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Trendy coats fall-winter 2018-2019: photos, news and current styles of coats for every taste


If you are already starting to think about what to wear in spring and autumn, then turn your attention to the coat. Do you think this is too formal, strictly and boring? Your opinion will change when you find out how and with what you can wear such a piece of clothing.

Should there be a coat in the wardrobe?

Why do you need a coat if you can buy a comfortable jacket? But a coat is an indicator of femininity and elegance. And do not think that only aged ladies can afford it, and a girl in such outerwear will look ridiculous. Just pay attention to the youth models, and you will understand that you can look stunning, especially if you know some tricks.

How to choose a coat?

Before you talk about what and how you can wear a coat, it is worth mentioning the topic of his choice. Here it is important to take into account not only fashion trends (although you should not forget about them), but also the features of your figure and, of course, personal preferences. Do not forget about the style. We offer you several win-win options:

  • The fitted coat with a belt is a classic genre that does not go out of fashion, a standard of femininity and sexuality. Such a style, by the way, can afford and ladies with appetizing forms.
  • A straight coat will hide some figure flaws.
  • Coat with a high waist looks romantic and feminine, and also allows you to hide the extra volume in the abdomen or hips.
  • Girls with a sporty or slim figure can afford such a fashionable thing as a cape coat.
  • The coat-jacket or model in military style will look original.
  • Coat trapezium is suitable for both slender girls and ladies with appetizing volumes.
  • A coat with a smell is a fashionable option, but only slim ladies can afford it.
  • A short coat is appropriate if you want to show the lower part of the figure.
  • Coat-overcoat refers rather to the sporty style, so it would be an ideal option for lovers of this style.
  • A coat with a short sleeve or with a sleeve length ¾ will emphasize your femininity.

Color plays an important role. If you are planning to go to work in a coat, then choose classic options, for example, a black coat. Those who seem such a dark color, can get beige.

This option is also a classic, but it refreshes the image and makes it more feminine. A white coat will emphasize romance and tenderness, but, of course, you can’t call it practical. If you want something bright and unusual, then buy a red, blue or even pink coat.

What to combine?

What to wear with a coat? It all depends on his style and style. We offer some fresh ideas:

  • Cape coat allows you to diversify your wardrobe and even mix different styles. So, you can choose almost any skirt: a short, curvaceous medium length, long to the floor, a pencil skirt. Excellent with this model will be combined and pants. Styles can also be any: classic straight, narrow cropped, long tapered, and even flared or skinny jeans. The upper part of the set, too, you can choose any: a free jumper, blouse with flounces, turtleneck, knit sweater. As for shoes, heels are appropriate in various variations.
  • A classic coat should ideally be combined with classic clothing: straight or tapered trousers, shirts and blouses. Dresses will also be appropriate: tight-fitting knitwear, sheath dress or shirt dress. From shoes you can choose boots, shoes or ankle boots with heels.
  • A short coat is a youth variant, so fresh and bright solutions are appropriate: short or long dresses and skirts, shorts made of thick fabric or denim (it is best to wear thick tights to make the image creative and protect from the cold), jeans are practically any styles. There are a lot of shoe options: boots, Cossack boots, cowboy boots, ankle boots. Heel, wedge and flat sole are acceptable.
  • Trapeze coat blends perfectly with skinny trousers or skinny jeans, as well as straight and wide trousers. A pencil skirt will also look sexy and feminine. Puffy skirts of any length and long dresses are appropriate.
  • Coat-overcoat will look perfect with a skirt or tight jeans, close to the sporty style. Shoes are best to choose either without a heel, or on a thick, stable heel or wedge heels. The wide scarf will complete and refresh the image.
  • The high-waisted coat is just perfect for new look cocktail dresses and puffy skirts. Shoes only feminine and only heels. Do not want to wear skirts and dresses? Put on bright cropped trousers-bananas, such a tandem is also fashionable and bright.
  • The coat with short sleeves will look stylish with knitted dresses or sheath-dresses, as well as with narrowed or straight trousers. Pick up high-top boots or ankle boots. But the brightest detail in this case will be high gloves that go by the elbow, which will come in handy here.
  • Coat with a smell - the trend of the last season. And almost all known fashion designers and designers recommend combining such a model with a classic business suit. It looks strictly, but at the same time elegant, feminine and even sexy.
  • The coat overcoat is stylish and bold. Flared or wide leg pants will help to complete the look. Upstairs, you can wear a strict blouse or shirt, or a plain turtleneck. But bold natures can well afford jeans, which today have become almost universal item of clothing.
  • A coat of straight cut seems to many unfeminish, but if you drag it with a strap of a contrasting color, your opinion will definitely change. Under the coat you can wear a short knitted dress or a sweater dress, as well as pants of almost any style. Shoes are better to choose with heels.
  • With a collar (with a wide or stand-up) in itself will be a bright accent of the image, so stylists do not recommend wearing it with fancy or multi-layered things. The best option is a sheath dress or tight trousers with a shirt or blouse. If the collar with a wide cuff, then under it you can wear a light scarf.

Fashion tips

Now a few fashionable tips about combining a coat with other items of clothing:

  1. Accessories will help to revive the image: a bright strap in a contrasting color, chic patent leather or leather gloves, a hat or a beret, a colored or plain wide scarf. Pay special attention to the choice of handbags.
  2. Do not forget about the combination of colors, otherwise you will look like a parrot. You can choose shades of one scale, combined or contrasting colors (this is an excellent option for the bold).
  3. Squeak of the season - dress to match coat.
  4. Choose tight panty hoses. Firstly, it is fashionable, and secondly, your feet will be warm in them.
  5. The hem of a dress or skirt should either completely hide under a coat, or look out from under it for no more than 10-15 centimeters. Otherwise you will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  6. Remember a simple rule: the longer the coat, the more formal and formal it looks.
  7. The minimum gap between the boots and the hem of a coat is 15 centimeters. But the hem can cover the tops of a few centimeters.

Now you know how to wear and with what to combine a coat and you will look stunning in such outerwear.

Fashionable coats fall-winter: fashion trends 2018-2019, beautiful styles of coats for women for every taste

Before characterizing women's fashion coats for fall-winter 2018, we note that many styles of coats for women that modern designers offer us sometimes look quite extravagant, so not all women are willing to allow themselves to wear such fashionable coats, choosing for themselves styles of coats simpler.
While the cold still cleared with might and main, the spring and autumn fashion coats of 2018-2019 oversight will be relevant.

Fashionable coats for women are distinguished by hyperbolized styles similar to women's cocoon coats, stylish coats of the traditional A-silhouette, and other variations of the coat of a simple loose fit.

In a fashion beautiful women's coats for the autumn-winter period with large asymmetrical collars and pockets of huge sizes.

Like last autumn and winter, women's autumn and winter trendy coats with leather belts, original long belts, beautiful coats for women with leather and fur inserts are in trend.

Fashionable coats- capes, practical capes and comfortable coats — fashioned down jackets, women's poncho coats, unusual fashionable sleeveless coats that look great with long gloves will also win the fashionable ladies.

Although specific trendy coats with sophisticated sleeves and an asymmetrical cut will surely strengthen in fashion this fall and winter, boutiques and double-breasted women's trendy coats in a classic style will not leave.

Elegant styles of coats for women with beautiful lush fur, original cuffs and collars and different lengths will suit the taste of elegant ladies.

Also in the trend will be single-breasted fashionable coats for women of straight and trapezoidal cut, which successfully emphasize the elegance of the female silhouette. For elegant novelties coats for women can be attributed autumn trendy coat shawls.

In the cold seasons of 2018-2019, both fashionable coats for women up to mid-calf, and very practical, versatile coats in a shortened version and above the knee will be relevant.

Agree, fashionable coats for women fall-winter 2018-2019 will satisfy the needs of both lovers of classic styles of coats and business style, and fans of sports style, casual style and military style.

Trendy nova coats will delight lovers of bright colors and original prints. Although black, beige, brown and gray remain the same as before, the cold seasons promise to be bright. The same will be a beautiful coat autumn-winter 2018-2019.

It is worth noting that beautiful women's coats for women for the autumn-winter period of bright red color, amazing fuchsia, green, burgundy and other colors will not only make women this season very beautiful, but also create a pleasant mood even on cloudy days.

But the hit of the new season will be white winter and autumn coats. in a coat of this color, any woman looks amazing.

If we talk about fabrics, then on cold days, women will be able to dress in a fashionable coat in a cage, a beautiful coat in a floral print, a stylish coat with patterns and geometrically correct patterns.

Those who are delighted with animal prints are lucky, fashionable coats fall-winter of these fabrics will also be relevant this season.

If you want to try on trendy coats from famous designers, you should certainly appreciate the latest collections of clothes from Balmain, Chloé, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy, Missoni, Delpozo.

New styles of coats for women 2018-2019 showed brands Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Christian Dior, Chanel, Just Cavalli, Jeremy Scott.

With the novelty overcoat surprised Christian Dior, Derek Lam, Isabel Marant. Created new trendy looks with women's coat and Gucci, Bottega Veneta and other designers.

At fashion shows were presented new styles of coats for women of different colors and textures.

And now let's see what fashionable coats for women fall-winter 2018-2019 should pay attention. And what fashionable styles of coat will delight lovers of new products.

A bit of history

Linguists have proven that the word "coat" has Spanish roots, and consists of two components, which are literally translated as "a spacious cloak" and "headdress."

Initially, the coat was not the subject of the wardrobe of wealthy and wealthy gentlemen. Most often, this product could be seen on the peasants and non-affluent segments of the population. However, soon, due to its practicality and convenience, this type of clothing began to acquire new forms and features. The richer and more famous personalities of both male and female became interested in coats.

A few years later, the coat became an almost indispensable element of the wardrobe of all the rich women of that time. Seamstresses decorated this product with various materials and finishes: ribbons, fur, feathers of rare birds, etc.

In each country, it was possible to observe one or another style of coat: in France, it was a product that looked like a uniform, in the UK - redingot, and later the coat acquired a new form - raglan.

In Russia, the ancient types of coats were armyak and caftan.

To date, models and styles of coat there is a huge amount. Modern couturiers, showing imagination, and focusing on seasonal fashion trends, create all new models that amaze the imagination and pleasantly surprise with its diversity and scale.


The collar is an integral accessory of outerwear. It not only performs a decorative function, but can also be used for practical purposes: to warm the neck.

There are several known classifications of collars for coats.

Depending on the shape of the collar allocate:

  • collar in the form of yoke,
  • pipe accessory
  • Mandarin collar.

Depending on the style of sewing allocate:

  • jacket collars. They can be called the most popular
  • collar like "peter pan",
  • "Bertha",
  • English collars
  • shawl collars.

With hood

A coat with such an accessory as a hood, not only looks extremely stylish and fashionable, but also performs practical functions: this additional element of the product serves as an excellent protection from cold, wind and rain.

Ladies who do not recognize headdresses, may well use the hood, without spoiling the styling or hair.


Coats without a lining are most often found in the summer, lightweight version, when it is not necessary, and can weigh the product.

Among the varieties of coat without lining are:

  • thin wool coat
  • summer coat
  • evening coat
  • knitted coat

Coat straight cut can be safely attributed to the classic version of the upper women's clothing. It fits almost all types of shapes, taking into account the length of the product. Often the coat of this cut is complemented with a stylish and fashionable belt. This emphasizes the waist of the woman, marking and emphasizing it favorably.


The classic type of coat can also be attributed to the fitted product, which gives the figure of elegance and femininity.

The styles of the classic coat can be seen a large number. It all depends on additional accessories and finishing products.

Coat Jacket

Coat jacket borrowed from the male fashion world. Stopping your choice on it, you should definitely take into account the peculiarities of your figure, because such a product is not for everyone.

The essence of the coat is that visually it makes a larger bust, while reducing the hips. It gives the appearance of youthful charm.

Particular attention should be paid to the length of such a product.

Kimono coat

Coat-kimono is a coat with a smell. It not only looks elegant and feminine, but also has a special comfort and convenience in its operation.

This coat got its name “kimono” due to the fact that it is visually close to the eastern style of clothing. This is evidenced by a zashitny silhouette, and the presence in most models of the belt.

Thanks to the work of fashion designers, who make stylistic additions to this type of coat every season, today it can be matched to any image.


Raglan coat got its name in honor of the special shape of the sleeves in the product. Models of such coats look extremely stylish and unusual. They are recommended to buy those women who have sufficiently broad shoulders. Visually, this form of sleeves helps to hide the rough shoulders, giving the appearance of femininity and sophistication.

Under the coat-overcoat is usually meant a long product from a special type of cloth, which has a fold on the back, is equipped with strap and metal buttons. Characteristic features of the overcoat are:

  • as a rule, double-breasted tailoring
  • large collar
  • sleeves tucked bottom
  • on the back there is a large fold of fabric.

The length of the coat - this is exactly the characteristic of the product, which should pay particular attention when choosing it. Depending on the length of your figure will look the most profitable and attractive.

Short coats can safely wear undersized girls and women, as well as those of the beautiful half who have curvaceous shapes. Visually, a short thing lengthens the figure, makes it more slender and graceful.

A kind of short coat is their shortened versions. The length of such a product reaches slightly above the knee. These coats are popular among active women who are on the move for a long time.

Coats with knee-length can be called a classic option. Such a product is perfect for working and official events, as well as for ceremonial meetings and romantic walks.

Вариаций моделей пальто до колена на сегодняшний день большое количество, и выбор подходящего фасона зависит от личности женщины, ее возраста, предпочтений, стилистического направления и т.д.

Длинные пальто идеально подойдут женщинам, обладающим высоким ростом, стройным и статным. Эти изделия не обладают такой практичностью, как короткие или модели со средней длиной. Иногда в них достаточно неудобно передвигаться, поэтому этот вариант подходит для пассивных, мало двигающихся женщин. As an option, such a coat can be put on for a walk or a solemn event.

Materials used

For sewing coats using a huge amount of fabric and materials. It can be both their natural varieties and high-quality synthetic ones.

The coat of loden is a product made from natural raw materials. Under lodenom imply boiled wool. The material is quite hard, but has a number of positive qualities:

  • ecologicaly clean,
  • has pronounced heat-saving characteristics,
  • resistant to various kinds of pollution,
  • airtight

Among the main drawbacks of products from Loden one can highlight the tendency to deform and the difficulty in caring for such things.

Made from double sided fabric

Coat of double-sided fabric is characterized by the fact that it can be worn on both sides. In this case, one side can be made with prints and various intricate finishes, and the second side can be monotonous.

Such products are practical and unusual at the same time. With the same thing, you can change your image and style every day.

The model range of raglan is wide: long or short models, with short sleeves, etc.

Under the jersey means one of the types of knitwear. This canvas for sewing outerwear is formed by a machine. Jersey can be natural, synthetic or artificial.

Among the main characteristics of a coat of jersey highlight:

  • environmental friendliness
  • high level of thermal insulation
  • hygroscopicity
  • low breathability.


Knitted coats have long enjoyed great success. The material from which they are made is very convenient and practical to wear, does not require intensive care, and is quite low in cost.

From the raincoat fabric

The current season has made coats made of raincoat fabric extremely trendy and fashionable. It is important to bear in mind that such products are not useful for severe frosts and colds, they are more likely to be demi-season.

The main advantage of such products can be called their lightness - they are almost weightless. In properly insulated variants, you can safely go through to the very cold.

On a synthetic winterizer

Coats, insulated with padding polyester, are popular and widespread among the main female population with an average level of wealth. The synthetic winterizer belongs to synthetic heaters, but proved from the positive side.

The fragility of the material can be considered a significant disadvantage of the sinteponon coats: already after a short time or after washing, the insulation can become lumpy, and the product will lose its attractive appearance.

Denim coats are one of the most fashionable and popular models. They are preferred not only by young girls, but also by more mature women.

Denim products are distinguished by their practicality, undemanding care and attractive appearance.

From karakul

Astrakhan coats look very elegant and elegant. A woman in such a product acquires a special charm and splendor.

Astrakhan fur coat can be both natural and artificial. Depending on this, the cost of the product is determined.

A distinctive feature of the astrakhan coat is the difficulty in leaving him.

Actual colors and prints

The color scheme of fashionable and stylish coat is amazing. A woman can purchase a product made in a classic color scheme, or choose something more extravagant and unusually juicy.

Among the conservative colors stand out and remain always popular and popular black, all shades of brown, beige, pastel colors.

Active, bold personalities who like to amaze others and be at the peak of attention, opt for models of bright and juicy shades: orange, yellow, blue, red, etc.

Especially popular is the coat in the cage. This is a trend image that instantly became popular and is in special demand.

With the help of a coat with a correctly selected print, you can make your figure almost perfect, and the image is bright, stylish and unforgettable.

How to choose

When choosing a coat, a representative of the fair half of society is advised to consider the following:

  • type of figure
  • product quality
  • the occasion, occasion or season for which the acquisition is made,
  • color and finish coat
  • availability of additional accessories.

For low

For women or girls who are short or slightly stout, it is recommended to choose a coat with a maximum length just below the knees. Also, special attention should be paid to models with A-style. The trapezoidal shape of such products will mask the large hips, and visually stretch the silhouette, lengthen it.

For those women who have wide shoulders and a narrow pelvis, their choice should be stopped on a model that has a minimum of large parts in the upper part of the product.

On the contrary, girls with narrow shoulders should choose a coat with the most voluminous top: a fluffy or fur collar, large accessories.

Tall ladies should prefer long or long coat models with a belt.

Novelties of 2018 from famous designers

Max Mara, as one of the famous and fashion designers this year, offers a coat that combines luxury and severity at the same time. Ladies' silhouette on almost all its models emphasizes a thin belt.

Chanel this season offers a comfortable and comfortable coat, made in soft, pastel shades. In her collection is often found black and popular in this season cell print.

Antonio Marras decided to diversify the shape and style of the poncho as a type of coat. The curious cut of his products, as well as their unusual color range, gave his models a new perception and intricacy. He also skillfully complemented them with embroidery and fringe trim.

The designer with a world name Alexander Wang in his latest collection made a bid for young people. Unusual and outstanding cut of his models, original solutions relating to the color scheme made his models especially popular among young girls and women.

Among the well-known Russian fashion designers who are engaged in the development of women's outerwear are Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Diana Pavlovskaya, Denisa Simacheva, Victoria Prokhorova and others. These are fairly new, but already well-known names in the fashion industry, whose models have won the sympathy and favor of many women.

Stylish images

Classic style. For him, choose a double-breasted model coat, with patch pockets and an additional belt. The length of the product depends on the type of your figure. The color scheme should be restrained and soft: powdery or pastel colors will perfectly fit into the overall picture. The image will complement the stylish, sophisticated boots or ankle boots with heels.

  • Military style. Coats pea coat won the attention of today's youth. This style presupposes the presence of a military theme in the image: a coat of a corresponding cut, lace-up boots or jackboots. The color scheme is closest to khaki.
  • Romantic image. To create a feeling of lightness and perfection, you can purchase a cape coat. These products with pleasure will add variety to your image, replacing the annoying jackets and coats. Modern capes can also have an ethnic direction.
  • The coat is almost irreplaceable part of any woman’s wardrobe. With it, you can create a new image every time, skillfully using relevant add-ons and accessories. Therefore, the acquisition of such a product should be approached carefully and deliberately, taking into account all the recommendations and advice of world famous stylists and fashion designers.

    Assorted styles: what can and should we wear today?

    1 Coat Cape - for the bold, stylish and hot
    Earlier we heard a lot about him, but only a few bought them, since the coat-cap cannot be called the most practical style. But in 2017, this particular tailoring, the inspiration for the creation of which designers took from the distant 70s, will be considered the most trending. Such fashionable coats will be a real boon for girls who adore the classic style and don't mind experimenting a bit with images, combining it not only with laconic trousers, bold bright shorts and equally popular warm knitted midi dresses. The ideal color scheme for such a coat is nobly restrained. That is, if you dream about a cape, choose a model in ash-gray, deep emerald or laconic sand color. This fashionable women's coat can really be combined with things of any color, without forgetting the basic rule - the cap is a romantic coat that is designed to emphasize the femininity of its owner. So things in military colors are not the place.

    Cap Cape

    What to wear with Cape photo

    2 Coat oversize - still relevant
    And this season, fashionable gurus simply worship the oversized style, unanimously convincing us that the fragile female figure in this particular style looks the most elegant. This women's coat can be A-silhouette, resemble a cocoon, or have the most familiar loose fit. Do you like this style, but would you like some interesting model? Choose an oversized winter or autumn coat with patch pockets, a voluminous collar or unusual fur trim. The most impudent can afford a coat of a similar style with an interesting cut of the sleeve. A rounded shoulder line will make the image even more bold and comfortable at the same time. By the way, other fashionable styles of the coat are “not friendly” with sporty-style shoes, and the oversized coat blends perfectly with feminine stilettos and bright sneakers.

    Women oversized coats

    Gray women's oversized coat

    Stylish oversized coat

    How to wear oversize coat

    3 Modernized classics - the restrained luxury of modernity
    But adored by all Christian Dior and Gucci suggest that we not look for complex and unusual solutions, because the classic black or white coat will look no less interesting than the coat of an unusual style, the main thing is to make the right emphasis on details. So, a double-breasted model with wide shoulders, mid-calf-length, will be a real find for stylish office ladies who know that simplicity will always be in trend. If you want the image to be slightly extravagant and memorable - create it within the same color. Pure white, or pure black look will set you apart from the crowd.

    Classic Style Coat

    Fashionable women's coats

    Women's classic coat

    Stylish classic coat

    4 Cape and poncho coats are the basis of an uncomplicated and concise look.
    Unusual coats that look more like capes or ponchos surprised us at the shows of world designers. In such a coat, autumn will be the most comfortable, and you will be the most beautiful. Such outerwear is suitable for creating casual images, because even on a walk with your beloved dog or at gatherings with friends you want to be special.

    5 The sleeveless coat is not too warm, but how beautiful!
    Spectacular auto-ladies can pamper themselves by buying a demi-season sleeveless coat. For a girl without a personal vehicle, such a model is extremely impractical, but for women who travel in their own car, this style is just a godsend. Combine it with long gloves of a contrasting color and with a smile on your face catch on yourself admiring glances.

    What to wear a coat without sleeves?

    Sleeveless Coat for Women

    6 Cropped coat - the basis of casual images
    A short coat, above the knee length, also went to the top in popularity, because not only stylists love us, but we, ordinary girls, love them. A cropped coat is an ideal option for ladies of small stature, with it you can create the simplest images for every day and feel comfortable in any weather. To look stylish, choose models with interesting decor. Shorter coats with a fur collar of bright, unnatural colors or a short coat with a rounded shoulder line look most interesting. Depending on the style of your wardrobe, you can choose for yourself a coat-jacket necessarily double-breasted, so that the image is more feminine, or a coat without fasteners, which can be fixed with an interesting, bright belt. Fashion critics do not recommend wearing skirts with such coats, they are “friendly” only with classic-cut trousers or skinny jeans that each of us has.

    Women's short coat

    Stylish female short coat

    7 Long coat - elegant, unusual and very stylish!
    Fashionable winter coats, floor-length or at least to the ankle, every self-respecting fashion-girl should have in her wardrobe. Especially well this style looks on long-legged slender beauties who do not hesitate to wear a heel and are not afraid of bold experiments in the images. You will always be comfortable in such a coat, the winter with its fierce frosts will no longer scare you, because you will feel warm “to toe” in the literal sense of the word. Fashion gurus recommend choosing concise models of long coats, because their main advantage is this length, so do not distract attention to the overly elaborate decor. If you are still looking for a model with a twist, choose a coat with fur on the sleeves or collar, an unusual, but discreet print is also welcome.

    Stylish coat 2016

    Fashionable women's long coats

    What to wear with a long coat?

    8 Military coat - you can also look feminine in it
    A coat similar to a pea coat is another trend of 2017 that should not be overlooked. A khaki-colored coat, below the knee, it will be very interesting to look with boots on a thin stiletto and neat bag. If you dreamed that you would wear a military coat on your shoulders, you can safely buy it for this winter season. Designers offer us interesting decorated models with shiny “military” buttons and even shoulder straps. To make the image more elegant, emphasize the waist with a wide varnish belt, and let the neck be warmed by a delicate scarf, tied with a bow.

    Military Coat

    Women's military coat

    9 Quilted coat - tell the annoying down jacket “Farewell!”
    The most practical and fashionable this season are quilted coats, which are not at all like the bored down jackets. Designers and diamond stitches were loved by designers most of all, and they offer us to combine similar stylish coats with flying skirts and feminine trousers pipes. Interesting cut, shortened sleeve and the actual length below the knee allows you to wear a similar coat instead of a fur coat. And why not - both practical and beautiful!

    Coat female quilted

    Stylish quilted coat

    On the print and color, as they say ...

    Interesting styles are not the only thing that pleased the designers this season. Fashion gurus offer not to stop their choice only on single-colored models, down with the gray, “interesting” prints and non-standard colors go to battle:

    cage, tartan and goose foot - now it is fashionable

    What can I wear with a goose foot print?

    What to wear a coat in a cage?

    Fans of checkered motifs, rejoice, on the world's catwalks in the collections of many designers, we saw just such trendy winter coats, so do not hesitate to be in the cell, now it is fashionable.

    Flower-interior print - something new and very interesting

    Actual coat models 2016-2017 were supplemented with interesting, bright specimens decorated with floral patterns, such as on the upholstery of expensive furniture. The combination of expensive, beautiful fabric and high-quality machine embroidery makes, it seemed, a regular coat to a work of art that even in the room you do not want to drop a single beauty from your fragile shoulders. Since the main highlight of such a thing is exactly the texture of the fabric, we recommend choosing similar coats in the classic style, without fur and large decorative elements. Aristocratic restraint in the image here as anywhere else is appropriate.

    Coat with a bright print

    The coat is of bright color - and who said that in winter you can only walk in black and gray?

    The tweed coat in bright colors won the hearts of ordinary girls and world designers, which is why we saw models in candy-pink, boldly red and lush-purple coats on many catwalks. Due to the unusual colors, these coats will allocate its owner and decently her young.

    How to wear a bright coat?

    Nature of the wild cat - leopard coats at the peak of popularity

    The leopard winter coat with fur is perhaps the brightest and most audacious novelty of the 2016-2017 season. Such a coat would be best to look in combination with luxurious clothes of classic style made of velvet, silk, satin and quality lace. Your "predatory" coat does not have to be in the usual "natural" color, many designers decorate the leopard in red, yellow, gray and even turquoise. It turned out very bold and interesting, just for those girls who adore an increased level of attention to their person.

    Material is also important ...

    If you are only going to buy a coat, we recommend that you pay attention not only to the style and color, but also to the fabric from which it is sewn, because there are certain specific trends. This season should be given preference:

    1. Пальто из твида – отличная теплая ткань, фактура которой прекрасно подчеркнет нанесённый принт,
    2. Пальто из кашемира – наверное, наиболее благородный материал для верхней одежды.
      Кашемировое пальто с капюшоном согреет вас даже в лютый мороз, так что прячьте пуховик как можно дальше в шкаф, эта зима будет женственной.
    3. Кожаное пальто – в базовом черном или бежевом, или же необычном и очень смелом ярком цвете вам решать, какие кожаные и очень оригинальные пальто поселятся в вашем гардеробе. Но есть правило – чем необычнее фактура или цвет – тем меньше элементов декора должно быть на самом пальто.
    4. Fur coat - a coat with a fur collar - it is fashionable today, but if you are a fan of non-standard solutions, choose a coat with fur ... sleeves! Against the background of voluminous sleeves, your chiseled figure will look even smaller.
    5. Marinos wool coat is another trend that is impossible not to fall in love with. Such a wool coat looks great in pale pink marshmallow, or pure white. Feel like a snowflake or a pink cloud =).

    What coat is suitable for elegant women with elegant sizes?

    On the catwalks we see clothes on slender models, but how will beautiful coats look on girls with uniforms? The answer is simple - also great if the style is chosen correctly. Coats for overweight girls should be below the knee length and with an emphasis on the waist to make the non-ideal body shape more feminine. Oversize or cape models will not work, but the classic is the most successful solution. Bright belt, fur collar and dark color of the material - this is what you need to look for. Stylish coats for obese women should, first of all, hide figure flaws, so do not pursue trends, but look for “your” model.

    Coat for full girls

    Fashionable coat for full girls

    Stylish coat for obese

    How to choose a coat for those 40 with a tail?

    Coats for women over 40 do not have to be boring. The main rule is not to chase after “teenage” designs. Each age has its own charm, emphasize your femininity with a stylish coat with bright trim and interesting accents. Do not be afraid to complement the image with unusual bags that should NOT be the same color as the color of the boots (this is very old). Your trump card is that the modernized classic looks to you the most successful, so feel free to experiment in this direction.

    Fashion for women after 40 years

    Fashion women after 50 years

    Lovely beauties, choosing new things for themselves, always remember that what coat in fashion would not be today, you should not chase the current trends, but try to create your own unique style.

    Short coat

    The first woman to wear a coat was Marquise de Pompadour. The favorite of Louis XV ordered the Spanish “coat” to be redrawn (as it was called in the 18th century). Behind the awning immediately updated their wardrobe and other ladies of high society.

    Women's spring coat in 2019 is many-sided and multi-lined! We carried the short spring coat to the first place, because the favorite casual style without it is simply impossible!

    A fashionable short coat transforms a casual chic into an elegant business-casual, when the classic harmonizes with the democracy.

    In the new season, all the world's leading fashion houses voted in favor of such an elegant look, emphasizing the bell and trapeze styles.

    A tapered shoulder line, flared hem and fancy sleeves are relevant. In such a coat it is easy to embody the image of a teenage girl, especially if the short coat is made in pastel shades or in a floral range.

    Cropped coat

    A cropped coat also does not lose ground. We see such sports-style models at Tommy Hilfiger shows. Cropped stitched models offer Trussardi and Finn Flare to be worn in 2018.

    Trendy cropped coats in 2018 abandon traditional materials - Alberta Ferretti demonstrates jacquard coats, Chanel and Michael Kors have preferred woolly materials.

    But Miu Miu made an unusual short autumn coat made of fabric that imitates reptile skin as a fashion trend.

    In one coat suede, fur, fabric, fringe? Charming, you are in trend! At the very least, Daks and Etro prefer to mix textures.

    But if you want to be the very-most fashionable-fashionable, then carefully study the photos from the collections of Fendi, Nina Ricci, Chanel. We give a hint - if your demi-season short coat matches the color of the rest of the clothes, then ... bingo, you are on top of the fashionable Olympus! Ideal if it is a light coat and a light image.

    Long coat

    In a long coat, it's so easy to be a fashion queen. A loose dress, boots and a hat - that’s the bohemian look.

    How to wear a scarf with a coat? Open the secret - do it carelessly! A long coat is a synonym for ease, so it is better to wind the scarf in one easy movement.

    By the way, the classic demi-season women's coat upcoming autumn can be worn with a plaid scarf - fashionable, warm, cozy.

    A straight, fitted or flared long coat should be very long. Ankle length - like, for example, Dior, Max Mara, Fendi, Giorgio Armani. Almost to the floor - as in the collections of Emilio Pucci, Balmain, Elie Saab.

    Oversized coat

    Oversize overcoat can not be straight or fitted. His task is to create a blurred silhouette of a figure.

    Choosing an oversize style, give preference to only one large object (coat), let the rest of the clothes only play up to the first violin.

    What to wear oversized coat?

    On wide, loose pants, long dresses, wide hats, an autumn-spring oversize coat is taboo.

    But stiletto shoes are welcome and approved!

    Pick up a hat under the coat after reviewing 90 photos of fashionable hats this season.

    Spring oversize coats became favorites of the Mango, Rinascimento, River Island, ASOS collections.

    Coat cocoon

    Next year, women's cocoon coat will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In the middle of the last century, Cristobal Balenciaga revealed him to the world.

    Design items from Balenciaga at that time were very popular. One of the fashion designer's fans, the Princess of Monaco, loved the cocoon coat so much that once this model was called “Grace Kelly coat”.

    Fashionable princesses in spring-autumn 2018 wear stylish spring bows made of cashmere, drape and tweed.


    In the famous painting depicting the capture of Joan of Arc, we see a warrior dressed in a cherry-fitting coat right over her armor.

    Designers treated the negligent model without negligence. Thanks to the efforts of Uliana Sergienko & Co., the coat-robe is recognized as the must-have of the season!

    It is curious that a women's coat-coat can be with a smell (Baum und Pferdgarten) and without it, with a belt (Lyn Devon) and without a belt (Ailanto). It may even fall into the category “little black dress” (Protagonist).

    Boyfriend coat

    Men's clothes began their migration to the ladies' wardrobe at the beginning of the last century. Coat was no exception. With a light hand of trendsetter Coco Chanel tuxedo acquired feminine features.

    Look with a coat-boyfriend is made by a single rule: at the top a lot - at the bottom a little.

    What shoes to wear boyfriend coat?

    Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, which are appropriate to wear with similar coats, are good with sneakers, boots with heels and without it.

    Meet Bernard Lowe Montgommery, sailor and lucky. He wore a coat, buttoned on hinged hinges, and beret, pushed to the side. The name of a sailor is now widely known to a narrow circle of people, and the coat entered the history of fashion as a popular duffle coat.

    Due to Yves Saint-Laurent, the duffle coat was in great fashion. The fashion designer made sailor’s clothing a cult thing of the 60s. Today duffle coat is still popular.

    The unmarked colors remained in the grandmother's dresser. White, mint, cream coat duffle coat rules the ball. As for the fabrics, the velvet - in a special honor.

    What distinguishes the duffle coat from other women's coats: a yoke on the back, a pata at the bottom of the sleeves, a hood, buttonholes and buttonholes.

    Military coat

    High-military, casual-military and formalistic military - these are the three main directions of the militarized style. In each of the directions is appropriate camouflage coat.

    Overcoat or pea coat - the most relevant autumn-winter things. They do not require a rich decor. Golden buttons and epaulettes - this is an aggressive luxury.

    And the generalissimo among military coats is a beautiful navy blue coat, a classic of naval styling. Dark blue coat goes well with black, gray or gold.

    A women's coat in military style will suit a lady of any age - both a student and a university rector.

    Coat Cape

    Coats Cape several times became mega-popular. In the era of Golden Hollywood, velvet or satin capes were worn by first-rate stars; designers Ossey Clarke and Pierre Cardin sang ode to the capes in their stylish collections.

    In 2018, the Capes returned with triumph, but now they are far from pure glamor. Modern capes are mobile and very sexy.

    If you don’t want to look like a British policeman or one of the three musketeers in a cape, do not forget about the studs!

    What headwear to wear with a coat of this kind? Better if it is a wide-brimmed hat. High gloves complete the look.

    Sleeveless Coat

    Revealing the secrets of the wardrobe of the Queen of Great Britain, let us open one more fact - so that the floors of Her Majesty's coat do not flutter in the wind, all coats are hemmed along the perimeter with lead weights. For the year, Elizabeth II changes 25-30 coats.

    The ancestor of a women's coat without sleeves is, of course, an ordinary men's vest. But like any immigrant thing, the vest, having fallen into the girl's locker, has changed. He has become longer and brighter.

    Today we see a sleeveless coat on Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and other celebrities. Trenchless sleeveless fashion house Christian Dior made his bestseller.

    What to wear a coat without sleeves - see the photo from glossy magazines. Skinny jeans or skinny pants, high-quality knitwear and clutch - the image is simple and luxurious at the same time.

    Coat with hood

    And the classic women's coat, and sports in the spring-autumn season in 2019, may have a hood. The difference is that a sports coat with a hood is usually without a collar, but is present in a classic collar.

    Women's coat with a hood can be buttoned and zipped. Such a coat jacket can be of any length. Brand Burberry has released a knee-length coat. Max Mara preferred models with a smell and a wide belt, floor-length. A scarf with a coat of this style looks very impressive.

    The most expensive coat in the world today costs 759,987.20 euros. Literally out of seven and a half thousand (! ”) Labels, Silke Varo created it. The designer personally cut the company tags from famous brands. As for the model, this is a fitted coat of classic cut.

    Trench has long been the basic subject of any woman's wardrobe. The main magic quality of a trench coat is that it will never go out of fashion and therefore is the right investment.

    Trench coat (trench) - double-breasted coat with shoulder straps, patch pockets, darts and a belt. The first trench coats were made of gabardine (details below), modern ones made of leather, suede, and cotton. In the latter case, the material undergoes special processing.

    The ancestor of trench coats - Thomas Bredberry, who owned a gabardine factory. It was at this factory in 1901 that the first trench coats were made. Since then, a beige coat - defining for trench coats.

    A red trench coat, yellow or blue - in 2018 you will not surprise anyone with such a variety of colors. The descendants of gabardine coats are now not even always made according to old principles - on trench-new there can be no double-breasted coquette or buttons.

    Is it cold in the coat? See 75 photos of stylish parks.

    Cashmere coat

    Cashmere coats are an invincible classic. Fashionable yesterday, today and tomorrow, such models are soft and easy.

    Many brands have dedicated their collections to cashmere coats. In the spring-fall season 2019, cashmere coats, long to mid-thigh or calf, are distinguished by padded collars and wide lapels. The boa will be a highlight in a cashmere coat.

    Tweed coat

    Among the coats have their stars. One of the stars even has a serial number - 101801. This is the iconic coat MaxMara, whose history spans three decades. The coat was created by Anna Maria Beretta and is still sewn on old patterns, embroidering the initials of the buyer on the inside pocket.

    The creative director of the Chanel house, Karl Lagerfeld, doesn’t stifle interest in a tweed coat. Thanks to him, the tweed proudly walks through the streets and podiums. A gray tweed coat in the style of "Chanel" is a small collar or a complete lack of it and large buttons in the amount of several pieces.

    Miuccia Prada is admitted to the love of Tweed. Her 2018 tweed is not only tweed, but also fur and neoprene. Women's coats in a cage and with patch pockets - beyond age and criticism.

    Another fan of tweed coats is Burberry. They see tweed in their own way - this year Burberry armed tweed with epaulets, belts and general brutality. The tweed military coat is very youthful and very impudent.

    Many confuse drape coat and tweed, believing that these fabrics are no different. In fact, drape is a heavier two-layer wool fabric. Outerwear made of such fabric is usually warmer and suitable for the winter period.

    Leather coat

    Some kinds of coats came down to us from heaven. This applies to leather models that pilots wore before (for the sake of justice, we recognize that drivers and security officers also loved leather outerwear, but pilots are much more romantic, are they?).

    In the 50s of the last century, Christian Dior created the first leather coat for ladies.

    Trendy leather coats attract attention with quality leather. Since today there are about 20 types of leather treatment, then such a coat, even if it is black, cannot be boring by definition.

    Coat plus size

    Women's spring coats for the full this year are more varied than ever. A few tips for those who do not want to get lost in this variety.

    A coat with a bat sleeve or kimono is ideal for those who have full arms and shoulders.

    When you try on, wear a warm thick sweater under your coat - this will ensure a proper armhole.

    Long women's spring coats for full-length does not suit girls of small stature. Your length is above the knee.

    Petite plus coats are sold in some specialty stores - just for fat short women.

    Pear-shaped body fit flared coat. A-silhouette seems to fit all without exception!

    In general, a women's coat is a status thing. Put it on instead of the everyday puff and you will feel the solemnity of the moment and special chic!