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Creatine for girls - do you say yes?


Typically, creatine monohydrate is included in sports nutrition supplements in order to increase strength and muscle mass. This nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid is a natural substance produced in the body.

Its introduction to the diet is additionally safe for human health. However, to take creatine to girls or not, the question is rather an ideological, rather than strictly nutritional. Only one fact about this supplement - it inevitably increases the weight.

How Creatine Works

Unlike supplements of unknown content and of dubious origin that appear every year, good old creatine has been working for bodybuilders and powerlifters for more than a decade. Measuring scoop with 3 g of substance sent into the mouth and fed with water will provide the following effects during exercise:

  • A better blood filling of the muscles, the so-called “pamping”, which allows us to look more muscular immediately after the power session,
  • Increase working weights. The effect is simply explained. Creatine transports nutrients to muscles, improving the contractility of fibers. More voltage, more power, more pancakes on the bar, that's all
  • Accelerated Recovery. Nutrients are actively used by muscle cells, and creatine-inducing monohydrate often exhibits less muscle soreness and shorter recovery periods.

Creatine is a part of many popular pre-workout drinks, then it is diluted with water, as there are acids in these complexes. In the form of a pure additive, the substance does not dissolve in cold water, only in hot and acidified.

Who is Creatine?

Frequent feedback from professional athletes from the world of body fitness, fitness and fitness bikini about this product. Many say that it literally changes the perception of the training process. Together with creatine comes the desire to exercise and mental concentration, because the additive allows you to lift more weight. Who is not interested in raising, in general, and do not want to look seriously “pumped up”, you can skip the intake of creatine.

The paradox with this product is that its reception "contradicts" typical female goals. Consider the usual situation. The girl comes to the gym, because, as she reads somewhere, that dense strong muscles contribute to the burning of fat and faster metabolism. She understands the process literally:

  • I lift the barbell three times a week,
  • Accelerated metabolism completes all the work for me,
  • My weight decreases

In reality, the weight, rather, increases at first. This plunges into a stupor, although physiologically it is completely natural - the muscles that have worked will “swell” a little, the fluid lingers, and the mass grows by a couple of kilos during the first month. If you start taking creatine at this time, the results in terms of gain will be even more impressive.

Usually, for female beginners, classes also lead to a strong increase in appetite. Typical "girl" activities like aerobics or callanetics do not affect hunger at all, but growing muscles can make it a serious problem. If you do not be ready for this, and do not organize a full-fledged diet, you can easily slip into overeating. In this case, there will be only problems with water retention additives.

Creatine is suitable if:

  • You have already ceased to focus on the figure on the scales, it has lost its importance, and the goal is to gain muscle mass and change body proportions,
  • You understand that by themselves no supplements lead to muscle growth, and you still have to train hard,
  • Your body is ready for hard training. This is the most difficult item for perception.

You can study 1000 articles about creatine for women, and the same number of reviews, watch a million videos from professional athletes and not be ready. Before taking any supplements to increase strength, you need to provide yourself with the tools to safely perform strength exercises.

When is it time to take creatine

In training theory, this moment is associated with the onset of the so-called first power plateau. The newcomer comes to the gym, and begins to perform general developmental exercises. He crouches without weight, is wrung out from the floor, pulls up in gymnastic loops with feet on the floor, and performs some insulating movements in the simulators. As soon as the body gets used to work, after 2-3 months, the coach begins to put him a “base”.

Our heroine learns to squat with a barbell, to pull the deadlift and, possibly, to perform presses while standing and lying, and pulling up without compensating for body weight. Parallel to this, changes in diet come into play (calorie restriction, if there is a lot of excess weight, or simply developing a habit is on the need for energy and not overeating), and interval cardio training is added.

After 12-16 weeks of this work, usually the first power plateau begins in women. This is a state where, with good technology and in safe mode, it is impossible to lift more heavy weights than before. Then usually apply difficult periodization of training, if the goal is to switch to powerlifting, and additives that improve recovery, if the goal is aesthetic.

Side effects of creatine

Women are most interested in the notorious fluid retention. So she is not like any "cellulite" or edema, haunting almost all the fair sex on certain days of the month. "Water" poured muscle. They become bigger and denser to the touch.

It is important to understand that the process applies to absolutely all muscle tissue. With the help of creatine, dreams such as big round buttocks with thin legs and pronounced shoulders in the absence of chest muscle volume are not realized. Strictly speaking, such goals are generally not achievable with the help of fitness, so you need to prepare for a uniform increase in volumes.

Sometimes they write that creatine is not suitable for women, as it violates the production of sex hormones. This is not true. Single cases of menstrual disorders usually occur in those athletes who are already overtrained, and continue to increase the load, despite the body's signals that it is worth staying. Constant pain throughout the body, sleep disturbances, fever and reduced immunity are usually associated with too much training, and not with creatine monohydrate.

Take supplements should not be with renal and hepatic failure, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. However, in most of these cases, heavy strength training is also contraindicated.

How to take creatine correctly

Typically, the process of receiving this nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid is surrounded by myths. The first one is creatine loading. Some sources recommend to use almost 10 g of the substance every day during the first two weeks of administration. This, supposedly, should cause the accumulation of creatine in the body and the unreal growth of all indicators at once. So the active substance is consumed immediately, and its remnants are simply removed from the body, because the "load" is meaningless.

Women should include creatine in pre-training sports nutrition. Usually enough from 3 to 5 g of substance 40 minutes before the start of the power session. Most people take the powder by simply squeezing a glass of water in one gulp. But some dissolve it in hot tea with lemon. Research on the effectiveness of the latter option with sufficient scientific purity yet. Therefore, it is better to purchase capsules if it is difficult to drink a powder.

Should I take breaks at the reception? From the point of view of the proper organization of training, the intake of the substance should coincide with the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle to gain muscle mass. In the "drying" to use the drug only at the beginning of the cycle. When there is a finishing up to a form, in the last 2-3 weeks, creatine should be excluded so as not to provoke fluid retention.

In nature, there are people who do not feel anything from taking creatine. And this is also the norm. If you - one of them, do not despair. Training and nutrition will still result if they are organized correctly. And supplements for most fans are not so important.

Do creatine need girls and why?

Arguing about how useful creatine is for girls, its main function should be noted. It is to accelerate and improve the resynthesis of ATP (cellular energy). Thanks to creatine, the intracellular energy exchange is qualitatively improved and fully provided. This allows you to train more and more intensely, because it increases stamina. Due to the increase in endurance to a new level and power indicators go. All such qualitative changes result in faster weight loss. So, creatine can be an excellent supplement while losing weight.

It is worth noting that with an increase in the intensity of training, a large load falls on the heart. With creatine intake, cardiovascular indicators become more stable, because this supplement helps to normalize arrhythmic background.

How to take creatine girls correctly?

As a rule, on the package or jar of creatine, it is indicated how to take creatine to girls and men. The recommended serving for women is usually smaller than for men. If we talk about the loading phase, for girls it also goes on throughout the week. The daily dosage is approximately 16 grams, which are divided into 4 doses. This is followed by a supporting phase, in which reception is carried out 2 grams per day for 3 weeks.

However, the loading phase can trigger a quick set of muscle mass due to water retention. Therefore, girls and women better to take creatine without loading. In this case, it is enough to use 5 grams per day. An even better option would be to divide these 5 grams into several servings that you need to drink during the day. The duration of such a course is a month, after which a break of up to 35 days is made.

Creatine for women should be taken with sweet juice, water with sugar or protein to speed up and improve absorption. Fast carbohydrates act as a transport system and help muscles better absorb all the nutrients, including creatine. As for the time of reception, creatine is best to use after exercise or in the morning.

Women's Creatine Reviews

Probably few of the fair sex, have already used creatine. However, we still found women's reviews of creatine, as well as how it helped them in the training process and in achieving certain goals.

“Creatine is not my first acquaintance with sports nutrition. Before training in the gym was too thin, so one day I decided to take care of myself and gain some weight. The first experience was with protein, the weight quickly went uphill. Over time, I became involved in the whole training process and it became my hobby. Some knowledge emerged, including an interest in sports nutrition. I decided to try creatine. She took a small jar and began to drink according to the scheme without loading. Of course, she was afraid of the fact that she would flood with water and everything like that. However, she drank enough fluids per day and tried to break up a small dose (5 grams) into several doses per day. After a week of training have changed qualitatively. Records in some exercises have been updated, and endurance has increased significantly. Almost simultaneously saw a fat burner, and a month after such a course, noticed that the fat was noticeably less. It began, so to speak, to look drier, and the training went to a new level. ”

“I am engaged in a rather specific sport for girls - powerlifting. I took myself creatine not for weight loss, but to increase the strength indicators before the competition. I took it with the loading phase, so at first it seemed that I had picked up a little. Yes, and the scales are a little reflected. But over time, the intensity of training has increased just the creatine count. Even cardio began to do what powerlifters do not usually do. The competition was excellent, but I want to describe the external changes. This was noticed not only by me, but also by my friends. What pleased in the first place - buttocks rounded. It has become less fat, I think, by increasing stamina and adding cardio. Weight changed slightly, but externally the changes were only positive. All of this suggests that I gained high-quality muscle mass, and got rid of fat. "

“I took creatine without a loading phase — 3-5 grams per day. No side effects noticed during the course, which lasted about a month. Saw enough water to protect yourself from dehydration. Everything seemed to be doing right, but she didn’t notice any significant changes. Yes, it took a little fat on the sides, but kept on a strict diet. The only thing that pleased - this recovery. If earlier I was training and could not even get out of bed the next day, now I have noticeably increased my strength. I began to recover faster after heavy workouts and feel better. Maybe next time I'll try to combine creatine with a fat burner. ”

“Before and close to sports nutrition did not fit. Of course, I can't say anything bad about him, because my boyfriend uses it. And somehow he took creatine. I wondered what kind of supplement that was. He noticed my curiosity and offered to try it too, but he warned that I would be flooded with water and I would be big. Did not become. Experiment for the sake of decided to look at the reaction of my body. I drank without a load, and at first I did not feel any changes at all. But then, standing on the scales, I saw an increase in weight of almost 2 kg. I was upset, I decided not to drink anymore, but the guy said that it was just water that had accumulated and in due course it would all go away. She continued to accept and realized that with creatine I can practice in the gym longer and better. Workouts have become more intense, and she did not notice how she began to lose weight. After the end of the course “the water got away”, and now I have an almost perfect body. I think it was creatine that contributed to this. ”

“I remember my first experience with creatine. It seemed that I was about to “flood” and I would become fat and ugly. But the coach insisted that I continue to take it. It was very thin, the goal was to gain weight, but I was afraid that I would “carry it away” with creatine. The weight gained in the end, but just as much as needed. And I did not look like a recovered aunt, but on the contrary, the increase was in the muscles. Fat seems to have become even smaller. The trainer explained this by saying that with creatine I began to work longer and more intensely. Due to this, the process of fat loss has accelerated, increased strength indicators. Took creatine month 5 grams per day. I felt no side effects on myself, on the contrary, I began to feel much better: fatigue had disappeared somewhere, there was more energy. In short, for girls, this supplement is also great as for men. "

We are sure that creatine is needed by any girl athlete who wants to have a hard form and progress in strength. If you decide to buy this supplement, then you have a chance to buy creatine cheap!

What is creatine

Creatine is an amino acid, one of the expendable elements of the skeletal muscles. It is formed by the interaction of methionine, glycine, arginine in the liver and kidneys, and is metabolized in muscle tissue and nerve fibers. Creatine is also ingested from food, such as meat and seafood, but its purest concentration is found in specialized sportpit supplements. About 14 formulas derived from creatine are derived, but creatine monohydrate for girls is the most effective form, as it is best absorbed and fully absorbed into muscle mass.

If we talk about the benefits of creatine for girls, it should be noted its invaluable role in improving the resynthesis of ATP and ensuring high-quality intracellular energy exchange. He also actively participates in the synthesis of proteinogenic amino acids, creates a favorable anabolic background, preventing the development of catabolism.

Thanks to the daily consumption of creatine, strength and endurance are significantly improved, which allows training at a higher level of intensity. These qualities are especially important when losing weight, so creatine for weight loss for girls is an indispensable and powerful helper in achieving beautiful, relief forms.

Cardiovascular indicators in the debilitating exercise, combined with the use of creatine, are much more stable, since it is proven that this substance helps to stabilize the arrhythmic background in people suffering from cardiovascular system malfunction.

How to use

On packages of drugs, it is usually indicated how to take creatine to girls and male athletes — in what dosages and how many times a day. Обычно, стандартная порция для женщин, несколько меньше, чем для мужчин и составляет в первые 7 дней загрузочного периода, порядка 16 грамм вещества, разделенных на 4 порции за 24 часа и еще 3 недели по 2 грамма креатина в день. Фаза без загрузки позволяет потреблять 5 грамм добавки в сутки, причем эту дозировку можно разделить на несколько приемов. Также, после месяца употребления, нужно сделать перерыв на 30-35 дней, чтобы не спровоцировать прекращение естественной выработки.Dilute or wash down the mixture with at least 1-2 glasses of liquid - juices, stewed fruit, milk, sugared water.

Directing the mixture should be immediately before use, since creatine degrades very quickly upon contact with the liquid. It is absorbed best with the transport system, especially with fast carbohydrates, which makes its use more relevant in the post-training period, but as part of pre-workouts, creatine girls can be drunk even an hour before training.

The effect of creatine on the body

It is contained in the muscle tissue and we need for energy metabolism. And also it is necessary for the implementation of movements. Creatine is also important to the body, like BJU. Just do not confuse creatine with keratin - these are two completely different substances. The second is part of the balms, masks, gels for hair
Nitrogen amine serves as an energy source. It increases endurance, gives us strength. Our muscles contain about 90-140 g of creatine. Its average consumption is 2 g per day.

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements used to build lean muscle mass, increase productivity, and increase strength.

If a person is engaged in hard physical labor or is involved in sports - the expense is more. In the body, the nitrogen amine is combined with phosphate, and phosphocreatine is formed. This substance improves the metabolism in the muscle tissue.
Creatine slowly accumulates in the body. Usually, it takes from 5 to 14 days to reach the norm. This substance acts as a stimulant. Its action is difficult to notice in ordinary life. But during training, it is he who helps us:

  • to cope with pain
  • physical discomfort
  • feel a surge of energy
  • strengthen joints and tendons
  • normalize the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In the body, carboxylic acid is synthesized by the kidneys, liver and pancreas. For its formation, the body needs protein. Or rather its amino acids: methionine, glycine, arginine.

What is creatine in sport for?

Nitrogen amine can briefly enhance athletic performance. However, this is a natural substance, not doping. It will be effective for fast runs for short distances. And also for weight gain in bodybuilding. When power loads, creatine will help to become stronger.
This substance is especially effective in those sports where there is acceleration, short-term jerks. This is a quick source of energy. It helps to train more effectively and withstand heavy loads.

Creatine is a molecule synthesized by the body from food or sports nutrition and stores energy in the form of creatine phosphate. During physical exertion, creatine phosphate gives its energy to the cells.

The body draws the necessary energy for a powerful jerk thanks to carboxylic acid. Those. She is responsible for the rapid supply of energy for our body. But if it is not enough, the content of ammonium ions in the blood plasma will increase. This will lead to a slowdown in physical activity, which athletes do not need.

Creatine and exercising girls

Many women have a negative attitude to creatine supplements, naively believing that they contribute to excessive muscle growth and, accordingly, masculinization. That is, they are afraid to look too rude and courageous.
There are absolutely no grounds for such fears, since the female body is not predisposed to increasing muscle volumes in principle, largely due to the structure of the hormonal system, in which the female sex hormones estrogen predominate over the male sex hormones testosterone and others, which actually cause the anabolic effect of growth muscle

Creatine changes the perception of the training process, comes the desire to train, the additive allows you to lift more weight, make more approaches.

Now we can realize that strength training is a real stress, and many girls simply do not work out in training, can not modify because of the "limiter" built into their central nervous system.
In practice, this means that girls simply cannot make the final “abandoned” repetitions with a more or less optimal working weight, which create stress. Their central nervous system deliberately creates weak motor neuron signals that make extreme muscle contractions impossible.
All of the above suggests that girls do not make sense to use creatine supplements. It will be much more effective to spend money on high-quality protein, for example, whey isolate or complex protein.

Creatine Slimming

From the point of view of solving the problem of losing weight, creatine intake will be a completely useless solution not only for women, but also for men. Osmotic activity of this substance will force you to use a lot of liquid. And if you violate the daily intake of creatine supplements, the water-salt balance will inevitably be shifted to a negative direction, which will lead to edema, which, by the way, is often confused with fat deposits.
It is much more effective to spend money on a high-quality pre-training complex or a light fat burner carnitine.

Is it possible to lose weight by taking creatine?

Often used creatine for weight loss. Considering that taking creatine helps to increase muscle endurance and additional energy flow, you can increase the activity and duration of training. Prolonged loads with increased intensity contribute to the removal of excess fat.
For the first time on the use of creatine for weight loss started talking in the early 90s. XX century. At the same time, the ability of a substance to increase body weight was demonstrated solely by increasing the “dry” muscle mass.
Taking additional doses of creatine, it is very important to pay attention to an adequate level of water intake.

Creatine causes a surge of strength, adds stamina to the body, energy support, which allows for longer workouts and weight loss.

The dosage is all the more important. At the very beginning of the reception, the amount of creatine can reach 20 g per day (i.e., 5 g per 4 doses per day). After 20 days, the dosage is reduced to 10 g per day.
It is possible to use this substance for drying. However, it should be noted that the main property of creatine monohydrate is water retention in the body.
Of course, taking the drug without a set of physical exercises, it is impossible to lose weight. Weight loss will be noticeable visually (after the loss of accumulated fat reserves as a result of intensive training).
It is noteworthy that the effect of the growth of power indicators is more noticeable in men. This is due to higher levels of the hormone testosterone in men.
Therefore, for women, the use of creatine for drying with the purpose of losing weight is more appropriate. With ordinary diets, which sometimes torture themselves girls who want to find a beautiful figure, there is a significant loss of muscle mass. Creatine can be very useful, because it retains muscle mass, helping to get rid of only the fat layer. Active training, rational, balanced nutrition and the use of creatine within reasonable limits are quite capable of helping to achieve the ideal of femininity - a beautiful, well-formed figure.

Do I need to drink creatine while losing weight

It is usually said that creatine is not needed for weight loss. But in fact, the decision depends not on what goal the person has set himself, but on what means he uses. Creatine can help in maintaining a sufficient intensity of training for a person who:

  • trains in power, low repetition mode. Not everyone leaves off for 12-15 or more repetitions while losing weight, for many it is the maintenance of strength and improvement of the basic exercises technique that is of priority. For such training creatine monohydrate will give the necessary energy for work,
  • eating a calorie-deficient diet, rather than relying on cardio for weight loss,
  • He has been engaged for a long time, so that his training "crossed the brink" of ordinary physical training, physical education without much effort, and were really power,
  • able to distinguish "water weight" from fat and calmly refers to minor fluctuations in weight,
  • Creatine in sport is used quite often in the preparatory and competitive cycle. He is removed from the diet a week before the weigh-in and returns to the day of the competition (this is about strength sports, not bodybuilding).

In general, for such people creatine powder helps to maintain strength and high energy expenditure during exercise. All the rest he does not give such a benefit. There is absolutely no use in creatine if you are training with small weights and working only in a multi-repetition style. It will not work and if you are engaged only in aerobic mode. With this training, it is more advisable to use L-carnitine and small dosages of caffeine and green tea extract.

Creatine helps to lose weight, but only with constant training process and respect for water balance. Lying on the couch and lose weight will not work.

What it is?

Creatine is a special compound that is an acid and consists of the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. It is synthesized in the organisms of almost all vertebrate creatures and participates in metabolic processes occurring in the nerve fibers and muscle tissues. This substance was discovered in the first half of XIX and got the name derived from the word "meat", as it is present in it and is not found almost anywhere else.

What are the functions?

What is creatine for? As noted above, he participates in the metabolic processes occurring in the nerves and muscles. When proteins, carbohydrates and fats are used as energy, the body transforms them into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules, which are the main holders of energy reserves. And if creatine is present in the muscle cells, ATP is consumed much slower, but it recovers faster, which ensures uninterrupted nutrition of tissues.

Consider the basic functions that creatine performs:

  1. A marked increase in muscle strength. Creatine is perceived by them as a source of fast and easily digestible energy, so they acquire power, which allows to increase the intensity of physical activity during training.
  2. Muscle growth. Muscles become more voluminous, as if “poured”, acquire the missing relief. And this effect is achieved largely due to fluid retention in the tissues.
  3. Increased muscle growth rate. If without creatine, they increase in volume slowly, then when taking an additive, changes occur more rapidly.
  4. Increased testosterone levels. This hormone is considered to be purely masculine and is responsible for maintaining the outlines of the body peculiar to the representatives of the stronger sex, muscle relief. In the female body testosterone may also be present, but in small quantities.

Application features

How to take creatine women? For a start, it is worth assessing the rationality of using such an additive. It will be appropriate for intense physical exertion, especially strength or anaerobic. Creatine is taken by professional athletes, women who are fond of bodybuilding and other similar sports. If you just visit the gym and want to make the body relief, then you should choose suitable exercises and practice regularly and actively.

How much creatine is required? The daily need of the human body in it is about 2-4 grams, depending on the degree of physical activity and lifestyle. But some advise to start taking it with maximum dosages - about 20-25 grams. It is better to divide this amount by several times: one reception is made in the morning immediately after waking up, and the rest about twenty minutes before a meal with some sweet drink, for example, with juice.

You can also use creatine immediately after an intense workout for speedy muscle recovery. But such a scheme is suitable only at high intensity loads, with an average of 5 grams per day. And the best time of reception will be the so-called carbohydrate window, which lasts about an hour after a workout.

Tip: do not take the supplement all the time, it is better to use her courses. The average duration is about six to eight weeks. Then you can take a break for a month and resume the reception, if necessary.

Possible side effects

Now you know what creatine is good for, but it’s also important to remember that it can harm. In the course of research it was proved that with regular intake of three grams per day, no changes in the functioning of important body systems are observed. But if the dose is increased, and the body's sensitivity to the substance is increased, then some side effects may occur.

The most frequent occurrence is fluid retention in tissues. And especially clearly edema manifests itself in women, especially in the PMS period. This can cause discomfort and increase body volume. Another possible symptom is digestive disorders that occur when you exceed dosages or liver disease.

An interesting fact: after the abolition of creatine, the muscles quickly return to their normal state and lose volume.

Before you start taking creatine, weigh the pros and cons, and consult with your doctor.


For years, athletes have tried to avoid the use of creatine monohydrate due to side effects. It was believed that the use of the additive causes the following harm:

  • it causes dehydration
  • violates the water-salt balance,
  • contributes to gastrointestinal disorders
  • has a negative effect on the kidneys, liver,
  • causes hyperemia (overflow of blood vessels).

Over the past ten years, studies have been conducted on innovative equipment that could not confirm these rumors. The only side effect of creatine is weight gain (due to an increase in the concentration of water inside the cells). Many athletes who want to create a beautiful body relief, this is necessary. However, it is worth noting that when losing weight, this fact can be an obstacle.

Is creatine harmful to health?

I want to introduce you to the most common side effects.

  • Water retention in the body - does not bear any harm. Creatine has osmotic activity. Against the background of its reception, fluid retention occurs. In this case, the person does not have edema, i.e. by eye it does not define. After the abolition of the additive there is a slight weight loss. An increase in body fluids is normal. Because most part goes into the muscles.
  • Dehydration - this effect occurs during drying in bodybuilders with the help of drugs that remove the liquid.

The damage to creatine is like with each product, so the selection is done individually, otherwise there may be dehydration, water retention, seizures, rash, upset gastrointestinal tract.

It has been clinically proven that creatine has no harmful effect on the kidneys or on the liver. It is also safe for the heart, not carcinogenic. Does not affect blood pressure. Often due to lateral effects becomes an overdue supplement.

Question answer

When losing weight, it is not recommended to take creatine, and also recommend removing salt from the diet, because they hold water. If the goal is to throw off fat, not weight, and also muscular relief, for the time being of little concern, does excess water somehow interfere with fat reduction? After all, creatine, increasing strength and endurance, can greatly help in this matter. It seems to be forms of creatine, which do not retain water? Please recommend a good creatine (or creatine supplement) from your range, please. Its influence on water in the body does not matter.

Yes, you are right, while working on the relief of creatine, you need to eliminate it, because It contributes to water retention. But if this is not important for you, then you can perfectly improve your form with the help of a balanced diet, intensive training and taking Kre-Alkalyn Xtreme Performance. This form of creatine practically does not retain water. Take 3 capsules 1 hour before your workout.