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Decole Furniture Store


For several years, Decole has provided you with the opportunity to order furniture according to individual sketches and projects, or to purchase ready-made furniture in St. Petersburg. Our products, whether custom-made furniture - separate wardrobes, kitchens, living rooms, dressing rooms, children's or office furniture, are interior or decor items, is a unique result of the work of a designer, designer and furniture master. Your furniture will become a harmonious expression of your taste, lifestyle and ideas about homeliness and comfort.

Ready designer furniture and decor items from Spain

With their help, you can not only furnish your house, but also really create in it any atmosphere you need, show the taste and your understanding of beauty. Comfortable and reliable furniture, made in any style from classic to modern, will not only be a piece of furniture, but also help you to relax and enjoy life.

Custom sizes

Cabinet furniture, is made by the individual sizes on our production in SPb. We work only with high-quality materials and components from European manufacturers. Our chipboard suppliers are the world-renowned German company EGGER, we purchase fittings and facades in Austria and Italy.

Professional designers

Our specialists work in their field from five to fifteen years, all designers have a higher education in their field, and some of them regularly take part in international conferences of the European Association of Designers, furniture exhibitions and interior design. We are always aware of the latest trends and achievements of modern technologies not only in the field of furniture production, but also in the field of decor and interior design. Our designers fully take into account your wishes in the manufacture of furniture according to individual sizes.

Furniture from the manufacturer

furniture from the manufacturer, manufactured at a Russian factory using high-tech equipment by craftsmen with experience in their field for more than ten years. You can be assured of consistently high quality of performance and assembly of furniture, as well as that you pay the real price of the product without overpaying to intermediaries.

Decole custom furniture is the right choice!

The company "Decole" will help you not only to furnish a house or apartment, but also to determine the choice of the necessary accessories and components. For example, you can purchase sinks, faucets and hoods from manufacturers such as BLANCO, ALVEUS, SCHOCK, FALMEC, BERBEL both when ordering a kitchen or separately. The company "Decole" often holds promotions for its customers and buyers. For example, a 15 percent discount on all sinks, faucets or hoods when ordering a kitchen, or a 20 percent discount on the entire order with full furnishing of a house or apartment. Information about promotions and discounts you can get on our website. Here we also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the furniture catalog online or agree on a free home visit by a designer.

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We make custom-made furniture

Our own production in St. Petersburg makes it possible to manufacture furniture according to individual sizes from materials delivered directly from Europe. For example, we receive chipboard from Germany from the EGGER company, we buy facades and accessories in Italy and Austria.

We offer unique decor items and unique furniture.

The works of our designers have repeatedly attracted attention at exhibitions of interiors and furniture conferences. Libraries or cabinets from the array according to the sketches of our specialists will decorate any home and highlight the high status of the owner.

In addition to the furniture itself, properly selected and decorated items and accessories will help to give a unique apartment. The Decole company will help to make any home as individual as possible.

We follow the fashion

Furniture fashion is reflected not only in the appearance of structures, but also in the variety of materials used, finishes and decor options. We always carefully monitor the latest trends in European furniture stores.

Furniture is from “Decole”!

We are trying to help our customers to take care of the selection of the necessary details. We ourselves go to the house, carry out measurements for free, deliver finished products, assemble and install at a convenient time for the customer.

We promptly carry out orders for six weeks in St. Petersburg, quickly deliver furniture from Spain - up to three months. In addition, we offer to get acquainted with the furniture catalog on our website and choose the furniture you like that can make your home even more beautiful and comfortable.


The company belongs to the Furniture industry, its scope of activity is “Furniture - production, sale”. The organization conducts activities in the city of St. Petersburg and is located at Kozhevennaya Line, d. 27. You can contact the company's representatives by phone +7 (812) 3226959. Send faxes to +7 (812) 3226964. The official website is located at http://mir-mebeli.com. The company MIR FURNITURE is located in the directory of enterprises Sprax.ru under the number - 281016.