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Crystal wedding - the anniversary of 15 years of marriage


15 years of family life, unlike intermediate anniversaries, spouses rarely leave without attention. This is a very suitable occasion to fill your marriage with new emotions and arrange a holiday for yourself, relatives and friends. Since such a solemn event can be organized only “once every five years,” it is worthwhile to think through all the nuances - from thematic presents to the husband and wife to the banquet.

Crystal anniversary: ​​15 years of living together

A real highlight in the life of loving spouses is Crystal Anniversary. Not all couples can approach the 15th year of family life in modern society, because passion and ardor have already subsided somewhat in relationships, all the “pluses” and “minuses” of their half are known by heart. The fragility of marriage is evident at this stage. Because the anniversary symbol is considered to be crystal.

But there are other reasons:

  1. The Japanese call rock crystal the frozen breath of a dragon. He personifies the highest heavenly power that unites the past, the present and the future. So, for 15 years of life, the spouses have already left the "baggage" behind them, there is a life together today and plans for the future.
  2. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, rock crystal plays an important role in creating comfort and harmony in the house, including he attracts wealth and well-being.
  3. The symbol of the 15th anniversary is a clear and transparent mineral. This talisman, helping to clear the thoughts of the spouses, will make the relationship crystal clear, without flaws. It is believed that crystal strengthens oath treaties, which is important for fidelity in marriage.
  4. Nature creates a mineral in crystals in the form of a 6-sided prism. In the same way, during the years of family life, husband and wife open up various facets and talents in each other.
  5. Defectless crystal crystals are quite rare, and therefore highly valued. This can be compared to an ideal relationship, which is not often the case in the 15th year of marriage.

The main thing that symbolizes crystal is hardness, wholeness, but also fragility. Despite the rather long term of family life, everything can be destroyed by an inappropriate act or a rude word, just as it is easy to break a crystal vase.

Crystal Anniversary Traditions

By tradition, on this day, it is customary to perform certain symbolic actions:

  • in order for the marriage, as they say, not to crack, you should disassemble the dishes in the house and throw away all the old, cracked and cracked objects. It is quite possible to attract already grown up children to this process.
  • Since crystal is able to strengthen oath agreements, spouses can write solemn oaths for each other. They can be said alone, or voiced publicly at a festive banquet in the presence of guests,
  • in the morning, according to ancient custom, spouses should wash in clean spring water in order to wash off all past offenses. If in modern conditions it is problematic, then you can add ice to ordinary water,
  • On this day, it is customary to update the dishes, for example, to buy a new service. And the old unnecessary give to someone,
  • on the anniversary it is customary to purchase some kind of decorative object for the interior of glass or crystal. This could be a pair of wall sconces or a beautiful statuette.

On the festive table, according to the tradition, should be placed dishes from crystal: salad bowls, ice-cream bowls, glasses, and so on. And at the end of the celebration, the spouses, as a rule, break their glasses for good luck, of which they drank into brotherhood.

Crystal Wedding Gifts

Since the fifteenth anniversary is very significant for the spouses, then the gifts should not be trivial:

  • Husband You can please, giving as a gift cufflinks with rock crystal or tie clip, inlaid with crystals. A good gift will be a beer crystal mug, an ashtray or an original decanter.
  • Wife You will surely like jewelry - pendants or pendant with crystal. You can present an expensive perfume in an unusual transparent bottle. Gorgeous crystal mirror should also please the spouse. And do not forget about the important attribute of the holiday, as a symbolic bouquet, respectively, composed of 15 flowers.
  • Husband and wife As a general gift, invited guests may present something useful for sharing, for example, crystal candlesticks, a new set, a salad bowl set or a flower vase.
  • From friends "young" It will be nice to accept decorative gifts, such as transparent figurines, pictures of glass, etc. Estets will be delighted with carved glass chess or checkers, which you can play with friends in the evenings.
  • To my children on such a significant anniversary parentsIn the presence of financial opportunities, give and very expensive gifts. For example, a pleasant surprise will be a trip to the Alps to visit the largest deposit of rock crystal.
  • For parentschildren can draw a card, make an application using brilliant rhinestones and even write a congratulatory poem:

Called Crystal Wedding!

I help you set the table not too lazy,

I can iron mom's dress,

And I can tie my daddy tie!

You are the best in the world, family!

I want a lot of happiness I wish you,

So that you have lived together for a hundred years!

  • Unusual There will be such gifts as a collection postage stamp with the image of a mineral, a glass souvenir “a la Faberge egg” or a hookah with a crystal bulb.

How to celebrate the 15th anniversary

Since the wedding date - the anniversary, then it should be noted magnificently, in a big way. Because the wife has been caring for households for 15 years every day, then she should also have the opportunity to rest on a holiday. Therefore, it is considered correct to organize a banquet not at home, but in a restaurant.

The decoration of the room and the table itself should be symbolic: light colors, transparent and white fabrics, abundance of crystal glassware, arranged glass vases with flowers. A crystal chime can be created with the help of bells tied to the backs of chairs.

On the holiday should call both the older generation and children. Guests are welcome to invite as many as possible, including colleagues and buddies. The celebration of the 15th anniversary should be noisy and fun, with music, dancing and applause. It is appropriate to even call the lead and animator for children.

A special "highlight" of the holiday will be an invitation to a glassblower. Such a spectacle will not leave guests and heroes of the occasion indifferent, and everyone will be able to participate in it, and then leave the banquet with a small souvenir made of glass.

Anniversary greetings: prose and poems

Pleasant words and wishes to spouses will be a great addition to the material presentations. You can read aloud or write congratulations on the card in prose:

It is always a pleasure to receive beautiful anniversaries. poems:

We wish you love and happiness in your wedding day!

So as not to crack the glass, so that the crystal was whole,

You have to fight for your family bravely!

In marriage, you are 15 years old: survived so much.

Ate salt pud together, sometimes sad,

Quarrels were, well hide. But always put up,

It's not just that you have united in a family!

May love always reign in your bright home,

You are even happier than a wedding album!

In addition to poems and wishes can be presented to the perpetrators of the celebration video greetings, toasts and even songs. The emphasis should be on the fact that, despite living together for many years, you should treat your family and each other with care. After all, even a very strong love relationship can break, like a glass goblet, from rash action.

What to gift?

Guests must bring gifts appropriate to the occasion. The best gift will be a variety of glass and crystal products. Great for this fit sets of glasses, glasses, wine glasses, glasses. Various dishes, salad bowls, vases or decanters made of crystal.

Crystal or glass figurines, figurines or decorative interior items will be a good gift. As a symbol of eternal love and loyalty, you can donate figures of swans or hearts.
After the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Crystal (glass) wedding, it is not customary to celebrate small anniversaries. Round dates are celebrated, and the next significant event of the spouses' family life will be a porcelain wedding, which marks the twenty years of family life.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 15 years of marriage and what needs to be given on this anniversary :). The next anniversary is Turquoise Wedding.

The customs and traditions of the crystal wedding

Crystal wedding - the fifteenth anniversary of marriage, it has its own customs, traditions, to adhere to which or not - it's up to you. Traditionally, this holiday gathers all relatives, friends and relatives, not only those who were present during the announcement of the couple to husband and wife, but also those with whom the couple met and became friends for 15 years of marriage.

An ancient tradition of a crystal wedding was considered to break old mirrors, in which previous generations looked, which had seen grief, quarrels, tears of disappointment, and also a sincere smile in its lifetime. It is believed that in this way the family gets rid of the difficulties of past years, negative energy, leaving only pleasant, bright, cheerful moments in memories and in life.

How to celebrate a wedding anniversary 15 years?

The fifteenth anniversary of the wedding - an important date in the life of the spouses, because it must be noted with a grand scale. Moreover, age allows you to spend time as you want. How to do it, where it is better to hold a celebration, whom to invite, how to amuse guests - issues that are relevant to many on the eve of the celebration.

The choice of venue for the celebration

Crystal wedding is a momentous event that you definitely want to celebrate in full, so that you can remember this day no less than the day of the wedding. The ideal place to hold a celebration is a restaurant, a usual cafe, a banquet hall. Beautiful when the tables are used round shape. Decorate the hall with flowers, decorative balloons, balloons, various decorations.

It is worth choosing a small hall, but such that all the guests are accommodated, they feel comfortable. The decor should be comfortable, it is better that the colors in the design were light, delicate, unobtrusive. To cheer up guests, it is necessary to hold small comic contests or games. And in order not to be bored at all - invite a toastmaster with musical accompaniment, he will cheer up, stir up the guests, make your holiday truly cheerful.

What to wear spouses

The anniversary of the fifteenth anniversary of marriage is a real holiday for the spouses, because the heroes of the occasion should look their best. What is better to wear on the 15th anniversary of family life:

  • An elegant dress of light colors or a trouser suit is ideal for a spouse. It will look good light chiffon blouse with a skirt, narrowed to the bottom (if the figure fits). In the case when the spouse has magnificent forms, it is better to pay attention to loose evening dress, which will highlight the dignity, hiding the figure flaws.

  • Spouse is ideally suited suit, similar to the one that was on him on the day of marriage. If the celebration falls on summer time, then a light suit made of natural fabrics (linen, silk, etc.) of light shades is perfect.

Who to invite

The fifteenth wedding anniversary is a family holiday, to which you should definitely invite friends, relatives, loved ones - parents, children. Parents symbolize a tribute to the older generation. A child is a continuation of a kind, family tradition to create a family and live in love, harmony, loyalty, therefore you should not leave children without attention.

Friends are also irreplaceable people, who in some moments help and support more than their relatives, because without them the celebration is simply impossible. Yes, with whom it is still possible to have fun, to share happiness, if not with your favorite friends on the fifteen-year anniversary of the family?

What should be on the table

Anniversary wedding - a holiday for the whole family, with dancing, fun, tasty snacks on the holiday table. What dishes you choose for a celebration depends on your taste preferences, wishes. It can be traditional salads, cold dishes and hot dishes, or you can organize an original theme party, for example, in a sushi restaurant.

The table should be served with crystal glasses, symbolizing the date for which all the guests gathered. Traditional for Soviet times crystal salad bowls and partitioned dishes will also not be superfluous during the holiday. It also looks good glassware, which has recently enjoyed particular popularity.

Do not forget that no anniversary is complete without a cake, because it must be ordered beforehand. Dessert design ideas differ, modern pastry chefs are ready to offer one big cake, and many small cupcakes, and personalized cookies - all so that the hero of the occasion and their guests are happy with the final chord of the banquet.

Crystal Wedding Scenario

Crystal (glass) wedding - a special day when you celebrate the birthday of your family. 15 years is almost the legal age of the family, when you are already firmly on your feet, leaning on each other and supporting your partner. Celebrate this day should be fun, with a good mood. To do this, you need to plan activities, creating a script. For such a holiday, the standard scenario of the anniversary is quite suitable, only instead of the hero of the day there will be a family and there will be two heroes of the occasion.

For 15 years of wedding, the script should include greetings, fun, fiery dances, and various contests. But at the same time, the leader of the event should take into account that the participants will want to rest for a while, talk about their innermost things, share their experienced sorrows, joy. To do this, guests should be given time to enjoy the company, discuss pressing issues.

What to give for 15 years of wedding

Glass wedding is different in that you don’t have to think too much about a gift, because they are easy to coincide with the anniversary symbol - glass, crystal. Giving a variety of crystal products is a sign of good tone, because now manufacturers offer an excellent selection of things - tableware and souvenirs, interior crystal products. If you go on a visit, where a crystal anniversary wedding is celebrated, then it is fine: sets (plates, cups, stands), a set of elegant crystal glasses, glasses, as well as vases, figurines, and other trifles.

It is not difficult for a spouse to choose the perfect gift, a rock crystal decoration is perfect, a new chandelier with durable crystal crystals in your bedroom, perfumes in original, faceted packaging. If you want to stand out, make a beautiful engraving (for example, the name of the beloved, the date of the wedding), thus showing that the gift is made with the heart from the heart. And do not forget about the bouquet, without this sign of attention should not do any celebrations, because your spouse-wife deserved it.

For a spouse, choose a beautiful ashtray as a gift (if the husband smokes), beautiful candlesticks with candles, under the flames of which you can organize a beautiful romantic evening, drinking expensive champagne from crystal glasses. You can also choose a picture under the glass or a bottle with a ship or a car inside.

Crystal Wedding Congratulations

The fifteenth anniversary of the wedding - a real holiday for couples, because he can not do without congratulations. You can easily find and choose a beautiful greeting on the subject of "crystal (glass) wedding" in verse or prose. If it is not possible to congratulate personally, it is possible to send a beautiful or cool SMS message.

You can also make an original greeting yourself using a computer, beautiful postcards from the Internet and a couple of photos of the heroes of the occasion. An example of such a congratulation look at the video:

Crystal wedding (15 years, glass wedding) - this is the last annual date, then the countdown will go five-year period, because the final anniversary should be noted with dignity. It is worth remembering that crystal is a clean, transparent, sonorous material, but fragile. So your relationship - they are already established, a little stronger, but remain fragile and vulnerable, because you should carefully treat each other, appreciate the family and keep the family hearth. Everything will work out if you do it with love.

You have to organize a fifteen-year wedding anniversary? Or have you recently attended such an event? Share your impressions, thoughts, emotions, ideas, leaving a comment or review.

Through storms and thunderstorms

There are situations when it is not easy to understand and even forgive. However, if true love reigns in the family, much is really possible. Maybe sometimes you have to compromise and forget about your principles. But aren't these sacrifices worthy of family happiness? Ведь что может быть важнее домашнего уюта и ощущения быть любимым (любимой) и искренне любить. То есть, вступая в брак, создавая семью, необходимо быть готовым к тому, что придется ежедневно работать над отношениями и с каждым новым днем становится мудрее и сильнее.

Нередко молодые люди влюбляются и вскоре женятся, при этом, не осознавая, что family is not a gift from above, but really hard work. Such couples are often divorced a month after the registration of the marriage and do not understand why it all happened in their lives. But it was enough to gain patience and wisdom and learn to give in and understand the other.

However, among us there are those couples who live, as they say, soul for soul for many years and at the same time retain their feelings. Even those who managed to step over the ten-year line of living together, already have every chance to live happily ever after.

You will soon celebrate 15 years of wedding. What a wedding now offer to find out.

15 years together - crystal wedding

If love and mutual understanding reign in the family, the spouses always try to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This is a really special day for the couple, in which they promised each other to be together, no matter what, and keep the feelings until the end of life.

Interestingly, each wedding anniversary has its own name. Moreover, the most famous is the golden wedding. Unfortunately, not all couples celebrate it. And there are those about whom few have heard. Among them - tin and beryllic wedding.

In 15 years, the wedding is called crystal. This name is really symbolic, since crystal is considered to be quite durable and at the same time transparent. However, when exposed to the outside may suffer. Similarly, with the feelings of spouses who have lived for fifteen years hand in hand. There were many difficulties and trials in their life together. Especially in the first years of life and during the birth of the baby. But no matter what, they managed to preserve the beauty and strength in their relationship. However, now it is important for the spouses to be especially attentive to each other and try to preserve their feelings.

So, the spouses managed to live hand in hand for 15 years. What is a wedding without celebration and congratulations? Of course, each couple decides for itself how to celebrate their anniversary. If one likes merry companies, others want to retire on this special day for the family and enjoy only the presence of their second half. And this is only the decision of two, as this is their personal day and their holiday.

At the crystal wedding "newlyweds" may well create a cozy romantic atmosphere by candlelight and be alone or go on an exciting journey. Both variants can be called interesting and acceptable for a couple. Especially travel will be happy spouse. If the husband makes her such an original gift for the anniversary of their life together, she will certainly appreciate his attention and care.

What to give spouses on their wedding anniversary?

This question often interests everyone who is going to congratulate the family on their special day. Guests choose gifts in advance and at the same time they certainly want to find something really interesting and original. Now we offer to find out what can be given to the couple for the fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Of course, you can present a general gift to a couple or give something special for a husband and wife.

For 15 years, a wedding for a couple will be a great gift:

  • crystal vase
  • crystal glasses
  • figurines, crystal ornaments
  • linens
  • Appliances
  • family portrait
  • glass painting
  • crystal box

Surely you are still wondering what is being given for 15 years of wedding, what is the tradition in families and now. Of course, there is no definitive answer. Today, more and more often they give money or make gifts according to the interests of the spouses. Such gifts will undoubtedly be pleasant and meaningful. After all, it’s important not even what was presented, but what showed attention and respect for the family.

It is important that the spouses exchange original gifts on this day. Of course, it can be symbolic gifts of crystal or gifts on the interests of a dear person.. A woman can be given a crystal decoration and, of course, her favorite flowers, and a man can get a beautiful ashtray made of crystal, or an original gift according to his interests. Whatever the gift, the most important thing is attention to each other and careful attitude.

What to choose - romance together or triumph in the circle of loved ones?

For two lovers, this day is really special and that’s why it’s so desirable that it be perfect. In addition, each pair chooses how to mark it. There are several options - to retire together and enjoy the romance by candlelight, or to call the closest and share this joy with them.

For the first option, a homely atmosphere is suitable. Also, if you wish, you can go together to the cinema, theater, or go on an exciting journey at all. It does not matter where, but more importantly - with whom.

In the second case, you can call the guests home or go to a restaurant and celebrate the anniversary of their life together. Both the first and second options are equally interesting. Home furnishings to comfort. At home you can all together watch the video of the wedding of the newlyweds or photos. Unforgettable impressions will remain from the celebration in a good restaurant. At the same time in advance, find the most secluded place and order the best menu. The ideal option would be to take into account the taste preferences of all the guests and, according to them, make up the menu.

Also, if you wish to such a celebration, you can invite a toastmaster. Many traditions exist at the celebration of the crystal wedding. One of them is the breaking of crystal glasses. Such a gesture will certainly bring happiness to the couple.

How to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding?

Useful tips for those couples who decide to celebrate a crystal wedding: ideas for the 15th wedding anniversary:

  • Celebrate the anniversary should be in the relevant topics. So the holiday will be interesting and guests will remember for a long time. When interior design do not forget about the style. Best when decorating add crystal objects to the interior, put a beautiful crystal vase on the holiday table. It is necessary to decorate a hall only in gentle light color scale. The appearance of the hall should say that this is a crystal wedding. The festive table should be suitably set and express the status of the glass wedding. Use tableware for guests from crystal and decorate the table with interesting glass or crystal figurines. A light-colored tablecloth will look good on the table.

Crystal Wedding Celebration

  • Pay special attention to the menu: hot, snacks, drinks. Do not forget the birthday cake.

Posted by Anna Levchenko (@pirogovo_anna) Oct 21 2018 at 11:36 PDT

  • Anniversary necessarily should be scripted. It is very bad if the spouses do not attach importance to the organization of the holiday and turn the crystal wedding into ordinary family gatherings. Surprise guests is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to make a dress code for guests, and then the holiday will no longer be commonplace. Fancy-dress holidays are very popular now, but don’t forget to warn your guests about this as an invitation to celebrate 15 years of married life.
    • You can create a video about your family for the anniversary. Prepare such a surprise can one of the spouses. If this is not possible, then turn to professionals who, to the exact date, will assemble an interesting film based on your family archive.

    Traditions and customs that are customarily observed at the crystal wedding

    Crystal wedding is not only a reason to organize a holiday for yourself and guests, but also a special day on which the spouses need to analyze their life together and understand important truths. On this day, each spouse should think about his behavior in the family, pay attention to the mistakes that he may be making and ensure that they do not recur. In addition, on the glass anniversary, you can perform your cherished dreams and forgotten family plans. The most important thing is that this is the time that you will spend together.

    Publication from Maria. Boy mom (@ my_name_is__mary) 6 Oct 2018 at 11:17 PDT

    How to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, each couple decides on their own. It can be a romantic evening or a big celebration with a lot of guests.

    On this day, it is customary to invite friends and relatives who were at the marriage ceremony and who entered life during the marriage.

    According to a long-standing tradition, spouses break one old mirror to their crystal wedding, which belonged to the generation of the family and which had seen many tears and disappointments. According to this tradition, spouses thus relieve their lives from problems and difficulties, and also let happiness and mutual understanding into their family.

    What should a couple do on their 15th wedding anniversary?

    After fifteen years of marriage, you can draw a certain line, analyzing the achievements of the family, their relationship. And be sure to set new goals, think about the implementation of the still unfulfilled plans.

    • Any couple has joint dreamthink about what you have done to make it happen, and how happy you will be if you achieve what you want. There is one simple trick: take a piece of paper and write together on it a list of everything you want to do in a year. You can paint any, even minor events, such as the replacement of a crane. After everything is ready, hide the list until the next wedding day.
    • Buy new dishes in the house. That's why this is a crystal (glass) wedding, in order to get at least one new set of services. Replacing old dishes with a new one is an obligatory tradition for a crystal wedding; you should not ignore it. This tradition came to us a long time ago, on this day you also need to check your old dishes for cracks, and if there are any, throw them away. Do not feel sorry for the old dishes, any reason even the smallest crack will get rid of it.

    Crystal Wedding Tradition: Buying Glassware

    • Buy a beautiful crystal or glass item with your spouse or spouse. It should be a big and beautiful item. Replace the old annoying chandelier with a new crystal one. Buy a beautiful glass piece of furnitureFor example, a coffee table. The joint purchase options are many, think about what you are missing in the house or what you would like to replace. A purchase symbolizes the beginning of a new life together and will bring you only joy. It does not hurt to also purchase a small statuette of crystal or glass. It will become a symbol of your family and will decorate your home.
    • Early morning spouses should wash your face with cool spring water. This tradition symbolizes the purification of spouses from bad thoughts and thoughts, it is also a symbol of a new life together. If you do not have spring water, then pour plain water into any container and add ice there. Wash your spouses must be together, it is very important for the ceremony.
    • Do not forget about the gifts to each other. Think of the gift in advance to surprise and rejoice the other half. There are many original gift ideas for husband and wife. For example, nice urkasheniya or accessories.

    Silver earrings with nanocrystals and fianits, SL (price by reference)

    Silver cufflinks with onyx and mother of pearl, SL (price by reference)

    What to wear spouses on the crystal wedding

    Crystal wedding is a festive day for a couple, so they should look appropriate on this day. The choice of clothes should be treated very carefully, After all, on this memorable day, the couple will be the center of attention throughout the holiday.

    Suit for glass wedding spouses

    • Wife should pick up beautiful holiday costume. You can choose a suit to match the one he wore on the first day of the wedding. For the celebration in the summer, it is best to choose a costume made from natural fabrics. It will be very comfortable and not as hot as usual. It is important that the costume is light and in the same style as the wife’s dress.
    • The wife must choose a beautiful dress of delicate shades. If you don't like dresses or feel awkward about him, wear a pantsuit. A beautiful blouse with a skirt is also suitable for a crystal wedding. The most important thing is that you like the outfit, and you feel comfortable in it. Do not forget that the correctly chosen outfit will hide any imperfections of the figure.

    Crystal wedding: 15 years from the date of the wedding - how to celebrate and what to give, script, congratulations

    The fifteenth anniversary of the wedding is called crystal. The anniversary has received the name recently, and earlier, 15 years of a marriage of life were called a glass wedding.

    Crystal wedding got its name due to the fact that by this time the relationship becomes transparent, beautiful, like crystal, but at the same time remain fragile, able to break from the slightest offense.

    Celebrating the anniversary of 15 years of the wedding is necessary, and the main question remains: how best to celebrate?

    Crystal wedding - the fifteenth anniversary of marriage, it has its own customs, traditions, to adhere to which or not - it's up to you. Traditionally, this holiday gathers all relatives, friends and relatives, not only those who were present during the announcement of the couple to husband and wife, but also those with whom the couple met and became friends for 15 years of marriage.

    An ancient tradition of a crystal wedding was considered to break old mirrors, in which previous generations looked, which had seen grief, quarrels, tears of disappointment, and also a sincere smile in its lifetime. It is believed that in this way the family gets rid of the difficulties of past years, negative energy, leaving only pleasant, bright, cheerful moments in memories and in life.

    How to celebrate the crystal anniversary (15 years of wedding)

    A person has a rich imagination, even our ancestors came up with a lot of names of anniversaries, depending on the past years of living together. Crystal wedding got its name for a reason. The association with crystal talks about the fragility and purity of family life, which the spouses were able to build through joint work over the long 15 years of marriage.

    15 years from the date of the wedding, how to note?

    Also, the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding is also called glass, in each country it is customary to call the anniversary differently, but it does not lose its meaning. Crystal as a special type of glass needs special care, if you do not take care of it, it will darken and deteriorate.

    The crystal anniversary gives the spouses the opportunity to remember how many difficulties they have overcome together and that they still have feelings for each other.

    Close friends, relatives and children on this holiday should be happy for happy parents and share this wonderful day with them.

    How to celebrate a crystal (or glass) wedding anniversary together

    Those couples who do not like the lush events, and love solitude, can celebrate the anniversary without scope, with its second half. There are many options for two to celebrate 15 years of marriage in a marriage after a wedding and at the same time make the holiday unforgettable.

    • Romantic dinner. It can be organized in your favorite restaurant or in any other place you like. If you show imagination and find a panoramic roof for a romantic, then this day will be truly unforgettable for the two of you. Create a romantic mood You can use candles, garlands, dim lights and fresh flowers.

    Modest Crystal Wedding Celebration: Romantic Dinner

    • Romantic travel together. Those couples who have financial capabilities can go on holidays to another country on their anniversary. The format of the trip and the choice of the city depends on the preferences of the spouses. The main thing to choose a place like, where you can have a good time together.

    Romantic journey together: celebrating the 15th wedding anniversary

    • Extreme pastime. For those who are not looking for easy ways and are not going to celebrate their anniversary at home, there is great entertainment, for example, quests. This is quite a popular service that will surely please both.

    Spouses as a gift can give each other jewelry, for example, it is her - a golden ring with a diamond, and she to him - the original cufflinks.

    How to celebrate a crystal wedding anniversary with friends and relatives

    Traditionally it is customary to celebrate the anniversary in a big way, with a feast, songs and dances. You can hold a crystal wedding anniversary in the family circle, or you can invite close friends and relatives to the event.

    Usually they invite the same guests that the spouses had 15 years ago at the wedding. Guests can come with their children and, of course, gifts.

    What good are great feasts? It will be a fun holiday where everyone can share their memories, chat with each other and have fun.

    Crystal wedding organization

    First you need determine the location of the anniversary, the organization of 15 years of wedding falls entirely on the shoulders of the spouses. Choose a place based on preferences and financial capabilities. You can organize a crystal wedding:

    • Houses. If not too many guests are invited to the holiday, and you live in a spacious house, then feel free to celebrate. Decorate the room in accordance with the theme of the holiday, cover the table, prepare a lot of delicious treats and your crystal wedding will be held in a warm family atmosphere.
    • You can rent a room in a restaurant or cafe. If the guests will be many, it is better not to save money and find a good room for the celebration. Не забудьте продумать меню и позвать веселого тамаду. Для оформления помещения также можно нанять специального дизайнера, который подготовит для вас красивую и сказочную обстановку. Если вы хотите, чтобы гости надолго запомнили вашу годовщину, введите на праздник дресс-код и пригласите профессионального фотографа.
    • Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding in nature. Very lucky for those couples whose crystal wedding falls in the warm season. A great option would be to celebrate a crystal wedding anniversary in the summer. Outdoors. You can call close friends and relatives and go to a barbecue. For a picnic, a forest or even a shore near a reservoir will do. Collect with you the necessary food and all the accessories for kebabs. Most importantly do not forget about the games. There are a huge number of games that are held by a large company in nature.

    Crystal wedding in nature

    For avid tourists you can organize camping with tents. It will be very interesting to those who have never gone on such a journey or for those who love the solitude of nature. Songs with a guitar, bonfires, toasts and greetings - this is the key to a great holiday in nature.

    Ideas for scripts to celebrate a crystal wedding with contests

    What a fun crystal wedding will do without special contests for guests and the bride and groom. Competitions to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the wedding can be held in the "marine" theme.

    • Cheerful contest "Sailors". The host of the celebration selects four representatives of the stronger sex from the guests, who will participate in the competition and give each of them a tightrope. Then, at the command of the presenter, the music turns on and the men should start pushing up Need to wring out about 15 times. As soon as they are released, they take their rope and tie a simple sea knot on it. The winner is the one whose knot will be the strongest and best. The winner will become a sailor, it will choose the leading or the auditorium. As a prize, a man can be given a vest or a bottle of alcohol.

    Crystal wedding contests

    • For holding funny contests for a glass wedding for the bride and groom, you can invite a professional glassblower to the celebration. The glassblower will be able to cheer and surprise any guests and even children.. Glass blower will prepare glass figures right in front of everyone. And also anyone can try himself in his role and make a simple ball of glass. This original entertainment will decorate any holiday and make it unforgettable.

    How to organize funny scenes for 15 years of wedding

    There are many fun scenarios for the crystal wedding. The choice of the script depends on how the spouses are going to celebrate the anniversary: ​​it will be warm gatherings in a narrow family circle or a large event with a large number of guests. It is very popular to hold themed holidays and anniversaries.

    You can choose the theme of your favorite movie or even a series. Despite the choice of movie themed holidays are very memorable, your guests will definitely be delighted. The main thing is to find a fun and creative toastmaster. In most cases, the toastmaster makes comic scenarios for the anniversary.

    But you can consult with him and choose what you like most.

    Funny scripts and scenes on the 15th wedding anniversary

    If your guests are energetic and cheerful people, do not forget to invite professional DJs to the feast. He will also need to participate in competitions and scenes, because not one holiday will not do without good fun music.

    After the scheduled scenario, you can give guests a rest and dance. Also do not forget to set aside time for the delivery of gifts that guests have prepared for the spouses.

    It will be very good if the master of ceremonies or the presenter warns guests about this in a creative and funny way.

    15 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give

    • Holiday traditions. How to mark a crystal wedding correctly?
    • Ideal gifts for wife and husband for the 15th wedding anniversary
    • Gifts from friends for the 15th anniversary of living together
    • Gifts from children to the crystal wedding
    • Congratulations on the anniversary

    Today we will tell about the anniversary of 15 years: what a wedding it is, what to give, what traditions should be followed.

    Celebration on the 15th birthday of the family is called a crystal wedding. Usually, on the eve of the celebration, each spouse tries to come up with original greetings for his half, choosing symbolic gifts along the way. What are the presents for 15 years of marriage will be the most relevant and popular? We tell.

    Holiday traditions. How to mark a crystal wedding correctly?

    15 years together is a lot, and not every couple can make it to such an anniversary. However, if the spouses managed to live in love and peace for such a long time, special attention should be paid to the celebration of the anniversary.

    Since the crystal wedding has been celebrated for several centuries, this celebration has managed to acquire a variety of customs, and here are just a few of them:

    • on this festive day, spouses should drink and eat exclusively from crystal glassware, as this will bring them happiness,
    • also at the end of the evening recommends drinking champagne from crystal wine glasses, breaking them for luck,. ">.">. ">
    • A good omen is considered to be placing a new service on the festive table, since such a gesture symbolizes the beginning of a new, even brighter stage in the relationship,
    • the traditional colors of this anniversary are white and beige, and this should be remembered when decorating the house.

    Of course, most of the traditions of this holiday directly relates to its name. Crystal is considered strong, and most importantly, a beautiful material. It has perfect transparency, but it can be fragile with a strong external influence.

    The relationship of the spouses is fully consistent with the characteristics of this material: they are just as strong and transparent, but may suffer from outside interference. That is why on the anniversary of your own wedding you should remember the importance of reverent attitude to your own love.

    In this case, the relationship of the spouses will only become stronger, and no external influence can affect their feelings.

    Ideal gifts for wife and husband for the 15th wedding anniversary

    A gift for a crystal wedding from the second half must be touching and taking into account the main nuances of the holiday. What are the gifts for beautiful ladies are particularly popular?

    1. Crystal vase with a magnificent bouquet in it is a gift that fully corresponds to the nuances of the celebration.
    2. Jewelry made of rock crystal will be able to please your beloved on this joyful day.
    3. Now you can find a lot of decorative figurines of crystal in the form of flowers or animals.
    4. You can give your wife a beautiful crystal jewelry box.
    5. Many men prefer more personal, intimate gifts, such as underwear.

    A crystal wedding (glass, as it is also called) pushes the heroes of the occasion onto the idea of ​​the perfect gift. Jewelry made of rock crystal, beautiful vases, wine glasses, jewelry boxes - all this will become a symbol of long love in a pair.

    If a man wants to truly surprise his soul mate, he can choose something more original. Very often, a gift becomes a romantic evening or a set of underwear. Such a gift will only emphasize that a woman is still loved and needed by her man.

    Crystal wedding anniversary - 15 years, lived side by side! During this time, the spouses have time to perfectly get acquainted with the habits and interests of each other, so the choice of a present does not cause serious questions. Here are just the most topical gifts for the stronger sex for this anniversary:

    • crystal chess, made to order, will be able to please a true fan of this game,
    • Beautiful ashtray made of crystal with engraving is also a great presentation,. "> Crystal Ashtray."> Signet with Crystal. "> Crystal Chess
    • the picture made on the glass is a creative and original version of the gift,
    • You can also give your beloved husband a set of glasses for brandy or whiskey glasses, depending on the drink that the man prefers.

    There are really many variants of presents, but a lady should still be fantasy. The original picture on the glass, copied from a photograph of the couple, is the very gift that will remind of the anniversary for a long time, about every happy year that has been lived together.

    Gifts from friends for the 15th anniversary of living together

    Anniversary of the wedding (15 years), many spouses are accustomed to celebrate very rapidly, rolling up large-scale parties and inviting all their friends to them. In this case, the friends already have a dilemma about the gift. You should also take the idea of ​​crystal or glass presentations as a basis, but you should not forget about the creative touch.

    What can you give a happy spouse?

    1. A beautiful set of crystal tableware - a universal, and most importantly, the right gift.
    2. Friends can give a man cognac with a 15-year exposure in the crystal decanter, and the woman - a beautiful bouquet of roses.
    3. Another fairly common gift is a variety of glass figurines that you can paint yourself, making the gift unique.
    4. Both husband and wife can be presented with beautiful glass brooches that will bring good luck to the pair.
    5. Many friends prefer to give the hero of the occasion something original, such as theater tickets.

    However, he must be touching and expressing the attitude of the guest to the couple. Do not forget about their own talents. For example, if a person draws well, he can create a very original picture on glass using colored sand.

    Such a gift looks bright and usually causes a whole storm of emotions for the heroes of the occasion. Standard gifts in the form of crystal tableware and various glass figurines can also be presented with taste, because they can be decorated with engraving.

    With the wishes of love and happiness engraved on the glass surface, any gift of this category looks more interesting.

    Do not forget that by the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding the romance of the relationship is almost gone. That is why you can give spouses tickets to the theater or a concert. Such a simple event will help to bring some kind of diversity into the relationship, saving a couple from a possible crisis.

    Gifts from children to the crystal wedding

    If the wedding took place 15 years ago, then the couple in 90% of cases meets the anniversary also in the status of parents. The kids usually have no money for luxury gifts, however, they can really please their parents by making presents with their own hands. What is presented for 15 years of marriage to parents?

    1. Children can buy a photo album and collect all the photos of their parents in it, making an extremely touching gift.
    2. You can make cards with your own hands, while writing a poetic wish.
    3. Another great gift that often delights the girl's parents is knitted, hand-made things.
    4. You can prepare for all guests of the holiday a beautiful cake that should be decorated with a touching inscription.
    5. To make a nice adult on such an important day for them, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. For example, paired pendants or key rings with two halves of the heart are very popular. Usually such decorations bring good luck and best emphasize the bond between spouses. They are inexpensive, and for a fee on this jewelry can also be applied engraving.
    6. Children can show their own culinary talents, having prepared for their parents a romantic dinner or a delicious cake, which will be the main decoration of the festive table. The main thing here is not to tackle too complicated recipes, otherwise the gift is unlikely to be tasty.
    7. An elementary card made with love and with your own hands will be a very important gift for parents. On this day, spouses usually wait for touching words in their address, so the children should write the appropriate greeting.

    What to give to a crystal wedding if there is no money for a present at all? In this case, children can take crystal glasses from the family fund and paint them with colors, depicting parents, their initials and the date of their wedding. Such a gift is sure to make adults smile!

    Congratulations on the anniversary

    Congratulations on a crystal wedding are usually considered a secondary matter, without even giving them a bit of attention. A person simply buys a card in a hurry, sometimes without even having time to sign it, and this is fundamentally the wrong approach. The ideal congratulation is the one that was born with thoughts about the heroes of the occasion and the meaning of their holiday.

    That is why each verse or prose opus is worth writing on your own. It is great if in the text a person calls the names of lovers, the date of their acquaintance or wedding. In this case, a cool greeting will be even more focused, personal, which means that all guests will be remembered without exception.

    If there are certain difficulties with poems, then attention can be paid to the prose form. Congratulations in prose can also be sincere, very gentle. The main thing - do not go far from the topic, telling only about the relations of spouses, and not about the abstract reasoning about love.

    The ideal duration of any greeting is no more than two minutes when it is read. A poem can be humorous or philosophical and very deep.

    If a couple is interested in cinema, then their relationship can be compared with a good movie, and if with literature, then with a book to which you want to return again and again.

    Of course, to write such a verse you need to know the spouses well, to study their tastes.

    Crystal wedding helps husband and wife to realize what an incredible way they went through life, managing to keep tender feelings for each other. The most amazing thing that lies ahead is even more bright and incredible events, which means that the love of the heroes of the occasion will only get stronger!

    Crystal wedding: how to celebrate 15 years of marriage

    Another round date of matrimonial relations is 15 years of marriage. Before the advent of crystal, the 15th anniversary of the marriage was called a glass wedding.

    But with the advent of a noble variety of cut glass, the wedding began to be called crystal. The transparent crystal symbolizes the purity of family relationships and the tenderness of tender feelings, carefully kept by spouses for 15 years of marriage.

    What to give his wife for a crystal wedding

    Recently, it has become a good tradition to present to the wife for anniversaries jewelery inlaid with Swarovski stones, as well as jewelry with large transparent stones - corundum, rock crystal, cubic zirconia or topazes.

    Crystal jewelry boxes did not go out of fashion for jewelry and can replenish the list of gifts to his wife on the date of 15 years from the date of the wedding. A huge floor crystal vase with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, presented in the early morning, will create a mood for the whole week.

    What to give her husband a crystal wedding

    The fantasy of women is more multifaceted in the issue of a gift to her husband for 15 years from the date of the wedding:

    • crystal cognac glasses, whiskey glasses, martini glasses, ashtray,
    • elite cognac in a crystal vessel
    • modular paintings under glass,
    • glass coffee table
    • crystal sculpture for cabinet

    A gift for a husband for 15 years from the date of the wedding may be the most unusual. The lover of intellectual games will be pleased with crystal chess, custom-made for his wife.

    How to celebrate 15 years of wedding

    For a celebration dedicated to 15 years of marriage, a banquet room or tables in a cafe is ordered. As a rule, in 15 years of marriage, children have grown up and their parents are still “in the ranks”.

    Therefore, parents and children of witnesses to the marriage, as well as old friends and new friends, who can also come with their children, are invited to the ceremonial dinner on the occasion of the celebration of the crystal wedding.

    The color palette of the holiday is bright. The same tones prevail in the clothing of those present. The decor of the room for the 15th anniversary from the date of the wedding is traditionally white or beige. The dinner table is served with new sets and crystal dishes.

    Separately put two wine glasses, which after the next congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the spouses must simultaneously break.

    According to tradition, from the moment crystal becomes fragments in the life of a married couple, a new period of mutual relations begins.

    What to give to your friends 15 years of wedding

    Crystal and glassware popular in the recent past is today considered a trivial gift. Friends with 15 years of marriage give original and necessary items:

    • a large aquarium with exotic fish
    • glass globe, as a hint of travel,
    • crystal phone stand,
    • sconces, lamps, chandeliers of glass or crystal

    Recently it has become fashionable to present enchanting surprises - certificates for spouses visiting exotic events. Swimming with dolphins, visiting an elite stable with an excursion on horseback or tasting a whiskey will leave the most unforgettable impressions on the day of the celebration of 15 years of living together.

    15 years what a wedding, what is called, what to give, congratulations, beautiful words

    15 years of family life, unlike intermediate anniversaries, spouses rarely leave without attention.

    This is a very suitable occasion to fill your marriage with new emotions and arrange a holiday for yourself, relatives and friends.

    Поскольку такое торжественное мероприятие можно организовать только «раз в пятилетку», то стоит продумать все нюансы – от тематических презентов мужу и жене до проведения банкета.

    15 лет со свадьбы: история традиций

    Эта годовщина имеет название хрустальная свадьба, потому что отношения пары к этому моменту такие же чистые и настоящие, однако достаточно хрупкие. Но стоит заметить, что хрусталь по сравнению со стеклом более прочный материал, хотя состав у них схож.

    Almost all over the world, this date has a similar name, but the traditions that are associated with it differ.

    For example, in France since the time of Louis XIV, it is customary to launch doves into the sky, and if they circle over the venue of the holiday, the couple will live to a golden jubilee.

    In England, too, have long celebrated this event. Then it was a good tradition to present a crystal button - a symbol of celebration. In Germany, 15 years of marriage together is called a violet anniversary, not a crystal one, but the meaning of the name is the same. By tradition, 15 dishes were served to invited guests, and the young were sprinkled with violet petals.

    In Russia, as before, it is now customary to celebrate magnificently 15 years from the date of marriage. Gifts were the main tradition, but in the times of the USSR it was almost impossible to get crystal (sets of dishes, vases, figurines), the guests donated ceramics or glass, therefore the wedding anniversary for 15 years was called respectively.

    But when this material became more widely available, both the name and the gifts changed to crystal ones and remain so to this day. For 15 years of marriage, there is another Russian tradition: what a wedding without broken dishes, on this day, the newlyweds break their wedding glasses after the next toast as a sign of the beginning of a new phase of married life.

    If they are not preserved, break any other glasses.

    The 15th anniversary wedding is remarkable for the fact that it can be attended by children who have already grown up and can celebrate with adults, and parents who are still in shape, as well as friends. To celebrate this day, there are three options:

    1. Order a table or a banquet hall in a cafe.
    2. Mark at home.
    3. Go to nature and organize a holiday in the fresh air.

    Triumph in nature

    If the wedding anniversary of 15 years fell in the summer, then a great way to celebrate it would be to leave the city. This may be a cottage, a rented agriturismo, a clearing in the forest, or simply equipped coast of the lake. It is best to order a catering, so you do not have to worry about cooking.

    You can also find a designer to create the right atmosphere for you. However, turning on the imagination, you can save on its services by decorating the yard yourself. Look at your home for all sorts of glass vases, jars, beakers, jewelry boxes.

    Maybe in the basement was lying around an old glass window frame, from which you can make a sign «Welcome». Put glass candlesticks on the table. You can also order special hanging glass balls in which flowers or other decorations are placed.

    If there are small children at the party, then instead of glass balloons, it is better to order large transparent balloons filled with helium. At such an event you should definitely invite a photographer.

    Home holiday

    If you decide to celebrate the anniversary in the walls of your home, then you need to take care of creating the right festive atmosphere. The celebration of 15 years from the date of the wedding is traditionally made out in light shades: white, ayvori. But an interesting variety will be bright inclusions in the interior: pillows, napkins, etc.

    Probably, each pair of houses has a set of crystal glasses - that’s what it should stand on the table. And if you do not have transparent tableware, then this is a great reason to get such utensils. Flowers on the table - a must-have item, and they should be in a crystal vase.

    To choose a cake for a wedding anniversary you need a stylized, for example, decorated with caramel figurines of crystals. To celebrate this day as fifteen years ago, the wedding itself, you should not stand young all day at the stove: ask your sister, girlfriend or someone else, or order food in a restaurant.

    Thus, you can properly prepare yourself: hair, makeup and outfit. By the way, usually on this day they put on their newlywed dress, possibly pereshitoe.

    Organizing a holiday in a cafe or restaurant is the easiest and most convenient option. Spouses do not have to worry about cooking and washing dishes. And guests are comfortable to get to their homes from the city limits. You can search for a place with a suitable interior: vases, candlesticks, crystal chandeliers.

    Or ask the administrator to decorate your table with some suitable elements. 15th wedding anniversary for a couple is a milestone to which the awareness of all responsibility for each other, for children and parents is already coming. Therefore, the image of the young must match.

    For a woman, this is a simple, but not without elegance, dress in a floor or medium length of light tone, or a trouser suit in the same coloring, complemented by a bright blouse. Costume jewelry or jewelry inlaid with transparent stones: rhinestone, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconias, topazes. Hair is also decorated with similar elements.

    For a man, the best option is a good old classic: a suit, shirt and tie. His adornment at the glass wedding will be a charming spouse.

    If you are invited to a wedding anniversary of 15 years and do not know what you usually give, here is a small list of original gifts:

    • Any crystal thing (ashtray, vase, candlestick) with engraving wishes and dates of the wedding anniversary.
    • Aquarium with exotic fish.
    • Chandelier, lamps, sconces of crystal or glass.
    • Crystal chess.
    • Rings with inlaid rock crystal, which is a talisman of the evil eye.
    • Picture on glass.

    A gift to her husband

    As a gift for the 15th anniversary of living together for a spouse you can buy an expensive perfume in a beautiful bottle, a bottle of collectible brandy or whiskey, a set of glasses, wine glasses or glasses, a crystal stand for your phone. If a man has his office at home or at work, you can give a coffee table made of glass. Also elite cigars or a pen in a glass case will do.

    A gift to his wife

    What to give for 15 years of marriage to his wife? Men can present all sorts of jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, diadems, etc.) with cubic zirconias, corundum, rock crystal or even diamonds. Perfume bottle is also suitable.

    A win-win is to give a huge bouquet of flowers enclosed in a beautiful crystal vase.

    You can give not only symbolic gifts, but also certificates in beauty salons or spas, parachute jumping or swimming with dolphins, as well as traveling for two for a weekend in the place you have been dreaming about for a long time. On the site svadbagolik.ru you will find many ideas for great gifts.

    Crystal wedding - a new step in the life of the spouses. After all, children have almost grown up, and there is an opportunity again, like 15 years ago, to devote time to each other and to their feelings, which are revealed by new facets, like crystal. And you can already think about how to celebrate the 16th wedding anniversary.