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Simple Porcelain Storage Rules


Since ancient times, porcelain products have been valued for their sophistication and beautiful shape. But the main quality of porcelain is its high quality, which allows even with prolonged use to retain the original appearance of each item.

But do not forget that with all the virtues of porcelain, it is a rather fragile material and can deteriorate under the influence of household chemicals and even too hot water. But how offensive it is to see that a favorite porcelain set or interior item has lost its original beauty and brilliance.

To avoid damage to the surface of porcelain products, small cracks in the bends and darkening of the material, you should follow some simple rules for the maintenance and storage of porcelain.

1. To wash chinaware and other porcelain items, use lightly warm water, do not hold items under the pressure of water.

2. Do not rub the surface of porcelain products, use baby or any other neutral soap, a soft cloth or a brush with natural hair to clean. To remove soap residue, simply dip objects in cool water.

3. If possible, do not let the porcelain dry out on its own: wipe it dry with a soft cloth to avoid streaking.

4. Glass display cases are well suited for storing dishes and decorative items made of porcelain. In them, all objects are protected from dust, but at the same time they are visible. There are many other options to adequately and beautifully show the porcelain in the interior. Alternatively, in a niche wall, you can make the backlight and the closing doors of glass or transparent plastic. Do not forget that porcelain can not be stored on the balcony or in the garage, as it does not tolerate moisture.

5. If you store china in boxes, they must be strong (made of wood or plastic). Wrap each item in paper or cloth, and between them lay a cotton wool or faux fur.

All the above recommendations will allow you to save china and other products from it for many years, passing them from generation to generation. And, perhaps, they will live to see the time when your grandchildren or great-grandchildren enjoy the beauty of your porcelain!

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Where to store porcelain correctly

Experts strongly recommend storing all available items (figures, sculptures, tea, dining, coffee and children's sets) under glass. To do this, you can allocate space and equip a separate rack, and in the absence thereof, place the old-fashioned in a sideboard or closet. Behind the glass everyone will be able to admire the perfection of the lines, while everyone will be safely hidden from the omnipresent dust. Agree, fragile things should be protected, especially when it comes to porcelain, for which any tactile contact is undesirable.

High-quality creations from noble material are a symbol of the status of their owner. And if you managed to get an expensive decorative vase or sculpture, then you can also worry about buying a specialized cabinet. As practice shows, miniatures from a noble material look great in poorly lit corners, niches in the walls. By adding such a solution with original lighting, you can create a unique atmosphere for the entire room. Most collectors prefer storefronts - cabinets in which extremely expensive items are stored.

In the house there was no place for porcelain?

In this case, prepare several roomy boxes of plywood or plastic. Each individual masterpiece should be carefully wrapped in paper (or better still, plastic packaging with "pimples"). Between them, it is better to fill the space with crushed foam or cotton. On each box, leave a leaf with the list of contents.

How to store plates, cups, teapots?

Experienced collectors pack the plates in a vertical plane, and not just put in the form of stacks by analogy with kitchen utensils. Do not forget that the bottom of the top plate in contact with the bottom will certainly scratch it. Between them, it is better to place a tissue layer.

Porcelain coffee and tea pairs can not just be folded or put on the shelf, but hung. Each cup should take its place, and not be placed under the bottom of another cup, because there is a high probability of damage to the handles.

Teapots and coffee pots, sugar bowls, milk jugs and other items in which there are lids should be placed higher, preventing the likelihood of their accidental grazing.

The basic rule for storing products is the minimum contact between two adjacent surfaces. There must be free space between each of them.

How to store silverware

Availability in the house beautiful silverware in the Middle Ages it was considered a real pride and pointed to the nobility of the genus origin, since such dishes were handed down from generation to generation and were accessible to few She demanded special care and the housewives had to try hard to keep her delicate, exquisite brilliance and beauty.

Therefore, the question of the proper storage of silverware was also very important. Without constant care it was formed a thin layer of plaque dark brown or black (patina).

Of course, the dishes that have been preserved from ancient times and now, as antiques are in various museums, are not cleaned, because they must convey the “spirit” of that time.

But we would still be interested to know how to deal with this raid.

  • Silver loves coolness. How to store such dishes? Like a first-aid kit, in a dark cool place in special cases (which will not only protect the dishes from dust, but also prevent the adverse effects of the environment).
  • Products made of silver (this, incidentally, applies to your jewelry) should be stored apart from products from other types of metals, especially from stainless steel products. The fact is that silver is a very delicate and thin metal, the slightest touch can scratch its surface.
  • I think that you will not become a piece of meat with a silver knife, so I’ll go around the point overloading silverware. I will only remind you that after the damage has been done, the protective layer of silver can gradually peel off and the dishes will simply lose their “presentation”.
  • You will not have problems with washing silverware, since silver, just like all the other dishes in your house, is good wash in warm running water with the addition of a small amount of any detergent. We told about which remedy is better and how not to make a mistake with the choice in the article “Is household chemicals not harmful?”. but do not wash the silverware in the dishwasher, it will ruin it irreversibly.
  • If a malicious touch did manage to settle on your silverware, just clean it. toothbrush with toothpaste or pre-cooked baking soda solution. In jewelry stores, special polishing cloths are also sold, with which you can complete a plaque removal session.

How to store porcelain dishes?

Recently it has become very fashionable to buy. china for the style and interior design of the house. And it is not surprising, because elegant and luxurious white porcelain tableware - a real classic - always looks expensive and refined.

The fact is that porcelain has long symbolized luxury and comfort was able to turn an ordinary breakfast into a true ceremony of beauty and taste. Since then, tea from porcelain mugs is considered the height of style, good taste and, of course, aesthetic pleasure.

In addition, china has an amazing ability keep warm drinks for a long time.

You can easily recognize real porcelain, if you gently strike it with a teaspoon, it will emit a characteristic long ringing.

As for the question of how to properly store porcelain dishes, simply follow the simple rules that will preserve its exquisite beauty for a long time.

  • Placing the plates on top of one another is only allowed if they are neatly shifted by dishes specially cut to diameter. paper, paper napkins or cloth, so as not to scratch the surface.
  • Cups are best kept in limbo or on special shelves.
  • Porcelain does not tolerate moisture and moisture, should be stored dishes from it at room temperature (from the sudden changes in temperature, it darkens).
  • A small amount of water with the addition of ammonia you can easily remove stains on porcelain plates and cups, thus returning the original shine and freshness to porcelain.
  • But if your china richly decorated with drawings then take care of it should be especially careful. It is not recommended to wash such dishes with hot water. From the dishwasher, too, should be abandoned.

How to store glassware?

Glassware is so often used in the household, and many housewives love her very much. So, for thin glass is recommended to choose delicate washing mode.

Speaking about how to properly store such dishes in the lockers, it should be remembered that glasses should be put only on the legs, otherwise, your dishes risk getting an unpleasant smell of dampness, which then will not be so easy to get rid of.

In no case do not fold cups (however, this applies to any dishes), because the probability of scratches and chips in this case increases significantly.

Try to choose a beautiful hinged shelf suitable for the interior of your kitchen, and specially designed cups are suitable for cups. hooks and coasters. So you do not just create comfort in the kitchen, but also take care of the dishes, which, believe me, will thank you for this with a long service life.

How to store ceramic and wooden dishes?

Talking about ceramic dishes I immediately recall the spacious pots, of which it is so tasty to eat the first or hot snack.

Such dishes will last you much longer if before first use pour cold water into it to the brim, put on the fire, and then let it cool. As for the plates and cups, it is recommended to just pour cold water into them and hold on for about an hour.

Ceramic dishes always look good on the table. in combination with wooden (By the way, the first dish on the ground was made by our distant ancestors from wood).

From wooden cooks, scoops and paddles it always blows the real Russian hut, grandmother's pies and a stove. In addition, it the most environmentally friendly dishes, which itself is a good container for products such as flour, salt, sugar, honey, cereals, salted or pickled mushrooms.

How to store dishes from the tree?

I want to note that with good handling wooden dishes will serve you for a very long time, and withit is also quite inexpensive. Wash the “stump” is easy - it is perfectly tolerates hot water.

The main thing - then do not forget to wipe it dry. But still, it is not recommended to cook or store food in such dishes, let alone, of course, large wooden barrels - a classic container for storing pickles and wines.

If wooden utensils have lost color - do not despair, just wipe it off with hydrogen peroxide, and the color will definitely come back.

In general, each of us is always pleased. have order in my kitchen and I want the dishes to look beautiful and new.

What kind of hostess would be pleased to show off her culinary delights served in faded, scratched or untidy dishes?

The dishes, along with the products, are the main “population” of our kitchen, and the duty of every housewife is to take care of him. Follow the simple tips on how to store the dishes from the site “Beautiful and Successful” and then you are not only keep your dishes in good condition for a long time but get real aesthetic pleasure from using it.