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Hawaiian Hooponopono Method: Healing Reviews


“Self-love is the best means for self-improvement. And when you cultivate yourself, you cultivate the whole world. ”

Recently, with a geometrical progression, there has been an increasing interest of people in all sorts of trainings, practices, lectures, and any other information about self-improvement, developing their personality, and improving relationships with loved ones, loved ones.

Moreover, training and communication with psychologists, coaches can occur both in reality and through the Internet. And even in absentia, without communicating, but simply by studying their own works and applying their knowledge in practice.

In this article we will look more closely at the Hawaiian Hooponopono method. What it is? Who created it? Let us dwell on the basic principles and techniques.

History of application of the method (facts and events)

The phrase that served as the epigraph to the article belongs to one very interesting person, Dr. Ihaleakal Hugh Lin. It was he who first began to use the Hooponopono method.

For a long time, Hugh Lin worked as a staff psychologist at a Hawaiian clinic. His patients were not just mentally ill people, but criminals with severe mental disabilities. The staff of the clinic often changed, as cases of attacks of patients on doctors were repeatedly observed. This is the contingent with which the doctor had to work.

Hugh Lin behaved unusually. He never met his wards, did not give them any oral or written recommendations, that is, he did not treat them in the traditional sense of the word. For days on end, Hugh Ling only studied their medical records with disease histories, while directing the entire impact solely on himself, which the Hooponopono method suggests. Improving himself, he treated patients and achieved overwhelming success.

How did this happen? According to the doctor’s stories, he simply pronounced certain phrases-affirmations and applied some techniques to himself, which we will definitely discuss in this article. This seems incredible, but Hugh Ling's Hawaiian method (Hooponopono) allowed patients to get better in the shortest time possible! They canceled the reception of the strongest tranquilizers, removed the handcuffs from particularly violent and even wrote out, because they ceased to be dangerous to society.

As the results of the treatment of Dr. Hugh Lina showed, the Hooponopono method works wonders!

What is its essence? Where did he come from?

Hawaiian roots

Dr. Hugh Lin borrowed this system and did not invent it himself.

The Hooponopono Method is an ancient Hawaiian problem-solving art. If you translate this convoluted word from the original, you get something like “improving causes” or “correcting mistakes”.

Hawaiians believed that all the problems in the lives of people go from themselves, or rather from what is in the head. Our thoughts, our actions lead us to disease, trouble and disharmony. The roots are in the past, sometimes they are pulled over the years along with other people's mistakes, which as a result become our problems.

If you change this, then a new, improved stage of life will definitely begin.

According to the Aborigines, the Hawaiian Hooponopono method with the help of prayers, repentance, affirmations and rites erases unsuccessful old programs in the head of a person and helps him enter the flow of abundance.

The difficulty was that the Hawaiians were talking not only about correcting a person’s personal mistakes, but about all his relatives and ancestors. Therefore, it was not worth waiting for immediate results. In addition, the most ancient method allowed the conduct of cleansing rites only the initiates of the sacrament, and not all in a row. It was practiced by shamans and healers - the kahun. One of these was Morrna Nalamaku Simeon. It was this Hawaiian healer who shared the Hooponopono method with Dr. Hugh Lin.

Over time, the practices have changed somewhat, simplified, but the main core remains. Now a person can cleanse his mind of various accumulated debris and negative, including using the Hooponopono - Hawaiian healing method.

Main essence and philosophy

All that surrounds a person is mental programs that are controlled by his memory from the past. The whole experience of the ancestors lies on our shoulders, crushes and does not allow us to develop. To remove the blocks, you need certain actions that need to be carried out only with your "I".

Despite the trail of mistakes of previous generations, the Hooponopono method implies the full and unconditional responsibility of the person for everything that happens. And it is not just about what happens to a person personally. Hooponopono's key phrase: “The world begins with me!” Any events with friends, buddies, neighbors, with everyone in his city, country, all over the world are also a person’s responsibility. Any armed conflicts, wars, catastrophes, epidemics occur because of certain words, deeds and even thoughts of a person in the past or present!

If before your eyes there was a quarrel, a scandal, even completely unknown personalities to you, then it was you who drew him. If you watch it and it hurts you, then the situation is already inside you. Someone did not look that way, answered rudely, called out, or somewhere, it does not even matter in which city, in which street an accident occurred, - the answer is to keep you.

To understand such a philosophy is not so simple, but to accept it is even more difficult. And you shouldn’t be depressed, depressed or another extreme - start blaming everyone for your troubles, except yourself. This is the wrong way. But to engage in self-blame is not worth it. Separate the two concepts - responsibility and guilt.

The good thing is that, according to Hooponopono's method, it is in the power of a person to change an unpleasant situation through internal work with his mind. Inside each is a huge force, which, unfortunately, we do not know how to use. She appears at that moment when there is a complete internal readiness to accept her. The Hooponopono method helps with this.

Our task is to feel the responsibility and change the programs within us, to cleanse ourselves. Thus, there will be changes in the outer life. They will lead to the transformation of someone else's present. So it goes on.

Hooponopono Method: Tools

Such a bizarre, difficult to remember and difficult to pronounce from the first time the name of the performance is surprisingly simple. Turn to practice.

Start by changing yourself, then others will change next to you - that's what Hooponopono is. The method of healing involves going through several stages: first forgiveness, then repentance, and finally transformation. Great help in this play the affirmations. These are very simple magic phrases that can radically change a person’s life. There are four of them. Consider each.

I'm sorry

Understanding of the fact that he himself has attracted negative in his life, thinking wrong. A statement of this fact. There is something in me that has drawn the problem.

Regarding this phrase, which originally sounds like: I am sorry, there are different opinions. Some people think that when translated into Russian, “I am very sorry,” deep meaning is lost. It would be more accurate to say: "I repent."

Thank you

This is an appeal of man to the universe. Thanks for being in the present, whatever it is. After all, everything is relative. This phrase carries a very powerful positive energy. The universe will certainly pay attention to your gratitude and help. Just do not wait for quick results.

I love you

Say as a statement. It is addressed to each and every one: to oneself (first of all), to a child, to those close, just to a passer-by, to nature, to the sun. The ancient Hawaiians and their Hooponopono method claim that all this is the Supreme in its various manifestations.

Full and unconditional love! It must come from the heart, despite the appearance, behavior, principles, and actions of others and of itself.

You write a book, you are stuck in traffic, you sell your goods or services, say this phrase. If you have love inside, other people will feel it. What you give, you get back. That is the law.

Repeating this phrase many times is best able to clear a person's memory and bring it to a state of zero, which is the most important, according to this method. No wonder the second name is the eraser method (Hooponopono).

When a person gets rid of negative programs and is in a state of emptiness, amazing things start happening to him! There are unexpected ideas, insights, everything is easy.

Please forgive me

It is necessary to pronounce the phrase, referring to his higher "I". Ask for forgiveness for their imperfect thoughts, not shifting the responsibility to other people and their unseemly actions towards you.

These four phrases are advised to repeat as often as possible in different places, both about myself and aloud. But not just to talk, but to realize why and for what. It was them who Dr. Hugh Ling pronounced while treating his patients.

To begin, choose one and ten minutes a day to speak it, it is better to do it in front of a mirror. Then you can go in order to all the rest. After practicing this for some time, affirmations will probably be applied all at once.

Let us give an everyday example, on the basis of which it will be possible to better understand the essence of the method.

In a couple there was a quarrel. Internal conversation with myself: I understand that I created the quarrel myself. I'm sorry. Forgive me. My lightheadedness was unacceptable. I thank you for your prompt resolution of the problem and love with all my heart.

But all these words should not be directed to a specific person, in this case, to a husband or friend. This is an internal conversation with yourself.

Affirmations are far from the only practices that the Hooponopono method offers. Exercises and tasks, which will not be difficult for anyone to perform, exist in large numbers. Each tool performs its functions and tasks.

Era gum continues in one of the practices, which is called.

It is necessary to take a sharpened pencil. At the end of it should be a rubber band, which you begin to knock on any object that requires cleaning. It can be a thing or even you. If you need to get rid of negative memories, just tap on the surface.

That's all! So simple that I can't even believe how this can help. By tapping, you can still pronounce the four affirmations that are listed above.

Sometimes this exercise is carried out by tapping on his child's photo.

According to reviews used the technique of "pencil", or "Eraser" - it is able to clean up even the old deep problems.

Blue sunny water

The second practice is with this liquid. No less effective than the first.

It is necessary to find a blue glass container. It can be a bottle, a vase, a vessel, a cup. Pour clean water into it and put it in the sun for an hour. After the allotted time, you can drink it, prepare food, wash and carry out other procedures.

Tool "Tutti-frutti"

The name is fun, but erases serious illnesses and memories of them. Even if a person is completely healthy at the moment, he can use the practice as a preventive measure.

Fear, pain, hopelessness will pass away. This removes diseases of the entire genus. With the pronunciation of the word "tutti-frutti" an ancient memory is cleansed.

Rainbow butterfly

She will bring happiness to the family, let her forget about scandals and quarrels. It will help to uncover talents who have fallen asleep. A drawing or photo with a butterfly can be placed on the computer screen and each time you turn it on, watch, repeating affirmations.

This technique should be used for various pains (physical and mental), suffering.

It is very simple, like all other exercises. You just need to mentally repeat the phrase "blue ice" as many times as necessary. The bigger, the better.

Orange juice

Everything happens in our imagination. We present a glass of juice and how we drop a bill in it, for example, at $ 100 or any other denomination. In addition to money, you can put another item that I would like to clear.

According to Dr. Lena, orange juice symbolizes the rays of the sun, which means something divine. If a person has loans and he pays interest on them, it offends money. It is imperative to urgently ask them for forgiveness. And do it by putting them in orange juice.

Hooponopono’s method and philosophy view money as a living substance. However, this approach is applicable to any other subjects. With money, you can and should talk, consult. Since the bills enclose the energy of all those who touched them, and not always positive, they must be constantly cleaned.

Make up your emotional conversation with money, using the tips from the article. For example, a monologue might be:

  • My dear, good money! I want to apologize to you both on my own behalf and of all ancestors. I take all the responsibility for the fact that we offended you. Sorry about it! Please forgive me! I love you and thank you for everything.

So all the negative associated with money will go away. The main thing is that the words come from the heart.

Sunflower tool

This yellow flower can also help clear the way to money and remove all programs blocking their arrival. Saying aloud the words "sunflower", a picture of him or a flower in the country under the window. Everything will work.

According to the adherents of technology, the method and philosophy of Ho Oponopono will surely lead to positive changes, change the person himself and the life around him.

The book "Life without limits" (Hooponopono method)

These practices did not receive widespread and world fame immediately, but only after publication in one of the books of the popular American writer Joe Vitale. He is also the author of the acclaimed best-selling book The Secret.

In the book Life Without Limits, Vitale describes his meeting and a long conversation with the healer Hugh Lin. Hooponopono was the subject of their conversation, a Hawaiian method of healing, successfully applied by the doctor. After the release of this book about the system learned in Russia.

The author Joe Vitale himself tested the Hooponopono method and some of the techniques on himself and his friends. He told about this already in his other book - “The Key”.

How Joop Vitali estimates the Hooponopono method, it becomes clear from his publications. The author likes the practice, he is amazed at the results and is a little surprised.

Vitale gives an example with some unpleasant letter, which he received by e-mail. At first he wanted to be indignant, upset, to think why he received such a message, in general, to do everything as before. But just remembered Hooponopono. Then Joe just began to repeat the affirmations and do nothing more! After some time, came the second letter with an apology. According to the writer, this is how Hawaiian practices worked. John Vitale's story about the email can be called the most significant and significant review of Hooponopono.

You can relate differently to this unusual system, whether to believe or not is everyone’s business. There are other examples.

If you find people practicing the Hooponopono method, the feedback will almost always be positive. Since so many who have used the system, begin to notice changes in the environment. For example, one woman who had serious problems with her husband, after applying Hooponopono, returned happiness to the family. She began to change herself, her husband saw it and also changed for the better.

People who learned about the Hooponopono method and began to use it, unanimously claim that amazing things and miracles began to happen to them. And the internal state is described as unconditional happiness, harmony with people and the whole world.

What is the root of evil?

Many Europeans pay attention to this Hawaiian method today. After all, albeit slowly, but still inexorably in the minds of people, the thought begins to ripen that the reason for all their life failures is thinking. The first such conviction arose in the middle of the 19th century. It was during this period that psychoanalysts began to carefully study the human psyche and decompose it into simple patterns. And it turned out that it is from our consciousness that neuroses, complexes and fears arise. However, experts have not indicated ways to solve this problem.

And then people themselves began to seek magical salvation. Invaluable assistance to them began to provide a variety of techniques and techniques that were developed by the ancient peoples. And one of them is the practice of Hooponopono. How does she work? How easy is it to use? Let's try to understand these and other issues.

What is this technique?

The basic principle of this Hawaiian healing method is: “The world begins with me.” And at its initial stage it was a practice attributable to the closed sphere of worship. It was used only by Hawaiian shamans in order to maintain harmony in an isolated society.

Such a complex name of the method was the result of the merging of words. The first one is “hoo”, which means “make, install, lead”. Второе слово - «поно», или «равновесие, гармония, порядок». Их сочетание означает: «Прийти к гармонии, установить равновесие, привести в порядок».

Хоопонопоно является практикой исправления ошибок. Ее использование приводит к единению с миром, которое возможно только через работу со своим «Я».

Решаемые задачи

What problems can Hooponopono fix? Reviews of those who have already become acquainted with this technique, confirm that it is capable of the following:

- cut off the negative, getting rid of the burden of the lowest problems,
- bring all the internal systems of the body in order and in a state of harmony,
- heal the body and spirit,
- help to let go of the negative from past lives (own and ancestors).

In the Hawaiian closed societies Hooponopono kept shamans - Kahun. They used this then still secret method in order to support the vital activity of society. If in such a narrow space, which is outlined by the borders of the island, there would be a loss of mutual understanding, then all the people would have certainly perished.

In ancient times, Hawaiians firmly believed that the whole world rests on the laws of harmony. The violation of their man leads to disharmony, not only in his heart. The world around him also loses harmony. Such negative consequences can affect all people around, as well as the family and the tribe. Imbalance leads to physical ills, misfortunes and misfortunes, controversies and quarrels. After the problem began to acquire a pronounced character, the kahun was in a hurry to help a person. This ancient Hawaiian shaman can be compared with a psychologist. Kahuna always listened carefully to each of the family members, and then resolved the conflict with the help of his wise speech. Thus, he gave the patient physical healing, and his relatives - spiritual.

How did the Hawaiian shaman succeed in bringing peace and harmony back to society? His secret was that he worked with consciousness. After all, according to Hooponopono, every person is responsible for his actions, as well as events that occurred in the outside world. That is why people should not shift their blame on others.

According to the method of the Hawaiian shamans, they must work on their own “I” and observe the positive changes that occur in the surrounding reality. Such statements make this method related to many Eastern practices, which are also an alternative to classical psychoanalysis.

The revival of ancient wisdom

To date, the Hawaiian practice is being presented with significant changes. Ancient wisdom came to the masses thanks to people like Hugh Lin, Morrna Nalamaku Simeone and Joe Vitale. At the same time, the practice in its wonderful chain of healings lost the third person, whom the shamans were. After such a change, what was the Hooponopono method? Reviews of those who have already mastered it, argue that today’s practice implies that every person is a doctor himself. After joining Hooponopono in his hands is the most advanced tool in the world, allowing you to work on your own "I".

The revival of the method began with Morra N. Simeala and her works “12 Steps of Hooponopono”. Being a healer and kahuna, Morra told one of the Hawaiian psychiatrists about the technique of the ancient shamans. His name is Hugh Lin. The doctor worked in a Hawaiian psychiatric clinic with criminals who were found to be mentally ill. From the side, the method of his treatment seemed at least very strange. The doctor did not have personal contacts with patients. He just looked through their cards, repeating the mysterious formula. Surprisingly, because of such a strange ritual, the criminals who have lost their mind have regained the ability to think clearly.

What happened? Just Hugh Lin took advantage of the practice Hooponopono. He realized and accepted the fact that a person has full responsibility both for his own problems and for the difficulties and failures that take place in the lives of those around him. This awareness helped him to work with patients. After successfully applying the method of the Hawaiian shamans, a new approach was developed by the doctor. When using it, the person who engaged this practice did not need outside help.

The further spread of the magical teachings was carried out thanks to a book published by the writer Joe Vitalle called Life Without Limits. The author decided to tell about this technique to the whole world after talking with Hugh Lin.

In Europe, in the CIS countries and in some other states, lectures were given to explain the Hooponopono system. Reviews of hundreds of people indicate that they were satisfied with listening to stories about this practice. After that, the author released a number of publications that were devoted to Hooponopono. In these books, the method is presented to the reader as a way of love, forgiveness, as well as a kind of reloading of its reality. To this day, he continues to find more and more followers.

The philosophy of the practice of the Hawaiian shamans

What possibilities does the Hooponopono method provide? Reviews of people applying it confirm that the activation of this practice allows them to cope with many problems that are both within the boundaries of consciousness and beyond. So, it is able to eliminate:

1. Pessimism. The one who applied the Hooponopono Hawaiian method leaves feedback about it as a way that made it possible to look at the world in a completely different way. Surrounding reality has ceased to seem an endless series of bad events.

2. Conflicts in the family. Using the technique is a great prevention of insults and quarrels.

3. Feeling guilty. What does Hooponopono practice teach? The testimonials of the people who applied it say that they began to release and forgive not only the people around them, but also themselves.

4. Anxiety. The technique instills confidence. With its help, a person begins to cope with the constant tension, an inferiority complex and suspiciousness that torments him.

5. Stress. What happens after regular use of Hooponopono practice? Testimonials using this method confirm that their reaction to life difficulties has become very positive. At the same time, people note a simultaneous decrease in the number of negative accidents.

6. Despair. What does a Hooponopono method give a person? Feedback from practitioners confirms that it opens up new guiding lines in life and new ways of opportunity, bringing the body and soul into a harmonious state.

7. Regret. When applying the technique, a person begins to release the past without any pain.

8. Ailments. The Hooponopono technique is also used as healing. Reviews and results confirm that the created healthy mind begins to successfully heal the sick body.

Way to success

Due to this, Hooponopono equipment has been successfully operating for many years? Feedback from supporters of this technique argue that they achieve the desired result due to the cleansing of their memory from "garbage". Hindu such a process would be called the purification of karma.

The fact is that all life difficulties originate precisely in thoughts. And there are troubles under the influence of memories that are negative. They are the reason why various diseases develop and disharmony occurs. It is impossible for the mind itself to cope with such a problem. The fact is that the programs and fingerprints of memories remain forever in our subconscious, being transmitted along a chain of generations at the level of genetics. Such a negative often gives a person the installation of how to act in a given situation.

How can the Hawaiian shamans help? In order to understand and realize its practice, you will need to learn the basic principles of Hooponopono. Feedback from those who use them confirms their high efficiency in achieving their goals.

What is important to know for beginners?

According to the Hooponopono method:

1. Man is not fully aware of reality and can not control it. At first glance, this seems strange. After all, each of us lives in the real world, and for some reason he passes by. Yes, there are passersby outside the walls of the house, which we simply do not see. People living there talk in the next apartment. Most of the visual images, sounds and smells pass by us. The human mind is able to process only one millionth of the information that comes to us from the surrounding space. Everything else just settles in the subconscious. Almost two thirds of this information is rubbish, as well as pathological anchors. But the brain not only stores all this volume. He also uses all the programs he received. Unconsciously, a person begins to implement various negative attitudes in his life. Of course, the reality of each of us is unique. However, it is created unconsciously. The opinion that in this world events occur according to the plans of human consciousness is erroneous. For all the will of the universe and the case. If this statement is true, then is it worth it to get upset if events develop somehow wrong? Of course, the universe has its plans. But this does not mean that she will not listen to other people's desires.

2. By healing himself, he heals his neighbor. The fact is that nothing in life happens just like that. Problems, even if they are strangers - yours. It is important for those who draw trouble to themselves that this was the reason. However, a person must find the strength to solve this problem, and then let it go. The universe has no unsolvable problems. And the more often a person begins to resort to the healing ritual, the more pure his soul will become. It should be borne in mind that the problems of the people around you are your problems, which were projected to the Universe. Of course, there are no guilty parties in this, but at the same time there is a responsible person, who is the person himself.

3. Divine inspiration above the desires of "I." All our life plans are nothing more than a way of asserting an arrogant ego. However, "I" can not resist the desire of the universe. After all, she has her own aspirations and laws. And then, when a person’s plans come into conflict with the intentions of the Higher Forces, a dissonance begins to arise, negatively affecting people's lives. Divine inspiration is nothing more than a push from the Universe, a key to new opportunities and to doors that were previously closed. It is the very insight that is surely accompanied by the awakening of creative principles and a surge of energy.

Advantages of the technique

Why do many people find it preferable to use the Hooponopono method compared to other technicians? Feedback from practitioners suggests that his tasks and exercises are accessible, simple and understandable to everyone. The same who decided to penetrate the laws of Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism, it is necessary to go a long way of purification and improvement, while reading dozens of books.

Getting quick results

How to apply the Hooponopono method? Practitioners' testimonials warn newbies that they should not begin to believe in something holy or feel special. There should be only a desire aimed at the pronunciation of special phrases. This is the zero point of practice, allowing you to work wonders and expand opportunities. The head must have emptiness and acceptance of the method.

What is the Hooponopono technique? The description of the practice allows to judge that its implementation is not very difficult. The path to achieving a result consists of only four simple steps, the order of which is not so important. This is Repentance and Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love. All this is the only and at the same time amazing forces that certainly work. In this case, you can apply them yourself. For this, there is no need to be in a particular place or to listen to someone other than yourself. The necessary words can be pronounced mentally without pronouncing them out loud. The practice of Hawaiian shamans provides that all power over events is only in the feelings of a person, as well as in the constant readiness of the forces of the Universe to love and forgive.

Consider all the steps of the methodology in more detail:

1. Repentance. It should be followed by the phrase “I'm sorry.” As mentioned earlier, each person is responsible for everything that happens. Even at first glance it seems that this is absolutely not his concern. After the practitioner realizes how natural it is to regret what happened, he states the fact that something has entered his body or mind. And it doesn’t matter to know what it is. You just need to regret it. How does the Hooponopono purification procedure work in this case? The feedback from practitioners confirms that when this step is completed, the process of purifying the subconscious from the programs inherent in it begins. These may be attitudes that have led, for example, to the appearance of excess weight, addiction to alcohol, nicotine or drugs, anger, aggression, etc. The guilt of the man himself is not. But he is very sorry that everything happened that way.

2. Forgiveness. This step is accompanied by the phrase "Please forgive me." These words are addressed to the Universe, to God, that is, to any Higher Powers. A person at the same time asks to forgive him for the fact that negative attitudes have penetrated into his subconscious, that he gave them his tacit "good". It should be borne in mind that this is not a request from the Higher Forces for forgiveness. This is a call for help. Higher forces should enable a person to forgive himself. And this moment is very important.

3. Gratitude. It is expressed in the word "Thank you." Thanks to himself Supreme power, a man expresses his gratitude to them. Thereby he sends upward information that he is confident in advance of a favorable outcome. The problem will certainly be solved, and in the best option for all participants.

4. Love. This is the fourth step of the methodology, which can also be its very first step. He implies the pronunciation of the words "I love you." This phrase is considered truly magical. With its repetition, a person finds himself on the frequency of Love.

Saying these words restores the connection with the Higher Forces, turning the stagnant energy in the body into a powerful and clean flow. What gives the Hawaiian Hooponopono method? Healing reviews suggest that this stage allows you to remove all negative memories from your heart.

This is the practice. As we see, its explanation can be given shortly, and it is clear to everyone.

What needs to be done to bring Hooponopono practice results? Feedback from those who are already using this method confirms that if a problem occurs, it is sufficient to speak the four key phrases mentioned above. They also need to be repeated in the event of negative emotions, anxiety or depression. And if a person is happy? He also needs to pronounce these phrases. For your happiness, you need to express gratitude to the higher forces. This is called cleaning.

Phrases can be spoken in any sequence, out loud or mentally. At the same time they can be repeated many times or only once. How to do it better, a person will be told by his intuition.

Method Instruments

The Hooponopono technique has quite good reviews and results when applying its additional features. They will also allow a person to get rid of many life problems. Consider the tools Hooponopono, reviews of which confirm their high efficiency.

1. Eraser. To use this technique, you will need to take a simple pencil, at one end of which an eraser is located. This item and you will need to effortlessly tap on the object that needs to be cleaned. It can be clothes or a computer, a book or even a person. Such actions allow you to save the object from the negative past. And it will be possible until the time of its creation. Judging by the opinions of people practicing this technique, using this tool, they received many positive results.

2. Sunflower. How to use this tool, and what is it for? Judging by the reviews of people using the technique, the image of this bright plant allows you to completely remove from the subconscious the programs that block financial well-being or income. To do this, mentally enough to say: "Sunflower, sunflower ...". Maybe for some it may seem strange, but judging by the reviews, the method works great.

3. Sunny blue water. Healing from all evils and misfortunes can be obtained with another tool Hooponopono. To do this, you need to prepare purifying healing water. It is necessary to take a transparent container with a shade of blue in which liquid is poured. Next, put a cup or bottle under the lamp or in the sun and leave for one hour. You can simply drink this water, wash it, cook food on it, or leave it in the refrigerator for future use. Just one drop of such solar water cleans the container to which it is added.

4. Breath Ha. How is this Hooponopono tool used? You must take a breath during the count from one to ten. After that, breathing is delayed. During this, it is also necessary to count to 10. Then exhalation is made during the same period of time. Judging by the opinions of practitioners, this tool has already helped many people get rid of depression.

5. A glass of water. It can be put in the house anywhere. Judging by the opinions of practitioners, filled with clean water, it perfectly cleans the past. При этом уходят все тревоги и беспокойства. Для получения более быстрого результата на стакан можно положить листок бумаги, на котором будет описана возникшая ситуация. Воду необходимо менять не реже двух раз в день.

6. Синий лед. Об этом инструменте многие отзываются как о технике, которая прекрасно работает на любые страдания или боль. При порезах или ожогах, а также синяках и ранах нужно просто мысленно проговаривать «синий лед». The same phrase is recommended to say when cutting plants and herbs. This will ease their pain. The words "blue ice" should be said as many times as it will be necessary to eliminate the pain, not only in oneself, but also in someone else.

Method rejection

Sometimes gets bad Hooponopono reviews. The technique does not give the necessary results and the person is disappointed in it.

What could be the problem? The fact is that the Hooponopono method is able to get bad reviews in cases where a person has not reached the zero point.

It corresponds to the state when there is a complete withdrawal of any emotional charge of any magnitude to the situation that provoked the negative. In other words, this fact a person must accept completely and at the same time remain calm, harmonious and open. If this zero point is not reached, the practice will not work. In this regard, you can read the bad reviews about the method of Hawaiian shamans. People repeat the magic phrases, but at the same time they do not realize at all the cause of the problem and continue to blame circumstances or other people for the incident. This does not allow them to get rid of the emotional charge and prevent the leakage of energy. But if you do everything right, you can make sure that this technique is working and prosperous.

A bit of history

Technique Hooponopono appeared thanks to Hawaiian shaman Nalamaka Simeone. And spread it around the world student shamans doctor Ihaliakala Hugh Lin, as well as the author of the book "Life without restrictions" Joe Vitale. By the way, Hugh Lin actively practiced the method when he worked as a doctor in a psychiatric clinic.

And according to him, patients became much better. At the same time, Ikhaliakala himself did not contact them, but, while reading the case histories, he uttered certain phrases (they will be listed below). By the way, literally the name of the method is translated from Hawaiian as “Error Correction”.

The essence of the method

What is the meaning of the Hooponopono method? The whole physical world that surrounds us is the result of our thoughts. That is, what we think about is materializing in real life and, in fact, determines our destiny. And if thoughts are negative, then life will be difficult and full of problems, unpleasant feelings.

To live easy and become happy, you just need to let go of all the bad and superfluous, clear your mind and come to the original source, that is, to Love and to God, who give insight and purify the soul. As a result, thoughts become positive, and life begins to change for the better.

Magic phrases

There are four phrases on which mind and soul cleansing is based:

  1. "I love you". Such words, firstly, will help through love to come to the source and clear the mind, and secondly, they are used to get rid of a negative attitude. Thirdly, the phrase will help improve self-esteem and love yourself.
  2. "I'm sorry". It is like sending the highest reason and regret that your thoughts were negative and led to not the best consequences and to the creation of unfavorable programs of existence.
  3. "Forgive me". This phrase is a symbol of repentance and a request for forgiveness for all bad thoughts and deeds. Such words will help to feel freedom.
  4. "Thank you". By uttering such words, a person thanks the Universe and God for everything that he has. Also this phrase expresses gratitude to loved ones.

You can pronounce all these phrases at any time when you see fit. There are no restrictions. You can speak both aloud and mentally. At the same time it is important to concentrate on words and tune in to purification.

Basic principles

There are several important principles on which the Hooponopono method is based:

  • The physical universe is the embodiment of thoughts.
  • If thoughts are positive and perfect, they will create a physical reality that exudes love.
  • If thoughts are harmful, then reality will be harmful.
  • Each person bears full and 100% responsibility for the reality surrounding him.
  • Nothing exists separately from man. Everything that exists around him and in his life is the result of his thoughts.

Exercises to help make life better:

  • "Sunny blue water". Such liquid will help to provide cleansing of the soul and be filled with the energy of the sky and the sun. All you need is a blue-walled glass tank. Pour into it the usual boiled water and put on a sunny, well-lit place at least for an hour (or better for the whole day). Such charged water can be used daily for washing, drinking, cooking, and so on.
  • "Eraser". This technique will help to clean up any object, as well as get rid of the problem. Select the thing that needs cleaning, and tap it with an eraser pencil. If you are worried about a problem, then briefly (literally in a few words) describe it on a piece of paper, tap the label several times, and then just erase it.
  • Mirror. This technique can be used for a feeling of all-embracing love and increasing self-esteem. You just need to stand near the mirror, carefully examine each part of the body and facial features and mentally think about how you love each piece. Strive to see the very essence of your nature, fill it with love.
  • "Dewdrop". In the Hooponopono method, such a word is unique and purifies everything, like morning pure dew. You just need to say it at the right time, for example, when threatened, during fear or anger, or if someone needs help. There are no restrictions, you can use the "dewdrop" literally every minute.
  • "Velcro". This word also has a powerful cleansing effect.
  • Exercise "Cloud" will require you to work the imagination. Lie on a flat surface and completely relax. Imagine that a small cloud was formed above your head. It may have a specific color, it is permissible. When you see it, say the phrase "I love you." Next, start pushing the cloud to your feet and try to feel how it begins to envelop you. At the same time constantly repeat the phrase "I love you." Next, try to return the cloud to your head, and when it is there, increase it and immerse yourself in it completely and completely, enjoying the ease and bliss.
  • Breath Ha. Start inhaling and count to 10. The counting speed should be average. Then hold your breath for a while and also exhale slowly for 10 counts, stretching the syllable “Haaaaa”. Some believe that this technique helps to relax and can even get rid of depression.
  • "Blue Ice". This technique will help get rid of the suffering and even physical pain. Just in the right moments, mentally pronounce this phrase and think about it. You can use it in pain, in moments of grief and so on.
  • Switch. When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, just imagine that there is a big switch in front of you that will help you erase all that is unpleasant and superfluous. Use it to get rid of the problem and start from scratch.
  • To attract money, use the technique "Money". Spread your money in front of you and, while uttering the phrase “I love you”, stroke them and touch them. And paying the money, say the words "I thank you."
  • Fill a glass with на water. Put it in any place and change the water every day. This tool will save you from any unpleasant memories.

As the reviews show, the technique really works. Many of those who practiced and continue to practice it noticed noticeable changes. They began to think positively and learned to enjoy life and take everything from it. Even after two weeks, people literally transform.

Use Hooponopono's unique method to change your life for the better!

Hooponopono what it is: practice for beginners and the wonders of the method

Main purpose Hawaiian methods is that thanks to her, a person finds himself and finds success in many aspects of his life. If you regularly apply the practice for beginners, then the Hawaiian method promises spiritual development, growth and enlightenment. Hooponopono distinguishes four active phases of human development, in which the soul and mind are purified. Each phase is based on a specific phrase that you need to say in order to find peace and vitality.

  1. I love you - these are words that help a person cleanse himself of negativity and come to the truth. Thus, they will help improve self-esteem and teach a person to love themselves.
  2. I am very sorry - a person can pronounce such words if he expresses regret at negative thinking and actions. When the reason for launching this stage was a negative program and perception.
  3. Forgive me - in the hooponopono method, such words carry repentance or forgiveness for the committed deeds and thoughts. With their pronunciation, a person feels free.
  4. Thank you - with this method, thanks are expressed to the Universe and higher forces, for what people have today.

Hooponopono for beginners quick result: read and talk

Daily practices and tools will provide an opportunity for a person to quickly deal with their problems. For example, eliminate the negative view of the world. It will help to avoid conflict situations, as well as get rid of guilt. The main goal of hooponopono is to gain a positive reaction to any difficulty.

And also the technique is aimed at producing a healthy body and spirit. This method gives a person a chance to find a guide in his life and achieve a harmonious state in himself. Obtaining such a result in hooponopono is possible only by removing the garbage from your memory. Consider the principles of work in the technique of hooponopono.

  1. Positive thinking of a person who creates reality is the main tool. But reality, in turn, is created only on love.
  2. Each person is responsible for his life and for what can happen around.
  3. Negative thinking can only attract problems.
  4. The results of a person’s thoughts are the result of a person’s work on himself. Man cannot exist separately from his thoughts.

Hooponopono how to practice and read?

In order to apply hooponopono technique you need to create specific conditions for this. The practice of this Hawaiian method is based on the use of certain subjects:

  1. The financial condition of a person will help change the conversation with the coins. They are required to ask for forgiveness - this is the main instrument of stability.
  2. The flower is a symbol of love and self-purification on the way to a good life. Therefore, it is best to contact him and then the plant can become a good companion.
  3. Ross is a cleanser. Drops of dew will be able to clean the person from the negative.
  4. The butterfly helps to remove negative thoughts and take the path of perfection.
  5. Pencil and eraser will need to erase the negative moments in life.
  6. The symbol of the material sphere is the sunflower. It can become a symbol of abundance and harmony.

Practice Hooponopono: the basics of methods and tools

One of the wonders of hooponopono is the financial side of the question of our life, which interests almost everyone. The problems associated with finances may disappear if you apply the first practice hooponopono. Mainly, this method involves forming the right attitude to money and thereby creating a positive energy, using verbal formulas.

In the Hawaiian method, a special instruction is used, in which you can determine how to properly practice the attitude to money. The main thing is a conversation with coins.

In order to clear your life of negativity, novice practitioners are recommended to use some meditative methods. One of them is the use of a pencil and eraser. It helps to erase all existing negative and make room for new and positive.

  • Hooponopono cash must be treated with respect and valued as goal achievement.
  • In order to open a cash flow you need to remove the block, which is based on fear. Many people are afraid of losing their jobs or money, so they close in this plan.
  • The hooponopono method of attracting money is based on the treatment of coins. They need to express gratitude and show forgiveness and love.
  • In order to get rid of negative thoughts you need to take a new and sharpened pencil. Therefore, activate the main word negative. On a subconscious level, you need to constantly erase it. Thus, there will be a cleaning of the negative. From time to time you need to tap the pencil on the subject or on your body for the effectiveness of the method.
  • The main thing in this method is that the negative is erased. Hawaiians are confident that constantly cleaning the negative can lead to deep cleaning even the previous generation.

Raising funds hooponopono

Last year she meditated when there was a terrible financial condition. The hooponopono method with a conversation helped me with the coins.

Other hooponopono techniques

There are many ways that the hooponopono technique offers. One is aimed at returning love, the other to good health. In the network you can find a lot of videos with a detailed display of meditation.

The main thing in hooponopono is inspiration and intent to act. So intention is our mind. In another case, inspiration is an indication from God. Thus, at a certain point you will be able to obey and begin to listen to certain advice. As a result - your actions on a particular issue. Intention is the control of your life based on what you see in your life. Inspiration is a certain message from God that acts according to the messages. Thus, intentions work, often, on certain results. Inspiration works wonders and remains only make your own choice.

It is worth noting that any actions on hooponopono must be performed in connection with the relationship between people.

  1. The universe is thoughts and their embodiment.
  2. Negative thoughts can create harmful physical reality.
  3. In that case, if thoughts are perfect, then they can create love and with it physical reality.
  4. It must be the realization that you are working on creating your physical world.
  5. It must be the realization that there is a transformation when thoughts are harmful.
  6. Do not think that everything else exists separately from you.

It is worth noting that the process of practicing hooponopono personal recovery occurs. Existing problems can be considered and individually will be solved. In addition, many problems come from the past, the practice of hooponopono will help to resolve them completely.

Hooponopono Practice and Miracles

Many reviews are based on real events in people's lives. Hooponopono’s technique of restoring life is only answered from the positive side. This technique helps to cope with many problems, especially those that relate to a person’s personal life. Therefore, when developing principles, you can achieve the goal.

Most people resort to the hooponopono technique if certain diseases are present. It is worth noting that this practice does not cure, but only accelerates the healing process. Thus, it helps to take certain steps that will improve a person’s mood and set him on recovery.

In the event that a girl wants to return her beloved person, whom she lost for one reason or another, the Hawaiian system suggests the following system.

  1. It is necessary to make an analysis of the general condition and understand the reason for leaving a loved one.
  2. It is necessary to remove the blocks formed inside because of fear and resentment.
  3. Need to forgive yourself and your loved one. After that, the situation should be reset.
  4. The final stage is the formation of a special code phrase that will include several components - this is a request for forgiveness, regret and gratitude of the person.

In order to help yourself speed up the healing process, the Hooponopono practice suggests the following system.

  1. It must be remembered as a result of which the disease occurred. It will take to eliminate stress and irritation.
  2. For people suffering from heart problems, you need to pay attention to the attitude towards others. Do not forget about yourself and others and pay enough attention.
  3. It is recommended to let go of the situation, forgive yourself and others. After that, a comfortable state should come. In addition, you need to focus on the main text until the problem disappears.

Hooponopono for marriage and weight loss

Many women for finding happiness in life, and this slim figure and marriage use the practice hooponopono. This Hawaiian method offers to help anyone who is ready to find female happiness in life. The basis of this is the elimination of internal blocks and negative energy. Thus, it becomes possible change relationship with a loved one man in a positive way.

Experts of the Hawaiian method suggest to think over the program of weight loss and complexes about the absence of a pair in a woman. Поэтому нужно практиковать хоопонопоно ежедневно для достижения максимального результата.

  1. Первое, что понадобится сделать — это избавить от негативных мыслей и эмоций, а также страха.
  2. Мысленно и проговаривая вслух нужно простить все существующие обиды свои и другого человека.
  3. Для женщин хоопонопоно является эффективным средством выйти замуж. Для этого понадобится поговорить с любимым на подсознательном уровне. Поэтому лучше всего делать это когда он спит.
  4. It will be necessary during the sleep of a loved one to pronounce the main phrase of the hooponopono method, based on the main components. Only then will he make an offer.
  5. It is worth remembering the time when the weight was increased initially. Determine what your actions led to weight gain. And also need to remember the negative points. In this case, the girl should throw off the entire load of the past and analyze the situation.
  6. Having done the right conclusions and pointing out the code word you will be able to find a beautiful body. It is especially important to talk to the person at this stage.

Has lost weight thanks hooponopono

Last year, I began to lose weight using the hooponopono technique. It really helped me. Moreover, I can say that as a result of my weight loss, I got married.

But it is not always possible to find reviews in which hooponopono give similar positive results. In order to, the practice gave a real result it is not easy to pronounce code phrases, but sincerely believe in achieving their result.

Hooponopono - it is energy activation in two inseparable things. Many rely on the definition of a quick option. It is necessary to follow all the above rules, then there is an opportunity to find happiness. The main thing is not to forget to meditate while talking to certain objects and with a focus on a certain result. Remember that at an unconscious level, all your thoughts are put off and soon materialize.

Hooponopono: a method of getting rid of negative situations, gaining health, happiness and well-being.

Hello and prosper, dear readers of my blog!

Most people have more and more problems, increasing negativity and irritation, respectively, people start to get sick, relationships deteriorate, there is not enough money, etc.

There are many factors that contribute to this, but one of them - all problems are born in the head, and a person can change the situation himself, changing his attitude towards himself, people and situations, i.e. engaged in self-development.

I already wrote about the course, which will help to radically change the lives of everyone. Today I present to your attention a simple method for solving problems.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about this wonderful method. In Hooponopono for beginners, getting a quick result is easy, but if you are not familiar with this method, you need to clarify some very important points:

  • This is not a religion, and it will never be.
  • It must be admitted that this is not new.

The same principles of love and forgiveness exist among the ancient Slavs, Kabbalah teaches the same thing since the times of the Prophet Abraham. The Scriptures, the Bible, the Buddhist principles of love for all is the living embodiment of more advanced ideas about eternal truths.

Practitioners know that the Universe or the Creator is the only teacher.

Ho’oponopono is a tool for cleansing, for correcting mistakes, erasing the consequences of past actions and memories that cause chaos and problems in our lives and the lives of others.

Hawaiian healing

What is Hooponopono? This is a Hawaiian healing method. “Peace begins with me,” he says.

Initially, this practice belonged to closed areas of worship and was used only by Hawaiian shamans to maintain harmony in an isolated society.

The complex name of the method comes from the merging of two words:

Hoo - lead, install, make,

Pono - order, harmony, balance. It turns out: "Put in order, establish balance, come to harmony."

What problems does the practice solve?

  • Cuts the negative, eliminates the burden of vile problems,
  • brings all internal systems into a state of harmony and order,
  • heals the body and spirit
  • helps to let go of the negative of past lives (not only of their own, but also of their ancestors).

In a closed Hawaiian society, the Kahuns, shamans, were the guardians of Hooponopono. They used a secret method for the maintenance of society. The loss of understanding in such a close space limited by the island framework would lead to the disappearance of the nationality. The ancient Hawaiians believed that the world rests on sacred laws of harmony. When a person violates them, he establishes disharmony in his heart and the world around him.

The authors of the modern method hooponopono

Hawaiian practice has undergone significant changes.

Joe Vitalle, Morrna Nalamaku Simeone, Hugh Ling - these are the names of people who brought ancient wisdom to the masses. What changed? From the wonderful chain of healing, the third person, the shaman, disappeared.

Every person, now his own doctor. Joining hooponopono, he gets the perfect tool to work on his own "I".

The story begins with Morra N. Simeala and her method "12 steps of Ho oponopono." Kahuna and the healer Morra shared ancient shamanic techniques with one of the Hawaiian psychiatrists. His name was Hugh Ling. He worked with mentally ill criminals at a Hawaiian psychiatric clinic. The treatment from the side seemed strange. The doctor refused to communicate with patients. He looked through the patient cards and repeated the mysterious formula. From a strange ritual, to the criminals who lost their senses, the ability to think clearly returned.

Hugh Lee used the method Hooponopono . He realized and accepted the fact that a person is responsible not only for his own problems, but also for difficulties and unsuccessful incidents in the lives of people around him. This awareness helped him in his work with patients. Over time, he developed a new approach. The person using this method does not need outside help.

Further, the magical teachings spread thanks to the book Life without Limits, written by Joe Vitalle. Download the book here: https://yadi.sk/i/bxWpbbH8EKDjMA

The writer talked with Hugh Lee and decided to share the technique with the world. Lectures on the Hooponopono system in the CIS, Europe and some other countries were taught. After receiving hundreds of positive reviews from a satisfied audience, the author released several more publications dedicated to Hooponopono.

In the books, practice is revealed as the path of love, forgiveness and the reloading of one’s own reality.

Hooponopono philosophy

Hooponopono copes with all the problems that lie both within the borders of consciousness and beyond:

  • Guilt - practice teaches to let go and forgive yourself and those around you.
  • Conflicts in the family - hooponopono excellent prevention of quarrels and offenses.
  • Anxiety - the method instills confidence and helps to cope with constant stress, suspicion, inferiority complex.
  • Stress - after regular practice, the reaction to the difficulties of life becomes positive, and the number of negative accidents decreases sharply.
  • Despair - Hooponopono gives a landmark, opens up a new path of opportunity, brings a person into a state of harmony.
  • Regret - the method teaches to painlessly let go of the past.
  • Diseases of the body - a healthy mind treats a sick body.
  • Pessimistic view of the world - after the practice, reality does not look like a faint series of negative events.
  • Lack of money - after practicing financial well-being improves.

What is the essence of the method?

The Hooponopono method implies the full and unconditional responsibility of the person himself for everything that happens around him.

Hooponopono's key phrase: “Peace begins with me!”

Any events with friends, buddies, neighbors - this is all the result of our thoughts.

Even any negative situations we pulled to ourselves. We may not remember how and why it happened, and what we did about it. Once they made a negative thought in their head - as a result they received corresponding problems.

If you want to eliminate negative situations from your life, you need to correct not the situations themselves, but your emotions in relation to them.

The most important essence, the secret of Hooponopono's technique lies in the constant pronunciation of 4 phrases, which constitute the formula for happiness:

  • "I'm sorry"
  • "Forgive me"
  • "I thank you"
  • "I love you"

In these magic words lies the recipe for cleansing the memory, and it does not matter whether you are aware of them or not, the main thing is to repeat.

The formula helps a person send signals of love and forgiveness.

«I'm sorry"- By this you show your regrets because of the situation.

«Forgive me- With this phrase you ask for forgiveness for inadvertently creating a negative situation in your thoughts.

«I thank you“- with this phrase you make it clear that you accept any situations, even negative ones, and you are grateful for the lesson they gave you.

«I love you"- this powerful phrase clears all the negative that you feel for yourself or another person or situation.

How to practice the Hooponopono method

You can repeat these magic phrases both mentally and aloud.

In any place and at any time. And it doesn't even matter whether you believe in what you say or not - it will definitely bring its results.

Technique Hooponopono multifunctional.

If you are tormented by fears, or a feeling of guilt - utter these phrases in relation to yourself.

It helps to find peace and harmony, you clear your mind of negative blocks. The order of the phrases is not important, just repeat them in turn, taking 2-3 minutes for each phrase.

You can also work out a conflict situation with a specific person.

If you quarreled with your beloved, or had a fight with your parents. There was a misunderstanding with a colleague or a conflict with a friend - use the technique, simply repeating these phrases already in relation to the situation or a particular person.

Mentally imagine that you are talking to the person with whom you want to correct a negative situation.

  • "I'm sorry"
  • "Forgive me"
  • "I thank you"
  • "I love you"

Use the four phrases of Hooponopono when talking to him. Use the name of the person you are referring to.

Use imagination, imagine how to say it to him live.

Apologize for the situation, accept it with the words “I am very sorry”, thank you for your understanding, confess your love.

In my video (clipping from the training) I also analyze the situation with business partners. See, write, apply!

The full version of the training can be purchased for 300 rubles.

Click on the link, in the comments write an email to which the training will be sent.

Over time, the repetition of these phrases will become a habit, and you will notice how life is changing for the better.

So, now you know how to use the Hooponopono Hawaiian technique to clear the situation.

Hooponopono Cheat Sheet:

If you decide to practice the Hooponopono method, then you need to firmly grasp and daily apply the following 5 postulates in your life and relationships with others:

1. The physical Universe is the embodiment of my thoughts.

2. If my thoughts are negative, they create a negative physical reality.

3. If my thoughts are perfect, then they create a perfect physical reality that radiates LOVE.

4. I bear full (100%) responsibility for the creation of my physical Universe.

5. Nothing exists apart from me. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.

Having tried this method of purification, you do not lose anything. Doubts take more time than repeating affirmations. You will receive a useful psychological experience that will help to cope with long-standing problems. Hooponopono removes stasis in life.

If you are stuck in old experiences, give up, have lost interest in life, then this Hooponopono Guide is for you.

Out of fear and skepticism. It's time to bring harmony and power back to life.

Just start using the Hooponopono method and you will see how your relationships with people are improving, conflicts are resolved, and your subconscious is cleared.


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Hawaiian healing - an advanced view of eternal truths

Fast result - hooponopono practice for beginners - step-by-step instructions for harmony with yourself

There is an abundance of information on the Internet about this wonderful method. In Hooponopono for beginners, getting a quick result is easy, but if you are not familiar with this method, you need to clarify some very important points:

  • This is not a religion, and it will never be.
  • It must be admitted that this is not new.

The same principles of love and forgiveness exist among the ancient Slavs, Kabbalah teaches the same thing since the times of the Prophet Abraham. The Scriptures, the Bible, the Buddhist principles of love for all is the living embodiment of more advanced ideas about eternal truths. Similar you can find Louise Hay, Liz Burbo , Practically the same method is used by Daria Trutneva in her courses.
Thus, there is nothing new under the sun. The real Ho'oponopono has no teachers, gurus, high priests, or middlemen. Practitioners know that the Universe or the Creator is the only teacher. In fact, there are those who have more experience in the practice, but they should be treated like older brothers or sisters. Ho'oponopono is a tool for cleansing, for correcting mistakes, erasing the effects of past actions and memories that cause chaos and grief in our lives and the lives of others.

Who can practice the method?

Anyone can engage in this practice, in essence, conducting a dialogue with yourself you are looking for a dialogue with the Creator. However, before you go further, you will need to understand the basic concepts of Ho'oponopono.
When a person is faced with any adverse situation, then practicing he will immediately ask himself: “What is it about me that caused this event? Why did this event appear or the person who behaves in this way? Why did this disease manifest itself?”. Practitioners know that blaming others is the right way to repeat the problem!

Where the "legs grow"

You have probably heard of a Hawaiian therapist who cured the entire ward of insane criminals who by chance became his patients? He did this, never having met any of them, and not being with them even for a short time in one room? It is not joke. This is a real therapist, Dr. Ihaliakala Hugh Lina. He studied each of the files describing the diseases of patients, patients, and then he healed them by healing himself. Amazing results seem like a miracle, but miracles happen when you use Hawaiian healing. And Joe Vitale first spoke about the Hawaiian method of healing to the whole world. It was "Hawaiian healing" that, with its simplicity and efficiency, "blew up the universe." What do they think about it in Hawaii? The article is a little about it, but on Wikipedia Ho'oponopono is described beautifully!

Hooponopono for beginners: quick results

To begin with: you do not have to believe in something or feel something special, in order for it to work. Only the desire to pronounce phrases. This is the zero point, where we “recklessly dance with everyone, as on a holiday” - the expansion of opportunities and wonders. It is emptiness and acceptance in your head 🙂 What is the zero point, how to practice correctlywhy it happens that the practice does not work and where bad reviews come from in the next article.

For practitioners, the results are often astounding. Do you need a miracle? I think, yes, if you are still here, it means that you want to understand how this can work, and also how can you heal yourself and how can you treat others with it? And in general, how can you even just heal yourself? And why and how will it affect anything "there"?

The secret is that not such a thing as "there"- everything that happens to you is in your mind. Everything you see, everything you hear, every person you meet is in your mind. You only think that it is somewhere" there ", and you think it frees you from responsibility. In fact, it's quite the opposite: you are responsible for everything you think and everything that comes to your attention. If you follow the news, everything you hear in the news - this is your responsibility. It sounds tough, but it means that you can also clear yourself, clear the situation, and Forgiveness to change it.

There are four simple steps to this method and order is not so important.

Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love are the only amazing powers that work. The best part of the updated version of Ho'oponopono: you can do it yourself, you do not need anyone else, you do not need to be there, you do not need to listen to anyone except yourself. You can "say" the words in your head. The power is in your feelings and in the constant readiness of the Universe to forgive and love. It is not necessary to adhere to the order of "steps", they can be interchanged. The main thing - sincerity and harmony - "zero point" in your head.

Repentance - I'm sorry ...

Hooponopono for beginners: quick result - harmony with yourself

As mentioned above, you are responsible for everything that happens in your mind, even if it seems that it is “there” and does not concern you. Once you realize that it is very natural: to regret that everything happened that way. “I know, I'm sure what to do. And if I hear and I have some kind of trouble or problem, I’m full of remorse that something in my mind created this problem. And I am very sorry that someone I know is in trouble, that there are "broken bones" (and / or ... you yourself know the situation), and I understand that this is just me and the thoughts in my head are all cause.

Это осознание может быть болезненным, и вы, скорее всего, будете сопротивляться, не принимая на себя ответственность за проблемы, которые кажутся "там" , пока вы не начнете практиковать этот метод на ваших очевидных проблемах, которые "здесь" и увидите результаты.
Well, so, choose what you already know and what you have called for yourself? Excessive weight? Addiction to nicotine, alcohol or any other substance? Do you have anger, aggression, stress? Health problems? Start with what seems very important, and say that you are very sorry that this happened.

That's the whole FIRST STEP! Just say clearly: "I am sorry. I think, I know, and I understand that I am responsible for (your problem) in my life, and I feel a tremendous remorse and regret, because something in my mind caused something . " There should be no guilt or self-blame, you just acknowledge the fact that it happened, you have to understand that what happened is not your fault. Just the fact that it is in your head, and you are the reason why it appeared there.

Step 3: Thanks - THANK YOU

Say "Thank you" - Again, it really does not matter who or what you thanked. Thank you for your body, for all that it does for you. Thank yourself for the fact that at the moment it is better than you can be. Thank God. Thanks to the universe. Thanks to anyone for simply forgiving you. Just go on
say thank you

That's all. All practice in a nutshell. Simple and surprisingly effective

Please do not force to apply this method of healing to anyone. Remember that you have no right to impose your opinions or beliefs on someone else, even if you “think” that they can help this practice to other people. In fact, those who practice the method well know that the best way to help others is to look inside. It was a small excursion to the Hooponopono method for beginners with quick results - the main advantage of this method.
So if you really want to help others, use it yourself. Ho'oponopono mantra, practice, cleansing, breathing exercises and other meditations, to eliminate what is in you, and what causes adverse conditions that manifest themselves in your life and the lives of others ..

And you can also make a magic "blue water". This is one of the tools. She can erase memories if you want :). You can use it the same way as usual - for cooking, drinking, wiping your face. Just leave the usual water in the sun for an hour. Only water should be in a transparent blue glass container. And remember the main thing - your thoughts make your life. Everything will work out.