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Juicer - a source of natural juice


Any doctor will bring many arguments in favor of fresh juice. There are whole legends about its medicinal properties. Someone can say why to make such a juice, because now the range in stores is large enough. However, not everyone pays attention to its manufacturing technology. First of all, such juices go through the process of canning, and this already leads to a loss of 50% of the vitamins. Also, some manufacturers use different food additives, which is not always good for human health.

So, having understood the merits of freshly squeezed juice, it is necessary to choose the right juicer. To do this, you must immediately decide what technical characteristics it should have. It will be useful to study the built-in functions in advance. A versatile model is a juicer for solid vegetables and fruits. Customer reviews are more positive about this unit, which indicates the quality of the product.

Universal Juicer

Such devices are able to squeeze juice from both fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits. Manufacturers install quite powerful filters on universal models that ensure high-quality performance. For 1 minute, he makes about 1000 rpm. Namely, these parameters allow you to squeeze the juice, even from solid vegetables. Currently sold two types of universal models:

  1. The cylindrical juice extractor for vegetables and fruit is rather convenient in use. Unlike the second option, the juice can be squeezed out much more. But in order to qualitatively wash it, you need to completely disassemble all the details.
  2. Conical separator. Its advantage is the presence of a special container where the cake is placed after squeezing the juice. It is easily removed, so washing the juicer is not difficult. However, such models have one drawback: the amount of juice will significantly decrease.

Conducting a survey among buyers and building on the feedback they have heard, it is possible to make an unequivocal conclusion as to which juicer is better. Many prefer conical models, so their range is much wider.

Universal juicers: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such models lies in the fact that one device can squeeze the juice from both hard vegetables and soft fruits. An exception may be those products that are listed in the instructions.

We turn to the disadvantages:

  • large dimensions of the device,
  • high price,
  • squeezing the juice and the subsequent washing of the device last at least 20 minutes, regardless of the number of processed products,
  • milled bones often get into the liquid.

Citrus Juicers

In this home appliance a special cone nozzle is installed, which allows to prepare the juice from citrus fruit as efficiently as possible. A regular fruit and vegetable juicer will not be so profitable in this case. Conclusions can be made based on reviews of hostesses who prefer freshly squeezed juice.

Citrus juicers are designed only for a certain type of fruit, such as grapefruit, orange, lemon. In order to squeeze the juice, you will need to cut the citrus in half. When you turn on the device cone nozzle starts to rotate. A half of the fruit is put on it and pressed down a little by hand or a special device. The juice at this moment flows into a special container.

  • capacity from 400 to 1200 ml,
  • cones used for fruits of different diameters
  • motor power from 20 to 80 watts.

  • pulp control - the distance between the slits affects the thickness of the prepared juice,
  • direct supply of liquid allows instead of tanks to use a glass,
  • rotation modes change the direction of movement of the nozzle, which allows squeezing the juice to the maximum quality.

Due to the narrow specialization of these juicers do not occupy a leading position in the ranking. It should be immediately noted that for preparing large quantities of juice, for example, for preservation, it is recommended to use other devices with knives, filters and centrifuges.

Centrifugal models

This juicer for hard vegetables (reviews of many users give an indication of its effectiveness) works on the principle of grater. Fruits, getting inside, are pounded into gruel, and then under the action of a centrifuge, the liquid passes through a sieve, and the cake either leans back into a special container or remains in the central hole. Such models can not be used for fruits with bones, as squeezing the juice out of them will not work.

  • power about 500 watts
  • bowl volume on average 1 liter,
  • conical or cylindrical separator
  • metal grid.

Professional centrifugal juicer for solid fruits and vegetables is often used in institutions such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and others, where there is a constant demand for fresh juice.

Auger juicer

These models are most often mechanical. They are a kind of meat grinder. They have a shaft, a knife and a special nozzle-mesh. They have a much longer service life than electric ones. Ideal for fruits with stones. Many may call it obsolete, but such a juicer for hard fruits and vegetables is necessary for preparing a large displacement space. The rating of these models is quite high due to their functionality. They have not lost their popularity for a long time.

Juice preparation method:

  1. Fruits are loaded into a special hole.
  2. By means of the handle the shaft begins to rotate.
  3. Fruits move to the knife and grind.
  4. Through the nozzle-net begins to flow juice.
  5. Pressed cake comes out through a special hole.

The advantage of these models is high performance: about 50 kg of fruit can be processed in 1 hour.

What is better - imported or domestic juicer?

In order to answer this question, you need to understand a few important nuances.

  1. Cost is one of the main criteria. Although, of course, there are exceptions. As a rule, an expensive juicer for hard fruits and vegetables is made from high quality material. Sometimes, domestic manufacturers exhibit models that are not inferior to imported ones, and their price is pleasantly pleasing. However, it is better to trust already proven firms that specialize in the manufacture of such devices.
  2. The design of juicers is significantly different. Imported models have beautiful forms, all sorts of functions, it is worth noting that they are not always useful. However, in comparison with domestic, they are absolutely not suitable for making large quantities of juice.
  3. Another important indicator is the noise level. It is worth noting that our models are significantly inferior to imported ones. During use, they produce noise comparable to the operation of a vacuum cleaner. For comparison: imported juicers, having an average cost, are quite quiet.
  4. The performance of domestic models is much higher, so this issue should be guided only by personal preferences.

Nevertheless, according to the results of social polls, imported juicers of imported manufacturers of well-known manufacturers are more trustworthy. Ratings are headed by such firms as Bosh, Electrolux, Philips, Moulinex, and others.

Optimum Juicer

Depending on the number of family members, the size of the container is chosen. For example, for one person a small juicer for solid vegetables and fruits for 200 ml is suitable. Such models are quite popular, so they are in the range of each manufacturer. But for 4 people and more, it is recommended to purchase the device from 1500 ml. This is quite convenient if you sit down for breakfast all at the same time.

If everything is extremely clear with large juicers, then it’s worth stopping at small ones. They have many advantages:

  1. Compactness.
  2. Direct flow of juice directly into the glass.
  3. The presence of several speeds of rotation, which makes it as efficient as possible.
  4. The ability to squeeze the juice, even from the green.

Rating of manufacturers

  • Panasonic offers models with a blender. Of course, this affects the cost of the device, but in general they are not only convenient, but also economical.
  • Juice extractor for solid vegetables and fruits of the company DeLonghi, according to Italian manufacturers, is equipped with suppression of radio and television interferences.
  • Braun manufactures models that are 100% protected against overloads.
  • Moulinex devices have proven to be the most airtight.
  • Bosch juicers are designed for processing berries, it is worth noting that this feature is quite rare.
  • Switzerland took care of the automatic cooling of the engine. On the models of the company Rotel installed special air systems.

Some useful tips

  1. Juicer for hard fruits and vegetables should be made of high-quality plastic. Metal parts should only be chrome.
  2. Transparent (or, as manufacturers call, clarified) juice is obtained only from hard fruits, and muddy and thick - from softer ones, since they contain more pulp.
  3. There are certain fruits that, in no case, can not be used in juicers. For example, figs, mango, banana.
  4. If after carrot juice colored plastic parts, the soda will help to wash this shade.
  5. Under no circumstances can hard and fibrous fruit be treated.

Juicer for hard fruits and vegetables will help to always keep yourself and your household in good shape. Health to you!

What will squeeze: types of juicers

So, first decide what exactly you are planning to squeeze. For example, if you prefer only citrus juices, then the choice may be on some models. If you want to squeeze and fruits, and berries, and vegetables, then pay attention to other options. We describe all types in more detail.

For citrus

So, citrus juicers have the most simple device. Thus, the motor drives a cone-shaped nozzle, on which half of the citrus fruit is placed. This very nozzle rotates, as a result of which, when pressed on the fruit, the pulp releases juice, which flows into a special reservoir.

What should I look for when choosing such a device? Here are some important points:

  • Reverse mode. With this function, the cone will rotate first in one direction, then in another, which will allow you to squeeze the maximum amount of juice out of the fruit.
  • Nozzles Citruses can have different sizes (for example, grapefruit is larger than mandarin), so give preference to models with several nozzles of different diameters.
  • Juice tank. Pay attention to its material (give preference to more durable), as well as volume. Usually the volume ranges from 400 milliliters to 1.2 liters. For a large family, the second option is preferable.
  • The control system of pulp in the juice. Some devices allow you to adjust the size of the slots on the nozzle, which will allow you to change the thickness of the resulting drink. It is quite convenient.
  • Some juicers are equipped with a lever that holds the fruit. In this case, do not have to keep it yourself.
  • The presence of a scale to determine the amount of fluid in the tank. This will allow you to make juices from different components or smoothies.
  • The ability to direct feed directly into a glass or glass. This option is quite convenient.

What is there to pay attention to?

  • Horizontal or vertical mechanism. The vertical screw allows you to simultaneously push, cut, and then chop the fruit. The horizontal mechanism implies the presence and use of the pusher.
  • Mechanical or electric drive? In the first case, all the manipulations you will have to carry out with the use of your own strength (but not interrupted by electricity). In the second case, the process is simplified and accelerated, but do not forget about the cost of electricity.

Other points of choice

What else do you need to pay attention to when choosing juicers of any type?

  • Power. It will depend on the specific type of device. So, citrus juicers have power from 30 to 100 watts. Power centrifuge models can vary from 200 watts to 600 watts. For auger juicers the optimal values ​​are as follows: 150-250 watts. The greater the power, the higher the spin speed, but the greater the power consumption.
  • Body materials. Many models are made of plastic. Such material is light and practical, but, for example, when falling to the floor even from the table, the device can break. But the more durable stainless steel case makes the juicer quite heavy. In addition, the juice may acquire a metallic taste.
  • Equipment. For example, the kit may include spare parts, various attachments, brushes for cleaning fruits, pushers, foam separators, and more. Some details are needed, others may be useless.
  • Size and weight. They depend on the specific functions of the device, as well as on the volume of containers for fruit and for the finished juice.
  • Ease of washing and assembly. This is also very important.
  • The price depends on the characteristics and functions, as well as the manufacturer.
  • Self-cleaning function is very convenient.
  • The stability of the device. The base must be wide enough so that in the midst of the process the device does not fall.
  • Cable storage compartment. The wire in this case will fit into it, which is very convenient.
  • Protection against switching on with the lid open.
  • Before buying you can study the reviews, sometimes it helps to make the right choice.

Apple Gift Compatibility Options

In general, specialized juicers exist only for citrus fruits. But today it is not their turn, and lemons, oranges, and grapefruits grow en masse in the Russian and post-Soviet open spaces far from everywhere (only in some southern regions).

In our case, for apples, a universal juicer is necessary, which has some characteristic features, namely:

  • Sufficient engine power, so that he could withstand the load and not slow down the rotation when laying hard fruits,
  • Efficient filtration systemaffecting the concentration of pulp in the juice, preventing the entry of bones, hard fibers, peel,
  • Round and wide mouth of the loading chamberin which whole apples will fit (extremely desirable).

It is clear that these criteria are a bit conditional, but if they are met, the operation process will be much more comfortable.

Centrifugal Juicers

The most common variety on the market. The main working element is a high-speed centrifuge with a disk knife-grater and filtering screen. An undeniable advantage is a quick result with the possibility of obtaining a fairly pure finished product without pulp (depending on the density of the fruit, the chosen speed limit).

True, there is another side to the medal: in the process of squeezing, the juice heats up, losing some vitamins, foams, quickly oxidizes. Therefore, it is better to use fresh juice in the next 20 minutes, and for long-term storage it is necessary to perform heat treatment.

Centrifugal juicers, especially imported, are often blamed for too wet cake at the exit. In this sense, the shape of the separator is important:

Cylindrical separates juice from pulp better (purity reaches 90% or more). Just have to periodically turn off the device to remove the waste.

Conical provides automatic emission of waste residues, but they will have a lot of juice. Accordingly, increased consumption of products. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable.

Auger Juicers

Do not rub fruits, but sort of squeeze the juice out of them at low revs, followed by filtration. The efficiency of cold pressing is incredibly high, the cake at the outlet is dry, the vitamins are kept to the maximum, the noise level is quite small. Versatility - the trump card. Juicers with auger are suitable for working with soft, hard fruits, vegetables, as well as berries and greens. If there are additional filters, options may be available: selection of juice consistency, preparation of cocktails, smoothies, including frozen foods, and other delights.

Just before buying, you should take into account some facts in advance: screw devices act rather slowly, the presence of pulp in the finished product is normal, the price tag for branded specimens is often unreasonably high. And since there is a little talk about apples, there are few versions with a wide round loading gutter, but still there is. In our rating of apple juicers you will find a couple of popular and quite affordable models.

How to choose

Apple juice is a very healthy drink. Mistresses prepare it for children and for the whole family. In the autumn season there is a lot of this fruit both in shops, and on seasonal dachas. This is a harvest time.

Those who like to drink freshly squeezed apple juice need to know how to choose a powerful juicer that processes the whole fruit. А для владельцев садовых участков это особенно важно, поскольку им приходится быстро перерабатывать большое количество яблок, не очищая и не разрезая их.

Перед окончательным выбором нужно решить:

  • какой объем яблок планируется перерабатывать,
  • ожидаемое количество готового сока,
  • нужна ли большая скорость работы прибора,
  • насколько важны полезные свойства сока.

The choice of the type of juicer will depend on what goals the buyer pursues.

All juice extractors are divided into screw and centrifugal (rotary, centrifugal). Both those and others have advantages and disadvantages. The screw produces a large yield of the finished product and a low percentage of waste. These devices give a thick and rich juice with pulp. All vitamins and nutrients are retained in the drink. Their minus - slow work, calculated on a small number of apples for a short period.

Centrifugal juicers are widespread. Among the lineup there are cheap options that allow you to quickly make apple juice.

Centrifugal machines squeeze transparent nectar without pulp with a large percentage of waste (cake). The volume of the finished product is less than that of the screw. Other them flaw - during processing the liquid is very hot, which leads to the loss of vitamins. In addition, the volume of fruit processed is important. Small, compact juicers are designed to squeeze no more than one liter of juice at a time.

If you need to handle several boxes of apples, you need a powerful device, designed for large volume. All domestic models of foreign manufacturers provide for receiving several glasses of juice. To prepare dozens of liters, you need an apparatus for large volumes of domestic-made apples.

If you drink some freshly squeezed juice, for example, at breakfast - buy a device from a famous foreign brand. Also consider these characteristics:

  • principle of operation (screw or rotary),
  • power,
  • the size of the inlet (it must be wide so that the apples fit entirely),
  • speed of work.

For processing large quantities of fruit suitable units of Russian and Belarusian production. These are household appliances with high performance, easily coping with dozens of kilograms of apples.

Philips HR 1869

Juicer with a high capacity of 900 W, which allows for a few minutes to get fresh juice. Due to the wide neck for loading fruit (80 mm), you can put the whole apples without cutting them. The machine is well pressed pulp.

  • performance,
  • almost silent operation
  • easy care
  • high percentage of finished drink.

Among the drawbacks - the waste container is located inside the device. Processing a lot of fruit will have to periodically get and clean the container.

Juicer Varieties

All devices for obtaining home-use juice are divided by the type of energy used. They are mechanical and electrical. As the name implies, mechanical juicers operate with the application of a certain effort on the part of a person. Electric driven by electric current.

At first glance, electric juicers hold the palm here. But under certain conditions it is more convenient to use a mechanical model. For example, in the country, where there is no electricity, in field conditions. But such models have a clear disadvantage: it is impossible to get a large amount of juice, hands will quickly get tired.

Electric models allow you to get any useful and tasty drink, processing a lot of raw materials. But you can use them in those places where it is possible to turn on the device in the power grid.

In this regard, before choosing a model, we recommend that you decide exactly where and under what conditions you will use the device before purchasing.

Another classification of juicers is by purpose. Citrus juicers and versatile appliances are distinguished here:

  • Cheap citrus juicers extract juice only from all varieties of citrus. These budget models are used for oranges, tangerines, lemons and other citrus fruits. In such a device, you can select a container for collecting juice, an electric motor and a special nozzle in the form of a cone.

  • The universal juice extractor differs in higher price and more difficult device. The scope of universal devices is also wide - you can extract nectar from any fruit, berries or vegetables.

Varieties of universal juicers

If everything is clear with citrus juicers, not everything is simple with universal ones. In turn, such home helpers are divided into:

  • Centrifugal. In such a machine, the raw material is loaded into the upper compartment. Then, with special knives in the form of discs, the raw material is crushed, the juice is separated and placed in a special container, and the remaining meal falls into the corresponding compartment. This principle of operation causes heating of the device, which affects the quality of the juice, it is slightly oxidized. Another disadvantage of the centrifugal device is the inability to obtain juice from herbal raw materials in order to get a green detox cocktail. But at the same time, this juicer is suitable for everyday use. It can load solid materials in any quantity. It is suitable for a large number of apples or for making tomato juice.

  • Auger horizontal or vertical juicer treats raw materials more carefully. In them, the products are ground by a special spiral-shaped auger and is passed through a special sieve, where the separation of the cake from the juice occurs. This method of processing does not allow an increase in temperature and does not affect the taste of the drink. This juice extractor can process all products without exception, it is also suitable for berries, for grapes with stones. There are, of course, disadvantages and such models, for example, take a lot of time to get juice, the juice from very soft fruits contains a lot of pulp, besides such options are quite expensive.

It is difficult to answer the question unequivocally that a centrifugal or auger model is better. Here you need to take into account all the factors in the complex. If there are connoisseurs of citrus juice in the family, then the centrifugal combination model with a removable citrus attachment is ideal.

Device speed

The cutting elements of the juicer can operate at different speeds. The following circumstances can influence the choice of speed:

  • Desired juice density at the exit. If you like juice with pulp, then set a high speed. If you need a clear drink, it is better to use a low rotation speed.
  • For processing hard vegetables, for example, for beets, for carrots, apples or zucchini, knives must rotate very quickly. And to get the juice from soft products and suitable low speed.

Popular juicer models 2018

The leader of our rating is one of the best-selling Philips HR1922 models. It is of high quality, reliable and has high performance. Juice with this device can be obtained very quickly, due to the fact that the motor has high power. Moreover, even solid products can be used as raw materials.

This device has a wide neck for loading raw materials, which allows you to load whole vegetables and fruits. Separately, it is worth noting a special function FiberBoost, which allows you to adjust the thickness of the final product.

This juicer can be easily washed using pre-cleaning. A polished sieve is perfectly washed with a conventional sponge.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble,
  • There is an anti-drop system,
  • It works quietly and does not vibrate,
  • Metal housing
  • Additionally comes a booklet with recipes.
  • Expensive.

The average price is 15509 rubles.

This representative of the Korean production is also recognized as one of the best and belongs to the premium class category. The model relates to auger juicers horizontal type. It is able to effectively cope with any type of raw material, even with very specific, such as pine needles or wheat germ. There are special nozzles that allow you to use the device for cooking a variety of dishes.

Such wide opportunities are provided by the unique device of a sieve and auger made of a special material with increased strength. The model is very powerful. In addition, the manufacturer gives a long warranty on this device.

  • Reliability,
  • The engine has additional protection against extreme heat,
  • Noiseless
  • Made of eco-friendly material.
  • Not long enough cord
  • High price.

The average price is 25,900 rubles.

This screw model belongs to the professional category. It has a special slow spinning and special mesh separating the cake. This allows you to reduce the noise of the device, and the process of obtaining juice more efficient. In addition, there is almost no chance that the cake will get stuck on the auger.

  • Excellent quality juice and cake,
  • Can be used for any products
  • Drip protection,
  • Automatic cleaning, making the device easy to clean.
  • High price,
  • Small hole for loading raw materials.

The average price is 32,300 rubles.

This model belongs to the screw with vertical feed. This device copes with most types of products. At the same time all useful properties are saved. As an added bonus, there are a variety of nozzles that are useful for making other products besides juice. The powerful motor of this juicer allows you to continuously work up to half an hour.

  • Wide neck for loading raw materials
  • Reverse function
  • Metal mesh
  • Good quality juice and cake,
  • Excellent power
  • High price,
  • Short warranty period.

The average price is 11290 rubles.

This citrus juicer belongs to the budget price category. Nevertheless, it copes well with its task, you can squeeze the juice with or without pulp.

  • Silent,
  • Good quality juice,
  • It is possible to customize
  • Easy to clean and disassemble.
  • Short-lived with high intensity work.

Average price 2764 rubles

Inexpensive centrifugal juicer suitable for families. It copes with raw materials of any hardness. The wide neck allows to place vegetables and fruit entirely. Quickly squeezes the juice, but the cake remains dry enough.

  • High-quality assembly,
  • High speed,
  • Wide neck of the receiving compartment
  • It works without noise
  • There is an additional protection feature,
  • Legs with suction cups,
  • Easy to clean with special brushes supplied.
  • High moisture cake.

The average price is 5498 rubles.

This combined centrifugal juicer type, there is a special nozzle for squeezing juice from citrus fruits. Enough powerful engine allows you to quickly get the juice from products of different hardness.

The loading compartment has a medium-sized neck. This allows not very large fruits to be lowered without prior grinding. The grid is made of stainless steel, and the volume of the receiving container for the cake has a rather impressive size.

  • Versatility
  • Ease of assembly
  • Warranty service for 2 years.
  • Not long enough cord
  • Low power.

The average price is 6614 rubles.

When deciding which firm to purchase a juicer is better, use our advice and you will avoid mistakes when choosing. At the same time, consider not only the design features, but also your own requests.

Now you know what to look for when buying and be able to decide which is better to buy a juicer for the family.

Neptune 332215.001 model KAZHI - superpower and elegance

Despite the fact that the unit has to undergo significant stress, its appearance looks quite fragile.

The plastic case, ergonomic forms, the absence of superfluous elements - all this creates an aesthetically pleasing impression, but somewhat wary, whether the design will withstand the processing rates declared by the Russian manufacturer.

According to the owners, the equipment is characterized by durability of construction, large volume of pressed apples per unit of time and good juice yield. Due to the peculiarities of the neck design, fruits can be loaded as a whole without cutting, both small and large.


  • working power is 350 W,
  • conveniently arranged juice delivery system,
  • up to 60% of the drink from loaded apples is obtained,
  • the pulp is thrown automatically into a large-capacity container,
  • nominal capacity of 120 - 180 kg / h,
  • pulp consistency is ideal for jam,
  • the device is easy to assemble and disassemble,
  • great for long continuous work,
  • vibration in the normal range,
  • 7 kg weigh,
  • cost from 3500 rubles.


  • average spin quality,
  • no cleaning brush.

BelOMO SVPP-301 - for hard grades

The model of the Belarusian brand is distinguished by high-quality assembly, stylish design and, most importantly, by the output of juice of a good degree of clarity.

With the help of durable metal parts of the internal mechanism, the juicer functions without delays and problems when processing a large number of apples. It is recommended to use fresh, not sluggish hard fruit varieties.


  • optimum power is 250 W,
  • processes 50 kg / h
  • plastic case is reliable
  • powerful chopping knife
  • blocking from accidental activation is provided,
  • direct juice supply system,
  • complete glass for the resulting drink,
  • long power cord
  • rubber feet dampen vibration
  • compact dimensions 39,1x25,2x30,2 cm,
  • weighs only 6 kg,
  • price from 2500 rub.


  • no brush to clean the mesh,
  • soft product turns into a puree,
  • insufficient volume of the tank for collecting pulp.

Rossoshanka SVPR-201 - with a quality mark

The device has a simple design, so it is easy to use. Maintenance does not take much time, as the mechanism includes a minimum of parts. The model is characterized by high performance and high user ratings.

With timely care for the filter juice is clean, with almost no impurity of pulp. The unit is designed for continuous operation during the day.


  • durable plastic case
  • power potential 200 W,
  • works in direct feed mode,
  • in an hour processes over 70 kg of apples,
  • maximum efficiency in processing apples of autumn-winter varieties,
  • You can use uncut fruit with seeds,
  • convenient dynamic motor brake function,
  • long service life
  • cost about 6000 rubles.


  • the design does not provide automatic removal of pulp,
  • increased vibration.

Universal Summer House SVPR-201

The Kursk-based juicer is excellent in grinding not only apples, but also other solid products: beets, carrots, pumpkins, etc.

Plastic, which is used in the product, is harmless to health, does not emit extraneous odors and practically does not stain when in contact with working ingredients. The presence of a large neck speeds up the processing of fruits and vegetables.

The model is equipped with a lid that protects the grinded mass from splashing. Design features provide a drink with a good degree of transparency.


  • high-quality combination of plastic and stainless metal in the device,
  • high power 280 W
  • productivity is about 50 l / h
  • great for high volume processing
  • simple design of the model
  • cleaning the mesh without removing it,
  • moderate vibration and noise,
  • there are anti-slip rubber feet,
  • average cost 4000 rubles.


  • the pulp is not automatically reset.

MEZ Sadovaya SVShPP-301 - light weight and unpretentiousness

The model is positioned as a high-performance and fully meets the expectations of consumers.

The thought-over design from plastic and metal does not force to do the excess movements. In this case, the device can operate for 1.5 hours without shutting down, without overheating.

There are no problems with maintenance, everything is handy, the parts are not bulky, their surfaces are easy to clean.


  • stylish design with compact elements
  • working power is 250 W,
  • processing efficiency up to 51 kg / h
  • all containers are handled and quickly removed,
  • balance of price and quality
  • the purity of the juice obtained reaches 95%,
  • rubberized suction cups protect against vibration
  • weighs 6.5 kg
  • cost from 3500 rubles.


  • no shred function,
  • pre-grinding of products is required,
  • increased noise

MEZ Zhuravinka SVSP-102 - with the option of shredding

Another device of the Belarusian manufacturer, which is used for grinding hard fruits and juice. Thanks to proprietary technology, the purity of the resulting beverage is up to 92%.

The juicer, small on weight, is rather multipurpose as it has an excellent complete set. In order to squeeze natural juice qualitatively, in this case it is required to pre-cut the fruits of large size.


  • 120 W power capabilities
  • processes apples up to 25 kg / h
  • running without interruption for 1 hour,
  • energy efficient
  • aesthetic appearance
  • there is a juice tank,
  • Included is a roomy transparent container for pulp,
  • there is an automatic pulp reset function,
  • besides pressing the juice, you can chop and cut into slices,
  • service life 12 - 15 years,
  • low noise model
  • average cost of 2500 rubles.


  • small neck for loading.

Juicer which company is better to buy

High-quality electric models at affordable prices are produced by Russian companies. Of the best foreign brands are in the USA, Japan, Germany. Note 9 worthy leader:

  1. Redmond– российский бренд, под которым производится мелкая бытовая техника средней стоимости с гарантией на 1-2 года. Компания использует азиатские технологии и европейское оборудование.
  2. Bosch - The company belongs to the German corporation Robert Bosch GmbH, on its account more than 500 units of various equipment for cooking, ironing and cleaning. Prices for products are high, but they correspond to quality. The company was founded in 1886.
  3. Tribest Corporation- a manufacturer from the United States, offering products for a healthy lifestyle (grain germinators, blenders, all for juice). The trademark is registered in 1986.
  4. Kitfort - Russian company producing small household appliances for home and kitchen. She does not have many juicers, and they are represented mainly by screw models. Their average power is 150 W, and therefore the price of the devices is quite adequate.
  5. Panasonic - this manufacturer is known not only for its batteries, televisions and DVD players, but also one of the best juicers on the market. They are distinguished by their low weight, robust housing, mostly metal, as well as functionality. Most of the models of the company are equipped with foam separators, a stop-drop system, etc.
  6. Moulinex - This is one of the oldest European companies for the production of household appliances for the kitchen. She has both centrifugal and auger models that are actively used in catering. She uses plastic or metal as a material for the shells of her products.
  7. Zhuravinka - some buyers associate the equipment of this company with Soviet times. The design of it is really a bit unusual for the present, but the functions are the same as in modern analogues. Products are manufactured in the Republic of Belarus, therefore its cost is rather low.
  8. CILIO - It is a German manufacturer of inexpensive dishes and small kitchen appliances. He became famous for his good manual juicers for pomegranates and citrus fruits. Its products have an optimal price-quality ratio, as well as a nice design.
  9. Hurom - this company is not just a manufacturer of good juicers, but also motivates for a healthy lifestyle. In 2012, she opened her own juice cafes and has since created a number of devices that have received various design awards.

Bosh MES 4010

This is a high quality device. The powerful juice extractor (1200 W) is suitable for a large amount of fruit. The container for collecting cake is outside, which is convenient. It has a wide intake compartment that allows you to lay the whole fruit.

  • robust metal housing
  • several speeds
  • the maximum yield of the finished drink,
  • large waste container.

  • not processed pieces come across in the cake,
  • during operation the juicer vibrates.

Polaris PEA 0818

Model from the metal case with a wide entrance opening. The waste container is outside. In one run, the machine squeezes up to 550 ml of juice. Processes various fruits and vegetables.

  • rugged case
  • compactness
  • low noise
  • easy care
  • affordable price.

  • fast engine heating
  • when working with citrus, the outlet is quickly clogged.