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Why can not photograph sleeping people


Most professional photographers, and many ordinary people, are familiar with the notion that sleeping people, children, and even more so babies, is not recommended to be photographed.

Such a strange, at first glance, opinion is rooted deep in the past, when the art of photography was just beginning its birth and for many it looked something strange and even mystical. Today, in view of the development of digital technology, such an omen can seem ridiculous and naive, so many pictures are taken every day that it’s hard to imagine!

We decided to find out why it’s still impossible to photograph sleeping people, is there any scientific justification for this, or is everything based only on superstitions and old prejudices that undoubtedly deserve our attention.

Not everyone knows that just two centuries ago, a strange, even to some extent, terrible tradition appeared in the world: to capture dead people in pictures. Photographs were taken very rarely during life, so any wealthy family considered it their duty to get a photograph of a member of their family who had died prematurely.

These pictures could not differ much from the ordinary ones: for example, the whole family in the collection was placed on the photograph, and only one person was left with her eyes closed ...

A little later, another tribute to fashion appeared - to photograph the dead children. They were dressed up, brushed and even tinted, seated in the family circle or next to the living siblings, after which they fixed the moment. And just imagine - in those times it was not a second to make a shot, sometimes for 15-20 minutes you had to freeze in one pose in order to get a clear image.

Such photographs then formed into a family album, on which the dead looked like they were just sleeping. Since then, so that vague associations associated with a really sleeping person did not appear, it was decided that, in this case, it is better not to take such photos at all.

Here another sign mixed in - it was believed that if you take a picture of a person in a dream, he will soon be waiting for a quick death or a serious illness.

More omens and superstitions

  • Older people and young mommies are especially susceptible to such signs, some of them zealously guarding their child, so that no one dares to take a picture when he sleeps. It is believed that little children, especially babies up to a year, still do not have a strong soul and a biofield, which can be seriously disturbed and subject the child to the "evil eye." The same applies to adults who have a weakened energy field during sleep, which means it will be easier to impose an evil eye or damage on such a photograph. To be honest, we haven’t found any scientific justification, however, to believe or not such arguments is a personal matter.
  • A much more objective opinion is that the child may simply be frightened by a bright flash or click, waking up sharply and opening his eyes. This really is the place to be, so the photographer needs to think again before taking such a picture (or just remove the flash).
  • Another opinion connected, rather with religious views, is as follows: it is believed that such an action can frighten the Guardian Angel, who protects our sleep. The main problem is that after that he may never return.
  • Another popular sign is based on the fact that during sleep the soul leaves our human appearance, which at such a moment becomes defenseless. Having woken sharply from the click of a shutter or flash, a person may die, since the soul will not have time to return from other worlds.

Believing in such superstitions or not, of course, is for everyone to decide, because, indeed, "there is a lot in every fairy tale ..". On the other hand, many modern people no longer pay attention to old prejudices and take such pictures that they like, which is also fully justified.

Why can not photograph sleeping people answers

Photography firmly entered our lives. We take pictures of everything - ourselves, and the environment, and nature, and various documents and so on and so forth. But sometimes it would be worthwhile for us to put off the camera. Because there are things that are simply not worth taking pictures. And among them are sleeping people, and especially children. We already know that you can not take pictures in the mirror - this can entail serious consequences. BUT

Why can not photograph a sleeping person?

Photography is our real display in the virtual world. And not a simple mapping, but a mapping that incorporates a particle of our energy. It depicts not only we, but also our soul. And in a dream, according to the beliefs of almost all nations, the soul of man flies away to wander through other worlds. And, if you take a photograph of the person asleep, and then give the photograph to the foe, he may be harmed. Some consider the question of why one cannot photograph a sleeping person as a superstition, but he has long roots, and one should pay attention to the warning against such photos.

Where did the ban on photographing a sleeping person come from?

In the old days, dead people were often captured after death among living, especially dead children. Of course, before the advent of cameras, they were simply painted, but with the advent of - they began to photograph. The dead man was dressed in a beautiful outfit and tried to “bring him into the life circle” - they put him at the dinner table, took pictures with family members. Of course, his eyes remained closed at the same time, but this was attributed to “blinked by chance”.

So it turns out that the sleeping person in the photo looks like a dead man. Why translate a living person into the category of the dead? There is no need. It means that it is undesirable to photograph him asleep - you photograph a person in the form of the deceased, and unwittingly accelerate his transition “to another world”.

Sleeping man and camera

Why can not photograph a sleeping person? The fact is that when a person sleeps, he is vulnerable to the outside world. Yes, and it is impossible to wake a person sharply - he can not only be frightened. After all, it is believed that during a sharp transition from sleep to wakefulness, the soul of a person who has flown away traveling through worlds will simply not have time to return to the body, and a person may die. Or they, soulless, take advantage of an evil sorcerer. Maybe this now and do not believe, but a loud click of the camera, and especially the flash, can easily frighten the sleeper. And not only scare, but bring to a heart attack, or to stutter.

It is especially dangerous to photograph small children. After all, they are much weaker than adults and will be frightened much more if they are awakened by a sudden flash of light. And it's good if they just get scared, and if their little heart can't stand it? Perhaps you should not tempt fate, because a cheerful and cheerful child in a photo looks not like more fun, but you can admire the sleeping baby just like that.

Photography as a magic "tool"

A photograph of a person, being his real image, also carries information about his soul. In the photo, some people with strong energy can even see the person's aura. There is nothing dangerous in this, if a person is well-disposed and his energy has a positive charge. And if negative? Or is a person a vampire at all? Then, from a photograph of a sleeper, he can influence him through the layers of the tonnage world and cause harm to a person.

Of course, not all people are subject to foreign influence and perceive the "energy pressure" from the outside. In addition, those who do not believe in all these superstitions, and do not feel any such influence. But if a person’s energy is weak, a sufficiently strong sorcerer can cause his health harm and affect his life. And all this is done through photography with him asleep. And kids in this regard are very vulnerable. That is why it is impossible to photograph a sleeping person.

So is it not better to take photos of your loved ones and yourself when you are cheerful, smile at the lens and show your joy because you just live? Maybe you should listen to the "ridiculous superstitions" and not take photos with sleeping people?

Mystical reasons

According to beliefs, during sleep, our soul resides somewhere in distant worlds. Photography blurs the boundaries between our and the otherworldly dimension, therefore through such a picture various entities that are not always friendly to us can penetrate into our world.

First of all, we are talking about small children, as they have not yet formed a protective aura. But this also applies to adults. A sleeping person is too vulnerable to any “evil”, and after taking a photo, it will be difficult for him to “get rid of her”.

What happens if you take a picture of the sleeper? He may get sick or even die - the soul simply will not return to the body. Especially high risk, if the sleeper wakes up at the time of photographing.

In addition, sleeping people have their eyes closed, and in the picture such a person may resemble a dead man. And that can bring real death upon him.

Finally, for such a photo is easy to bring the evil eye or damage. The fact is that during sleep our aura weakens, and this is reflected in the picture.

Realistic reasons

If we discard all the irrational, then the first argument against photographing sleeping is the fact that a person can get very frightened, especially if you photograph with a flash. And this is fraught with stress, especially for a child.

Also photographing can disrupt sleep. During sleep, our body synthesizes the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate circadian rhythms. But it happens only in the dark. The same flash unit can lead to a melatonin production failure, as a result, a person will not be able to fully sleep and will get broken.

Finally, it is not necessary to photograph the sleeping, as the picture may turn out not too successful. When we are photographed while awake, we can take a more advantageous position. If we sleep, then our body is usually relaxed and this position is not very suitable for shooting. As a result, the “sitter” will be dissatisfied with the photo, and this may cause conflict and bad mood. Therefore, it is best to photograph people in the waking state and always with their permission.

Vital energy

Scientists have proved that in the process of sleep all the body's defenses weaken, the body rests, energy is gained for the new day.

Photos of a sleeping person carry a huge destructive charge on a person’s positive energy. You can inadvertently take away a certain amount of vital resources from a person.

During sleep, the body is very susceptible to any influence, the energy is weakened and alien entities can easily penetrate and damage it.

Waking up in the morning this person can feel a breakdown, fatigue, irritability and anger. In his character may appear new negative traits that were not there before.

Such a state of mind can lead to severe mental distress, a completely healthy person before that can easily become so mentally disabled. These manifestations are particularly noticeable in extremely emotional and susceptible people. Their psyche simply does not withstand such behavior and surrenders to the negative influence that has penetrated through the energetics.

Guardian angel

We all know that behind the left shoulder of all is a creature protecting us from the hardships of life and loss. Many people know how to communicate with this entity, ask for help in a difficult moment or advice if the situation is very complicated and it seems that there is no way out.

The angel is with us day and night. Night is a time of calm and rest not only of the soul, but also of the body. This entity also rests, so if you start photographing at night, the keeper may be frightened and leave the person forever. And as we know, an angel is given to us only once and for a lifetime.

A person has the right to dispose of it at his own discretion, someone manages to save him until the end of his days, and another suffers from a feeling of emptiness, from the fact that his light forces have left him. He is much harder to cope with life problems and to avoid losses, compared with those who protect the bright essence.

Do not spoil the life of a person thoughtless act. Of course, this may not happen, but it is better not to risk it, since everything in life comes back like a boomerang.

Night hormones

Why is it more comfortable for a person to sleep in a dark room, without the slightest source of light? Because in the dark tryptophan and melatonin are produced. These vital hormones help a person to quickly fall asleep, sleep soundly all night and feel cheerful and light in the morning.

With a sharp flash of light during the night, hormones may change and hormone production will change. A person will feel tired during the day, and a desire to take a nap will not give him peace of mind, and at night it will be difficult for him to fall asleep or he will be tormented by insomnia altogether.

When biological rhythms are strayed, a person can acquire any disease, because sleep is an essential part of health and prosperity.

With the manifestation of lack of sleep, you can earn neurosis, digestive problems, mental disorders and depression, which will be very difficult to get rid of without regulating the process of sleep and wakefulness.

It is not worth risking the health of the sleeper, a person should live a healthy beautiful life, feel joy from every moment, if you care about this person, give the emu a good sleep In the dream we control ourselves a little and therefore the pictures will not look the best.

You can not photograph a person in a dream for one more reason. Doctors are confident that if a flash of light from a camera wakes a person, the consequences can be very different.

The fear experienced by the body in the first seconds of awakening, when consciousness has not yet come, can turn into nervous and mental disorders, stuttering, convulsions and other unpleasant moments that can remain with a person for life. In this case, it is better not to risk it.

Body and soul

Many people are sure that in a dream the soul of a person leaves his body, the consciousness goes away, only the subconscious remains to work, which controls all the vital processes of the body. If at the time of the photograph the soul was not in the body, it may simply become frightened and leave the sleeper forever. That kind of trouble you can mess things up if you do not think about their actions.

After the departure of the soul, a person is no longer a personality, remains a vegetable, who does not even know what his name is and why he is here. Do not play with fate. We have no right to solve such questions.

Of course, the choice is always yours. You can play with it, but you need to remember that the consequences can be very different, from bodily injuries to the death of a person as a person. Maybe this is prejudice, but maybe not, it is better not to try to verify the authenticity, since the outcome can be deplorable.

Why not take pictures of adults

It is believed that when a person falls asleep, his soul can leave the body and move to other spaces of the Universe. It is not recommended to abruptly wake the sleeping person. They believe that the soul may not have time to return on time. At best, he will start stuttering. Psychiatric disorders and heart problems are also possible.

Any photograph of a person carries a tremendous stream of information about a person, which is captured on it. In black magic, to conspire or to send damage, it is not necessary to see the victim live. It is enough of her photograph to cause great harm. It is repeatedly enhanced if the person is also captured asleep. Biofield during sleep more vulnerable, and this greatly simplifies the process of enchanting.

You can make a strong damage from a photo, but if the victim is depicted sleeping in the picture, the harm will be much greater.

There is a more mundane reason why adults do not like being photographed asleep. In a dream, a person cannot control himself, and the photo can turn out to be very bad. Would you like it if you were captured in an unnatural pose, and even with your mouth open? Most likely, you will be very unhappy when you see this picture.

It is unlikely that a person who was captured asleep in an unnatural posture or with a strange facial expression would be happy with such a photograph.

It is believed that it is forbidden to photograph a sleeper also due to the fact that you can leave a person without his guardian angel.

Other signs about photographing asleep adults:

  • A picture of a sleeping spouse can bring discord in a relationship, in the best case, the husband and wife will have a bad fight, and at worst, the marriage can simply fall apart,
  • if the girlfriend is photographed sleeping best friend, it is possible that in the future she will break your family,
  • it is considered that if a husband takes a wife to a camera in a dream, he will deprive her of her attractiveness,
  • If you capture a sleeping person who is sick at this time, you can slow down the process of recovery.

What can happen

There are several consequences:

  • можно спугнуть ангела-защитника и навсегда лишить человека поддержки высших сил,
  • с таким снимком проще наложить на жертву магические чары, во-первых, из-за снижения естественной защиты ауры во время сна, а во-вторых, из-за закрытых глаз — взгляд считается зеркалом души и имеет свойство оберегать от негативных воздействий. Если же глаза закрыты, защиты нет,
  • снимок может получиться неэстетичным из-за того, что модель не контролирует себя,
  • you can bring on the photographed insomnia or he will wake up not rested and sluggish,
  • a flash during shooting can lead to extreme fright,
  • it is possible to deprive a person of happiness or to trigger a strong illness.

The most terrible omen - photographed asleep may even die in a dream.

Taboo on a photo of sleeping newborns, babies, older children

The picture captures the physical body of the baby, and his energy. Even in the normal state of a child's biofield is rather weak, what can be said about its protective properties during sleep? Being touched by a sleeping baby on a photograph, one can even inadvertently direct the evil eye on him. If the photo falls into unkind hands, it gives the opportunity for powerful negative magical influences. Therefore, it is better not to post such pictures for public viewing, for example, in social networks.

There is another important reason why it is better not to photograph a sleeping child. A baby may also be frightened by a sudden click of a camera or a flash. Because of this, in the future, the baby will start and wake up from harsh sounds, and in the waking state - nervous and crying.

No matter how touching a sleeping child looks in a photo, a snapshot can be an excellent tool for targeting damage in the hands of unkind people.

Reviews will accept

And I really have a photo of a common-law husband and daughter with a dog — asleep ... and they are truly dead ... The first husband died (stroke), and my daughter died at the age of 31 5 years old (a foreign car nailed her to a tree at the bus stop), and She was 14 years old - she was put to sleep by a dog (boxer), as she suffered for her daughter for half a year and was very sick. So I didn’t know about these superstitions, but only now I found out and came to shock ... And believe or not believe? And what happened in my family is a fact.



This type of superstition. But really stupid, I took pictures and nothing happened, and many friends too. Unless I can understand the reason that neither a child nor an adult can be photographed because he did not give consent to this and may not look the best way, such as “there is nothing to quietly catch and photograph me with a swollen sleepy mug and a foot sticking out of the blanket ". Type respect for personal space and opinion, take a person on a photo or video only with his consent. Especially if you do not just take pictures, show and delete, but upload it somewhere. I see no other real reasons for the ban.


Guys, I am 40 years old, at 39 I gave birth to a baby - I can’t stop looking at him and sleeping and not sleeping, and fotkal and in the hospital, and every month including and in a dream. already 10 months and everything is OK. look out the window - in the courtyard of the XXI century. What are you talking about? What signs? Do not believe anything and anyone. Time will fly by, and the baby will never become small, helpless, sweet, sleepy (especially in the first months). I often look at these photos and the tears in my eyes from tenderness, my sons will grow up, get married, go away, and I will have a memory of these wonderful moments.


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What if this happens

If such a photo falls into unkind hands or, in the worst case, to a sorcerer, misfortunes cannot be avoided. If a close person is captured in the picture, try to remove the photo card as far as possible from the eyes of strangers. It is known that thoughts can materialize, and if someone casually compare the picture with the deceased, he can bring trouble on him.

Rituals to minimize the effects

If a sleeping child got into the frame, spit three times over the left shoulder and say:

Lord, save the soul of my baby from the evil eye and damage. Drive away all ills and bad luck from him. Amen!

Put a small mirror under the cushion of the newborn with the reflective side up. It will reflect all the negative from the baby. After waking the baby, wash his face with holy water.

Have you captured a photo of a sleeping adult? When a person wakes up independently, explain the situation to him and draw crosses on his forehead and cheeks. Tie a scarlet thread on the wrist of the evil eye, saying the plot:

I impose a thread, and I untie all diseases. Do not harbor any ailment to the servant of God (name). May all sorrow and longing leave his heart, and get out of bad thoughts.

By photographing a sleeping person, you can bring on him various misfortunes: from simple fright to severe illness. Of course, you can not believe in omens and reassure yourself with an abundance of similar pictures on the Internet. But psychics and knowledgeable people in one voice say: you should not tempt fate, it is better to find another story for the picture.

Bans in photos

What else can you do with the photos?

1. You can not take pictures of children up to one year.

But few parents can resist not taking a few wonderful shots of their baby. Therefore, if you take photos, do not show them to unfamiliar people, and even more so do not post them on social networks.

This prohibition is explained by the fact that the energy field of children under one year old is completely defenseless, so they are open to absolutely any attack.

2. You can not take pictures in the mirror.

Mirrors are able to perfectly absorb the energy of a person, or rather his energy mark. When a person photographs himself in the mirror, he pulls over all the negative energy collected in him.

Old mirrors have a particularly obscure past. If you are photographing yourself or someone in it or near it, the consequences may be the most unpredictable.

Photo bans

3. You can not be photographed in bad places and abandoned buildings.

Photographing in such places is almost always associated with a huge loss of vitality and often provides a permanent link to this place, which gradually reduces the human energy force.

4. You can not be photographed in cemeteries.

Practitioners and psychics do not advise anyone to communicate with the world of the dead. If a person is photographed in a cemetery, he can easily get an energy binding to this place. As a result, a person can fall a serious illness, up to death.

"No" in the photo

5. You can not store photos of the dead along with photos of the living.

As a result of this “interaction”, energy is mixed, and living people may feel bad.

6. It is impossible to photograph seriously ill patients and people on the verge of death.

Such photos are nothing more than guides to the world of spirits. When a person dies, his soul cannot freely leave, because the photograph will keep him alive in the world.

Photos and prohibitions

7. You can not destroy photos.

You should not tear, spoil, burn a photo or poke it with needles. Such manipulations are done with a photo when you hover damage to death. If you repeat them, then the person captured in the photo may be harmed.

8. You can not make your photos public.

If you assume that there are people who may wish you harm, you should not put your photos on public display. In the modern world with the prevalence of social networks, finding a fresh photo of this or that person is absolutely no difficulty.

People who care about their safety, either do not put their photos on the network at all, or reduce their number to a minimum.

9. You can not be photographed with the clock.

This is a bad sign, according to which, a person in this world has very little left.

Why can not photograph sleeping children?

I can get up and train before everyone wakes up. As a child, Ross remembers how in the mornings with his father, another sleepless person. Morning has given us a special time, he says. Fu has sequenced the genome of several families that meet the criteria of people who, naturally, sleep little. We are just beginning to understand the genetic mutations that lead to this, but in principle, says the expert, perhaps one day we will make other people sleep in this pattern.

Photo post mortem - the terrible legacy of the Victorian era

When the photo just appeared, it was not easy to achieve decent quality. In addition to the use of expensive consumables, the technology of the nineteenth century assumed that the model would remain motionless in front of the lens for at least a quarter of an hour, otherwise there was a risk of blurred image.

Meanwhile, is there a shortcut to more efficient sleep so that we can use the rest of mortals? Neil Stanley, an independent consultant, says yes. “The most effective way to improve how you sleep is to tune in to get up in the morning,” he says.

According to Stanley, when the body becomes accustomed to the time it takes to wake up, it can use sleep more effectively. Studies show that the body is preparing to wake up one and a half hours before it happens. Your body craves for regularity, so if you spend it on changing your sleep, your body has no idea whether to prepare to get up or not.

In those days, the cost of photography was so high that it was done in exceptional cases in order to keep dear faces in mind. Therefore, in European countries, the practice of photographing deceased relatives was common, as this was the only way to capture their appearance. In the photo studio there were special supports that allow the dead to hold the dead in an upright position, and make-up artists often painted pupils on their dead eyelids to create the illusion that a person is alive.

You can also do yourself a great service by ignoring what the community thinks about sleeping, he says. There is an opinion that sleeping is not good and that we should do this, there is always an example of Margaret Thatcher and senior managers who do not sleep much, the hours you need to sleep are genetically determined if your height or Number you wear.

The ethics of photographing sleeping people

Stanley says that many people with sleep problems do not, in fact, have sleep problems. They have the expectation that they need to sleep a certain number of hours. “If we all knew what kind of person we should sleep and live our lives accordingly, this would be of great importance for our quality of life,” he says.

Next to the dead, animals were saddled, children were given toys, and babies were put in a cradle to create an idyllic photograph.

Today, this Victorian tradition is a thing of the past, and its eerie sediment partly explains why you can't take pictures of sleeping people. Few people will like such a deadly photo shoot style.

It is widely believed that when someone suffers from a header, it is better not to fall asleep. Many parents often share this fear when their children are beaten. But what is true in this statement? Many still campaign for the effects of traumatic traumatic brain injury in the short and long term to take them more seriously.

Experts say that a common mistake is that the person who struck on the head should not be allowed to sleep so that he does not fall into a coma. Currently, this is not medical advice, because the evidence does not support it.

Stolen soul, magical practices

The most common belief is why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people is the opinion that during sleep a person is completely defenseless. The portrait captures information about the sleeper. Once in unkind hands, it can cause harm.

Also, some superstitious people believe that captured in the photo can not sleep or even not wake up at all. An image made without the knowledge of the model in this form can steal his health, scare away the personal guardian angel and take his destiny for ever. Some of these beliefs are certainly absurd. However, they are all based on several basic principles:

A concussion is a trauma caused by a strong blow to the head or a sudden strong jolt in the brain. For example, in a car accident. People are right to seriously hit on the head. There can be serious consequences, and it is initially difficult to determine the severity of the injury.

Doctors now have to rely on symptoms such as vomiting, confusion, loss of balance, blurred vision or headache, and tingling sensation in the arms or legs to see how serious a brain injury can be.

There is great hope that in the future it will be possible to detect a concussion with a simple blood test by measuring certain substances in the bloodstream. A team at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida found that when a blow to the head affects the brain, two proteins are released.

A sleeping person is unable to defend himself and counteract a negative influence, physical or energetic.

The photograph gives an identical image of the person, carries information about it, therefore, can be used in the magic of similarity (which include, among other things, voodoo witchcraft).

The flash and camera click happen instantly, taking the sleeper by surprise.

Is a sleeping man photogenic?

However, the development of the test will take several years, While doctors depend on the observation of the above-mentioned symptoms. The fear of letting people sleep is caused by a misinterpretation of the “clear interval”. If a person does not look embarrassed or has vomiting, double vision, difficulty walking, or severe headache or neck pain, the recommendation does not include keeping her awake.

This is the name given to the period after someone wakes up after the unconscious and seems to be doing fine, while their brain continues to bleed, creating a bruise that causes pressure on the brain tissue. If a person loses consciousness again, this time it is emergency medical care.

It is believed that the astral body of a person during sleep leaves the physical shell. Therefore, in ancient China it was forbidden to carry a sleeper from place to place.

Why can not photograph sleeping children

The child has a very weak energy field, his protection is small, so it is not recommended to weaken it with pictures. Sometimes an oblique glance at the baby is enough for the evil eye, be careful, protect your child from negative influences.

But even when someone has bleeding in the brain, this reporting interval occurs only in fewer cases. The possibility of bleeding in the brain is the reason why it is important to take into account certain symptoms if you are with someone who has hit your head.

But if a person does not look confused or vomiting, double vision or difficulty walking, or severe headache or neck pain, these recommendations do not include their awakening. In fact, that person needs rest, both physically and cognitively.

Thus, athletes should stop training a little, but they should also give up their brains. For example, children should do less homework until they fully recover. To heal, the brain needs to do less, so sleep is perfect.

A shutter click and a camera flash can suddenly wake and frighten a person. Against the background of fright, a nervous tick, hiccups or stuttering can develop.

Religious prohibitions of photography

Christians believe that after the flash there is a chance that the personal guardian angel will leave the sleeper. Sharia forbids pride for Muslims, and photography is nothing more than a person’s attempt to be like Allah.

These are current tips. Although it should be said that until recently, little research has proven the effectiveness of these tips, which worries some researchers. Part of the confusion is related to the term concussion. It sounds so soft that some doctors say that we should always call it a traumatic head injury.

Some organizations recommend that if a child has a head injury, he must wake up every hour or two on the first night to check that he is still healthy and can hold a conversation before allowing him to fall asleep again. But, although sleep is recommended, it does not always mean that it is easy.

To tell the truth, everyone decides for himself whether one can photograph sleeping ones. Questions of superstition is akin to disputes, which animals who prefer as pets is a personal matter, and there is no argument about tastes.

There are a number of specific reasons why can not fotkat sleeping :

Studies show many different sleep disorders that are most common after concussion, such as insomnia, fatigue and sleepiness, and sometimes even narcolepsy or sleep apnea. Fatigue, which we do not know how to alleviate, frustration, which becomes stress, the perception of time, as if the seconds did not pass, the increase in all our problems of the day and the expectation that when the alarm sounds, it will be even worse. Insomnia, as a primary demand or associated with another psychological problem, is often found in therapy and requires extensive assessment and training for methods that eliminate it.

  • it can cause problems in fate or health,
  • a person being photographed can fall asleep forever
  • при внезапном пробуждении ото сна у человека может возникнуть сильный испуг,
  • фотографируемый не выспится и будет выглядеть уставшим,
  • человек, которого фоткают спящим, похож на мертвеца,
  • спящий человек плохо выходит на фото,
  • спящий человек рискует стать объектом наведения на него порчи,
  • можно навсегда оттолкнуть ангела-хранителя от спящего человека.

Причины бессонницы и спящих узоров

However, given the general ignorance, this article is intended to shed light on dark nights, allowing the reader to distinguish between the causes and the typology of their insomnia and to have the first handbook on how to treat it when it occurs. First, try to determine the reasons: the recommendations will be different for each case.

Being sleepless at night in isolation, do not even consider insomnia. Noise, heat, jet hose or too active during the day can make it impossible to fall asleep when we want. In this case, it is convenient to consider losing hours of sleep as natural, try to relax or even get up and use these extra hours of the vigil to perform other activities, be useful or productive. It is true that during the day we will be more tired, but, being a special reason that would prevent sleep, we will soon return to balance our sleep rhythm.

The emergence of fear during a sharp awakening.
Without a doubt, there is a rationale for the following reason why you can not take a picture of sleeping people. A person may be frightened by a sharp awakening, especially if it is still a child.
A person can lose sleep if he is photographed while sleeping. The person will not rest, and will feel overwhelmed if woken up with a camera flash. For the production of melatonin, complete darkness is necessary - a necessary condition for a person's complete rest, which will be impossible during an outbreak.

Many people who say they suffer from insomnia do not understand that these solutions reveal them. It should be noted that to sleep during the day or to do it at different periods gives the dream of lower quality. Also, adolescents often change sleep patterns, using the fact that at night they can have less parental control and justify sleeping during the day when they have “insomnia.”

A good way to determine that you are following the wrong habits is to record the time when you go to bed, the approximate time when you fall asleep, and the time when you get up, including drowsiness. Also note whether there was a coffee or protein drink throughout the day and in what quantities. The results of the records may surprise us and make us understand that there is no problem other than changing this procedure. It should be noted that to sleep during the day or to do it at different periods gives a dream of lower quality and probably less hours than if the biological clock were accompanied by a sleeper in the absence of sunlight.