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Eat what you want and lose weight! My way


If you want to lose weight, but at the same time be full, then you will definitely be helped by a fish diet. This diet is one of the few from which you get pleasure. In my opinion this is the dream of every person losing weight, getting rid of extra pounds and at the same time enjoying the diet.

Fish diet is considered one of the most useful diets in general. Losing weight on a fish diet gets a huge amount of trace elements, and of pleasure. The fish menu is necessary for our body and the right diet will show a good result. This diet is contraindicated in one case - if only intolerance is a sea of ​​foods.

I have always been a fan of fish, and when, purely by chance, in one of the programs I heard about this diet, I took the information to myself.
I adhered to such a diet only once and not solely for dumping extra kg, but in order to bring the forms back to normal. In general, I like to experiment, but everything in moderation. If you need to pull yourself together, it is easy for me, and then I just change my diet. This may be a vegetarian menu, fasting days or, as in this case, fish days.

If you strictly follow the rules of the diet, then a week - 10 days, you can lose from 4 to 6 kg. But personally, I did not notice such a result. Perhaps a lot depends on our installation.

The fish diet is gaining momentum for today, but I didn’t sit on it as a tribute to fashion, I just love fish, Japanese food for example and I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner)).
Fish is saturated with calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, all this is necessary for our body.

Consider a few positive points for those who are on a fish diet:
- fish is a low-calorie product
- all kinds of seafood can be consumed
- such a diet favorably affects the skin, if the fish are constantly in your diet, as for example among Japanese people, you will not remember wrinkles for a long time.

Now the main question that may arise from you - what kind of fish to choose for such a diet? Well, of course, preferably not fat. It can be a pike perch, cod, tuna, flounder. In my diet was fresh perch and frozen tuna. Now as for the very preparation of fish - it all depends on your imagination - you can bake, cook, fry, but preferably not very often.
I cooked cutlets from perch or, for example, baked it completely in foil in the oven. Tuna cooked in a mantyshnitsu steamed, or grilled in a frying pan.

It is advisable to exclude potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes from your diet at the time of the diet. Yes, yes it is, and if you want to prepare a side dish for fish, brown rice is perfect. Even as a separate dish, I prepared salad from boiled beets and carrots with finely chopped cabbage. Salt excluded, spices, too, although salt replaced me with a lemon.

Fish diet can be stretched for 3-5-10 days. I chose for myself the smallest number of days, only three.
My menu for the day looked like this.

For breakfast: I had a glass of low-fat kefir, it can be replaced with cottage cheese. Lunch - perch cutlets, cabbage salad with cucumbers. At dinner, something from seafood, but if there was then the same fish, but for example, no longer in the form of meatballs, but baked.
You can cook fish broth if you can not without liquid.

One thing I can say, the fish diet is very healthy and was very tasty for me.

Komarova Svetlana Evgenievna

Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

- November 7, 2011, 15:36

So why is this happening? Why does it stop wanting all sorts of mischief-and-food?
1) the ban mode is removed, nothing is forbidden, there is nothing to break.
2) now not a part of your consciousness with the "diet" flag becomes a controlling link, but you, as a prisoner, dream of something that is inaccessible. Now the control passes completely into your hands and you just feel sorry to stuff yourself all the time with sweets. Those. awareness comes in eating behavior.
3) full acceptance of oneself in any body. There is such a moment: as soon as you feel this deep love for yourself and your body, you will not want to feed him with useless food, you will want to make it beautiful and healthy, you will want to take care of it all the time. And there will be no need for any motivation and persuasion of oneself to "finally pull oneself in hands".
Well, and as a result, you lose weight, although you do not deny yourself anything.
You simply cease to want what the figure and health deteriorates from.
PS it is clear that this is work with oneself, although it is pleasant and simple. By the time it will take at all in different ways, depending on your situation. But it's worth it.
Checked on myself, it works! Sweets and so forth. I want less and less. You put a cake in front of you, pick it up and that's it. It's a pity to cram so much fat and sugar in yourself. Although earlier, I would have dared to look at him without looking back and not frowning. Overeat often. And then she suffered remorse.
Here is an experience.
I hope this will help someone.

- November 7, 2011, 15:47

All this, of course, is very good, but the organism cannot be fooled.
Want to lose weight - move more (that's the whole secret).

- November 7, 2011, 15:51

The same anonymous author, the author writes everything correctly, I just lost weight when I allowed myself everything, now I can drink a cup of coffee with cheese for a whole day and forget about the food. I do not have a physical load.

- November 7, 2011, 15:53

In general, everything is correct, but I, for example, never give up on some things (the same cake), at least forbid it, at least allow it. Just rarely buy.

- November 7, 2011, 16:03

The same anonymous

All this, of course, is very good, but the organism cannot be fooled.

Want to lose weight - move more (that's the whole secret).

here just without cheating.

- November 7, 2011, 16:06

"Consciousness in eating behavior" is good. only the way that you propose to achieve this does not look convincing. exclusively IMHO.

- November 7, 2011, 16:07

God, what nonsense! People who allow themselves everything weigh over 100 kg. And for some reason, the theory does not work, that I don't want anything. I want, and how, and fatty, and sweet

- November 7, 2011, 16:08

Bullshit this all. I didn’t forbid anything to myself, and anybody loved myself - something I didn’t want less than sweet.

- November 7, 2011, 16:12

God, what nonsense! People who allow themselves everything weigh over 100 kg. And for some reason, the theory does not work, that I don't want anything. I want, and how, and fatty, and sweet

This is already food licentiousness)))) Just sometimes you have to allow yourself everything (and not all the time), then the body will know that it is not prohibited and nothing will be "stored" for it = harm in the form of fat rolls.

Beloved Diet Rating

Total: Diet Favorite has two options. You can lose weight from 4 to 10 kg. Pros: quick results. Cons: the monotony of food during each day, there are contraindications.

The name of the diet immediately attracts attention, so the question arises - why is she Favorite? It is clear that everyone wants to lose weight comfortably, without feeling hungry, and so that the result ultimately pleases. If you are for this, then look at this method of getting rid of extra pounds, perhaps this diet will be for you and loved.

The essence of the favorite diet for 7 days

The favorite diet is suitable for those people who quickly want to achieve results and have a long-term perspective. The advantage of this method of losing weight is that it is understandable, it is impossible to get confused in it, every day has a name in which the food feature is displayed.

When using one product of low calorie per day, even if there is a lot of it, the body does not receive the necessary energy for vital activity, so it is forced to break down fat cells. Due to this, and weight loss occurs.

There are two options for diet. If the favorite diet lasts 7 days, then three days of them are drinking, which alternate with fruit, then vegetable, protein, and ends with a mixed day. Favorite diet for 12 days is divided into four stages of three days, which have their own food specificity. At each stage of "three days" they use the same type of products - either kefir, or apples, or vegetables or protein foods.

Often it is not recommended to sit on this diet. On the seven-day not more often than once in three months, on the twelve-day one once a year. The peculiarity and effectiveness of the diet is explained by the fact that during the period of weight loss the volume of the stomach decreases, the gastrointestinal tract begins to work like a clock.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include:

  • short period of losing weight
  • unlimited portion size,
  • body cleansing, toxin elimination,

The disadvantages include:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
  • blood pressure surges,
  • slows down the metabolism


Contraindications for this program are common - those who have chronic illnesses should avoid the Beloved diet and seek for themselves sparing. This method of weight loss is not recommended for those who have problems:

  • with a liver
  • with kidneys,
  • with the cardiovascular system
  • with the digestive system
  • anemia,
  • disrupted metabolism
  • hormonal problems.

  • pregnant and lactating women
  • teenagers
  • To old people.

Favorite diet for 7 days

To achieve the desired results, the body should be prepared in advance. Gradually reduce or eliminate: flour, confectionery, high-calorie foods. Do not overload the dishes, drink more pure water, eat more vegetables and fruits. These measures will prepare for the easier passage of the method of losing weight, and then the beloved diet for 7 days does not seem hard and impossible. It is advisable to gently cleanse the intestines with a laxative on the eve.


1, 3 and 6 are drinking days. Three days from the whole week - drinking: first, third and sixth. These days drink a useful liquid. Clear water, vegetable juices (carrot, pumpkin, beetroot), natural freshly squeezed juices, fermented milk drinks - this is drunk in unlimited quantities, as much as you want. If natural juices seem sharp and saturated, dilute them with water in a 1: 1 ratio. On the very first drinking day, the body begins to get rid of toxins and toxins, the extracellular fluid is displaced, and the process of losing weight starts up.

Good to know! Mild weakness, dizziness, nausea sometimes accompany this diet, but if physical exercise is minimized and more rest on that day, then the period will pass easily.

2nd day - vegetable. On vegetable day, vegetables are consumed in any form - raw, steamed, baked, boiled. Try in the diet to include more cabbage - white, cauliflower, red. Its properties to burn fat at this time will stand in good stead. Yes, and other vegetables nourish the body with vitamins, trace elements, necessary substances, so that on this day the maximum benefit is provided. It is better to exclude starch-containing vegetables, for example, potatoes or corn, they will not bring any benefit.

Vegetable day is good variety of dishes - vinaigrettes, salads, casseroles, mashed potatoes. It is permissible to add vegetable unrefined oil, lemon juice, low-fat natural yogurt.

The variety of the menu of the fruit day will depend on what season you decide to go on a favorite diet for 7 days.

5th day - protein. On the fifth day, treat the body with more substantial food, which will make the stomach work, and at the same time the body will spend more energy processing protein products. This means that the ongoing process of losing weight continues, despite the fact that these products will remove the feeling of hunger.

In the first place - chicken meat without skin, fat and bones. Then add beans to the menu - peas, beans, lentils, boiled chicken egg white, seafood, fish.

Steam, boil or bake - this is the main rule of the diet.

Please note that the salt is added in a minimum amount, it is better to exclude it. To enhance the taste, it is better to season the dish with parsley or a few drops of lemon juice.

On a protein day, make portions moderate, and eat with a break of two to three hours. On this day, the body receives energy sufficient to quench the often occurring feeling of hunger and gives strength to continue the diet.

7th day is a mixed day. The main stage of the diet passed and the final seventh day - preparatory to ensure that go on a full diet.

On this day, combine fruits, vegetables and protein - make a soup, bake vegetables, boil poultry meat. The afternoon snack and second breakfast diversify with fruits and dishes from them. Eat what was included in the menu of the previous six days.

The main thing is to use it without salt and in small quantities.

The organism has been rearranged and no longer needs us to fill our stomach with food. Listen to the needs, and do not go on about emotions and desires. If the result is good, but I want to lose a little bit more - the next days can be like the seventh, mixed day.


  • It is necessary to comply with the mode of eating, so as not to overload the stomach and not to force the body to "starve."
  • Do not eat fats and carbohydrates at the same time, it will relieve the gastrointestinal tract from excessive load.
  • The diet does not require the abandonment of your favorite food, you need to control only the size of the portion eaten.
  • From fatty meat, especially fried, it is better to give up. Instead, the fish fit, it contains much less fat. Sausage should be replaced with chicken fillet, and hard cheese - low-fat cottage cheese. This method of weight loss protects the body from stress, which could occur if you refuse from the usual food.
  • Reviews of the most positive diet, in order to lose the desired kilograms, you need to strictly follow the principles of such weight loss.
  • To fill salads with vegetable oils, use cream instead of the usual mayonnaise and sour cream.
  • Eat fresh fruit in sufficient quantities, it will fill the body with vitamins and vitality.

The more different fruits, the better. Allergy sufferers should consult with a specialist what kind of fruit should be used in their case. Fruit juice lovers will have to dilute them a little with water.

  • Preference is given to boiled and stewed dishes, since fried ones are saturated with fat and cholesterol.
  • Try to eat foods with a low percentage of fat (both in dairy products and meat products).

What is this diet?

Fish diet involves eating fish as a staple. There are several options, and, as a rule, in addition to the main component, there are others in the diet, such as vegetables and eggs. But nevertheless, it is the fish that is taken as a basis, and this is not surprising.

  • Firstly, it is low in calories, because even in the fattest varieties it is no more than 220-250 calories, and in the dietetic it is about 70-80.
  • Secondly, fish is a source of protein, normalizing the work of muscles and useful during training.
  • Third, the fish is easily digested (much faster than meat).
  • And finally, fourthly, the fish is very nutritious and healthy, which is also very important.

Option Two

Such a diet can be considered vegetable-protein and is designed for five to seven days, but the menu will be the same:

  • For breakfast, eat a hard-boiled egg, one fruit, such as an apple. You can let a cup of green tea.
  • The second breakfast will consist of a 200-gram piece of fish (better than boiled), one fresh cucumber and a glass of ordinary purified water.
  • For lunch you can eat a portion of fish with leaf salad, about 100-150 grams of cottage cheese (preferably 0% fat) without additives. Drink down all herbal tea.
  • Dinner should consist of two hundred grams of steamed fish, a small portion of cottage cheese, low-calorie fresh vegetables, for example, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes.

Option Three

This option is designed for a week, it can be considered lightweight. The menu is scheduled for seven days below.

  • At breakfast, eat about one hundred and fifty grams of steamed or boiled pollock, the same cauliflower (you can bake, stew, or steamed).
  • Lunch is a soup with vegetables and a portion of salmon with rice (brown).
  • During the afternoon snack, you can eat a small amount (up to 150 grams) of low-calorie fruits.
  • Dinner: squid (for example, boiled), a small slice of hard black bread and a little carrot salad (Korean can be).

  • Breakfast: baked flounder, a cup of tea with dried fruit.
  • Lunch: tuna cutlets, pickle, a couple of slices of rye bread.
  • Tea time consists of fruit.
  • At dinner, eat half a can of canned fish, some bread, a handful of nuts. Drink some sugar free drink.

  • Breakfast should consist of toast with fish, a few nuts (preferably walnuts) and tea.
  • Lunch: lean green soup, a small amount of tuna, boiled hard-boiled egg.
  • Safe, as usual, fruit.
  • Dinner is represented by a portion of seafood, a glass of tea with honey.

  • Breakfast is pollack with toast and tea.
  • At dinner, eat a portion of fish soup, a small amount of salted salmon and lettuce leaves.
  • Tea time will be fruit.
  • Dinner consists of cucumber, eggs, squid (can be in the form of a salad).

  • For breakfast, you can eat a portion of steamed or boiled cod and cabbage salad.
  • At dinner, eat fish meatball soup and fish (you can choose) with brown unpolished rice.
  • Snack fruit.
  • Dinner is a leaf salad with bread and a portion of mussels.

  • For breakfast, allow yourself two rye or bran bread and red caviar (you can substitute another), tea (honey is also allowed).
  • Lunch consists of fish soup, mackerel, seaweed.
  • Tea time is the same.
  • Dinner - carrots and onions (stewed), two fish doubles cutlets, hardened bread.

  • At breakfast, eat a portion of boiled catfish, toast. Wash down with tea.
  • Dinner - the ear, cooked from red fish.
  • Полдник тот же.
  • Ужин состоит из бурого риса с креветками, чая.

Эта диета 3-дневная, а меню на один день выглядит следующим образом:

  • At breakfast, it is recommended to eat one boiled egg, as well as 75-100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt (you can mix them together). Drink a glass of green or herbal tea.
  • At the second breakfast, eat no more than two hundred grams of fish, for example, cooked. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, you can eat any citrus fruit or two small kiwis.
  • Lunch should consist of a serving (250 grams) of steamed or boiled fish or seafood, as well as seasoned with yogurt and consisting of green beans, pepper, cucumber and cabbage salad. A little later (about an hour or two) you can drink water or tea.
  • Dinner also consists of a serving of seafood or fish, but the salad can be replaced with a small amount of boiled brown rice.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fish diet has both advantages and disadvantages. You should start with the pros:

  • Such a diet is exactly good for losing weight. Fish has few calories, and it also contains substances that contribute to the normalization of metabolism. So you can get rid of extra pounds quickly and without damage to the state and health.
  • Fish is delicious!
  • This is very useful, because fish contains omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the human body and much more.
  • You will be able to cleanse the body and feel incredible ease, feel better.
  • You will not feel hungry, because even a small portion of fish can give saturation.

  • If you do not like and never eat fish, then such a diet will definitely not work for you.
  • Fish is not cheap, so the diet can be called quite expensive.
  • There are contraindications, which include some diseases of the kidneys, stomach and liver, as well as allergies to seafood and fish.

Tips and rules

Some useful recommendations:

  1. Use only fish low-fat varieties, which include cod, pollock, flounder, tuna.
  2. For cooking fish, use methods such as boiling, stewing, baking without oil in foil or steaming.
  3. Try to minimize or eliminate salt intake. You can replace it with spices or lemon juice, which will give the fish a pleasant aroma and interesting taste.
  4. To save the result, after the diet, adhere to the principles of diet.

How I lost 10 kg on my own method: eat what you love!

In view of the fact that my mother and both grandmothers were magnificent ladies, I had been thinking about losing weight since 15 years and occasionally sat down on one or another diet.

But seriously this question began to worry after marriage - there were incomprehensible deposits on the stomach, and the weight grew along with the experience of family life.

Due to the fact that my husband did not agree to sit on a diet with me, but I could not starve myself while preparing a tasty homemade meal.

As a result of the “fittings” of many systems and diets, I found my own ideal lifestyle, allowing you to keep yourself within the limits and, if necessary, lose a few extra pounds. My achievements are small, only 10 kg, but my system is selected, taking into account the fact that the mouth does not close, and I really like to eat.

I consider the system “Minus 60” and separate feeding to be the most successful, but for a long time I could not stick to them, being seduced and eating with my family.

But I learned, if my favorite food was planned, to leave it in the morning, and then fill my belly to the heap, but in the evening without even trying it, it could have failed otherwise.

If there was an opportunity, I enjoyed some products separately from others (just boiled potatoes with salt, just boiled meat without bread, etc.).

The first time, when I just started to use my complex system, I lost 10 kg in six months, without particularly affecting my appetites. Then the body got used, and the weight just kept at a permissible mark of 65 with my 165 cm.

Sports loads

During periods I practiced fitness, with regular loads (three times a week for an hour with a group) my figure became noticeably slimmer, although the weight decreased only if I ate less.

Hiking to work and to the store do not take into account.

At other times I used to press the press in different ways, I did different exercises for the chest, waist and neck, starting from 20 and bringing it up to 50 times, as I considered these places to be the most problematic in myself.

Before an important holiday, she made a press 50-100 times (the day before the event) and her stomach improved noticeably, even in tight dresses looked great. I often quit training and almost immediately noticed that the weight was not growing, but the body density was getting lower, I was becoming “loose” and less active.

For a flat belly

Various exercises to strengthen the abdominals:

  • lifting the body, lying on your back with legs bent and level,
  • lying on your back to raise bent and smooth legs,
  • lying on your back to raise your head, shoulders as close as possible to the legs,
  • lying on your back at the same time to raise the head with the body and legs, reduce them to the stomach,
  • raising legs, straight and bent, hanging on the stairs.

Cosmetic Tricks

The biggest discovery for me was a scrub of ground coffee. Replacing instant coffee with ground coffee, I easier tolerated refusing sugar (ground coffee with milk is much sweeter than instant coffee), and the coffee grounds came in handy.

Adding honey, milk, cream, fatty kefir or sour cream to it, after bathing I went out not just renewed, but also with the delicate skin on the whole body. Applied no more than once a week.

For rough places used sugar (rubbed palms or feet to the state of the baby’s skin).

In the summer, to reduce sunburn on the face, rubbed the skin with milk (sour, if the skin was oily and fresh, oily, if dry). She made herbs, tea for rinsing hair, washing face.

These broths were frozen in cubes to wipe the face. Sometimes she made masks from everything that was at hand - sour cream, fresh fruit or vegetables.

Sour fruits cleansed their skin from greasy points, and sweet ones just tightened their pores.

Due to night work for the PC, my eyes were terribly tired and sore - minute masks with warm tea bags on the eyes helped. Watching films, sometimes I made baths for nails: a teaspoon of salt, lemon juice and a few drops of any oil, preferably aromatic per liter of warm water.

For six months, such a simple system helped me reduce blood sugar levels, decrease the amount of food eaten, taught me how to control my appetite and never be hungry. Lost 10 kg will not be returned, and I have to eat less.

How to lose weight, if you really like to eat tasty

Some women who want to lose weight are scared off by the very same diet of most diets. If you are used to experimenting with the most refined dishes of European and Asian cuisine, and after drinking tea with grandmother's cherry pies, it is difficult to refuse such an abundance of taste and go to an empty buckwheat with a leaf of lettuce. But diet does not mean giving up beloved delicacies.

Gourmet in the full sense of the word

True gourmets, who pay great attention not only to the taste of food, but also to the table setting, also to the seasonings and sauces that will be served during lunch, and to the color of tea, are occasionally full.

That's why, that for their main value is not just eating "snacks", but a stable process of enjoying food. Try to do the same: buy a beautiful tablecloth and a set of dishes, look for the rarest sweets for your own breakfasts, lunches and dinners and enjoy the process.

Use a knife and fork, and do not bite off a whole piece. So you eat less and taste every treat.

Mixed food

Taking a new dish, a person evaluates its smell, taste, is delighted with each piece. But then, getting used to it, he eats, not looking at the plate, gets distracted, thinks about his own, or discusses with the companions. Naturally, you can eat much more than is required.

To enjoy the food and avoid overeating, cook a few dishes and immediately put for yourself on a plate a small piece of each of them. After eating meat, fish, a pair of side dishes and a vegetable salad, you will feel full and fully satisfied with your taste sensors.
Do not be afraid of the buffet.

The main thing - to impose each dish a little bit.

Reduce calorie

Many of your favorite dishes you can make much more healthy and less calorie. Change milk products - milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, ryazhenka for their low-fat counterparts.

Bake meat and fish not in unlimited amount of vegetable oil, but in foil. Salads instead of mayonnaise can be filled with sour cream with greens or yogurt.

By resorting to such simple tricks, you can keep your own weight normal.

Snacking Rule

20 minutes before the main meal, eat something low-calorie - an apple, banana, yogurt.

A person feels a sense of saturation is not immediately, but only after 20-30 minutes after he gets up from the table. Time to eat excess, abound.

And this simple technique will help you to listen to your own body and everything is what you please, but in the right quantities.

Favorite says lose weight: is it worth to lose weight for a husband?

In the meantime, it’s true, your weight is far from ideal ... But you are thinking: “But he once loved me ... And it seems that you need to love a person not for your appearance ...
“At first he hinted, now he speaks openly. Peeps in my mouth what and how much I eat. He says he does not like plump, that completeness does not excite him.

Yes, when we got married, I was thin. My husband does not like my belly and in general he wants me to lose weight! And I feel so good, I look appetizing and not at all fat. I do not want to wear out gyms and diets, I love to eat tasty. In general, I would not be puzzled at all with the issue of weight loss, if not my husband.

I tend to think that I probably need to lose a few pounds of weight, but then suddenly my husband will start to look at other women or I’ll stop exciting him. Girls, what do you say? Is it worth losing weight for my husband? "

Smart men don't say that to their women ...

I do not know, maybe he told you this as a joke, with a slight ironic reproach? But the problem is that you can hurt a person with a joke.

If your weight is still from school, you have a large bone, or you are a tall girl, if this is your usual weight, then there can be no talk about losing weight a little. Nothing to do. You are what you are and you will not become another. And why?

If for some reason you have gained weight in a short time, then it is worthwhile to take care of yourself, try to “return” the previous form, but without strain, without torturing with diets and sports.


What to do? Easy to talk to.

If the case before the wedding or common children did not come, so there is nothing to lose.

Without blame or flattery, ask him to frankly admit: are you satisfied with him or not who you are? If you keep silent or joke, ask for an answer! If the weight of a woman is so important to him, and you are not able to “satisfy” him, it means that you part kindly until everything has gone too far.

If the husband behaves like this in response to planning for the future, for example, “covers up” this unpreparedness for a future marriage or child, he manipulates you. Enough is not enough. It is better to really abandon joint planning, because in the future this situation will only worsen. I would like, of course, to find some kind of “honest” answer, but in the case of a fixed manipulative position of a partner, this is very difficult.

Therefore, I advise you to use reciprocal manipulation in a language understood by the spouse.

For the period of the struggle, you can find such a string in it: for example, to demand an answer so that it ... This makes it possible to agree: “You don’t touch the question of losing weight, and I don’t demand that from you”. This will balance the forces.

It is necessary to try not to apply such a manipulation first, but only “giving change”. If the spouse accuses Vera of manipulation, it should be noted that this is only a reciprocal manipulation and he himself must give up the hidden pressure.

If you are already married, then you should listen to how the husband expresses his desire. If he insults you, it looks like there’s no real talk about you. If hints or advises, then it is worth listening.

And yet, remember - in any case, you win. Taking care of yourself, your weight, your health, you show one thing - that you love yourself! And this is very important in life.

And there is no point in losing weight for a husband or a loved one, you need to slim for yourself, for a loved one! Remember that moment when you took care of yourself. Try to get back to it - carry yourself in your arms.

And, perhaps, the same desire will arise not only from your man.


Beloved says lose weight: opinions

If a man noticed you have extra pounds, then he looks at you and is interested in you, and wants you to look good! And if he lives with a fat and unclean woman, then he will definitely find himself more attractive sooner or later.

Just when there is respect, no one will ever put any conditions, and if she decides to talk to her spouse, she will do it tactfully and will not say thinner, but let's say let's find a good nutritionist, because how much a woman should weigh, the husband should not say, but the doctor. Do you really think that there is at least one woman who is overweight and does not know about it, and the Bole does not want to get rid of him, only for this she needs not reproaches and conditions of her husband, but consultation of a doctor.

I totally agree! The happiness of a woman does not depend on her weight! Very many fat women look amazing! The main thing is to love myself and care for the skin, body, regardless of its fullness. Although I myself am concerned about my weight, I struggle with it, but not for my husband, but for myself !!

Each person has the right to decide what he should be and no one else has the right to indicate or state conditions in this, he has the right to make his choice, to be or not to be with this person, where conditions appear, love and respect end there, it is 100%. This means the attitude began as if it were a thing, the size requirements as a case. In the end, a woman is not a car or a sofa, she is first and foremost a person.

Watching how he said - “fat cow”, “stop eating” or “honey, I think you would be nice to lose a few kilos”? These are different things. The author is overweight and the request is justified. What offended something. My favorite when I add a couple of kilos calls me “plump”, although I never asked to lose weight - he likes my body.

Is the appearance of the halves not important? Girls, didn’t anyone ever want her husband to finally dress up not as a homeless person, or so that his beer house would drive his stomach, and then someone that does not like. If people do not care about each other, they will try to attract each other physically after the wedding and after 20 years of marriage.

Everyone wants his wife to boast that her husband was envious of everything. Such as we are, we are not needed by anyone - life in the family implies joint concessions. If the husband said not from evil, not with reproach, so rejoice that the husband openly indicates that he would like to see, and not secretly went to look for something thin to the side.

What conclusions can be drawn? To lose weight for a loved one - it makes no sense. To be healthy, fit, attractive, you need, first of all, for yourself and only then - for everyone else. Otherwise, “you will not love yourself” ... Therefore, never buy into this manipulation, and if you decide to slim, then in secret from it!

Keep this in mind while eating the next bun. Suddenly, fate prepared you a surprise, and when you become close to the ideal, she will present you a new husband ...

5 ways to lose weight without dieting

Complying with certain power schemes is often difficult. But do not rush to put a cross on his figure. The first step on the path to harmony can be compliance with the most important rules of nutrition. By sticking to them, you will stop recovering, and this is an achievement.

Reduce fat intake. After all, fat leads to an increase in your weight. Each fat cell can grow almost tenfold, and with it your body. Eat foods rich in fiber: raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, corn ... Once in the body, it literally absorbs the fat, not allowing it to be delayed.

Fiber itself is not digested and is rapidly excreted from the body along with fat. If you are used to eating a lot, it means that your stomach is greatly stretched. No diet will help you lose weight. Try to reduce the volume of the stomach, going to half portions. Eat half the food and leave the other half for later.

The ideal amount of food that does not stretch the stomach is 300–350 ml.

A great way to burn off extra calories after a hearty meal is exercise stress. If you walk backwards for five minutes, you will burn twice as much energy.

Lose weight, doing sports is impossible. After grueling workouts, you just get rid of excess fluid, which also quickly returns to the body. Fat reserves begin to burn no earlier than one hour after the start of training.

But your skin and muscles will become elastic and your body flexible.

Most of your figure harm sweetness. Часть углеводов, содержащихся в них, сразу попадает в кровь, вызывая чувство радости. Остальное откладывается на талии и бедрах, превращаясь в жир.

Если не можете отказаться от сладкого, замените сахар и шоколад медом.

Считается, что есть после 18 часов вредно. Однако последние исследования доказали, что никакой разницы, во сколько ужинать, нет. Наоборот, если вы едите поздно, то реже страдаете голодной бессонницей и неврозами.

Главное – не налегать по вечерам на жирное и сладкое. And to keep your body in shape, drink a decoction of corn silk. Soak 10 g of stigmas in a glass of water, and then boil over low heat for half an hour. Drink 2 tbsp.

spoons every 3 hours.

Chinese scientists advise not to eat where food is prepared. Choose a round table and ceramic dishes for your meal. First, eat cold snacks (fish, vegetables, greens), and then hot (rice noodles, soups, pies).

Each dish is beautifully decorated with greens, sweet peppers or tomatoes. This creates a psychological feeling of fullness.

And in order to ensure your health and longevity, get a turtle at home - live or artificial, hang a picture of cranes on the wall.

How to lose weight if you like to eat

A year ago, I had 8 gone. To begin, cleanse the body of toxins, drink activated carbon, polysorb. Then contact your nutritionist for a diet. So 3 days, and as they wrote, then there is a stimulus, the body adjusts chtoli. In general, the most difficult is the first 3 days. Oh, I know your problem without willpower, I constantly sit on diets and constantly break down.

Usually it is on the 3rd day, and correctly they say, the first 3 days are the most difficult: How to lose weight if you like to eat This time I took it seriously, because during the winter I was how to lose weight if you like to eat up to 60 kilos.

This is my maximum in all my life I WANT, sleep and dream. I speak as a psychologist: But here are some tips for you that will help you lose weight: Completely give up sweets, even sugar.

Abandon the flour, only the weight can be in very small quantities to eat black or rye bread, but only a very small piece. Do not eat after the Tasks on the wits about the figures you do not suffer from stomach diseases, such as gastritis and.

You just have to eat them, the obligatory condition is no sugar. And if you still have a sick stomach, then just add half a lemon how to lose weight if you like to eat tea or water.

And the most effective means is to drink green tea with lemon. Look on the Internet for slim Hollywood actresses and it will be your incentive.

November 2016 how to lose weight if you like to eat like that

Know I believe in. You must succeed. But he did not answer me in return, and from the disorder I again scored my 5kg: And I have worse. I am 15 years old and I have a kg, I how to lose weight if you like to eat nasty and unpleasant is in his own body. You are not the only ones to me too, just 14 years old, and I weigh, ooooooo shorter.

6 ways to lose weight by 5 kg in 14 days

I go to the gym, trying to eat a little but everything is like yes or no. Girlfriends say - If you lose weight then you will not go, but I know that it will. All the friends already have boyfriends, and I alone go and envy.

Yes, I know, I would have wanted, I lost weight. So they say everything. But I don’t understand only one thing: I go to the gym, that there isn’t everything to no purpose. Sasha and I am 15 and I weigh 90 what to do? Girls, I understand you.

Even a month and a half ago she could not look at herself in the mirror.

I am 15, with height I weighed 68 kg. Of course, not much was hanging, eating against the background of friends felt how to lose weight if you like to eat not comfortable

AND how to lose weight if you like to eat most importantly, I constantly calmed myself, they say "Ay, let me lose weight when I am And I will have this and that.

I stumbled across the internet on a site that you would like to calculate my ideal weight for free, and besides, on this site I had an exemplary weight loss line.

It looks like this: Well, I sat down. The first day, even now, a month later, it’s not a hunt to remember. But not because I really wanted to eat, just as my diet was aimed at so that you could eat rarefied foods in any quantities.

Dormitory "how to lose weight if you like to eat everything

I'm just a little ashamed of how I behaved in the first days. As if she had already lost 10 kg. The bottom line is that a month later I lost 9 kg, in return, gaining love for myself and the approval of my relatives. Probably you noticed that I did not call that diet on which I lost weight.

Sorry, but evil tongues otherwise accuse me of plagiarism. But those who sincerely want to become slim and at the same time do not harm health, write. And it seems to me that how to lose weight if you like to eat say something like "if there is no willpower, then how to lose weight if you like to eat do not lose weight NEVER ", or you can not lose weight - then you do not need"!

If a person wants to lose weight, then if he is not anorexic, it means him.

Enter the site

Personally, I am 19 losing weight, I weigh 67 when I can't grow much, but the bad thing is that I used to be slimmer, and all things I’m already tight on, or my stomach is bulging So I feel very bad tom, pokshat go on a diet, but just because I can not, I need to really tune in !! And for this, I do not eat one day after 6 pm, and when my stomach drops a little, a real stimulus appears, as if the hope that everything is not so bad. And my little reduced stomach prompted me to go on a diet and do exercises!

And most importantly, you need to believe that you will definitely lose weight. What sometimes rude comments come here! I have the same story, 20 years, 80 kg. Never been slim. I tried to go on diets, but I get torn after 12 days.

I watched one successful and beautiful experience of construction, when a person who had tried a car diets and was already desperate, switched to food, which he later aptly called tasting.

He sat at the table, bit off some bread and chewed it slowly, trying not to miss a single flavor. And so with each product.

He did not share the food on the allowed banned banquet, he just tasted everything! A slice of sausage, a slice of cucumber, carrots ... This lucky man began to eat less sweet, in his diet the amount of fatty food naturally decreased.

And such tactics bore fruit. Its weight has decreased, and enough. As if you can lose weight and taste. But in most cases they lead to a breakdown and a new round of weight gain. So, to lose weight, you think you need to do the opposite. How to lose weight if you like to eat must be bland and monotonous.

Many people eat the same thing day after day - potatoes and chops, dumplings, chicken soup. Here is a portion of ravioli. The first, of course, esshi and fragrant. The second is not so appetizing. Eat each pelmeni taste sensations dulled. By the fifth or sixth, we generally stop noticing the taste, are distracted by other things - talk, television.

Not feeling the taste and not getting pleasure, we eat until ... we do not take it easy. If a person eats monotonously, then the only way for him to get at least some pleasure from food is to eat it quickly and eat, in the end how to lose weight if you like to eat more.

And have you heard about the rule of the “big motley dish”? This is when a piece is on one portion how to lose weight if you like to eat meat, fish, several kinds of sliced ​​vegetables, a couple of favorite dumplings, some rice, some potatoes, canned beans, peas, a spoonful of lecho.

In general, several types of side dishes, sauces and two or three kinds of meat and, of course, a slice of bread. And then while you are eating, going from product to drinking diuretic when losing weight, you involuntarily try, relish every morsel. By the way, the caloric content of a standard portion of such a dish is no more kcal. A person will be nice to lose weight, even if the day will eat seven such servings!

Most slimming diets promote monotonous nutrition. We solve two problems at once - we diversify the diet as much as possible and reduce caloric content! And now, in order to reduce weight, it is necessary once and for all, so from this very minute, give up all that is sweet and fat?

In fact, any product, even the fattest, does not interfere with weight loss. The point is in its quantity.


And a knife with a fork - excellent "controllers". If you use them at the same time, the time spent on food takes more, and calories, as already proved, is absorbed less. You still do not believe that a delicious dessert does not interfere with losing weight? Then remember the recipe for this: Dessert, by the way.

By the way, about that psychotherapist.

If you were a real gourmet, have a tasty meal. Just like to lose weight. How to lose weight quickly, how to lose weight at home, if I lose weight quickly, eat. If you believe nutritionists to eat tasty. how to lose weight by 5 kg in two weeks.

How not to break a diet, if everyone eats around?

Everyone who has ever had to follow a diet is well aware that in some cases it is extremely difficult to dodge compassionate colleagues and relatives who persuade them to "eat at least a piece of tasty food and not torture themselves with hunger strike." Holidays, corporate parties and other such “dark days” are still happening in the diet calendar.

What to do? How to comply with the chosen diet, when around - only lovers of tasty and tight to eat? How not to break a diet? How to keep yourself in hand if you want to lose weight?

Often, close people consider it their holy duty to feed one who is on a diet.

They are offended, persuaded, shoved into the hands of bowls and plates, and looking faithfully in the eyes, they ask: “Well, eat at least a piece. It is so healthy and tasty. ” Familiar? And how! The situation is, frankly, controversial. And friends with relatives do not want to offend, and the diet does not break.

Sometimes you want to spit on all the bans and try all the dishes on the table by hospitable hosts. But then it will be so difficult to return again “to the framework of the diet” and at the same time not reproach yourself for gluttony!

Here are some helpful tips on how to get out of such a delicate situation.

1) Find like-minded people who also lose weight or simply follow a healthy diet. These probably are among your colleagues, girlfriends, neighbors, friends in fitness or other sections in which you may be engaged. When you want to get off the diet and eat - call one of them and ask about the results. It motivates. And downright from the inside does not allow to violate the decision to lose weight.

It is useful to make a couple of such calls before going on a visit or to a corporate party.

5) Some people are greatly helped by this advice: when another kind person falls down on you with a plate of fragrantly smelling holiday food, remember how you held on for a long time and how much weight you lost.

Look around and find a complete person. Compare your figure and his (her). And then honestly admit to the obsessive "breadwinner": "Oh, it smells delicious. I'd love to eat, but the result is a pity to spoil.

After all, I lost something like that! I tried so hard! ”

After that, you can ask him for a piece of lettuce or a cucumber. 6) In the most extreme case, you can prepare yourself a dietary legend. The fact that, they say, doctors have appointed a strict diet.

Or that you take medicine, after which you can not eat for three to four hours. Or something else in the same spirit. Perhaps, even if it is for annoying lovers of satisfying and delicious food, it will work.

Perhaps one of these tips will help you not to break the diet, even during the holidays, in the company of people who love to eat and feed others. After all, they only dream of losing weight, but they do nothing for it.

Using these “recipes”, you can diet without any problems even when one holiday in the yard is replaced by another, and the people around do not get tired of stuffing their bellies with fatty, tasty and high-calorie foods.