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Viscose Carpet: Customer Reviews


Carpets are those elements of the interior that can add warmth and comfort to your home, become its decoration. The main requirements for them are beautiful colors, high quality and reasonable price. The country that was able to produce viscose carpets that meet all requests is Belgium. Reviews of many people who decorated their home with these carpets testify to their beauty, quality and practicality.

Popularity of Belgian carpets

Belgium has long been famous for its weaving workshops, responsive to the needs of people. She is a supplier of her extremely beautiful carpets, which have gained immense popularity all over the world. They are able to decorate any home, bring warmth and originality to it.

Quality is the main advantage enjoyed by viscose carpets. Belgium (reviews are a clear confirmation of this) in the production of their carpets, it was quality that made the main criterion. And it fully justified itself: the popularity of carpets is increasing every day.

Viscose is a quality material for carpets

Silk and woolen carpets have long been popular. But the high price makes you think about their purchase or even abandon them. An excellent option was the bark of viscose, which is practically not inferior in its performance silk, but differ in price. Carpet from viscose with dimensions of 240 x 340 cm can be purchased for about 17 100-17 400 rubles, and a similar silk carpet will cost 60 000 rubles.

Viscose, of course, is not a natural material, but it cannot be called synthetic. After all, it is made from cellulose, which, in turn, is made from wood.

Presented to the world the highest quality viscose carpets from Belgium. Reviews of numerous owners testify to the excellent wear resistance of these carpets, which is a very important quality. Such successes have been achieved thanks to the constant improvements that are used in the manufacture of viscose fibers. Frequently conducted experiments contribute to the maximum approximation of the quality indicators of viscose to natural silk.

Color features

Viscose carpets, as well as woolen carpets, which are made in Belgium, amaze with their rich colors. The best designers and florists work tirelessly to create a wide variety of traditional patterns, floral motifs and abstract drawings. Every person who wants to decorate his house will be able to find exactly what will fit his preferences, which will not only complement the interior, but also help to change it for the better.

Viscose carpets are very popular because of their resistance to fading. Throughout the entire life cycle, they will delight with all the same bright colors that were originally. Even dry cleaning of carpets does not harm their coloring at all.

A wide variety

The best country that produces viscose carpets is Belgium. Reviews of experienced designers are proof of that. Thanks to a variety of shapes and colors (from pastel to very bright colors), carpets will harmoniously complement any interior. Carpets are able to emphasize the severity and minimalism of the hi-tech style, give luxury and lightness to the classical interior, bring impudence and brightness to the avant-garde style.

Very carefully selected carpets for the nursery, because the kids love to frolic on the floor so much, inventing different games, or, having laid out all their toys, just fall asleep among them. The Bulgarian viscose floor carpets are very pleasant to the touch, and it will be quite comfortable for the child to play them. A bright drawings with fairy-tale characters just fall in love with all the children.

Wonderful tapestries

Bulgaria, in addition to excellent carpets, also offers magnificent tapestries made of viscose, which will be the charming decoration of any home. Despite the fact that these true works of art are not made by hand, they are still amazing in quality. In Belgium, they take production automation very seriously. In the manufacture of used machines that provide high quality carpets and tapestries, which are not inferior to man-made products. All nuances of the coloring are taken into account, allowing to turn a gobelin into a picturesque picture.

For the convenience of customers, tapestries are immediately equipped with pockets for the eaves, which greatly facilitates their arrangement.

How to choose the right carpet?

If your plans include buying a carpet, you need to consider a few points that matter when choosing:

  1. When calculating the required dimensions, decide what function the carpet will perform. Large and medium-sized carpets can cover the entire floor of a room, and serve to combine space. Using small rugs you can focus on a particular place, be it a chest of drawers, a chair or a sofa. Also with the help of the carpet, you can divide the space into special zones.
  2. When choosing a color for your future purchase, consider the style of the room for which the mat is intended. For example, an oval rug with a classic pattern will not suit the geometric rigor of the hi-tech style, and a bright and catchy abstraction will spoil the warmth of a room decorated in the style of Provence.
  3. When buying you need to take into account the height of the pile. High pile makes the carpet soft and very pleasant to the touch, but you need to carefully look after him. It is perfect in the nursery or living room. For the kitchen or corridor, it is better to use velor pile rugs - this will allow you to quickly put them in order.

How to avoid fakes?

The great popularity of Belgian carpets has not gone unnoticed, and dishonest people are trying to cash in on it. They offer cheap carpets of dubious quality, attributing to them the Belgian origin.

In order not to fall for the tricks of the fraudsters, pay attention to the density of the carpet: if there are gaps in the bend between the pile, then it is definitely not from Belgium. This carpet must have a clear size, and if the length or width of one side is smaller or larger than the other, this also indicates a fake.

Well and, undoubtedly, gives a fake carpet price, which is several times lower than the cost of real Belgian carpets.

Care features

Viscose carpets are well cleaned from dirt. The first time will be enough soft brush or vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to carry out the cleaning with a turbo brush: it will help to remove the deep-seated dust and beat the ground-up pile.

If after operation there will be stains, it is better to remove them without wetting or washing - viscose does not tolerate water very well. Not bad fit a variety of traditional methods that are less toxic than chemicals. Well refreshes the table salt, which you need to sprinkle the mat and then carefully collect it. Helps to effectively remove pollution and a special carpet cleaner from viscose. It should be in the form of powder or foam.

If all your efforts are in vain, and the stains still spoil the look of the product, then dry cleaning of the carpets remains. It is not cheap because it is carried out only by dry means, but the result will be very pleasant for you.

Despite the slight difficulties in the care, you can appreciate the beauty and quality that each Bulgarian viscose carpet possesses. Its price is quite affordable, and resistance to wear allows a long time to keep the original look. It will be the highlight of your interior, and a wide variety of design will allow you to choose the best option, dictated by the style features of your home.

Viscose - what kind of material?

Artificial fibers of natural origin have gained special popularity in the textile world. This material is widely used not only in the manufacture of clothing, but also as upholstery for furniture and carpets. Viscose is versatile, and this is one of the main advantages of fabric.

The material is produced by processing natural wood. As a result, man-made fibers come out, which vary in thickness, length, and strength. In the production of carpets used staple fiber, suitable for wool spinning. They make faux fur and warm clothes from it. The material has a pleasant texture and characteristic brilliance, combining the advantages and disadvantages of both natural fibers and artificial.

Features of the production of viscose carpets

The flooring in appearance can be compared with luxury silk. It can be a real interior decoration. Viscose carpets are made by hand and machine and are distinguished by a complex and original pattern. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes. The most popular among buyers are carpets of Belgian, Turkish, Indian and Chinese production. They can be found in ordinary apartments and in luxury homes.

In the manufacture of artificial fibers are often combined with natural. For example, wool and viscose carpets, according to reviews, are distinguished by a particularly bright pattern. Artificial fibers are added to the pattern to make it more attractive, while natural fibers serve as a base. Carpets of viscose and silk look no less beautiful. In this case, artificial fiber is used to reduce the cost of the finished product.

The advantages of viscose carpets

Products made with the addition of or entirely of artificial fibers have many positive characteristics. According to reviews, viscose carpets have the following advantages:

  1. Products have an attractive appearance. According to this attribute only, viscose flooring is difficult to distinguish from natural silk carpets.
  2. Carpets made of artificial fibers are hypoallergenic, which allows them to be used in rooms where people with allergies and asthmatics live.
  3. Products practically do not accumulate static electricity and do not attract dust.
  4. Color fastness and a wide variety of shades. This is due to the fact that viscose carpets are more easily dyed, unlike wool and silk.
  5. Softness and low weight of low pile products.
  6. Low cost compared to natural wool or silk carpets.

High pile coatings give a particularly pleasant tactile sensation. They are ideal for the interior of living rooms and children's rooms.

Disadvantages of viscose carpets

Despite all the advantages of the material, the floor coverings of it have a number of negative characteristics. According to reviews, viscose carpets have the following disadvantages:

  1. The basis of artificial fibers is wood pulp. That is why products made of viscose instantly absorb moisture and are exposed to its negative effects. Such carpets can not be used in rooms with high humidity and should not be allowed to contact them with water.
  2. Material is flammable.
  3. Pile is inelastic, and there may be creases on it.
  4. Viscose carpet has a slippery surface, so it is not recommended for use in children's rooms.
  5. Contaminations penetrate very quickly into fibers, and since wet cleaning is unacceptable, the appearance of such a coating can very quickly lose its aesthetic appeal.

Reviews of viscose carpets (Belgium)

Today, floor coverings based on artificial fibers are in particular demand from buyers. This is explained by the attractive appearance of such products, because they can be a real decoration of any interior. The most popular among buyers are viscose carpets (Belgium). According to reviews, people liked the following qualities:

  • original patterns and bright colors
  • light weight products
  • anti-allergic material
  • does not fade under the influence of sunlight, maintaining the brightness of color,
  • soft, warm, pleasant sensations of touch,
  • high quality and strength of fibers
  • easy to clean dry.

Many buyers tried to wash the Belgian carpets at a temperature of 60 °. As a result, the products adequately passed all tests and did not deform under the influence of water.

Negative customer reviews on viscose carpets

In the process of using a flooring based on artificial fibers of natural origin, a number of disadvantages can be identified. Based on the negative feedback, viscose carpets didn’t like the following customers:

  • large soils are practically not amenable to manual cleaning, which makes it necessary to use the services of a professional dry-cleaner,
  • quickly ignite, therefore they are strictly forbidden to lay in rooms with a fireplace,
  • during operation, hard-wearing yellow spots may appear on the products,
  • may be deformed when moisture gets on them.

With proper care, viscose flooring can last for a long time. At the same time they do not fade, retaining their properties and color.

How to choose a quality carpet?

To buy a product that can last for a long time and throughout the life of the operation, please with an attractive appearance, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. First of all, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Belgian carpets made from viscose are considered to be of the highest quality. According to reviews, such products have excellent characteristics and are represented by a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Good carpets are also made in Turkey and China.
  2. Attention should be paid to the nap. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch.
  3. It should be borne in mind that the longer the pile, the more difficult it will be to care for the product. A short nap holds the shape longer and does not wrinkle.
  4. To assess the quality of the dye, you can use a white cloth. It is enough to hold a small piece on the surface in order to understand whether or not traces remain on matter.

Viscose carpet: what is it?

Viscose carpets are quite popular, but buying them, few delve into the features of the product, but in vain. Such an accessory consists of viscose, which is a material obtained by special processing of cellulose. That is, in fact, carpets are made from raw materials, according to the characteristics resembling paper, and this is what determines the main characteristics.

Interestingly, viscose is often called “artificial silk”, which is explained by the characteristic brilliance and pleasant smooth texture of this material.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, consider the advantages:

  • Viscose carpets have an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Outwardly, they are very similar to natural silk products.
  • Relatively low cost, especially when compared with the price of woolen or silk carpets.
  • Viscose is a synthetic hypoallergenic material that does not cause undesirable reactions. And therefore such a carpet can be spread even in a room belonging to an allergy or asthmatic.
  • Pile is not electrified, does not accumulate static electricity and practically does not attract dust.
  • A huge selection of all sorts of colors. This is due to the fact that dyeing viscose is much easier than natural materials such as silk or wool.
  • If the manufacturer used high-quality dyes, the carpet will retain the original shade, without being subjected to fading due to exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Viscose carpet pile is very soft, pleasant to the touch, airy and light.

Now we estimate the cons:

  • Since viscose is made from cellulose, it quickly absorbs moisture and is exposed to its negative impact. For this reason, carpets cannot be laid in rooms with high humidity. In addition, no water is allowed on the surface.
  • Complicated care. Pollution is quickly absorbed and difficult to remove, literally eating into the fibers. And if we consider that wet cleaning is unacceptable, then some stains can remain forever and completely spoil the product.
  • Pile inelastic, so it can be damaged by mechanical stress.
  • Viscose carpet can be quite slippery and, accordingly, dangerous for young children.
  • This material quickly ignites, so it definitely should not be laid near fire sources, such as a fireplace.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose not only attractive, but also high-quality and durable viscose carpet? When buying it is worth paying attention to a few points, and one of the most important is compliance with generally accepted quality standards, which is confirmed by certificates. Such documentation at the request of the buyer must provide the seller.

The second important criterion is the manufacturer. The most sought-after, popular and high-quality are Belgian viscose carpets, characterized by excellent performance, a wide range and variety of colors. But similar products are made in other countries.

Also worth assessing the nap. It should be soft, pleasant to the touch, smooth and having the characteristic viscose shine. Оцените и длину: чем она значительнее, тем более сложным будет уход. Длинноворсные ковры более привлекательные и мягкие, но со временем волокна могут сминаться и оседать. Короткий ворс прост в уходе и дольше держит форму.

Color and quality of the dye are important. The brighter the shade, the greater the likelihood that the manufacturer used chemical aggressive agents for dyeing. In addition, an overly bright carpet can catch the eye and distract attention from other interior elements. Therefore, it is better to give preference to calm tones. And to assess the quality of the dye, you can hold on a pile with a slightly damp finger or light cloth. If you see traces, then low-quality, low-pricing dyes were used in the manufacture.

Proper care

How to care for viscose carpets? This should be done carefully and carefully, observing the following rules:

  1. Lay the carpet should only be on a dry and preferably smooth surface. Moisture penetrates the material, and irregularities can stretch or deform the fibers of viscose.
  2. To avoid loosening lint and wear, you should regularly rotate the carpet. This will reduce the load and evenly distribute it, as well as prevent the formation of “bald patches” in areas with high traffic.
  3. Avoid gross mechanical stress: do not place heavy items of furniture on the carpet, do not knock the product, do not stretch it.
  4. Only dry cleaning is used for regular cleaning, as a wet one will significantly ruin the appearance of the carpet and impair its characteristics. The best option is to use a vacuum cleaner, but this method also has several features. First, choose a soft brush attachment, as a hard brush can damage the pile. Secondly, do not turn on the device at maximum speed, otherwise the fibers are deformed and damaged. Thirdly, vacuum the carpet in the direction of the pile, that is, along it, and not across. Fourth, viscose carpets are recommended to vacuum not only from the front side, but also from the wrong side.
  5. If water is spilled on the surface, immediately blot the pile with a dry cloth that absorbs moisture or a cloth.
  6. The most important question is how to get the spot out. First, it should be done as soon as possible, because the sooner measures are taken, the more chances there are for the complete removal of pollution. Secondly, use specialized detergents for products made of viscose or delicate materials. They form air foam and contain gentle components, which will minimize the amount of moisture and preserve the color and structure of the fibers. Thirdly, in any case do not allow water to enter the product. To do this, use a porous sponge, carefully squeeze it and treat the contaminated area only with foam.
  7. Twice a year, the carpet must be ventilated, bringing it to fresh air and gently shaking it. This will remove not only dust and moisture, but also extraneous odors that have had time to be absorbed into the material.

Tip: You can use a home remedy and sprinkle salt on the carpet, and then gently sweep it or vacuum the product. This will allow you to soak up and remove minor pollution.

Care for the carpet properly, and it will last a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other products, viscose carpets have both positive and negative sides. The advantages of these carpets include:

  • The material from which they are made. It is well subject to coloring, so that a large and colorful range of these products is presented on the world market.
  • The quality of weaving, which is as close as possible to silk weaving, while the cost of viscose carpets is much lower.
  • Pleasant and soft to the touch pile.
  • Do not cause allergies, which allows the use of such flooring to people with similar health problems.
  • Lightweight and practical, due to which perfectly subject to movement and transportation.
  • Safe for health.

In addition to the advantages, these carpets also have their disadvantages:

  • They are unstable to moisture, therefore, when water gets on their surface, it is necessary to quickly and gently blot it with a dry napkin or cotton towel.
  • Carpets made of viscose can not be laid in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. There the product will quickly lose its qualities.
  • This type of coating allows cleaning in dry cleaning or independently by special means for viscose.
  • Propensity to fire, so it is better not to lay them in fireplaces or electric heaters.

  • Over time, spots appear. This is especially noticeable on light surfaces.
  • The sliding basis demanding additional fixing on a floor surface. First of all, it refers to the coatings of large size.
  • Twice a year, the carpet must be turned over for even wear.
  • Such carpets are inappropriate in areas where there are pets.

When buying viscose carpets, be sure to take into account all the pros and cons of this floor covering option.

Only the correct and well-thought-out choice will allow you to create coziness in the room and fully enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

Modern viscose carpets can certainly be called elite products. All of them are divided into two types of weaving:

  1. Machine, when products are manufactured on the machine. The quality here is carefully monitored and monitored, so that the finished product fully complies with all norms and standards.
  2. Manual - This production option is expensive and has its positive aspects. The product is made by hand by craftsmen, who responsibly approach the process of making carpets. They have original drawing and design. The customer himself can develop an individual form and design that will have no analogues. At the same time, the cost of this carpet is much higher than that created by machine, as it takes about three months to produce one such instance.

The sizes of viscose carpets can be very different. It all depends on the parameters of the room where this or that model will be located. Thin items of 170 * 240 cm in size, as well as larger pieces, are in great demand.

Determining the size of viscose carpet, you should consider some of the nuances:

  • Small ones are suitable for focusing attention on a certain part of the room.
  • Averages allow you to properly divide the room into zones and it is advantageous to emphasize all their advantages.
  • Large ones are used for full flooring, but there must be gaps on the sides up to 20 cm.

Viscose carpets may have different shapes:

  • Round. Fits perfectly into any room. Such models are well suited for a nursery or bedroom. The sizes can be the most different, both standard, and individual.
  • Octagonal. Carpets made in this form look beautiful in any room.

  • Oval. Perfect for the kitchen.
  • Square Perfectly in harmony with the room of the same form.

Experts recommend buying viscose carpets, based on the characteristics of the interior, as well as personal preferences.

The color range of viscose carpets can be very diverse. Viscose is easy to color, which allows you to easily choose a model of the desired color. You can purchase both plain and multi-colored products, while all of them will have a high-quality and rich appearance.

In order to verify the quality of the dye, which is painted viscose carpet, you need a white cotton fabric to hold on the pile. If there are obvious traces, this will be the first sign of the use of low-quality dyes.

The range of carpets is quite diverse. Each ornament is beautiful and unique in its own way. All drawings on viscose carpets are divided into several types:

  • animals,
  • plants,
  • geometric figures.

Very popular products with geometric patterns and zebra.

It is worth noting that each image has a certain meaning and symbolism, so when choosing, it is worth considering this fact.

Different styles

Modern viscose carpets can be a great addition to any type of interior. Among them there are models for almost every taste, so for each style of the interior there is a suitable copy. For example:

  • Monophonic perfectly harmonize with any interior.
  • Abstract perfectly emphasized design solutions in the direction of high-tech. Most often they are placed in the offices, choosing a model in bright colors.

  • With animals and nature used in residential areas, for example, a bedroom.
  • Fusion different non-standard size and acid-bright colors. Such carpets are most often made to order.

For different rooms

Each form of carpet is suitable for a particular type of room. Among viscose carpets there are floor-standing copies and those that are intended exclusively for wall decor. For example:

  • Products made in the patchwork technique fit perfectly into the spacious rooms. If you put such a carpet in the middle of the room, installing a small coffee table on it, complemented by beautiful furniture, you will get a very cozy seating area. This form is combined with arches, bay windows and twisted furniture. To combine the areas of the room into one, they often use the coating in this technique, combining with it the basic shades of both rooms and making them more harmonious.
  • The 3D effect on carpets is used when there is a need to visually extend the area of ​​the room. These options perfectly complement the bedrooms, children's and living rooms. They look presentable both in a classic interior style and in a modern one. The main thing is to find the right image.
  • Square, rectangular or diamond-shaped are widely used for zoning space, as well as a solid coating.

Do not forget that the lighter the floor, the darker the carpet should be. This is done in order to emphasize all its benefits.

How to choose?

It is very important to choose the right carpet to the style of the interior, which will give a daily feeling of comfort to others. For this you need to know a few criteria:

  • The seller must have documents that indicate the quality of the selected product.
  • You need to navigate the current manufacturers, assessing their reputation and customer reviews. It is worth remembering that these viscose carpets have impeccable quality indicators and a fairly dense texture.
  • It is worth paying attention to the quality of the pile. It should have a soft structure, as well as the viscose shine and smoothness. In this they differ from products made from polypropylene.
  • It is necessary to check the quality of the dye. Only professionally painted coatings can ensure their attractiveness over the years.

In order for the acquired viscose carpet not to lose its pristine beauty, you need to properly care for it, preventing moisture from affecting it.

How to care?

Becoming an owner of viscose carpet, you need to know some of their features. If you follow simple rules for the care of such coatings, you can significantly extend their life. They consist in the following:

  • Viscose carpets should be laid on a dry and level surface. It is desirable that it be smooth and not have flaws, because uneven floors often stretch these coatings, deforming them.
  • For uniform wear of the pile, you need to rotate the carpet from time to time, preserving its original qualities.
  • It is forbidden to put heavy objects on the viscose coating to avoid deformation of the product and the pile pile.
  • Do not use water during cleaning; only dry reading is allowed. Vacuuming the carpet should be using special tips with a soft brush or without it at all. The speed is set at an average to avoid damage to the fibers. Vacuuming only in the direction of the location of the pile. To ensure that the carpet is completely clean, it is vacuumed on both sides.

  • To remove spilled water from the cover, you need to apply soaking with a dry towel.
  • If a stain appears, it should be removed immediately. To do this, you can use specially designed chemicals for viscose products. They are distinguished by their gentle impact and are applied to the surface in the form of foam. A slightly damp porous washcloth that minimizes the ingress of moisture on the carpet will do.
  • Every six months it is recommended to take out the coating on the street and shake it slightly. This is done to remove dust, odors and helps restore the nap.
  • You can also use salt for cleaning. It should be scattered on the surface and left for several hours, then vacuumed. This method is great for removing minor contaminants, as well as excess moisture.

Options in the interior

Beautiful viscose carpets perfectly complement different types of interior, bringing a touch of sophistication and originality to the decor.

High-nap models are ideal for the bedroom. They fill the room with warmth, comfort and aesthetic beauty. In addition, high pile muffles the sound of steps, which makes these products practical and functional.

In the nursery fit options with bright patterns and colors. It must be a geometric shape, for example, a square. Due to the need for frequent cleaning, it is recommended to opt for models with a short nap.

For the living room it is important to successfully combine the carpet with the overall style and pieces of furniture. This room welcomes a variety of shapes and colors.

Getting a carpet from viscose, it is worth paying due attention to its positive and negative sides. It must be remembered that these coatings are quite whimsical in care and should not be in contact with water. Accounting for these nuances will preserve the original qualities of the carpet for many years.

Review viscose carpet in the next video.

Pleasant, but capricious viscose

Before you clean the viscose carpet, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic properties of this material. Viscose is an artificial fiber made from cellulose. Visually and to the touch, the viscose material resembles silk, wool or cotton. But for the other properties, it is closest to a good cellulose napkin: it instantly absorbs moisture and gives it away very reluctantly.

  • Dislikes strong friction, especially circular movements with brushes, rags, sponges.
  • It absorbs moisture well. It can absorb twice as much water as it weighs.
  • Getting wet, loses its shape. The warp threads are drawn out and the product is deformed. And the pile after drying becomes stiff, like an old terry towel.
  • Together with moisture, it quickly and deeply absorbs dirt (any spilled liquid leaves stubborn stains). Contaminants penetrate the structure of the fibers and are fixed almost immediately, but they are very difficult to remove. Often, even after professional processing, it is not possible to completely remove the stain.
  • Bad and long drying. And if the viscose carpet is left wet, microbes will settle in it, mold spots and a stale smell will appear.
  • It deteriorates under the influence of sunlight. Ultraviolet destroys pigments of dyes, deprives viscose gloss, gives shades yellowness. The portages themselves under the influence of ultraviolet radiation are also gradually destroyed.

Casual care for viscose carpets

Viscose products need regular soft cleaning of dust and debris. You can use a vacuum cleaner, a broom or a floor brush. The main rules for cleaning viscose carpet:

  • Choose soft bristle cleaning tools. Hard brushes and nozzles for a vacuum cleaner will not work - they can damage delicate viscose threads.
  • Always clean the carpet in the direction of the pile with soft sweeping motions. If you use a vacuum cleaner, also try to move the nozzle in one direction, and not rub the surface with a brush back and forth.
  • Vacuum the carpet on both sides.
  • After washing the floor, wait until it dries. Only after that lay a carpet on it. Otherwise, viscose will absorb all the moisture from the surface, and then it will dry for a long time.
  • Clean the carpet regularly. Vacuuming is necessary once a week, sweeping - as far as pollution. Do not postpone the cleaning of small debris, crumbs, sand, otherwise they will be driven into the fabric and will not be cleaned.
  • Do not knock the carpet hanging on the crossbar or rope. Thus, it is easy to stretch and even break.

Routine cleaning (when the pile just got dirty)

Knowing how to care for viscose carpet can keep it clean for a long time. But sooner or later, the product will still need a more serious cleaning. And here it is important not to harm him.

The question of whether to erase a viscose carpet is not even worth it. After washing, the product will turn into a large colorful rag. Washing with a vacuum cleaner, wet brush or rags is also dangerous. Ideally, only dry or almost dry methods should be used to clean viscose carpet at home.

Here are the most popular folk recipes:

  • Sprinkle large table salt over the dry carpet. Broom or brush spread it over the surface, gently rubbing it into the pile (move only in the direction of the fibers). Vacuum the salt. Important! Vacuuming is necessary immediately and very carefully. Salt remaining in the material will absorb moisture from the air and “transfer” it to viscose. The carpet will become wet, sticky and dirty even more.
  • Sketch on the surface of a slightly wet tea brew. Веником или щеткой «прокатайте» ее по ворсу, собирая пыль и грязь. Сметите заварку с ковра. Этот способ подходит лишь для изделий, окрашенных в темные теплые цвета. Заварка не должна быть мокрой, чтобы не увлажнять ворс.
  • Используйте специальный шампунь для чистки ковров. Взбейте его в крепкую пену – в ней меньше влаги. Spread the foam on the surface, do not rub it and do not drive it into the pile. Wait for the carpet to dry and vacuum it.

Before cleaning the carpet from viscose with any household chemicals, make sure that the chosen product does not harm the viscose fibers. Test the drug on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product and only then treat the entire surface.

Unscheduled cleaning (removal of fresh stains)

If you spill coffee on the carpet, drop a piece of cake, or let a dog with dirty feet, you need to act quickly. Remember that the spots are fixed almost instantly. And even clean water from the carpet must be removed as quickly as possible. How to do it:

  • Gently blot the spilled liquid with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Move from the edges of the spot to the middle so as not to smudge it over a large area.
  • Do not rub the carpet.
  • Create conditions for quick drying of the wet area. Place hygroscopic fabric under the stain, take care of good ventilation in the room. You should not hang a carpet to dry or place large objects under it (stools, boxes). The wet base of the product is strongly deformed.

There are cases when it is necessary to urgently contact the specialists in dry cleaning:

  • The product was spilled not with water, but with a colored liquid (juice, wine, coffee). Removing moisture, call professionals to quickly remove stains. The longer it will remain uncleaned, the less likely it is to get rid of it completely.
  • The carpet was very wet (the neighbors flooded the apartment or the aquarium with several buckets of water in the room burst). Only specialists can dry the viscose product so that the pile does not hesitate during drying and does not become rigid, and the base is not deformed.

Removing stains and heavy dirt at home

Some pollution can try to eliminate their own. But do it only if the carpet is not too expensive for you. There is a risk to damage it.

How to clean viscose carpet from stains and dirt at home:

  1. Wet, well wring out the towel and blot the contaminated area with it. If the contamination is superficial (street dirt or lean food), it is easily erased.
  2. Wet towel didn't work? Take a small brush with a soft bristle and brush off the dirt with short light strokes in the direction of the pile.
  3. Is there still a stain? Use carpet foam or a weak vinegar (citric acid) solution. Use foam to remove stains as well as for general cleaning of the product. In a sour solution, moisten the sponge and, after carefully wringing it, gently wipe the dirty pile with it.
  4. After cleaning, spray the treated area with a fabric softener. It will soften the nap when it dries.

For processing viscose carpets should use only neutral detergents. Alkalis, alkaline drugs and oxygen bleaches spoil the fiber. Also, do not attempt to remove stains with a steam cleaner. Under the influence of hot steam, viscose fibers are deformed, and dyes are destroyed (whitish “vapor stains” are formed).

These cleaning methods do not provide a 100% guarantee of the cleanliness and safety of viscose carpet. The safest and most effective option is dry cleaning using a special absorbent powder (recommended every three to six months). It is better to entrust it to professionals, since the procedure requires a proven cleaning product and a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. Processing is also possible in a mixture of organic solvents, but it is expensive and is carried out exclusively in specialized shops.

If you want to clean your viscose rug safely, conveniently and inexpensively, contact Top Dry Cleaning. We perform dry cleaning at home with departures throughout Moscow and the Moscow region. The procedure is completely harmless, takes about an hour, and immediately after its completion the carpet can be used. Call +7 (495) 208-58-38 - the quality of cleaning and the safety of your carpet are guaranteed.