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Some things emphasize the sensuality of a woman as well as possible, and red is one of them. Firstly, the clothes of red shades will noticeably revive the image, and secondly, they will surely attract attention to you. By the way, scientists say that women who wear red like men more, even if it’s just red lipstick.

How not to dress to like men

One of the most popular questions on the Shopping School instagram is “how to dress, so that it is comfortable, and beautiful, and fashionable, and so that it is sexy and your husband likes it?”

All these four components to hold simultaneously almost impossible. And is it necessary?

Notice that when we talk about clothes that men like, we usually mean “sexy” or “not sexy.” This is if rude.

If you say softer, our beloved men prefer more feminine silhouettes: flowing dresses, slightly fitting body, light accents at the waist, long hair, and so on. And in any case, nothing too unusual, not amenable to the usual standards.

But if you really want to be fashionable, but at the same time like men, you have to learn to maneuver.

How? I will learn now.

Today I will tell you how not to dress, so as not to scare the gentlemen :)

You know, girls, when I wrote this article, I understood this. But for our men, ours, sense of taste and style is not so bad. More than half of the things that I will write about now, I would have banned many girls myself at the legislatively fashionable level :)

Uniforms clothing

Overseas is, of course, sooo fashionable, but if you have already decided to win hearts, then let's not indulge in all serious things.

But to cover everything and everyone is also not the best option. As our grandmothers said, “a man loves a riddle in a woman”. The air gap in a couple of centimeters between the body and clothing - the golden mean. And ours, and yours.

semi-adjacent silhouette - it's ok!


These guys, though they turn any legs into long, but at the same time make the same “long” ass. And to us the fact that we do not see ourselves from behind.

But the men noticed.

Some girls, of course, these jeans are very good!

But for some reason, many boys still don’t like it :(

Despite the fact that the rampant fashion for high waists, when absolutely everything went in such jeans, has passed, the wound in the hearts of our men is still alive.

In general, men love girls in tight jeans and WITHOUT any fashionable lotions.

Therefore, if you want to hit the very heart, get into your favorite "cigarettes" with an average fit.


I would not say that all overalls should be tabooed. Rather, it concerns Carlson's denim suits, which even in pregnant women look controversial.

As well as knit shorts with shorts or breeches. Yes, and they are still wearing.

Modern jumpsuit as a basic dress. And in a feast, and in the world. Catch the difference?


T-shirts with Mickey Mouse and other Disney heroes extremely rarely look stylish.

Especially if put on a 38-year-old "girl." If worn, then diluted with something more stringent or even brutal, play on contrasts.

But this still needs to be learned.

Try to replace such a T-shirt with a base one with a cool inscription.

Moreover, this season slogans on clothes are one of the hottest trends.

When I talk about the inscription, I do not mean "GUCHCHI, laid out with Swarovski crystals".

The basic T-shirt has a straight silhouette and the most unobtrusive print.


These dresses fell out of favor for knocking out poor men.

Because of the high waistline and voluminous skirt, it is difficult to determine, but is the girl in position ?!

Although the popularity of these dresses (fortunately for the stronger sex) has sunk into oblivion, many girls, wishing to appear more “feminine”, still walk this streets of clothing through the streets.

In order not to mislead men and look stylish, let's return to the base again and remember how the BASIC summer dresses look.

The dress is a priori feminine, and there is no need to invent any additional details at all in order to further indicate this.


Yes, girls, for some reason they scare men a little.

Not all colors, of course, rather - acid variants.

Perhaps they act on our men like a red rag on a bull, who knows.

The color blocking options discourage them a bit too.

But softer color combinations always get a lot of compliments from the opposite sex.

You can learn this and kill two birds with one stone (or bulls) at once. And to be stylish, and to catch admiring glances of men around.


This is the case when the bow is knocked out of the usual rules that men know.

You must admit that the combination of dress + pants is quite bold and you can rarely meet him, and even then, on the most avid fashionistas.

If you want men to see you, not street-style photographers, then choose one thing - either pants or dress.

You go with your friends as a guest on the fashion-week - put it on!)


One of the worst dreams of men of all ages.

And this also happened at the time because of the rampant fashion, when all the girls, of all sizes and volumes, dressed in leather leggings, spiced up this magnificence with worn out uggs.

That is why leggings occupy almost the first place in the men's “heit-list”.

So, if in doubt, better not try your luck.

But this does not mean that leggings should be abandoned altogether. After all, they are already considered to be a permanent attribute of a modern basic wardrobe.

Here are some great ideas.


One of the trends of this season is men's suit. Moreover, the more pronounced the male cut, the steeper.

Rough straight lines, clearly defined shoulders. Here it is.

I will say right away - it does not look good on all girls.

This look should be properly filed, with a special mood.

But if we are talking about men, then here, no matter how you serve, they don’t like it. It seems not feminine, worn with someone else's shoulder.

If you want to wear a suit, then pay attention to the more feminine lines. But in any case, not on the "fitted jacket + trousers in tight fit." Semi-fit, soft fabric - what you need. By the way, the lack of a shirt under the jacket is also a good move.


Our men saw plenty of sweatpants with stripes in the 90s. Enough with them.

There is a difference between “sportswear” and “sport chic”. I vote for the second. Everything must be relevant.

And if you bought a very cool yoga pants in Adidas, then they place it on yoga, not in the movies or on a date.

About how to dress you in different life situations, I wrote more than 500 articles on this blog, almost 1,700 posts on Instagram, I took more than 20 online lessons.

Why all? Because women's wardrobe is complicated and incredible :)))

And in order to learn how to dress the man of your dreams, this article and this lesson will be enough for you :-)


First of all, to cause a positive reaction in a man, a woman’s garment must be understandable. If we are talking about a dress, then it should be a dress.

Like that. Dress worn with pants, the dress just does not count. Moreover, they don’t look like a tunic, worn with leggings (which, in turn, can not be classified as pants). Similarly, a dress in the form of a bag and a dress with displaced proportions (bat sleeve, for example, high waist, etc.) are rejected.

“Clothes of simple style,” they say together, “this is good.” Just a t-shirt, just jeans, just a bell skirt. Simple means habitual. From a girl in a T-shirt and jeans, as well as in a classic skirt, do not expect a dirty trick. Another thing - overalls to toe. And why was she dressed like that? And why would she need three petticoats? Is anything hidden there? What if she's up to something? Or maybe she only pretends to be a girl, but in reality is a swamp witch?

With shoes - the same. Shoes are shoes. Shoes must be understandable and identifiable. What to us since early childhood, painted shoe? That's right, on the heel. Without a heel - it is something else. Shoes with a platform - nonsense. Why does she need a platform, a shoe? And completely losing from this point of view option - boots, sandals. It's not boots, and not sandals, and certainly not shoes. Or here are knitted boots. Not socks. And besides, not boots. How to name them? How to live with them? So that we are not very sad, based on the same considerations, we can confidently assume that many, many men will love slippers with bows on us. A bow is long familiar, feminine and firmly attached to shoes, both in production and in consciousness.


Although the bow is good, but with decorations, as it turned out, we should be more careful. Excess decorative elements are not very welcome.

The following conclusion is based on a long-known psychological stamp: the woman sees the details, and the man - the whole. Only us girls, only the presence of charming and original beads can make you buy a whole T-shirt. And in the meantime, he distorts men: “Such pretentiousness: ryushechki, frills ...”

So, ryushechki - it is pretentious? Is frill bad? Far from it. In fact, neither the frill at the hem, nor the shuttlecock on the collar has not scared off even a single man. But if you suddenly tell him: “Darling, I saw here such a pretty dress with ruffles”, - a kind Lady Gaga will be drawn in his mind, hung with frills from head to toe.

Consequently, in order to convince a young man of the undoubted attractiveness and necessity of this dress, one must say no so. It should be like this: "Honey, I saw a beautiful red dress here on the figure." At first, the object’s attention will be distracted by simple, understandable and pleasant images - beautiful, bright and in shape, and there, on their background, he will not notice anything ryusha.

Or the “decor on the contrary” - they unanimously say that they “do not like torn jeans, clothes with artificial injuries”. Nothing like? That's right, all girls should be neat and tidy. And without any holes on the clothes. Even if highly artistic.

And curly black to shoulder

It's not just about clothes, young people also discuss other details of appearance - and they condemn. It is very pleasant to men, as it turns out, "non-obvious cosmetics and light hair." Not otherwise because of the secret insecurity. Under the unobvious makeup will not hide from him a nasty surprise. Bright make-up and “Babylon” on the head, protruding contrary to the laws of physics, knock the ground out from under the feet of a young man who has his eye on the girl. Fooling poor men, make lilac of blue eyes, how to go on living? And what if she still has not her hair or her lips fall off?

Speaking of hair. Here, as nowhere else, the difference between the picture in the head and the real woman appears. Anyone will tell you that long hair is good, for feminine and romantic. If, languidly shaking the curls, ask a man: “Sun, shouldn't I have a haircut?”, The “sun” will probably start to wave his arms and shout “For no reason, leave it as it is!”, Because it is difficult for him to think in the categories of "square" or "Bob". For him, there is either hair or none. In his imagination, at this moment, he didn’t see a very nice little square to the middle of the neck and not even a stylish haircut like Rihanna’s, but immediately Sinead O’Connor, whose bald head he would have to lubricate with vaseline before going to sleep.

Therefore, in spite of all his protests, you can safely go to the hairdresser and embody a pretty square. Everything will be fine. He will see you, breathe out loudly, mentally the ghost of Sinead O’Connor is going home and he admits that this is very much nothing, and the open neck is, it turns out, sexy.


Men found in themselves a dislike for milk, beige, flesh and other colors of designer tenderness. They like "beautiful, bright colors." Have you noticed here the invisible equal sign between beautiful and bright? Yes, it is difficult for him to understand the play of complex shades of the same gray, and even more difficult to accept the fact that gray steel is good, and gray aluminum is not worn for two years. For the sake of experiment, you can take a man, bring him to the women's clothing store to the counter, which has the same blouses of 5-6 colors, and ask him to choose which one is the most beautiful. I put a blouse that in most cases they will choose red or blue, and not earthy-brown, milky-white or dusty-beige.

Surprised and dislike men to bodily tights. “They look like bare legs,” the gentlemen said about them. Approximately in the same expressions, one reader expressed about nude shade nail polish: “Where is the lacquer?”

Here is how one respondent answered the question about dislike for flesh-colored tights: “It's not about the tights themselves, but the fact that some wear them all year round - in summer and in winter. And here comes such a girl in the cold, a down jacket or a fur coat, a hat, a scarf, all as it should be in the cold, shoes - boots (often black), and meanwhile and that - go-o-go legs! Sorry for her, and somehow it looks wildly, something like a mini-skirt or a short jacket in the cold. ”

You understand their logic: tights are thin, so they are not for warmth, but for beauty. And once for beauty, they should be visible. Therefore, they must be black or variegated. A flesh-colored pantyhose falls under the definition of "useless legkorvuyuschihsya subject, which is unpleasant to find on the legs of a woman." Like, why are these transparent things needed, if even without them everything looks the same? Not only to fool the poor fellow. Treacherous, treacherous women.

And here it is why?

Some men said that they would not accept women's coats and jackets with sleeves to the elbow and very, very much dislike capri pants. Why? The logic is already familiar to us. A coat with a sleeve to the elbow is not a coat at all. Short pants - so what are these pants? Surprisingly, men are poorly perceived and mini-skirts - those that are the size of a maxi-belt. Is this a skirt, girls ?! If a thing looks like a belt, then you should call it a belt. And wear over a good, understandable skirt length somewhere to the knees.

What should we do? I suggest this. It is not necessary to ask a man what he would like to see on a lady. Do not we dress and make up for ourselves? So let our clothes be pleasant first of all to us.

And if you want to reconcile your loved one with a non-banal subject of your wardrobe, it is enough to come up with a convincing answer to his question “why?”. The more mundane, the better. We wear pantyhose so that shoes do not rub. Pants tucked into boots save from the slush of autumn. A wide skirt well, very comfortable pockets. And in general it is warmer. All the same, the men said in chorus that the main thing was not the details (in which, as it turned out, they understood little), but “general harmony of appearance”.

Irina Berlinova

Femininity and sexuality

There is one thing that is especially important when choosing clothes. Like men are not really defiant style, namely femininity of things.

If you turn to the experience of previous eras, then you can easily notice that ladies enjoyed success with gentlemen not in the case when they decorated their dresses with frank neckline, but when they left food for the male imagination, emphasizing the waistline and covering the bare shoulders, arms and neck with lace details of clothing.

Have few passionate letters been written to gorgeous women who hid their beauty under an exciting veil, lace sleeves and collars! The main thing in clothes is to give light hint on the treasures that hide the maxi skirt or designer blouse.

Men simply adore feminine things!


If men like clothes, when they emphasize the dignity of a female figure, then accessories designed to create a certain accent: the brooch helps to make the chest more attractive, earrings emphasize the elegance of the ears, beads, a chain or a necklace attracts views to the neck.

When choosing jewelry, you should remember that it is only element of the image, nothis main moment. Too large earrings will not fit into the strict style of a woman who knows her worth. They are good, perhaps, only for Gypsy dancers and participants of Brazilian carnivals.

Perform the function of complementing the image can only skillfully selected parts that should not be too bright.

Men like jewelry

Classic: black and red

The combination of these colors symbolize passion, and often causes it. However, this does not apply to any clothing.

The presence of the mentioned colors helps men like in details: red-black handbag, shoes or boots, hairpin. Awesome look stylish a black coat with a red collar and the same trim of the pockets, a black jacket with burgundy details, a black blouse with red embroidery, as well as other options in which the black color is dominated, diluted with patches of various shades of red.

But it is worth noting that don't get involved in it, лучше иметь в гардеробе один предмет верхней одежды подобных тонов. Зато нижнее бельё, выполненное в сочетании этих цветов, является по-настоящему сексуальным.

Черно-красный стиль нравится мужчинам из-за сексуальности


Elegance in clothes is very important. Men also like clothes when they make women luxurious. Therefore, the real bitch has silk, velvet and mohair clothes in the wardrobe.

But special elegance is given to women. furs. Mink, sable, arctic fox - symbolize the affiliation of their owner to the highest caste. But this does not make a woman more attractive: it is very pleasant to touch fur. And a woman in a fur vest or coat looks especially refined and sexy.

The fur coat is very popular with men! And the woman in her - especially

Shoes - an important element of the image

Beautiful makes women not only clothes. Like men relief female legs, which looks especially sexy in shoes high heels. The site ko6e4ka.ru reminds: the real bitch wears only very feminine shoes high heels or stilettos.

The heel gives the lady’s gait a real elegance, makes it visually more high and fragile. Japanese geisha once wore sandals on a very high platform to give their gait a special touch: men just drove crazy.

Shoes that men like. And for us!

Monotone or variegation?

As experience shows, monophonic clothes like men more than colorful. Often the diversity of the dress gives the female silhouette a certain vagueness of the contour. Men do not like this.

Monochrome clothes like men more!

Women - women's clothing

In fact, in the wardrobe of a bitch there should be a lot dresses, skirts and sundresses. It is perfectly acceptable "rustic style" of clothing. Men like it, oddly enough, when girls wear sundresses and summer long skirts made of airy, translucent fabrics that give a woman a special charm.

Dress, worn in combination with beautiful high-heeled shoes - classic style This bitch, a symbol of femininity and sexuality. A vivid example is the clothing of the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

Men like sexy clothes

Tight clothes

Men love to see a female figure.In particular, a good figure 😉
Evolution was not a gift to them, and thin waist, wide hips, elastic chest says about a woman that she is able to have healthy offspring, as well as the fact that she is free to conceive! Perhaps this is not at all the case, but it is good not only for personal relationships to entertain the male imagination.

So, whatever the trend is offered us fashion men will always be pull on women in tight clothes.

Plain clothes

Why do men like plain clothes? It's simple - she does not hide the female figure!

Colorful fabrics bad because they conceal the lovely outlines of a man’s heart. The female figure looks more vague in them - or is completely lost if, say, a thin girl puts on a dress with huge colors.

Sexy clothes

Open body, bold neckline, various cuts, stockings, high heels ... A sexy style also distinguishes a woman from a man, but such clothes are direct call for sexual activities!

Therefore, it is important to use a little bit of this style to do not overdo it. Or use all but. in private setting 😉

Fur - this is the material to which it pulls to touch. In addition, it symbol of femininity, luxury and sexuality. Any man fantasized about a beauty in a fur coat on a naked body 😉

High heeled shoes

High heels It has a very positive effect on the whole image of a woman, giving her a highness, tension, swiftness. Heels give the female leg a very beautiful shape and besides, make the leg itself longer! When walking in high heels we shake your hips, to keep balance - and men are also attracted.

What shoes especially attract men? I'll say right away - men far from fashion trends, they simply do not care about them! And they like the same thing year after year:

  • Court shoes
  • Hairpin
  • Shoes bright colors
  • Very open sandals
  • Heel above 7 cm

Cuts on the skirt

Cuts especially on a long skirt, they look very attractive for men, because you are closed at the same time, and from time to time something becomes visible. Such a riddle beckons a man's eye and teases his imagination.

Especially attracts a man single slit on the side of the thigh. The double cuts on the sides, front and rear are less attractive.

Colors that men love

There is an opinion that men like black, blue and red women's clothing, however this is not entirely true. Yes, really, if you ask about underwear, men are attracted to black and red colors (for more details, see the article “What kind of underwear do men like?“) However, there are no such preferences in the top women's clothing. The main thing is that the color of clothes be in harmony with the woman herself, with her natural color type.

For example, on the Winter girl, red looks very attractive. But if the girl-spring wears red, the man will see her clothes first, and only then see her herself.

And yet, "Earthy" shades of women's clothing - brown, beige - psychologists do not advise to wear on the first date!

Here is a brief about what men like in women's clothes. Use the knowledge gained

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