Soviet Olivier”. But only the original salad recipe, developed in the second half of the 19th century by a Moscow chef-restaurateur with French origin Lucien Olivier, is truly magnificent. He was from the famous Olivier family of cooks in France. A culinary specialist from this family invented a mayonnaise-provençal recipe at the beginning of the 19th century, adding to the classic mayonnaise 4-5% mustard and some secret spices that made the mayonnaise amazing to taste. Initially, the Frenchman invented for his restaurant not a salad at all, but a dish called “Mayonnaise from game”. For him boiled fillets grouse and partridges, cut, laid out on a plate interspersed with diced jelly from bird broth. Boiled crayfish necks and tongue slices doused with provencal sauce were gracefully placed nearby. And in the center stood a hill of potatoes with pickled gherkins, decorated with slices of steep eggs. As conceived by Olivier, the central "hill" was intended not for food, but only for beauty, as an element of the decoration of a dish. Soon, Olivier saw that many Russian ignoramus "Mayonnaise from the game" served on the table were immediately stirred with a spoon like porridge, destroying a carefully thought-out design, then laid out on their plates and happy to eat this mixture. From what he saw he was horrified. But the next day, an inventive Frenchman in a sign of contempt defiantly mixed all the components, abundantly watering them with mayonnaise. In the creative accounting of Russian taste, Lucien Olivier was right - the success of the new dish was tremendous! Thus, Olivier's original culinary idea failed, but unexpectedly for everyone and for himself a new dish appeared — and the dish invented by him actually changed the “genre”. In other words, the very first “mayonnaise from game”, the progenitor of our salad “Olivier”, also died, unable to withstand the onslaught of barbaric habits of customers, for whom the value of the dish is like abundant food and, importantly, it is a convenient snack “like vodka” dominated his aesthetics. Salad has become the main attraction for visitors to his restaurant. His recipe was a secret that Olivier took with him to the grave. Но, после недолгого забвения, рецепт был восстановлен в 1904 году по памяти одного из гурманов - завсегдатаев ресторации (он существенно отличается от "Советского Оливье").

Уважаемый Александр! Позвольте вернуться к вопросу о соленых огурцах в Оливье. Я думаю, что их соленая хрустящесть является легкой, но ударной нотой, которая поддерживает и подчеркивает другие компоненты салата и при этом не отвлекает от вкуса самого блюда, не "тянет одеяло на себя" как это происходит в случае с маринованными огурцами. If you abstract from the Soviet allusions about the "factory canteen" (I will not hide it - they are as mine as yours), then you can look at the salted cucumber in a new way. A pickled cucumber does not dictate conditions and does not impose itself on its neighbors on a plate - it has a peaceful disposition. For this, I love him in Olivier ... In addition, the thought occurred to me that some people unconsciously or quite consciously miss the good old Soviet past and that you would prefer to “never forget and remember”, they would prefer to remember and remember at your leisure, nostalgically eating Olivier salad with pickles ...

Thanks a lot for the advice to use capers in Olivier. Wonderful find, significantly improves the taste of the salad. Always do Olivier with smoked chicken. For my taste, this is better than ordinary chicken, meat, veal, and especially sausage. It is generally better to forget about it in this case, as it seems to me. Sour apple, too, be sure to put. And the more delicious the salad, the more eggs you put into it. Thanks again for the capers!

And I do not like peas and boiled carrots. Therefore, I cook Olivier from potatoes, eggs, pickled (homemade) cucumbers and instead of sausage I use boiled chicken breast - it turns out sooooo delicious :) Maybe it's not exactly Olivier or even not Olivier at all, but it's great. And the master class is very interesting :)))

I got hooked on capers about 10 years ago - I bought it somehow, on occasion, in Moscow. Fortunately, now they really are in every (or almost every) supermarket, even far beyond the Moscow Ring Road :) I can’t even imagine Olivier or the hodgepodge without them! And about the correctness of the "Olivier" I remembered: A couple of years ago, my mother lured us to "a real Olivier with crayfish necks, etc., etc." So: this particular “real Olivier” kitty in the fridge is still two days after the holiday, which is not happening in our family with the usual salad we are talking about, dear Alexander.

Alexander thanks for the article! A big request when you write such a cheerful cookbook tell how to sign up for a queue, I think it will be just a sensation! THANK! Reading your articles is a great pleasure! I'm sorry I do not comment on recipes, I do not cook, but I really like to eat!

Oh, Alexander! Thank you so much - and for the MASTER class (as if the spiteful critics didn't puff up) - I downloaded all of them for myself. So I like tasty food and feed my family. And how rarely it turns out! Including me. Once again, thank you for the master classes - for lovers and lovers of good food - this is a real holiday. And how much your speeches differ from banal collections of recipes, where the ingredients are just indicated and that's all. And a special thank you - for the courage in presenting the classic favorite folk salad that is ALL in the USSR (even now many years later, “Soviet” children and grandchildren) call OLIVIER

I don’t know how to choose the size of capers, whether to soak them or not, which cucumbers to add pickled or salted is a matter of taste, isn't it ?! But I received the simple pleasure of reading the article, beautifully written, in accessible language and without moralizing, brightly and without insults to the reading public, which is nice in itself. I have never added capers, but I'll try now :-)

I read it and immediately went to cook. Thank you Alexander for the master class. Yummy so happened. And capers, and pickled cucumbers, and chicken, and even peas. Tomorrow we will buy a sausage and add another sausage if it remains where to add! In the Soviet Union came up with a modern salad Olivier? I love Soviet salad. With mayonnaise.

Thank you for the master class :). About capers is a very interesting accent, you have to try. Perhaps it would seem blasphemous, at which point we had meat in this salad exchanged for squid (now canned in our own juice, I don’t know at the Soviet time, but they usually put cooked sausage only if there was nothing to get at all. By the way, my grandmother had a friend I always put crab (real! and not pseudo-sticks) meat at the same Soviet time. Salad didn’t lose, rather acquired a little from this replacement, but this is a matter of taste. The only question is whether you can now call it “Olivier” :).

Alexander, thank you for such a dear, but in a new way narrated by Olivier. Capers for me opening here, be sure to try to add them. Personally, I love veal in Olivier, and the language is separate with horseradish,)

Thanks to the author for the wonderful article! Only yesterday I told my husband that Olivier is a very complicated thing and I often fail this salad. Fully agree about pickled cucumbers! Be sure to try with capers. Where are the people so angry ?! Yes, the truth is, there is some kind of “real” Olivier - very mythical and not at all interesting, but it can be neglected in favor of the fact that many generations in our country prepared the New Year for Ryazanov’s film and foam over the edge of champagne (now You will say that the champagne, too, was unreal!)

For the guest who left a comment December 5, 2011 at 13:47:36 Please, justify a citizen anonymous.

Thank you for the master class. I tried capers to add to the salad, the family really liked it. I love your style))))

Pickled cucumbers do not put in Olivier - this is not tasty at all! Far from before the master class, upstart!

Dear moderator! Please quote the phrase -v. "sausage pruning" ..) From SW .. Yu. F

Peas in Olivier NEED and pickles pickled identity))) Olivier was the one who invented the man, and the man IMPROVED (improved, adapted for himself and those he loves) the taste. Hifood clearly understands sausage cuts!)))

One could, of course, call it a master class, if among the ingredients of the salad "Olivier" there was not mentioned boiled sausage (even as a substitute for meat), green peas. IMHO, this is the Soviet version of the recipe, modernized under the products of supermarkets of the early XXI century

Thanks for the capers idea! Discovered them for myself not so long ago. I love hodgepodge! Olivier love with language. For the rest, I do everything as you describe. For what else I like capers - for tara :) Tall, narrow jars are then ideal for storing spices: oregano, marjoram, cloves, etc. The seats are small, the lid is airtight, the capacity is big :)

agrees with hifood that now the olivier salad is not a kind of creation by the cook Olivier, but a recipe described by the author, possibly with some variations. In our country, the original recipe has already been so transformed and so long ago that it’s not only that no one remembers the original version of the common population, but it has never heard of it.

As for the "Salad Russo", it is usually impossible to eat. I tried in Madrid, in Munich, in Cordoba, in Avignon, in Rome, in Banos Aires - nowhere is it possible.

Good. Please describe the recipe "Olivier", how you understand it and how you prepare it.

Dear Hifood! It became clear that you only hear yourself and your opinion. Any other that does not coincide with it is definitely not true for you. The salad described by you is Stolichny salad (or “Russian”, as it is often called abroad) - as the Guest rightly wrote on 04.11.2011 13:54:33 And Olivier is a completely different salad.

For Olga, Carrot is, of course, boiled.

For the guest who left a comment 07.11.2011 at 14:16:01 How can peas replace capers? Do you hear yourself? Salted cucumbers are the only possible replacement. What peas from which side? Or do you think that the USSR was inhabited by idiots who were unable to distinguish between sweet and salty? There was no such thing. As for the story, it is retold a thousand times, and each time from this thousand - in its own way, and everyone just pokes some soya-kabul in the sky. Nobody has documented anything, everyone reworked in his own way. Look, for example, how Pokhlebkin was engaged in rethinking these or other recipes - and this is another one of the best writers in the culinary topic. Isn't it better to face the facts? and agree that 150 million people can't be wrong? And already agree that now the salad "Olivier" is a salad that they all prepare, and not some recipe carried to the grave?

Hifood! Read the story - when and how the Russian salad appeared in Russia. Then the concept of the Soviet Union, even in terrible dreams, could not have dreamed of anyone. But the peas in this salad appeared in the Soviet Union - as you correctly write - but precisely as a conditional replacement for capers that are not available for sale. And with capers, I “work,” as you put it, all the time: both when cooking the same Russian salad, and for carpaccio, and for the “right” hodgepodge, etc. etc. And I NEVER soak them - this is simply not required, well, there is no extra salt and / or vinegar in them. My children love to eat them just as a pickled cucumber (if they are allowed to do it :)) - they would do it if there was a lot of salt or vinegar there. Apparently I'm just lucky with the quality of purchased capers. I always take the smallest and most expensive

what a good article! Very interesting, but it became a pity for the author, injured factory canteen. Apparently, too often I was eating there :)) we were lucky, we didn’t come across the factory canteen, so salted cucumbers in salad are very much loved. But if someone likes pickled - in any case, we will not laugh at them. Only over the fear of "canteen" :))

Thank you very much for the wonderful article. I agree with you on all points about the feeling and truthfulness. after all, this is a favorite salad since childhood, I wouldn’t trade it for any salad with an “original” recipe with crayfish necks, or something else there. I have one question? Tell me, please, what carrots do you recommend to add to the salad - boiled or fresh? Thank.

In the USSR, they invented a “capital” salad about him and an article, but the “Olivier” salad is a creation of the French chef Olivier, and he once again turns over in a coffin at the mention that the classic dressing is mayonnaise, because the secret of dressing a salad he took with him to the grave

And I believe that pickled cucumbers just do not fit in Olivier. There is a lot of vinegar there. And if the addition of pickled cucumbers reminds you of the Soviet canteen, then most likely this is the canteen pickled pickles. A good homemade pickles do not go to any comparison with pickled.

In America, this salad is called "Russian"

For the guest who left a comment on 03.11.2011 at 12:26:16 Actually, I'm not at all interested in when and why peas appeared in Olivier. I grew up with that. He is there, in the Olivier, necessary. He is needed. Admit to yourself, finally, that Olivier came up with something in the Soviet Union! That we love this particular salad, and not the memories of the actors of the Maly Theater about some miracle that no one had ever seen before. To compare peas with capers - well, this is a complete, honest word. They look alike like everything round and green, nothing more. Capers in Olivier are needed by themselves, like spice. Because they work well with mayonnaise - this is obvious and well known, if there is an opportunity to make the Olivier taste more interesting without changing it in principle, then why not? Soaking them is a completely routine practice. It is strange that she surprises you. You have never worked with capers, have you? Only seen in the store? If they have a lot of vinegar, a lot of salt - it means that they have a lot of vinegar or salt, and that’s all. We must take and soak. Or you will be worn all your life in search of the “most correct” products.

Lord Peas in the classic Olivier is not needed - it was invented in the Soviet Union, at a time when they did not know what capers are (or they knew, but could not get them). Capers, which have lain in Olivier for some time and partially put their juice in the salad itself, really outwardly (and even to taste) very much resemble canned peas. But if you are ironing capers - the peas are already excluded. Capers should be put the smallest ones that they can find - ideally - a little more than a pea. If they are bigger, they will have to be ground. And soaking capers is some kind of nonsense - why put them then at all. The point is to give your taste and capers juice to lettuce. And if they contain a lot of vinegar - it means they did not buy the right capers.