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Women's fashion overalls 2018-2019: photo ideas, new items, styles


The overalls have a lot of advantages, but the main thing is the minimum requirements for styling: to get a complete look, you just need to add shoes, and these can be the most concise sandals.

The overalls will be appreciated by those who prefer trousers to dresses - even a cocktail attire with his participation will look original. Models with a floral or ethnic print will be appreciated by hippie style fans, while strict militarized models are simply universal.

A suitable jumpsuit can be found for any figure: a long free or straight cut will help to hide flaws, ultra-short and skinny, on the contrary, will emphasize advantages.

There is a choice

Elegant evening, flirty and infantile or laconic military - suitable overalls can be found for any image.

A black fitted jumpsuit with flounces and a thin strap is a great option for an evening out. Such a self-sufficient model does not need a bright environment - we add only a black and gold clutch, high-heeled shoes and earrings with crystals.

A pin-up style mini-jumpsuit fits perfectly into the ensemble a la the 1960s. We will complement it with a light translucent coat of straight cut, pointy pumps and large sunglasses - and we will get a great outfit for easy walking around the city and meeting with friends.

A strict and comfortable military-style overalls will certainly become a fashionable uniform for every day, especially in combination with massive sandals and a free-cut jacket.

“Resort” outfit with a touch of retro shape around a denim jumpsuit, reminiscent of women's swimwear of the 1930s. A brimmed straw hat and vintage-style bag will help enhance the effect. An elegant addition will be the "male" parts - white shoes and dickey.

Women's fashion overalls 2018-2019: trends, trends, styles, best models

First, let's talk about the color palette, in which women's overalls of the next seasons will be presented.

Undoubtedly, black women overalls and fashionable overalls of white, red, blue color still lead. They appear in each season, demonstrating the best new products from famous designers.

Undoubtedly, women's overalls of yellow, blue, turquoise, mint, purple, coral and orange color, which will be favorite for women this summer, will be playful and bright.

Fashionable and very beautiful overalls for women in green, burgundy, purple, crimson, heavenly, emerald, metallic shades will help create elegant images for a special occasion.

By all means, pay attention to women's overalls in a contrasting and approximate color performance, combining yellow and black, black and white, red and black, purple and orange, purple and pink, purple and red, pink and orange, etc.

In addition to color variations, it is quite important to note how fashionable women's overalls are implemented in different variants of cut, which determines the influence of fashion trends on each fasonchik.

The fair sex will appreciate fashionable jumpsuits, asymmetrical, beautiful jumpsuits with fringe, sequins, prints and lace.

Each style is unique, because women's overalls make the silhouette very elegant, stretch the figure, and thanks to good cut ideas they hide problem areas of the body.

If you choose women's jumpsuits with pants, look at models with palazzo trousers, bananas, shortened trousers, two-colored and multi-colored options, as well as overalls with a long or three-quarter sleeve.

Fashionable overalls for special occasion 2018-2019 - trends

Today, it is women’s overalls that have become a must have for proms, receptions and parties, and even weddings - as a bridal outfit.

Wedding and evening overalls with a V-neck, bustier, straps will be very successful, to emphasize the beauty of the bust, neck, figure in principle.

And luxurious women's overalls with bare back and shoulders will be delightful for creating mysterious and seductive images.

Wedding and evening overalls from the latest collections were presented not only with a large number of decorative elements, but also with variations of loops on the top and bottom of the model. Looks awesome.

Elegant and feminine overalls 2018-2019 in seasonal variations - trends

Fashionable overalls of the autumn-winter period and spring-summer can be qualified by styles, models, ideas of decoration, typical for each individual season.

For the cold, designers offer stylish overalls for women with a classic collar and stand-up collar, fur collars.

In the trend, women's overalls made of velvet, costume fabrics, leather, and denim, in which women feel very comfortable.

Autumn-winter women's overalls will be relevant in a checkered, striped, animal print, and for the spring-summer variations, the designers picked up beautiful light, flowing, sturdy fabrics with flowers, plants, peas, in a marine theme, abstract, ethnic and pop art.

Warm days welcomes new items of chiffon and satin overalls that perfectly highlight the beauty of body fabrics.

Stylish overalls 2018-2019 with original cutting solutions - trends

In our TOP 100 photo ideas you will see women's overalls in a wide variety of variations of cut that will be able to satisfy the tastes of different women.

Look at the spectacular models with frills and ruffles, presented in both monophonic and in versions with different styles.

Women's overalls with a collar collar, chic models with embroidery and appliqués, stylish overalls a bat, on one shoulder, with frills.

Very elegant novelties of women's overalls are complemented by a shirt collar, a smell, with bindings and bows, bindings.

Sexy overalls with transparent inserts made of lace fabric and knitted models look sexy, while overalls with a high neckline will simply conquer all men at a party or other special event, where evening wear of this type is acceptable.

Also note that the talented masters of the industry offered beautiful overalls with pockets, straps, with wide sleeves and capes, which you can also see in our collection.

Women's overalls 2018-2019 in the most relevant materials - trends

As we have already mentioned, women's overalls came to us from work clothes, which were mainly made of thick fabrics, which still refers to denim.

Women's overalls - jeans models have become loved for the fair sex, who love to feel the freedom and comfort in clothes.

Such options are very comfortable to wear and can easily be combined with any bag, a large number of options for shoes.

Jeans overalls can be, both with sleeves, and without, on buttons or merged, with different models of trousers, for example with turns, on elastic bands, with wide trouser-legs.

Not less popular women's overalls in sports style, as a rule, made of knitwear, stretching materials, natural and semi-synthetic. In this category, there are both tight-fitting models and models of free cut.

Women's overalls made of lace, chiffon, satin are luxurious overalls with a delightful look, because these materials are very elegant and refined. They are presented with trousers and shorts.

You will see the best models of overalls from these and other wonderful fabrics right now.

What is it and who will do?

Women's overalls appeared quite a long time, and then everyone forgot about them. But, as you know, everything new is well forgotten old, so that the overalls began to appear again on the catwalks and in fashion houses. Such a thing is a kind of combination of the upper part of the clothes and the bottom.

The upper part can be presented in the form of T-shirts or blouses with short or long sleeves. The role of the lower part today can play as shorts, and pants of any length, and even capri pants and breeches. In general, there is no limit to the imagination of designers!

Who is suitable for overalls? In fact, all. Such a thing is not only convenient, but also universal. If you choose the right style, then you can hide as extra volume, and excessive thinness. So a competent cut will help to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages.

There are no age restrictions either. Many consider the jumpsuit a youth thing, but in fact it is not. Middle-aged ladies can also afford such an item of clothing.

How to choose?

What to look for when choosing a jumpsuit?

  • Season. For summer, the ideal would be a jumpsuit of light, natural and thin materials, breathable and well evaporating moisture. But for the winter it is worth getting a thing from warm and dense fabric.
  • Style. Choosing a style, consider the peculiarities of your figure. So, if you are a slim girl, then feel free to choose short jumpsuits and always tight-fitting ones. Long, too, will suit you. If you want to hide excessive thinness, then choose a model with long wide trousers and voluminous top. But to hide the extra volume will help free overalls. Visually reduce the hips with the help of trousers, flared from the hip. And, on the contrary, the trousers-breeches or volumetric details in this zone, such as ruffles, folds, flounces, ruffles, can make this part of the body more appetizing. To emphasize the waist, you can use the gum or strap.
  • The length of the bottom. Of course, the ideal option for the summer - short shorts. But they are not all. If you have slender legs, such models will suit you. But remember that, greatly opening long legs, you can spoil the proportions of the figure and look ridiculous. But you fit shorter pants. A length above or below the knees will also be appropriate. If the legs are not as long as we would like, then you should not visually "cut off" them. Choose either long overalls, covering the ankles or even covering the heels, or short, which will open the legs almost completely.
  • Colors and patterns. Remember that the dark tones are slim, and light - complete. Consider the type of appearance. Warm skin tones are best combined with the same tones, cold - with cold. Large prints attract attention, and small colorful designs add volume.

Styles and styles

What will be the styles and stylistic directions? Designers offer such a variety of models that it will be difficult to choose one thing. Here are a few basic points:

  • The length of the pants and sleeves can be absolutely anyone! For example, summer overalls are minimalist: short shorts and no sleeves. But, of course, it’s impossible to go to the office in such a dress. More official option - long pants.
  • Length and cut of the bottom. Diversity is seen in everything. Next year both narrowed and wide trousers will be relevant. Some models have elastic bands and cuffs, which is very, very convenient. Flawed pants that can resemble a skirt are relevant. Pants, breeches, too, can be seen on the catwalks, as well as harem pants.
  • Cut top. The upper part can also be almost any. Details such as deep sexy neckline, V-neck, open shoulders, open back, asymmetrical shoulders, straps (or one shoulder strap) are relevant. The upper part can be presented in the form of a free top, tight-fitting business blouse, youth t-shirt or even a sexy corset. Original look overhead or turn-down collars and stand-up collars.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the details, they can also be varied: shuttlecocks, darts, elastic bands, ruffles and so on. But remember that some details add volume and do not fit ladies with appetizing forms.
  • Style can also be any. So, classic models emphasize elegance, casual style is a great everyday option. Retro-style will give the image a highlight. Bright youth style will add a touch of mischief and carelessness. And if you lead an active lifestyle, then feel free to choose sports overalls.

The following fabrics will be relevant and fashionable:

  1. In the spring or autumn, you can buy overalls of tweed, velvet, knitwear, corduroy.
  2. Something lighter is suitable for summer: chiffon, silk, organza, flax, and cotton.
  3. Actual translucent and transparent mesh inserts, elements of guipure, lace details. All this is so sexy and excites the male fantasy!
  4. Want to combine style and convenience? Buy denim overalls, it still remains relevant.
  5. Leather is gorgeous and extravagant. A thing can be completely sewn of such material or just have leather parts and inserts.
  6. Details from fur will warm in cold and will add chic.
  7. Interesting textures, convex patterns, metallized smooth coatings will be fashionable. Many designers in their collections combine incompatible and create tandems of fabrics of different textures.

Colors, prints and decorations

Now, what colors will be in trend:

  • Deep and noble: sapphire, blue, emerald, indigo, plum, burgundy.
  • Pastel shades: beige, peach, lime.
  • Bright and juicy coral, orange, red, yellow, pink, crimson, turquoise.
  • Relevant silver, gold and metallic tones.
  • Classic white and black are also in trend.

The jumpsuit can be monophonic, it is elegant and feminine. But models in which several shades or colors are combined at once are fresh and bright. Moreover, the overalls can have the upper and lower parts of different colors or be sewn from multi-colored pieces of fabric.

Now about fashionable prints:

  • Romantic pea will make the image tender.
  • The strip will help hide figure flaws and add originality.
  • Mysterious oriental patterns will be relevant.
  • Large figures will make you pay attention. Actual portraits, images of animals.
  • Animalistic and floral prints also remain relevant.
  • Asterisks and geometric patterns will also be fashionable.
  • Story drawings attract attention and make the image original.

As for jewelry, it can be stones, embroidery, sequins, beads, buttons, and so on.

Stylish denim overalls for women 2018-2019 year

The most popular jumpsuits are considered fashionable denim overalls, which won the love of many fashionistas. It is denim overalls in trend in the season 2018-2019.

Therefore, choosing the perfect overalls for the weekend and an informal style of clothing that would be practical, comfortable and at the same time also stylish and fashionable, of course give preference to denim overalls.

For lovers of denim, you can rejoice, because the designers presented a lot of original and incredibly cool denim overalls 2018-2019.

These are our usual blue denim overalls, white denim overalls, a summer version of denim overalls-shorts, stylish denim overalls with whitening and scuffing.

The best option for a hot summer: fashionable jumpsuit shorts 2018-2019 year

Going on vacation to soak up the sunshine and plan your best summer vacation - then you can't do without fashionable and such necessary overalls-shorts.

There can be a lot of options for a summer fashionable look with a jumpsuit - these are denim jumpsuit-shorts, chiffon jumpsuit and other light and airy fabrics.

An excellent choice is also a fashionable summer jumpsuit-shorts, decorated with delicate or bright and rich prints, for example, a fashionable floral print.

An elegant summer jumpsuit-shorts are presented with variants of white, gently pink, blue hues, which look elegant and sophisticated in summer bow.

Fashionable evening jumpsuit 2018-2019 year

Fashionable overalls for the season 2018-2019 are also represented by the best options for evening wear for parties and parties. Beautiful evening overalls will be the best choice for women and girls who want to create a luxurious and elegant evening look.

For the evening it is best to give preference to fashionable jumpsuits, which are decorated with lace, frill, beautiful ruffles. Very elegant and feminine fashionable overalls in the color of "powder", classic red or black, or deep and rich colors - burgundy, blue, emerald.

Evening overalls for 2018-2019 are by all means frank and feminine models attracting the attention and admiring glances of others.

Be sure, choosing fashionable evening overalls this season, you will be in the center of attention, shining with beauty and elegance.

Stylish overalls 2015: options for every day

Collections of famous couturiers for spring and summer 2015 are the true embodiment of style and elegance. This also applies to fashionable overalls. Fashion designers preferred mostly free silhouettes. In the collection of the fashion house Kenzo you can find a concise version of the sleeveless sleeves of pale blue color with wide trousers in the floor and an original figured collar with black edging. In turn, the fitted model of this color was demonstrated by the brand Tod’s. Элегантный комбинезон с рукавами до локтей, V-образным вырезом, резинкой на талии и широкими брюками внешне напоминает изящное платье макси-длины. Весьма эффектно смотрится фиалковая модель на бретелях с изящными драпировками у бренда Escada. Все эти комбинезоны удачно впишутся в повседневные casual образы.

нежно-голубой комбинезон от Kenzo

вариант на каждый день от Tod's

фиалковая модель от бренда Escada весна-лето 2015

Минималистичный вариант в спортивном стиле с прямыми брюками и верхом, напоминающим майку, представил бренд Akris. А стильный офисный вариант свободного кроя без рукавов с отложным воротником и кружевным декором продемонстрировал модный дом Alberta Feretti.

строгий белый комбинезон Akris

женственный вариант от Alberta Ferretti

In the spring and summer of 2015, denim overalls will be popular. Designers Chloe and Trussardi decided to turn to history and created long-sleeved denim overalls that look like a uniform of the pilots of the last century. A brand Rebecca Minkoff presented a model similar to the working clothes of American farmers. A stylish jumpsuit with shoulder straps with shortened legs and scuffs will take a worthy place in the wardrobe of a lover of grunge or casual style.

Trussardi Suede Jumpsuit

denim overalls in the spirit of clothing farmers from Rebecca Minkoff

Bright fashionable women will appreciate stylish and extravagant overalls with floral prints, like those of Chanel and Marc Jacobs, or a model with multi-colored confetti on fabric and leather inserts of bright blue color in Miu Miu.

from the Miu Miu collection

Overalls on wide straps

The current model of the season spring summer 2015 - open jumpsuit with wide straps. It is found in the collections of Karen Walker, Elizabeth and James, Emilio Pucci and other designers. Made such a jumpsuit can be in costume or denim, as well as in a dense knitwear. Such a model can be worn as a naked body, and boldly combine the jumpsuit with blouses, shirts or tops.

Emilio pucci Elizabeth and James, Akris Karen Walker, Guy Laroche


The classic style of this wardrobe detail has become one of the trend this season. In the collections of Celine and Emilia Wickstead, there are business-style overalls, their distinguishing features: laconic cut, trousers with arrows and small interesting details. In the classic blue you can go to work in the office, and in the bright sport in the summer along the city streets.

Marios Schwab, Saloni Emilia Wickstead, Celine

Jumpsuit - the history of climbing the fashionable Olympus ...

In the wake of the wardrobe of farmers and athletes, a little later, overalls began to appear in everyday collections of clothes, on catwalks and magazine pages. The first collection of overalls was presented by designers Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. But they gained particular popularity in the 70s, after the concerts of the ABBA group, where the singers shone in luxurious overalls.In the 1980s, strict and laconic products appeared, with long sleeves and a fitted silhouette.In the 90s, under the influence of fashion trends, began to appear more open models. After that, they were forgotten for some time. But fashion is cyclical, and for several seasons in a row, overalls replenish the wardrobe of women of fashion. Designers create a lot of beautiful feminine, austere, elegant, sporty models.

Models with trousers - culottes

Particularly interesting is the novelty of this season - a jumpsuit with culottes, this model combines two fashion trends at once, which means everyone will be completely struck down! Look at how beautiful the black Veronica Beard jumpsuit looks, especially when combined with flesh-colored sandals with high heels.

Veronica beard

With wide trousers

Wide trousers, flowing while walking, and so thinly veiling women's legs appeared in the collections of several fashion houses: Tess Giberson, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Missoni ...

M Missoni Tess giberson Zero + Maria Cornejo

Feminine and romantic models

For light and romantic persons, fashion designers have created overalls made of silk, chiffon, satin, gently fitting the figure. Such models are decorated with flounces, flirty bow or belt. The special grace is achieved due to the flowing silhouette.

Alena Akhmadullina, Roksanda Escada, Marchesa Voyage

You may also find interesting reviews with fashionable clothes for the season spring summer 2015:

Evening models

Fashionable designers have developed many interesting and unusual images for the evening exits. These are overalls with incredibly beautiful decorative elements, decorated with velvet, lace and embroidery. Some of them can be combined with fashionable vests this season.

Toga, Emanuel Ungaro Undercover, Elie Saab

Free Cut Models

Overalls, tailored to free patterns, do not give up fashionable positions and this season they are at the peak of their popularity. Of course, because these are very comfortable clothes that allow you to hide some unwanted nuances of the figure and women of fashion do not want to give up this comfort. Designers prefer to combine beauty, femininity and utility in overalls of this season. Just look at what matchless models Raoul, Leonard, Kaelen turned out to be.

Raoul Leonard Kaelen

Working style

Trussardi and A.F. Vandevorst presented collections, referring us to the origins of the creation of overalls, the days when it was intended for workers. About this we are reminded of front pockets, simple, straight cut, zipper and elastic bands on the cuffs of sleeves.

A.F. Vandervorst, Trussardi

White color

Separate attention to white color - which is natural, because summer is coming soon. Overalls of this pure and radiant color are included in the collections of many fashion designers. This is Kenzo's snow-white look and the white Saloni print is very fresh.

Elisabetta Franchi, Christian Dior Saloni Lisa Perry, Kenzo

Short models

In the summer, designers offer us to walk short models. Shorts range from mid-thigh to knee edge. Such overalls are made of a wide variety of fabrics, in a sporty, casual and romantic style.

Kaelen, Zimmermann M Missoni, Osklen

Designers offer us to wear overalls of different styles, colors and styles, well, what will be your image this summer, you decide.

Elegant evening overalls 2015

The very daring and sexy jumpsuit was demonstrated by the Balmain fashion house. The model, made in a bright scarlet color, favorably emphasizes the décolleté area and piquantly opens the waistline. Equally bold option offers Emanuel Ungaro. A black lace jumpsuit with a silk collar and a leather belt will look truly elegant on a date.

sexy red model from the brand Balmain

Emanuel Ungaro lace jumpsuit for a date

Less relaxed evening overalls can be found in the collections of Elie Saab. Fitted models, made in turquoise and white colors, with an emphasis on the waist in the form of straps and lace inserts are the epitome of refined chic and elegant nobility.

discreet evening bow from Elie Saab for spring-summer 2015

A stylish option for an evening out with a top gang in black was demonstrated by Gean Paul Gaultier. Yellow silk jumpsuit in loose fit is available in the Guy Laroshe collection. No less interesting is the black jumpsuit with suede inserts from Narciso Rodrigues. And how do you want to appear to the amazed public: refined, playful or relaxed? Decide for yourself! But any of these jumpsuits will make you the star of the evening!

original model of Jean Paul Gaultier jumpsuit

evening version by Guy Laroche

fashionable jumpsuit Narciso Rodriguez Spring-Summer 2015

Thus, it is safe to say that the attractive and alluring style of women's overalls, which will be obedient to all ages, will be among the main trends of the upcoming 2015 spring-summer season.