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Fun scenario for corporate party


New Year's festivals rightfully occupy the first place among all holidays in the world. A huge number of people, regardless of age, religion, race and customs celebrate the New Year in the family circle, at work, among friends.

This holiday everyone knows. Each country has its own customs, ceremonies and traditions. But you always want to bring something fresh and new to surprise your relatives, friends and colleagues. Today we will talk about the unusual conduct of the New Year's corporate party, which will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Corporate 2018

So, what should we start with and what should be considered first of all when choosing a program to celebrate the new year among colleagues?

- the number of people in your team,

- the ratio of men and women

- the presence in your team of creative people

- costs that management is willing to bear on the organization of the holiday.

We now proceed to the consideration of specific ideas.

Ideas for New Year's corporate party

You can organize a very non-standard corporate party just by ordering an interesting and exciting quest. Something it looks like a mafia, but everything is much more interesting. Players do not sit at the table, but actively participate in the plot scenario, solving a confusing detective riddle.

Each player has his own goals, his own biography and role. It is very interesting to play, and if you set such a goal, you will manage to organize something very entertaining. This option of holding a corporate new year is more suitable for the young team, but older people should not be written off either.

What are the master classes

- handmade chocolates, chocolate bar painting

- learning the basics of floristics

- culinary and dessert workshops

- the creation of perfumes and handmade soaps

- composition - bouquets of soft toys and sweets

- creative master class (drawing, decoupage, batik, etc.)

- decor of ceramics and glass, etc.

There are a lot of master classes, check which ones are available in your city.

The following suggested options are for theme parties.

Thematic corporate

Option 3: New Year's corporate party in the style of the 80s

What is the 80s?

This colorful, ingenuity and creativity. This was the period when the anti-alcohol law was in force in the USSR. Therefore, on New Year's Eve people used underground moonshine and vodka from coffee pots, teapots and even warmers!

It was a time when girls could turn an old grandmother's dress, and sometimes a curtain, into an interesting and outrageous holiday outfit. Then there were only flesh-colored tights, which were painted black, the eyelashes were made puppet with mascara, water and flour, and the head was decorated with a curl using sugar.

How to entertain colleagues?

Most often, these corporate parties smoothly turn into evenings of nostalgia and memories. Try to beat the brightest moments of that period. For example, you can hold a contest of tastes. Suggest to your colleagues to find out the most popular sweets, which still exist today: “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Kosnapy Bear”, “Little Squirrel”, etc.

A similar competition can be held with flavors. "Red Moscow", "Triple cologne", "Russian Forest", "Sasha" and others can be found today. Let people remember these smells and their names.

It is very important that the corporate program is filled with dance shows (not necessarily under the old cassette tape recorder, although it can be used as a decor), fun contests and active games.

What should be on the table?

Of course, one cannot do without Olivier, favorite in the USSR, sprats sandwiches, Napoleons, boiled sausages, Buratino, Tarkhuna and Sovetsky Champagne lemonade. By the way, there will be a classic: jelly with horseradish, homemade pickles and marinades, red and black caviar.

Allow yourself to nostalgia. Fun and dryf will be provided. Of course, such a corporate theme will be more suitable for older people, but perhaps it will be interesting for young people.

Cool New Year, corporate

Option 4: New Year's corporate party in the style of rock stars

The main idea of ​​such a party is the Beatles, Elvis Presley, freedom of spirit, rock and roll and the philosophy of change. Rockstar is the absence of barriers and prohibitions, desires and their realization, self-will and rigidity. Each colleague will be a party decoration, an idol for worship, a global star.

Decorating the room should also be matched by the idea of ​​universal freedom: an incredible combination of styles, bright colors, harmony in the wrong. Do not forget about the characteristic hairstyle of the times of the dominance of rock and roll - perm on long hair.

What do rockers do?

It is clear that a large part of the entertainment program at this thematic corporate is dance and music competitions. Invite guests to go on the red carpet, arrange a dancing battle, all together play “Guess the melody”.

As part of the entertainment program, it will also be appropriate to organize a master class. For example, you can invite a professional dancer and have a lot of fun, repeating funny rock-n-roll movements after him.

How to treat the stars?

Of course, beer and a variety of junk food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, chips, crackers, crackers, popcorn, dried and salted seafood. A little sweet for the female half of the team does not hurt.

Cool New Year's corporate party

Option 5: New Year Party in the style of a wonderful fairy tale

The idea of ​​such a party is to give colleagues a New Year's magic with a Christmas tree, golden rain and incredible projects. Each of us in the new year wants to believe again in Santa Claus, who knows all our thoughts and dreams. Only he knows that in our souls we always remain children who are ready to play endlessly, have fun, ride a sled, and throw snowballs.

How to entertain colleagues?

Fabulous style - this is only the most fun games. For example, you can draw a fairy tale with colleagues. The moderator tells a funny fairy tale remade in a modern way, and the participants draw it blindfolded. Or, for example, you can draw a portrait of Santa Claus. Participants must also be blindfolded, and each must draw a separate part of the body.

In addition to active games indoors and outdoors, the fabulous style involves a very beautiful master class on creating gingerbread houses or just magic gingerbread. Such a master class will be remembered for a long time.

By the way, with regard to games in the fresh air, if the budget allows and the team is small, you can ride colleagues in dog sledding. If there is snow on the street, you can build a team of reindeer out of it with the whole team. The main thing was to have fun, and everyone believed in magic.

What to feed lovers of fairy tales?

Stuffed mushrooms, unusual meat, for example, moose, fish and seafood and a variety of pastries. Fairy-tale cuisine is very rich and exotic. If the budget allows, accompany the menu with quality alcohol. Fabulous multicolored cocktails will look very beautiful on the New Year's table.

Christmas party 2018

Option 6: New Year's corporate party in the style of a madhouse

How often do you get the idea that the boss went to the roof, and the accountant and the secretary are with him? Is it time to call an ambulance, and how to defuse the situation? Humor in this case will come to your aid.

Remember all the troubles with colleagues and laugh together over them. Write them therapeutic dressings made of toilet paper, high-grade pricks and magic pills. Dress each other in a bit strange costumes and have fun from the heart.

What play in a madhouse?

Clowns, Crocodile, Putin, Napoleon, Crazy Frog. Everything is here and everything is possible! You can invent all kinds of fables, rush cupcakes, sing stupid songs and arrange dances with disguise.

The format of such a corporate party involves the abolition of subordination between the boss and subordinate, the abolition of decency and conventions. At such a party, you can say everything that you have accumulated, just present it in a humorous form, and not arrange a debriefing.

How to feed the crazy?

In the mental hospitals eating cereals and various troubles of incomprehensible composition. We do not recommend to feed colleagues with such things. Let the food be plain and simple. Sandwiches, pizza, fruit, sweets, beer and popcorn, which can also be used in the entertainment program.

However, the party menu you can also make fun. There is a lot of information on how to make, for example, french fries with ketchup from puff pastry with strawberry jam, or "meat" pie with a sweet filling.

Corporate party scenario for the New Year

Option 7: New Year's corporate party in the style of Alice in Wonderland

In this enchanting tale half the world in love. She is both philosophical, funny, absurd and mystical. And all because the incredible outfits, cool hats, and of course the smile of the Cheshire Cat can not leave anyone indifferent. Cute cups with the invitation "Drink me!" It is impossible to refuse. New Year's party in the style of Alice will be remembered for a long time, because the topic is very rich in colors and numerous occasions for various competitions.

How to entertain guests at corporate parties?

Of course, this is a card croquet. Be sure to arrange a drinking competition from the very porcelain cups, after which you can check the drinkers for sobriety, asking to build a pyramid of cups.

Cheshire cat should be with a smile, and the Hatter, of course, with a hat. Everything can be done from improvised means so that it is more fun. As for the dance program, diversify it with “rabbit dances”, royal minuets and card shows.

How to treat guests Alice?

The basis of treats - sweets. Cookies, cakes, pastries, chocolate, ice cream. But a few plates of cheese, cold cuts and vegetables still do not interfere. Do not forget the carrot for the Rabbit! As for drinks, they must be bright. For example, when ordering champagne, give preference to red or pink.

Office parties for the New Year 2018

Option 8: New Year's party for the female team "Golden Lady and Black Cats"

Hollywood, luxury, chic, glitter, gold - these are the main ideas of the party. Glitter jewelry and stones, elegant dresses, small talk and languid looks. But this is only on one side. The second side of the evening is black cats, beautiful in their wildness and far from gold rush and secular exits. They are the perfect plastic, bewitching voice, youth, strength and grace. Who will win in this confrontation?

Natural beauty, life and brightness or indifference, languor and high life? Make an evening of confrontation between the very cream of society and its blackness, between nobility and the world where money rules.

How to entertain colleagues?

Incredible hip-hop or secular dance? Who won? And who knows the value of money better? The one who rarely sees them or the one who their chickens do not peck? And who better understands the food and food, which of them is made? Who is stronger, faster? Who is resourceful? Any entertainment based on confrontation will be appropriate.

How to treat cats and ladies?

Secular ladies carefully monitor their figure, for this reason choose dietary dishes: lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Also, everyone knows that cats like milk, fish and meat. For appetizers, be sure to add a few black and gold cocktails, and you will have a great New Year's table.

Where to celebrate corporate for the New Year

Option 9: Sport is our everything

It is not the first year that winter office parties are at the peak of popularity. This is a very good option for a holiday, especially if you need to entertain the team is very active and young. Champagne, Christmas tree and shish kebabs are not canceled at all in this situation, all this will occur upon completion of street festivities somewhere in the hunting lodge.

Among the proposals for the organization of corporate new year in the fresh air:

- paintball competitions

- biathlon (of course, a very simplified version of it)

- various group competitions

- figure skating (in this case, you can combine an entertaining ice program with a master class), etc.

Unusual corporate

Now tell about a few ideas that will complement your holiday.

1) Holiday photo session

Any of the proposed options for the New Year celebration can be supplemented by a photo session. It will perfectly fit into any thematic party. Especially the photo session will be appropriate if it is decided to give an employee a master class in hair and makeup.

The process is very fun, and in memory will remain great shots.

This holiday form is better to choose when the average age of most employees is over 35 years old. A professional sommelier will not leave anyone indifferent, and the atmosphere of the tasting will leave only pleasant memories.

Tasting can take place in three formats: right in the office of the company, in a partner restaurant in which more attention will be paid to a combination of wines and various products, or in a special institution in which tastings of different wines are held on a schedule.

After such an event, you will know which wines are, which of them are recognized as the best, how to read the label, how to navigate the wine list, what the price of wine is made of, what wine glasses are best for tasting, the rules for storing wine and much different.

3) Holiday lighting

Entrust this aspect to professionals, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Incredible design of the site, for example, neon cubes and luminous installations with the company logo, shadow theater and a beautiful Christmas tree.

This is an interactive movement of your head in the finished clip.

New Year's corporate: ideas

In an hour, a cartoonist can make 5-7 portraits. In this case, people communicate, dine, dance, and the professional in turn selects a model. Ready cartoons on the spot can be used to create a souvenir or calendar.

6) Chemical interactive show

It is very informative and spectacular. Developed excellent programs for adults.

7) Conjurers and artists of the original genre

A good magician will decorate your holiday. Do not be lazy to find this.

A week before the holiday, many companies spend interesting entertainment every day during the lunch break.

A professional artist will come to you for a holiday and draw a real live postcard with beautiful music.

Jokes for corporate parties for the New Year

If you have not fully thought out the New Year program and have not decided how to entertain your colleagues, then we suggest you to diversify the evening with a fun quiz. This interesting game will captivate everyone, allowing each of your colleagues to win a small prize. So, here are the questions with answers for the quiz.

1) Perfect as an ingredient in a salad and as a specific organ? (Carrot for the snowman's nose)

2) Conditions for masquerade face control? (Mask)

3) Imitation of snow drift in an apartment? (Sheets)

4) Aroma, which is the strongest on New Year's Eve? (Smell of needles)

5) Wife snowman? (Snow woman)

6) What is ringing the Christmas tree? (Round dance)

7) The snowy brainchild of yard games? (Snowman)

8) If the vodka in the freezer is frozen and turned into ice, then it means ... (burnt)

9) Do all countries celebrate New Year with champagne? (No, only Russia, former CIS countries, Poland and Sweden)

10) Favorite New Year's drink of the French? (Kruchon)

11) Which country celebrates the new year with beer and milk? (Netherlands, they love beer there and prepare “Slem”)

12) What does the New Year's beauty tree hide under the hem? (Presents)

13) New Year's drink with prickles? (Champagne)

14) Is its size directly dependent on the time of year? (Day)

15) The attribute of infidelity of spouses, which someone loses with the onset of winter? (Horns)

16) Who needs a diet in the summer or in the winter? (Elke: slim and slim in winter and summer)

17) Retreat for zimushki, counter to spring? (Pancakes)

18) Incendiary feature of a great New Year's Eve? (Fireworks)

19) Hooligan, the victim of the coldest season? (Scumbag)

20) In which fairy tale did the Russian girl suffer from the abuse of Santa Claus? (Frost)

21) In the New Year's Eve all at once in one fell swoop? (Television congratulations to the president)

22) In which cartoon my mother did not scare either the snow or technical innovations? ("Prostokvashino": "... this is not a technique reached, but I myself came here, on skis")

23) What is the size of a 1.5 liter champagne bottle? (Magnum)

24) A piece of furniture that tormented Soviet children on the night of the new year? (Stool)

25) Country where the new year cope in the summer? (Australia)

Where to celebrate New Year 2018

Here are some more interesting ideas where you can celebrate a corporate new year.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

Have you ever thought about spending the New Year party with your colleagues in a Russian bath, Turkish bath or sauna? The idea is excellent, the main thing is to find support in the team.

The male part of the team is likely to agree with delight to play the script of the famous New Year film, but women can resist, as not everyone is ready to show natural beauty, and the idea is more suitable for the young team.

Что бы там не было, идею можно взять на заметку и спросить мнения коллег об этом.

Горы или лето среди зимы

Конечно же, этот вариант требует серьезных финансовых вложений, но оно стоит того, потому что ни о чем беспокоиться не нужно, а с собой, кроме денег, взять только хорошее настроение. It would be great if the company management would cover part of the costs.

Funny corporate for New Year

Let's talk about a few fun contests that can be held as part of the entertainment program.

The number of players can be any. Prepare glass or plastic bottles in advance. Before the victim in a row put the bottle at the same distance. A volunteer is blindfolded and asked to overcome an obstacle without hitting anything.

As long as a person resents the fact that the task is too complicated, the bottles must be quietly removed. As a result, you get a proud and very cautious bird, gently walking through the hall.

Any number of people can play, but you need to prepare cocktail tubes and ping-pong balls. Make a “route” on the table out of available tools: bottles, glasses, glasses, etc. Your task is to make tracks.

On these paths participants will drive balls, blowing on them from a tube. The winner will be the one who wins the race. You can play in pairs for a knockout, a new participant comes to the loser's place.

From 5 to 20 people can play this game. Prepare paper, pencils and erasers in advance. Each participant should draw a cheerful cartoon on someone from colleagues. Then the portraits travel in a circle, and on the reverse side each writes his own assumption as to who is depicted in the portrait.

When the drawing returns to the author, you need to calculate how many people guessed the one who is drawn. This will be the number of points. The winner is whose portrait will score the highest number of points. In order not to miss anyone, draw a draw in advance of who draws whom.

Alphabet A to Z

Any number of players can play this game. The essence of the game is that starting with the letter A, each participant comes up with a cheerful greeting to his letter. Let the letters not be!

The funny greeting wins. It will be very fun. More how!

In this game there can be 7 - 15 participants. Prepare at least three chips for each player in advance. This game is for honesty. The first participant says: "I never ..". Those who, on the contrary, have such experience, give the player one chip at a time.

The task of each participant is to come up with something that, unlike most of his colleagues, he did not do. Wins the one who at the end of the game is with the smallest amount of chips. For chips, use beans, matches, small pieces of paper, etc.

Competition "Catch the ball"

For the competition, those present are divided into two teams. Each one chooses a captain. The captains stand in front of the team, at a distance of 2-3 meters (indicated by a line), they are handed large baskets. Near each team a lot of balloons and a line that they can not cross. The task is to throw as many balls as possible in the basket of his captain. Those, in turn, should help, but do not cross the line. Also, captains are not allowed to touch the balls with their hands. 3-5 minutes are given for the fulfillment of the task, the team wins, in the captain's basket of which there will be more balls.

At this stage of a corporate party, you can invite everyone to the table. But the fun does not stop. After the guests have a little refreshed, you can continue the entertainment.

I know your boss is perfect. Understanding, generous, positive. And all employees without problems find a common language with him, understand each other at once. This will confirm the next game!

The game "Deaf dialogue"

Invited supervisor and subordinate. The boss puts on the headphones, and the subordinate is hurt the boss questions.

  • Can I take a day off tomorrow?
  • When will the salary increase?
  • Why am I going on a business trip, not Ivanov?

The chief, of course, does not hear questions. He can understand what he is asked only by the movement of his lips and facial expressions. However, the boss must respond. As a rule, the answers are “off topic”, and the dialogue is very funny.

Then the headset puts on the headphones, and the chief asks the questions. For example:

  • When will the report?
  • Why do not you go to work on Saturday?
  • Why are you late again?

Then a new subordinate comes out and the fun repeats, only with other questions.

There are no winners and losers, but for the coolest answers you can give small prizes.

You are a cohesive team, almost like a family. I suggest to check how well you know each other.

Game "Who are you?"

Leading blindfolded. Before him, one of his colleagues sits on a chair. The task of the driver is to guess who it is, feeling only his head. To complicate the task, you can use glasses, wigs, earrings, scarves. Then the one who is guessed becomes leading. This is not a competition, so there are no winners. But everyone will have fun!

How to hold an event?

The main task in planning a corporate celebration is not the definition of the menu and the selection of suitable drinks. In order to successfully conduct an event, you need to pay special attention to its subject matter, the development of the script, the elaboration of the smallest details of the holiday, the drafting of an entertainment program.

Such an ideological approach guarantees positive results - the team has a good time, employees communicate together, build relationships, and not just wait for dishes and silently try various goodies.

You do not know how to conduct corporate with maximum success? Then answer the following questions:

  • Why is it necessary to arrange an event?
  • Where to spend it?
  • How good is the occasion?
  • How to choose a format and theme?
  • Who will be responsible for the organization?
  • What nuances need to be considered to ensure a good mood of employees and positive results for the business?

Under whom to adapt?

Gathering all together without compromise will not work. There are many people whose opinions need to be considered before organizing a corporate event. No corporate party is possible without a manager who must be at the festival for at least a few hours.

Most busy businessmen don't even have 2 hours to relax.. Therefore, the date and time of the event must first be coordinated with the director, top manager, owner.

But it is also desirable to consider the needs of other employees. After all, it is not customary to hold corporate events on public holidays - January 1, March 8. These days people usually spend in the family circle. Most often celebrate these holidays with the company in advance.

It is also necessary to take into account employee work schedules. Today, five days from 8 to 17 is not accepted everywhere. Some specialists work in shifts or not rationed. Additional coordination with top management is needed here.

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  • Answer the question, where it is better to spend a bachelorette party, our article will help you.

Holiday reason

Before you think about how to conduct a corporate, you need to understand what it is for. Based on the causes and objectives of the event, it is often possible to easily solve the problem of the format, theme and content of the party.

All goals and causes can be divided into such groups:

  • traditional holiday - an event in honor of a specific date - New Year, the birthday of the company,
  • thanks to the staff for the results achieved,
  • strengthening relationships and morale in the team,
  • Presentation of new areas of work, services or products.

Ideally, even a reason to celebrate the upcoming New Year may also have additional goals, for example, rallying the team, thanking employees or individual departments for their success.

Choosing a place

The next important organizational question is where to get a corporate party. Today there are many suitable options. Here are just some of them:

  • the simplest solution is in the office of the company,
  • also quite common option - in a cafe or restaurant,
  • in nature or in a country house, which is removed specifically for the event,
  • in another country. A joint trip abroad is expensive, but very original,
  • with kids. Corporate event together with the families and children of employees can be held in the park or on the rides,
  • at conferences or workshops. This is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure.
  • without a certain place. For example, you can arrange a quest, divide the team into several groups and give them the task to find the answer to the main question, traveling around the city,
  • in other places, for example, on the rink, in the sauna.

When choosing a place, it is necessary to take into account both financial possibilities and the wishes of the participants of the event themselves. Although sometimes the decision of the leader is quite appropriate.

The format and theme of the party

If you already know where to spend your corporate event, then it is easier to determine the format. There are only two of them - home and away. Although now it is a rather vague classification. Even at the recreation center you can feel at home, and in an uncomfortable office or an expensive restaurant with a strict interior you can be on a distant business trip.

Another classification allows us to distinguish corporate formats such as banquet, disco, outdoor activities, team building, field trips. Although modern entertainment features allow us to combine several similar formats in one event.

There are much more popular topics of corporate celebrations:

  • disco 80's
  • pirate Party,
  • cowboy celebration or western event,
  • masquerade ball
  • Oriental themes
  • beach party.

Before you decide on a theme, you need to think about whether the occasion (date) of the event is well combined with this topic. Another win-win option when choosing a format and subject matter is to help the imagination of the company's employees. Their wishes and advice on how to hold a corporate event will simplify the organization of the holiday, increase the likelihood of the overall success of the event.

Company birthday

This is a major day for any company. It is necessary to celebrate it. And the winners will look like a strict classic banquet, and the most original theme party. By the way, such formats can be alternated successfully, one year - a banquet with the invitation of a star, the other - a theme party with active rest.

For New Year's corporate celebration themed events are perfect. It can be both a masquerade and a pirate party. It is better to leave an ordinary feast for other reasons, especially since during the New Year period in the life of each employee they are enough.

Corporate events for the fair sex can be varied. But a win-win for lovely ladies - a disco, an invitation to the stars of show business, karaoke.

Choosing an organizer

Even when a considerable part of the preparatory work has already been done, you know how and where to hold a corporate party, there are still the most important issues ahead. So, you need to decide who will be involved in the organization.

The first option is to delegate everything to the professionals on the side.. There are enough specialized companies and event agencies today. It is only necessary to agree on the budget and the cost of services.

The second option is to assign the organization to the personnel department.. These specialists are responsible for organizational culture, therefore in many companies corporate events are their immediate task.

The third option is to delegate organizational issues to active self-nominated candidates.. This is a good solution for small firms. After all, even the most targeted and active professionals may not have enough experience, knowledge and abilities to realize all the goals and plans for the celebration.

Music selection

If all of the above points are resolved, then it's time to take care of the important nuances. Before you hold a corporate party, you need to decide on the menu, music, entertainment.

And if the choice of dishes is better left to the conscience of the professionals, the musical accompaniment of the event is a question where you can try to take into account the wishes of all. And if it succeeds, then the party will be held with success.

As a result, the corporate party will play those songs that your employees like, and not the DJ, the presenter or the organizer.

It is not so important who will be engaged in music at the festival - DJ, presenter, cover band or guest showbiz artist. So, when you have a star singing at the festival, additional music will be needed for the background or disco. Therefore, on the compilation of the playlist you need to work hard.

Nice gifts

In order for a corporate celebration not to become a banal banquet, money must be spent not only on food and drink, but also on gifts. With their help, you can encourage employees participating in the competition program, organize competitions or just make pleasant surprises in the form of awarding the best specialists of the company.

A simple souvenir along with a letter or pleasant words from managers is an excellent motivation for employees. Therefore, such costs will surely justify themselves, even if you don’t donate trinkets, but give substantial cash bonuses.

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  • Properly selected music for corporate parties will make your holiday more soulful and memorable, more at this link.

Selection of contests and scenes for the evening

Of course, thinking about how to hold a corporate party, you can not do without entertainment - funny contests and scenes. There can be a lot of examples, the main thing is that they ideally fit the corporate business culture, help you achieve your goals - lift your spirits, bring people together.

Here are just a few examples of contests:

  • Creating a logo.
    We divide all guests into teams and give a task - to invent a new logo for the company. Markers and A4 sheets are offered for drawing. The best designer or marketer of the company can rate the best. Possible and democratic version of determining the winner - by voting. If there are great talents among the participants, then you can really consider the option of changing the company's logo.
  • Decorating a Christmas tree is a great option for a New Year's corporate party.
    Competitors are given multi-colored strips of paper and glue. Their task is to make a garland for a while and decorate the Christmas tree. Wins the one who will get the decoration of the longest.
  • Funny scene Lightbulb.
    Two volunteers are chosen - a girl and a boy. They are bred in different rooms and communicate their tasks. The guy needs to put a chair in the middle of the hall, stand on it and twist the light bulb, despite the interference from the girl. The participant is told that the guy wants to hang herself and she needs to prevent him from doing this. Say something to both of them is impossible. The audience knows both tasks and can enjoy a funny scene of silent communication.

Thinking through the plan of how to conduct a corporate event, remember its main value - live communication. A good event can only be called an event in which participants no longer see each other as colleagues, subordinates or managers, and notice people with their interests, values ​​and experiences. Only such an approach will give maximum results - fun, good rest and even additional benefits for business in the form of conflict resolution, improvement of the microclimate, productivity growth and work efficiency!

Organizational issues

In order for your holiday to be able to visit the maximum number of employees, then it would be right to look in advance to the director and politely check with him when he can take the time to hold a corporate party, because it is worthless to conduct such events without a boss.

If all employees work according to the same schedule, then you shouldn’t have any questions about the time, but if you have a shift system in your company, then perhaps you should check with your superiors about the most convenient time. It is possible that some day they will shorten the working day or, for one of the shifts, they will take a day off so that everyone can attend the event.

Of course, the main responsibilities of the organizer include collecting money, ordering a menu and, of course, choosing a venue for a banquet. This will, first of all, depend on the season, as well as on the theme of the celebration, for example, a New Year or any winter corporate party, most often, they spend in a cafe or on any other indoor venues, for example, in a bowling alley or on a skating rink.

But summer and autumn holidays can be spent in nature or at a recreation center outside the city, where you can make a fire, fry and even sing songs with a guitar, well, here it is at will and, depending on the team itself.

All corporate events related to such holidays as New Year, March 8, or, for example, February 23, are usually held on the eve or after the holidays themselves, sometimes even after a few days. Be sure to think over the invitations, they should reflect the nature of the holiday, perhaps describe the theme and, of course, contain the date and venue.

As we have already said, if your company has a large number of employees, then on a holiday, be sure to invite a professional presenter who will help you think out the entertainment and spend the evening really fun. Of course, you should also think about guest musicians, perhaps live music or dance groups.

Board games

В последнее время данное направление активно развивается и набирает бурные обороты, и, как показывает практика, успешно приживаются в самых разнообразных коллективах.

Существуют простенькие игры, в которых просто нужно проявлять активность, например, «Уно» или «Дженга», а есть варианты с более сложными и запутанными правилами, которые, тем не менее, довольно быстро осваиваются на практики и сильно вовлекают в игровой процесс.

К таким играм относится, особенно популярная в последние годы, «Мафия» и «Имаджинариум». With the rules of any of the games can be found on the Internet, and an additional arsenal can be purchased in specialized stores.

In order to make your corporate event unforgettable and colleagues were able to carry home the memory of this evening, we offer a new format of corporate events - the art-party Painty. Where in a bright creative environment, participants will be able to write a picture, have fun, socialize, and recharge with positive. And to be able to draw with it is not necessary.

Painty parties are more than just sitting at a bar, a buffet in the office, or a drawing lesson. This is a great opportunity to splash out your emotions with the help of bright colors accompanied by good music in restaurants of the city with your favorite drinks and snacks among friends.

At the party do not need talents and even drawing skills. The two-hour art party is led by an artist-presenter, who not only shows how to draw a picture, but also helps participants to relax and have fun. The organizers provide everything for the party: canvases, brushes, paints, bright aprons. Each participant takes his picture home.

The main difference between such art parties and art workshops is the relaxed atmosphere and the main goal. Participants at Painty events want to relax and paint a picture, rather than learn to paint a landscape or a still life.

Master Classes

Non-standard solution, but, nevertheless, not bad performing the main function of corporate events, namely, rallying the team, is a joint attendance at master classes.

There are plenty of places to hold such events: for example, you can go to tea tea master classes, or learn how to make handmade soap, learn pottery, or go for wine tasting.

In any case, at such events, you will learn a lot of new things, communicate in an informal atmosphere and, possibly, open yourself and your colleagues from the new side.

Team building outdoors

A great way to improve communication skills and develop friendships in a scattered team is to go into nature, where unusual training will be held, adjusted, depending on the company's activities.

These can be real-time quests, quad biking, laser tagging or paintball, tug-of-war or unusual brainstorming.

Cafe party

If you still spend a classic corporate party in a cafe with a traditional menu and a drink, be sure to take care of contests and the general program, because no one should get bored. Contests must be diverse: dance should be replaced by intellectual, people should be able to open up from different sides: show their agility and activity, intelligence and intelligence.

Be sure to take care of small gifts and surprises for the most active, as well as give an opportunity to everyone to express their wishes and congratulations if the corporate event is timed to the holiday.

Take care of good music, it is desirable that a photographer be invited who can capture the most interesting and bright moments of your holiday.

Make sure that the entertainment program is bright and rich, there should not be awkward pauses, and it is better to select contests so that in the morning you are not ashamed to look at Katenka’s secretary.

For the New Year's corporate party, be sure to invite artists for the role of the Snow Maiden and Father Frost, be sure to take care of the thematic decoration of the hall, as well as pleasant presentations that will remain in memory of a good event.

The game "Fanta"

This is a traditional entertainment for the holidays, and we could not not include it in our fun scenario for corporate parties. The rules are simple: the guests, sitting at the table, pass each other a small ball or some round fruit to the music. Suddenly, the music stops and the one who had the ball pulls the fant out of the box and performs the task.

Fanta with tasks need to prepare in advance. For example:

It all depends on the company and imagination, however, follow the chain of command.

You can work well and have fun! I invite everyone to the dance floor.

During the disco you can hold a dance competition to keep the atmosphere festive.

Competition "Dance as ..."

For the game in advance you need to prepare a card with a description of objects or phenomena of one subject. For example, for corporate parties in the winter fit: snowflake, snowman, blizzard, sled. All leaflets are written in a box. Each participant pulls out one card and dances like a snowflake, sled, snowman. Then you can identify the most original performer and give him some prize.

During the dance block, you can play a team game.

Competition "Treasure Company"

Players are divided into two teams. From the props you will need cocktail straws for each participant, two bracelets, a couple of chairs. The first player takes a straw in his mouth and puts a bracelet on it. Then, at a leading signal, the participants run to their chairs (they are at a distance of 4-6 meters), run around them and come back. Transfer the bracelet to the next player - without the help of hands! The winner is the team that quickly transfers its decoration from the first to the last participant and will not drop it.

We have a very cheerful and bright corporate, right? But, how can there be a holiday without gifts? Let's play the lottery and no one will be left without a present!

The facilitator suggests that everyone take turns pulling the ball out of the drum with the number that corresponds to the gift. Presents must be prepared in advance and numbered. It is important that they are universal, in every souvenir the presenter suggests finding a hidden meaning.

  • Notepad - career growth,
  • House candlestick - buying a cottage or home,
  • Magnetic with a beautiful landscape - a journey
  • Keyring - buying a new car, etc.

That concludes our cheerful corporate. I wish success and prosperity of the company, achievement of your goals and inspiration - to each of you.

We hope you enjoy our fun corporate event scenario. We wish you a bright party!

Invite a host (or a duet of the hosts) with entertainment

Fortunately, the time is gone when the wedding master with bearded competitions could be in the role of such a presenter. The competition among the leaders is high, so they are trying to look for new forms of corporate events. Professionals can give out improvised jokes, choose the right contests for each occasion, feel when it is time for a gastronomic pause, competently alternate official moments with entertaining ones.

Of course, much depends on the person who orders corporate. If he listed all the important points and correctly set the task, everything will turn out.

Payment for such a presenter (assuming that he conducts the finished program) is usually hourly. If the script needs to be refined, writing poetic greetings and creating props, the price will change. Call us, everything is calculated as quickly as possible. The presenter will come to the office, listen to all your wishes, send a script for discussion.

Arrange an art party where they write pictures to the music in the style of Disco with a glass of wine

I tried to fit into the heading the whole essence of such an event. This is not just a master class in which each participant will write a positive picture. The organizers tried to combine creativity with a full palette of bright emotions. It is fun, educational and very unusual. You can combine the celebration of February 23 and March 8 together.

You can spend such a holiday in the office, if only there is a room where all employees can simultaneously accommodate. Read more about how this happens, you can HERE. Choose one of 150 paintings or offer yours!

Drawing skills are not needed, ready to master the masterpiece you take home.

Culinary duel

Personally, I like the idea for two reasons - it is entertainment and entertainment at the same time. In other words, under the guidance of the chef you will prepare yourself a great banquet. While you are cooking, have fun, as the action itself is very positive. All brought to the office, you need only a large table and access to water. Such a culinary master class can be held right in the office (there are visiting options, not only in the studio).

Rent Karaoke Equipment

Great entertainment for small spaces. You will have catalogs with songs, high-quality sound, charming presenter, who, as a rule, knows how to sing well. More about karaoke I wrote here. If you are ready to sing "in a big way", call live musicians and backing vocals. The service is called "live karaoke", it is just killing! Especially if you prepare a repertoire in advance ... We are holding cool outdoor karaoke parties, call!

Organize an intellectual game

I can not in a nutshell describe all types of programs, so I highly recommend that you carefully study all 7 intellectual games (HERE brief description and prices) that we hold in Moscow. These are “Crystal Owl”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Mafia”, “Guess the Melody”, “KinoQuiz”, etc. Very cool, believe me!

Choose the best option for your number of employees yourself or ask our manager for help. If the office has a comfortable room that can accommodate several teams of 6 people, call us!

Hold an interactive science show

In a nutshell, and you will not tell ... These are funny and spectacular chemical experiments and tricks that you yourself can become participants in. There are a lot of options for holding, it is easier to send presentations. Bright emotions, do not hesitate, and such crazy “scientists” do not occupy a lot of places, the standard negotiation room is enough.

Play quest

I wrote about this exciting story game. Each player receives a role and a booklet with a “life story”, goals, tasks and intrigues, a fancy dress accessory. At once all employees participate. There is no need to sit at the table, impressions are the sea. Here are all the types of quests that we carry out in Moscow, the best for the office is the role-playing (character) quest. And also an exit quest room (here more).

Arrange a costume photo session

*option 1
A costume designer with costumes, wigs and accessories arrives (most often they wear historical military uniforms and ball gowns), helping you to create an image. The photographer captures your colleagues in new images. Ready photos can be used for office calendar or personal photo gifts. Honestly, expensive, since the cost of renting costumes is quite expensive (from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles per day), plus a security value from 3,000 to 40,000 rubles for a historic costume.

* option 2
Exit photo shoot with instant print. Accessories, backgrounds, furniture and equipment for instant printing are brought directly to the office. Here more. It costs about 35,000 rubles for 6 hours, suitable if you have a lot of people (more than 100). Change in this case is not necessary, just use accessories.

* option 3
Attraction "Magic Book". A short video clip is made for each employee. Then a special program selects some frames that are sent to print. After cutting the photos are folded into a small book. With fast scrolling, you will see the animated picture again. Read more about flipbooks (or magic-book) here.

Choose workshops that can be organized right in the office

Over the past year, the popularity of master classes has grown significantly. I think people like to acquire new knowledge in practice with elements of the show.

I will list the most popular (if you see the link - there are details):

  • Oil painting (individual paintings or one common)
  • Drum training
  • Ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)
  • Painted chocolate bar (A4 format, weight 1 kg) hot chocolate (white on black and vice versa)
  • Mulled wine (all by the rules!)
  • Chocolate rolls with fillings
  • Carving (this is for the women's team - artistic cutting of figures from fruits and vegetables)
  • Learn to make cocktails
  • Tea ceremony (plus tasting of different types and an interesting story of the host)
  • Coffee workshop (Latte art or tasting)
  • handmade chocolates (bring home the result in a beautiful package)
  • we make compositions from fresh flowers
  • creative workshops (decoupage, painting of watches or dishes, stained glass, krapbooking, batik)
  • perfumery session (making your own fragrance)
  • soap making (take home pieces of beautiful handmade soap)

Find attractions for small spaces

Xbox kinect

This is a matchless game console that reads the dancing person with three cameras of movement (you can also have several at once). I have an enthusiastic comment from the users of dance programs on this site in the corporate party. You can choose a character and repeat the movement, earning points. It is possible on the contrary, to force the virtual dancer to repeat after you. Insanely fun. The equipment can be rented or bought. Read more about dance attraction.

Dancing heads

For the organization of such entertainment you need a few square meters and a good mood. Read more here.

My suggestion

If you are interested in the ideas listed in my article, call! (for residents of Moscow and MO)!

Holiday again
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Call: +7 (925) 730-88-50

Tell us what you liked best, what your company does, how many employees, what office space is suitable for a holiday. We will think, count, organize.

Yes, I liked it too! So many great ideas for every taste you can pick up. Some workshops are worth: interesting and useful.

Corporate party games

Widely or simply, in an office or cafe, the efforts of top managers or ordinary colleagues, but this will happen - in each office will celebrate the New Year. We know how to have fun this evening. With us - the top list of games for corporate. With you - the initiative and good company

Another New Year's corporate party is an opportunity to walk a New Year's dress, chat with colleagues in an informal setting, but a Christmas party at work is a holiday with your colleagues and management. And this celebration has its own rules!

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "DO NOT REMOVE!"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: A large box or an opaque bag, where to collect different comic things: children's tights, boxer shorts, large bra, caps, clown noses, etc.

ESSENCE: At a signal from the moderator, the participants pass the box to each other to the music. As soon as the music stops, the one in whose hands the box pulls one thing out of it and puts it on. The condition is not to shoot it in the next half hour!

HINT: Do not forget to charge the camera. When you still see the guard Vasily in a bra 100 ° F!

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "LOVE-DO NOT LOVE"



ESSENCE: The presenter (the most active of colleagues, you can take on this role) asks everyone sitting at the table to say which part of the body they like and which part they don’t have from the neighbor on the right. For example: "I love his left knee and I do not like his nose." At the end of the revelations, the presenter asks everyone to stroke (kiss) “successful” places and pinch (bite) the sufferer for “unsuccessful”.

HINT: It is advisable to have colleagues of different sexes sitting nearby.

TIP 2: Having bitten the sysadmin for the ass, go back to the work computer and make backup copies of all important documents. After all, it can take revenge ...

Game for a New Year's corporate party: "FLYING FIT"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Bottles (plastic or glass).

ESSENCE: In front of a volunteer in a row, put bottles at the same distance. He is blindfolded and asked to go through an obstacle without hitting a single container. While the victim resents the difficulty of the task, the bottles are removed. As a result, you get a proud flamingo bird, carefully stepping around the office.

HINT: clean the dishes very quietly. She still needed.

Game for a New Year's corporate party: "FISH-KIT"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Room (see tip).

ESSENCE: All stand in a circle and join hands. Lead to the ear tells everyone the names of two animals. Then he loudly lists the animals, a person, having heard "his own," should sit down. The task of his neighbors is not to let it be done. The game is going at a pretty fast pace. When everyone gets a taste, the host will say "Whale" - this is the animal that is made up to each participant by the second item. The result of all the fun!

HINT: Prudently clear the space in the radius of the fall of colleagues from sharp and fragile objects. Not everyone is happy to land on the punch.

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "COMEDY POSITIONS"

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Any, but only male.

IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Inflated balloons, scotch tape, matches.

ESSENCE: There are men in the team who still want to get a million dollars and who are still wondering what it is like to be pregnant? Great, this game is just for them! Balloons are attached to the stomachs of the participants with scotch tape. A box of matches crumbles before each "pregnant." The task - to collect matches as quickly as possible and not to let the "stomach" burst.

HINT: А стоит ли ограничиваться одним воздушным шариком? Дайте главному экономисту Сергею Ивановичу еще одну попытку!

Игра для новогоднего корпоратива: «КАК МЕНЯ ЗОВУТ?»


ЗАРАНЕЕ ПРИГОТОВИТЬ: Таблички из бумаги с забавными , не самыми простыми словами на них ( лемур , хлеборезка , бульдозер , милашка и т. д. ).

СУТЬ: Каждый получает на вечер новое имя — на спину крепится соответствующая табличка. The task of the players is to find out their nickname from others. Questions can be answered only "yes" and "no." The winner is the one who first guesses the inscription on his plate.

HINT: The bread slicer will be offended if you click on it this way all next year.

A game for a corporate party cool: "WILL BE EXECUTED"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Is that the desire to sing (with the skill more difficult).

ESSENCE: Depending on the number of players divided into teams. Together, select the theme of the competition, such as love, snow, animals ... Each team should remember the song "by topic" and perform several lines from it. The winners are those who will last the longest.

HINT: Be creative and do not be afraid to argue. If you wish, you can prove to anyone that the song “You left me!” Is devoted to a real animal!

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "GREAT RACING"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Cocktail tubules and ping-pong balls (by the number of participants).

ESSENCE: Prepare the track: place on the table bottles, glasses, glasses (in general, everything that comes handy) so that the tracks form. According to them, the players will drive their balls, blowing on them through straws. The winner is the one who arrives at the finish line first.

HINT: It is good to play pairs on a dropout: a new participant takes the place of the loser. The rest at this time can chorus sing the song "... chasing in hot blood."

Competitions for corporate events with colleagues: "TEST SHARZH"

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: From 5 to 20.

IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Pencils, paper and erasers.

ESSENCE: Each player draws a friendly cartoon to someone of those present. Portraits are transmitted in a circle, and everyone on the back writes who is shown in the picture. When the art passes the circle and returns to the author, count the number of points (i.e. correct answers). The author of the most recognizable portrait wins.

HINT: So that no one is left out, draw the draw in advance - who portrays whom. And it is not necessary to draw a caddy Glafira Papunuyevna a mustache, like Budyonny, - in fact, the bristle above her lip is only planned ...

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "WHAT, WHERE, WHEN"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Paper, pens by the number of participants.

ESSENCE: Everyone is sitting at the table. The moderator asks a general question, for example, “who?”, The players write the answer, fold the sheet so that the writing is not visible, and pass it to the neighbor on the right. Then the next question is asked, for example “when?”, The procedure is repeated. The game lasts until everyone has written their sheets. Then, under the friendly laughter leading read the resulting stories. You probably learned the same fun back in school.

HINT: The presence of the lead does not matter. Questions can ask all in turn. At the same time, you will find out who, when and what is actually engaged in late at night on an office sofa ...

Competition for corporate: "FULLY AGREE"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Paper, pens or pencils.

ESSENCE: Break into two teams. Each one receives a sheet with categories marked on it, for example, city, river, country, machinery, plant, etc. Choose a letter of the alphabet and start the game. For a certain time (a minute or two), the team needs to remember as many suitable words as possible.

HINT: Categories can be professionally oriented, it will unite the team. How pleasantly friendly workers (and female workers) of the car-care center together come up with the fifteenth name of the engine part with the letter U!

The game for the corporate party at the table: "FROM, BEFORE I"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Alphabet knowledge.

ESSENCE: The game is simple: Starting from "A" and then alphabetically, each one comes up by congratulation on "his" letter. The author of the funniest phrase wins.

HINT: Do not miss the letters G, F, J, b, b. It will be fun. How much more!

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "YES NEVER!"

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: From 7 to 15.

IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Chips for each participant, at least three pieces.

ESSENCE: Honesty game. The first player says: “I never ...” and calls something he has never done in his life. All who, on the contrary, had the specified experience, give the hero one chip at a time. The task of everyone is to come up with something that he did not do, unlike the majority of those present. The one who wins the most chips after a certain number of laps wins.

HINT: As chips, you can use matches, pre-cut pieces of paper, large beans. But to use the knowledge of colleagues in their own selfish purposes is not worth it. Just think, secretary Ira never came to work on time, but she won!

The game for the New Year's corporate party: "WITH A NEW LINE"


IN ADVANCE PREPARE: Pens or pencils, print on sheets of paper the beginning of some famous poem.

ESSENCE: Let everyone finish their rhymed final to a given poem. Believe me, even the popular “Going the bull is swinging ...” will get unpredictable happy endings with the light hand of your colleagues (or maybe not happy!).

HINT: Get some printouts, the game delays. And listen to what this bull will eventually reach ...

What funny corporate competitions do you know?