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Organizer for cosmetics - how to choose plastic, acrylic, fabric or wood


Whatever means the modern woman uses to create a harmonious image. Most often, cosmetics carelessly lying around on the dressing table or does not take its place in different parts of the house. It is worth noting that such an arrangement is very inconvenient and often leads to a spoiled mood. This article will discuss what is the organizer for storing cosmetics. You will learn the advantages of this accessory and find out which of them are more practical.

Types of organizers for cosmetics

Depending on what you are going to store in such an accessory, the organizer for cosmetics can be large or small, hard or soft. Most often on the shelves of stores you can find the following types of this accessory:

Thus, the means for storing cosmetics can be suspended or in the form of glasses, a casket or a tube. In any case, when choosing this accessory, it is worth considering how you are going to use it.

Box Organizer

This accessory has a vintage look. It will be a great addition to your dressing table. You can put shadows, lipstick, small brushes and applicators in the drawers. It is worth noting a clear plus of this accessory. Wooden organizer for cosmetics in the form of a box will perfectly protect your face care products from the sun's rays. Wood almost does not smell, so you can not worry that your favorite lipstick will get an unpleasant aroma of wood.

Acrylic organizers for cosmetics

This accessory will be indispensable for women who are very busy and constantly in a hurry somewhere. In transparent square-shaped glasses, you can clearly see brushes, mascara, lipstick, cream and other skin care products. You do not have to push a lot of boxes in search of the right cosmetics. All funds are well presented to your review. The disadvantage of this accessory is that the acrylic misses the sun's rays. That is why you should put this organizer in the shadow side.

Fabric Organizers

Accessories for cosmetics, made of thick fabric, will be very useful for those individuals who need to carry a lot of cosmetics with them. You can put all pencils, eye shadows, powder or any other means into a similar cosmetic bag. Most often, the organizer has several branches. The disadvantage of such packaging is that you can spend precious time in search of your mascara, which is located at the very bottom of the cosmetic bag.

Cloth organizer can be suspended. In this case, you can place it on the wall near the table or in the bathroom. The convenience of such packaging is that all cosmetics are at the level of your eyes. You can use the necessary means at any time by quickly finding it in a cosmetic bag.

Paper organizer

This accessory can be made quite easily by yourself. For making you need empty tubes from under the toilet paper, glue and colored paper. Also prepare small pebbles. They can be replaced by peas or coarse grains.

Tape the colored paper tubes and connect them together. If necessary, some parts can be shortened. So the accessory will be more convenient. Put the construction on a thick cardboard and put the groats in the tubes (approximately to the middle). After that you can put your cosmetics in there: pencils, lipstick, cream, brushes and other makeup tools.

Use the organizer to store cosmetics and keep order on your dressing table!

What is an organizer for cosmetics

Girls who have a lot of cosmetics, it is better to purchase special organizers for decorative cosmetics - convenient systems for storing items. They have various sizes and a form, are made of different materials. This modern thing will help to put things in order and decompose your favorite face and body care products into separate sections.

There are several types of organizer. Different materials are used for each type. The most common are:

This indicator affects not only the cost of the organizer (fabric costs much less than acrylic), but also the durability of use - a wooden object will last longer than a cardboard one. By the method of placement are distinguished:

  • portable can be folded and taken on the road,
  • Stationary has more dimensions and is installed on a dresser or table.

The best organizers

Many women call boxing for cosmetics with their magic wand, because it allows you to store all the tools in one place. With a huge variety of these items is difficult to decide and choose any one. In order to do this correctly, you need to find out what are the advantages of each system for storing cosmetics.


The most popular material is plastic, transparent or opaque. However, often the objects of it are of poor quality. They are distinguished by a characteristic unpleasant smell, and after transportation scratches and chips may appear. It is recommended when purchasing carefully inspect the thing and make sure there are no defects.

Casket Rain Vanity:

  • price - 1150 rubles,
  • description - has a closing cover with a mirror, inside the space is divided by 4 partitions,
  • Pluses are a convenient thing, suitable for those who travel frequently,
  • cons - small capacity.

  • cost - 1200 rubles,
  • description - a narrow box with drawers, has dimensions - 7x17,8x25 cm, is located on the table in a vertical position,
  • pluses - can be combined with other containers from the same company,
  • cons - unstable.


The organizer, made of wood, has an unusual vintage look. It will be a decoration for any dressing table. Unlike transparent boxes, you can put it at the window and not be afraid that the sun's rays will ruin the creams. In regular stores, such items are rarely sold, but you can order a wooden box on the website of the Fair of Masters, where craftsmen make their own organizers from plywood or thin board.

Makeup stand:

  • cost - 2000 rubles,
  • Characteristics - birch plywood covered with acrylic paint is used as a material, there are brush and lipstick compartments on top, there is a drawer on the side,
  • Pluses - an exclusive thing, compactly settles down on a table,
  • cons - a small capacity.

  • price - 6500 rubles,
  • characteristics - made of pressed plywood, has the form of a chest of drawers with three tiers of pull-out drawers, dimensions - 35x22x37 cm,
  • pluses - beautiful functional storage system,
  • cons - high cost.

The product is made from a variety of polymer that has improved properties. It is more durable than simple plastic and is resistant to many types of damage, but if it is dropped from a high dresser, a crack appears on the surface. Transparent acrylic boxes, through which all means are clearly visible, are very popular.

  • price - 550 rubles,
  • description - open transparent container in the form of a prism, with 8 cells, suitable for storing varnishes, lipsticks and eye shadows,
  • Pros - easy maintenance, long service life, low cost,
  • cons - small size.

  • cost - 1050 rubles,
  • characteristics - a transparent box of an elongated shape - 35x25x15, in the upper part of the 3rd section, closed with lids, a small shelf below,
  • Pluses - you can hold a lot of items
  • cons - not detected.

The model is very convenient for those who like to make travel. It is very easy to take with you on a trip. For these things, a thick fabric is used that is not contaminated. The most popular are the boxes from the fabric, with several compartments, pockets. On the fabric organizer often an eyelet is made so that it can be hung on the wall.

  • cost - 540 rubles,
  • description - folding box in 4 sections, decorated with vintage fabric outside,
  • Pros - you can use on a trip, it is cheap,
  • cons - not detected.

  • price - 600 rubles,
  • characteristics - fabric with Egyptian motifs is used, there is a zip top on the top, an additional pocket on the side,
  • pluses - convenient carrying for cosmetics,
  • cons - not detected.

Like textile accessories, a paper box for cosmetics is very convenient on the road. However, this item is short-lived. Such organizers are easy to damage during use, they quickly break, but the cost of these things is small, so many girls use them as disposable. A variety of paper organizers - boxes, made of cardboard.

Round box organizer:

  • cost - 150 rubles,
  • characteristics - looks like a pencil holder with three compartments. Suitable for storing brushes, sponge and small lipstick. ,
  • pluses - takes up little space, has a low cost,
  • Cons - accommodates few items.

  • price - 250 rubles,
  • Description - made of cardboard, dimensions - 30x30x15, divided into 4 compartments, outside decorated with decoupage napkins,
  • Pros - inexpensive,
  • cons - quickly breaks.

Organizer for cosmetics, which is hung on the wall, is called suspended or flat. The product is suitable for apartments with a small area. You can hang it near the dressing table to have access to cosmetics. Variety of suspension organizer - magnetic. In order for cosmetics to stick to it, you need to glue a magnet to each object.

Brabag wall box:

  • price - 980 rubles,
  • characteristics - has 7 compartments, the wall material is durable oilcloth, and the base is fabric,
  • pluses - takes up little space
  • cons - not very comfortable.

Organizer Suspended Bradex:

  • price - 1600 rubles,
  • characteristics - consists of 22 departments with locks, waterproof fabric was used for manufacturing,
  • pluses - has a large capacity,
  • cons - not found.

In a family where there are small children, it is better to keep cosmetics closed, so an organizer with drawers is a good solution. Some products are equipped with small locks. Such a thing is a mini-dresser in which you can place the entire arsenal of your favorite tools. The disadvantages of the subject refers only to its stationarity.

  • price - 1900 rubles,
  • characteristics - made of durable plastic with a floral pattern, dimensions - 24x14x19 cm, 4 drawers,
  • pluses - a beautiful functional system for storing cosmetics,
  • cons - not detected.

Beautician organizer with drawers HomeMaster:

  • price - 1500 rubles,
  • characteristics - made of clear acrylic, has 3 tiers and 6 pull-out drawers,
  • pluses - holds a lot of things
  • cons - not detected.

Cosmetics basket

This accessory is made in the form of a small wicker basket, round or rectangular in shape. The main advantages of the subject include the presence of handles with which you can move it from place to place. The basket for cosmetics looks unusual and original. A small drawback is that all funds will be stored in the general compartment.

  • price - 780 rubles,
  • characteristics - made of plastic with imitation of weaving, handles are on the sides,
  • pluses - a roomy subject
  • cons - not detected.

Casy home basket:

  • price - 650 rubles,
  • characteristics - material - plastic, the handle is located on top,
  • Pros - easily tolerated
  • cons - not very convenient.

How to choose

Before you choose a box for cosmetics, you need to explore all the varieties, given their strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Features of the structure of the subject. The simplest option is a box with one compartment for storing funds. However, an accessory with a large number of compartments will be much more convenient for placing all types of cosmetics.
  2. Reliability design. The leader in strength is a wooden object, it tolerates transportation and rarely breaks, even if accidentally dropped on the floor.
  3. Spaciousness. Small containers are suitable for girls who prefer a minimum of cosmetics, and those who do not miss a single sale of eye shadows and lipsticks should purchase a special dresser for cosmetics. Such objects are in height of 60-70 cm and look like a bedside table.
  4. The inner part. What is important is not only the appearance, but also how the internal compartments are arranged. Acrylic boxes are sold together with special felt substrates that do not allow the object to slide along the bottom.
  5. Materials You should choose a container for cosmetics, based on personal preferences and functionality. In the house where there are small children, it is not recommended to put metal boxes. If the capacity is transparent, children will want to consider the bright tubes closer. The most convenient option would be a box with wooden drawers, which are closed with a small lock.

I decided to buy an organizer for cosmetics in an online store that specializes in the sale of storage systems last year. I studied a lot of reviews and ordered a small box of transparent plastic for the promotion. Delivery was arranged by mail from Moscow. It is very convenient - my favorite products are not as dusty as on the table.

Svetlana, 36 years old

Last year, on my anniversary, my friend made me a smart present - she presented me with a rotating box for cosmetics. At first I thought it was made of metal, but then I saw that it was such a plastic, treated with a special protective coating. Now all my lipsticks, polishes, brushes, eye shadows and tonal creams will be under reliable protection.

Catherine, 28 years old

Every time a five-year-old daughter comes into the bedroom, I am afraid that she will pull out my expensive creams from the mini-dresser. But so far it saves the fact that the drawers on top are closed with a secure lid, so I do not regret at all that I bought a chest of drawers at a sale in a shopping center in St. Petersburg at a discount. The truth is this purchase is expensive - 1500 rubles.

What is an organizer and why is it needed?

The organizer, as you can guess from its name, is designed to organize and optimize the storage of certain things. Such accessories have become especially popular lately, so a wide variety of models are produced: for stationery, tools, cosmetics, and even underwear.

The organizer is a container in which it is convenient to store cosmetics. It can be both compact and roomy, have different configurations and be equipped with additional functions. If you are interested in such an accessory, and you decide to buy it, then find out the features of choice.

How to make the right choice?

So, how to choose a convenient and good organizer for cosmetics? When buying, pay attention to the following important points:

  1. Configuration and design features. The easiest option is a box with compartments for storing various funds. It has a small weight and simple execution, but if you plan to store cosmetics exclusively at home, then this model will do. Another option is the so-called cases or boxes, resembling suitcases and also having several compartments. Such an organizer will be appreciated by make-up artists, as well as women who travel or frequently change their place of residence. Everything you need can not only be stored, but also safely transported. The next model is an organizer-dresser, resembling this piece of furniture in miniature and having several drawers. The thing is interesting and fashionable, but rather cumbersome and not always convenient. If everything you need is always to be at hand, then you can choose an organizer in the form of a canvas with pockets fixed on a wall or on another surface. Also on sale are handbags with several compartments and containers with compartments.
  2. Sizes and capacity. They depend solely on the amount of cosmetics you have. Everything you need to fit into the organizer, and free, otherwise the extraction of funds will become very complicated.
  3. Internally enforced. Be sure to appreciate the inside, because it is more important than appearance. The most convenient are special organizers with compartments that allow to divide cosmetics by categories and store them in an orderly manner. Also, an accessory can have small cells for individual placement. Some models are equipped with removable or sliding drawers.
  4. Materials For the manufacture of modern organizers are used very different, so that will be difficult to determine. So, textile organizers do not have a frame and have a soft base, which is not always convenient. In addition, some fabrics may be contaminated. The aluminum box is strong, reliable and durable, and also has a presentable and serious appearance. Its main drawbacks are considerable weight and sounds arising during stacking and removing cosmetics. Acrylic organizer has transparent walls that allows you to immediately see and find everything you need. In addition, it is easy. Похожими качествами обладает и пластик, особенно прозрачный. Не самый распространённый вариант, который оценят любительницы милых винтажных вещиц – деревянный органайзер. Он не столь практичен, как другие варианты, зато станет не просто местом хранения косметики, но ещё и интересным дополнением интерьера комнаты.
  5. Дополнительные функции. Например, если планируется переноска, то аксессуар должен иметь удобную ручку или ремешок, используемый для ношения на плече. Also, the organizer can be equipped with latches to secure the object, to avoid its accidental tipping and to make the operation as comfortable as possible.

Evaluate the selected container

If you have almost made your choice, do not be in a hurry to acquire the first available organizer. To serve such a useful accessory for a long time, carefully consider it and evaluate it by several parameters. Firstly, if the item has opening or retractable parts, evaluate them in service, and several times.

Secondly, analyze the quality of the connection of individual elements. Solid parts must be cast or reliably welded. Also appreciate the quality of the casting and welding: irregularities or voids are increased risks of breakage. If you choose a soft textile organizer, then pay attention to the seams connecting the separate parts. They must be strong and reliable, and the threads - strong.

Thirdly, pay special attention to the accessories, because it is often from it often depend on the service life and comfort of use. All locks and buttons should be well fixed and easily fastened and undoed. If there are loops, they should be made of stainless metals, howl reliable and not make sounds during operation.

We do the organizer at home

The original and quite convenient organizer can be made by hand. This will require:

  • thick cardboard box, for example, from under shoes,
  • wrapping or colored paper
  • scissors,
  • glue or double sided tape,
  • glue gun,
  • thick cardboard
  • decorative items
  • tape measure,
  • optional fabric.

  1. First, decide how you will arrange the organizer out of the box: using paper or cloth. You can combine such materials, the outer part is pasted over with paper, and the inner part is covered with a cloth. If you have a cover, also cover it, it can be used for its intended purpose.
  2. Measure the box and cut out the paper and cloth according to the parameters. Fix materials can be with glue or double-sided tape.
  3. Next you need to organize the compartments. To do this, make the markings of the bottom and, taking it into account, cut out of the cardboard blanks that will be used to divide the space. Lock them in the box using a glue gun.
  4. Now you can decorate the organizer. Use for this ribbon, beads, rhinestones, laces and other decorative items.

Organizer is a useful and convenient thing. And if your makeup is scattered around the room, be sure to purchase this accessory!

Tonal tool

First, determine what you do not like on the skin: shine or dryness. If shine, then choose a matting foundation. But only under the condition that pores are visible on your skin. If the pores are not visible, and the skin shines, this is a sign that it is dehydrated and overdried.

Using a matting tone, you exacerbate the situation. In the fight against glitter you better stop on loose mineral powder. It does not dry the skin and at the same time mattes. For normal and dry skin, moisturizing CC and BB creams are suitable.

Makeup basics are chosen according to the same principle: if the skin is dry, we acquire radiant, if normal, combined or oily - matting. In make-up every day it is important that he kept for a long time. Bases for this and created, and the base under the shadows as well. When choosing a base under the shadows, it is better to give preference to cream in tubes: they look more natural.

Given the shade of the tonal means, we select concealer or proofreader. If their shades differ, you risk a tanning effect with glasses. If you are tanned and change the tone of the tonal tool, along with it, you need to change the corrector.

If you put a tone on the face, then the skin of the eyelids and lips also need something to cover up, otherwise the surrounding will not see the eyes and lips, and uneven compared with the tone of the skin of the eyelids and lips.

That's the way the human eye is, it always compares one with the other.

Lay out all the rouge from your cosmetic bag. Apply alternately on the cheeks. On the skin, pre-apply foundation. Take a closer look, which blush suits you? Leave those who transform you. Throw away the rest or create a separate box for yourself where you can put the wrong makeup.

In case there were no suitable blush, select a new one. For skin on which vessels and reddish rashes are visible, blush with a pink shade will suit. The color is not necessarily clearly pink, pink-brown will suit every day. Skin with pigmentation transform peach and coral blush.

We prefer matte shades. Every day you may need a light creamy matte shade, it is applied to the blinking eyelid and under the eyebrow.

If you do not use a pencil, you will need dark brown or dark gray shades of matte shadows. They can emphasize the contour of the eyelashes instead of a pencil.

In the fold of the eyelid, we apply necessarily a matte shade - either cold brown or warm, depending on whether you are warm or cold from which color types. These three shades are enough to make yourself a natural day makeup.

If you want to diversify the makeup, add light colors: pink, lilac, pistachio, golden. They are applied to the blinking eyelid instead of creamy, I wrote about them above. Shadows in the fold of the eyelid and at the contour of the eyelashes can be applied the same. The main thing is that the new shade of the shadows coincide with the others: be cold or warm.

Lipstick or gloss of a neutral shade

To create a set of cosmetics for every day you need lipstick that fits any of your clothes.

The secret from the makeup artist: keep in your pouch lipstick or gloss brownish-pink or brownish-peach color. It will create the feeling that this is your native lip color.

To choose the shade that is right for you, apply vertical swabs of lipstick or gloss on your lower lip with a cotton swab. You immediately determine what suits you.

The shape of the brush affects how eyelashes change. Straight silicone brush to the maximum twists them up and is perfect for those who have straight lashes. For curved fit classic brush.

Mascara choose depending on the result that you need: lengthening, volumetric or separating.


Eye makeup remover is a must! Facial cleanser is designed to remove sebum, dust and tone from the face. The eye makeup remover has other functions: it dissolves mascara and easily removes it.

The longer you keep the product on the cilia, the easier it is to remove makeup. It takes time to dissolve the makeup on the eyelids. Usually 10–15 seconds is enough.

We got the necessary set: makeup base, the foundation under the shadow, foundation, three shades of shadows, blush and lipstick. Of course, we need more brushes. But we just started - let's talk about brushes in the next article.

Lipstick & Gloss Stand, Make Up Hub

Lena K .: “I appreciated the one that is less than 15 lipsticks. 24 is already a quest. And all that searches, see above)) Therefore, I would take two or three small coasters, and sorted by color: nude, red, drama-drama. Or: Dior, MAC, mass market. Only for the glitter would not count. They loosely adhere to the walls of the cells and fall from any sneeze. ”

Price: 500 rub. and 790 rubles. on makeuphub.ru

Stand for blush and highlighter, Make UP Hub

Lena K .: “These stands seemed to me both useful and dull at the same time. What fits there? Small palettes of shadows, compact powder, blush, highlighters / bronzers. If you mix it up, there is not much sense from such an order (.. although recalling tight cosmetic bags)) That is, as a separator for the shelves of a cosmetic cabinet - yes. But if you buy a multi-tiered box for cosmetics - you can do without.

Price: 460 rubles. and 690 rubles. on makeuphub.ru

Brush & Pencil Stand, Make Up Hub

Lena K .: “Very useful thing! The simplest transparent organizer. But this is just a trick. This is not a mug with flowers, not a cup with a photo (spitting and knocking on wood three times), but not yet a professional make-up artist's tuba bag, which is far from being necessary for everyone. I put brushes, pencils, mascaras and do not dissolve in a cosmetics bag, as in a wardrobe.

To the color of the filler, however, I have questions :) Why is it so poisonous green? I hope this is not the only color solution for these loose balls. ”

Price: organizer - 690 rubles. on the website makeupnub.ru, the filler will be available soon.

Paint Coat Stand, Make Up Hub

Capacity: about 30 varnishes (depending on their width)

Lena K .: “Some lacomaniac, as you know, relate (and rush) with their collection of varnishes, as if it were a Bentley collection :) If this view is close to you, then the altar ladder will seem like a great idea. But in fact, it is not very convenient storage. It takes a lot of places, and holds only 30 flacons. I suspect that lacomaniacs have a lot more of them. Where to put five of these altars? Only if the dresses Svetlana Bondarchuk, in the 300-meter apartment on the Patriarch's.

Although I found this "showcase" application. I put on her those varnishes that I use all the time - pastel colors or all shades of blue, if you pull on blue. And I get a full basket five times less. ”

Price: 1650 rub. on makeuphub.ru

Lakobox M, Make Up Hub

Three high boxes without dividers:

Lena K .: “I have just learned about the fact that I have lacobox in front of me, and not an organizer for cosmetics, though I don’t see the difference what to store in it. Just the height of the floors allows you to arrange varnishes inside. There are no dividers in the box, so the cosmetics rolls like in a dresser. And this is clearly not good. Another minus: visible joints between the boxes and their handles, some bubbles and stains. In short, put in the closet - go. For samples, miniatures, manicure tools, cosmetics out of season - go. Only in a prominent place I would not. "

Price: 2400 rub. on makeuphub.ru

Organizer for cosmetics Bonny Box Junior, The Bonny Box

Three floors with dividers + stands for 3 pallets and 16 lipsticks

Lena K .: “I was the first to drag this and the next organizer home, gut my cosmetic cupboard, and oh-oh-oh, how beautiful it is! In the “Junior Boxing” fit thirty pencils (so that everything was visible), 15+ small palettes, how many single shadows, lipsticks and other little things. Floor is not three, but almost four due to the sides of the top. All of them are of different heights and are divided into sections wider-narrower. Easy to push, do not creak, the glass looks durable and high quality.

It's funny, but after the appearance of this organizer, I first made arrows with emerald pencil Clinique (I was so desired and bought in a rush of cosmetic passion two years ago). The reason - I just saw him :) "

Price: 3990 rub. on thebonybox.ru website

Organizer for cosmetics Bonny Box Large, The Bonny Box

Five floors with dividers + stands for 6 palettes and 24 lipsticks

Lena K .: “I thought I had a lot of makeup, until I was slightly taken aback by the thought:“ What else would you like to do?) ”EVERYONE climbs into the organizer. And this is all I just find: here is the perch for brushes, here for liners. Regarding the size, of course, one can argue whether such a bulky transparent can is needed (37 cm high and weighing 5 kg). I need :) I can’t imagine how I throw the same contents into Ikea plastic or metal pallets. Brrrr »

Price: 6990 rub. on thebonybox.ru website

Conclusions: “If you like order and do not roll your eyes at the thought:“ all cosmetics in cells ?! ”- run and immediately take one of The Bonny Box. Well, or any equivalent of high-quality glass with a good assembly and dividers (as I was suggested in instagram, there are Cosmocube, although they cost three times more, models of different types and sizes - on makeuphub.ru). I put one organizer one where I usually paint: at the dresser and in the bathroom. I regretted only that I did not do it earlier))

Of coasters more useful than those for lipsticks and brushes. Although it depends on preferences - suddenly you have twenty highlighters? Or did you not consider them?) Organizers, by the way, contribute to this. When you realize how much you actually have, either the desire to buy decreases, or the desire to distribute increases. And the one and the other, in general, not bad. Beautiful - not when a lot, but when order is enough. ”

And how do you store cosmetics?